2022 European Championships | Senior WAG All-Around Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of senior women’s competition at the 2022 European Championships, held in Munich, Germany!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

2:05 pm. All-Around Standings

1. Asia D’Amato ITA 54.732
2. Alice Kinsella GBR 54.132
3. Martina Maggio ITA 53.965
4. Carolann Heduit FRA 53.699
5. Lisa Vaelen BEL 53.699
6. Naomi Visser NED 53.265
7. Ana Barbosu ROU 53.032
8. Kim Bui GER 52.999

Team Standings

1. Italy 165.162
2. Great Britain 162.129
3. France 159.131
4. Germany 158.730
5. Belgium 155.663
6. Netherlands 155.464
7. Hungary 153.496
8. Spain 152.864
9. Romania 152.063
10. Finland 151.162
11. Austria 146.863
12. Ukraine 146.528
13. Sweden 145.996

Top eight qualify to the team final here, and all 13 on this list qualify to worlds!

2:00 pm. Martina Maggio ITA UB: Ray to Pak, some leg separation there. Stalder full almost to vertical, to Maloney to Tkachev, very nice work. Bail, slight ankle separation, to toe full, oh no, and just slips off!!! NOOOOO. That was such a shock, of all skills. Back on for the front giant half and arabian double front dismount.

1:56 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA UB: I missed this, if they showed it I’m pretty sure I thought they were replaying Asia’s routine hahaha. Ooh, WOW, 14.566!!! That should be first place I think!!!

Morgane Osyssek FRA BB: 12.466

1:53 pm. Asia D’Amato ITA UB: Nabieva to Pak, good handstand before the toe full, Maloney to Tkachev, maybe a little low, scoots over for her front giant series, including a full pirouette to the double front, so close to being stuck! What a great day. 13.900

54.732 puts her in gold medal position!!!!

Ofir Netzer ISR VT: 13.166

Lihie Raz ISR VT: 13.266, finishes with a 50.166 AA!

Marine Boyer FRA BB: 13.000

Emilia Kulczynska POL FX: 11.566

1:51 pm. Carolann Heduit FRA BB: Onodi with a slight wobble, side aerial to layout stepout, maybe a little short, but no major problems. Switch to sissone was great in terms of amplitude. Front aerial to straddle jump was also good. Double pike, a bit slow in how she rotated it but gets the landing very solidly. 13.400, and a 53.699 in the all-around!

Noga Shalit ISR VT: 12.266

Andy Turiski ISR VT: 12.500

Giorgia Villa ITA UB: 14.200

Brygida Urbanska POL FX: 9.900

1:50 pm. Great Britain with a 162.129, while Jessica Gadirova has a 52.698 all-around score.

1:46 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR FX: Double double, her leg form in the air is very messy, but she lands it well. Strong and floaty double layout. Hit her leap series. I didn’t see what her last pass was but saw that she hit!

Dominika Ponizilova CZE UB: 10.400

Aneta Holasova CZE UB: 11.500

CZE will finish behind Sweden by a little over a point!

1:45 pm. Great Britain moves into first place after floor!

1:43 pm. Jennifer Gadirova GBR FX: I caught it from the full-in which was landed really well. Think I may have missed her first pass, though pretty sure she hit it. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Front layout through to double tuck, solid. 13.533

Konstantina Maragkou GRE BB: 11.100

1:41 pm. Some AA scores…

Alice Kinsella with a 54.132, into first right now!

Lisa Vaelen with a 53.699!!!

Ondine Achampong with a 52.098!

Jennifer Gadirova just hit floor for a 13.533!

Christina Kiosi GRE BB: 11.866

1:36 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR FX: 1.5 through to triple full, good start! 2.5 to front…full or layout, I already forgot, but the landing was strong. Tour jeté half to switch full. Double pike with a slight hop. Amazing job! 13.533

Areti Pagoni GRE BB: 9.666

Lisa Vaelen BEL VT: Looks like she did the handspring rudi! Just went back to watch and yes, it was really solid, great landing, just a little piked down. 14.200! Did a second vault as well, averaging a 13.616.

Klara Peterkova CZE UB: 11.333, I think they’ll need 12+ scores from the final two to qualify as a team ahead of Sweden…eeek! It’s gonna be so close.

Elvira Katsali GRE BB: 10.400

Jutta Verkest BEL VT: 12.733

1:34 pm. Ondine Achampong GBR FX: Whip whip through to triple full, some crossed legs there but landed well. Switch half is nice. Front double full with a big step forward, some leg form there as well. Switch ring to tour jeté half, looked a bit iffy but could be our terrible angle that we had for that. Double tuck with a bounce back and staggered feet. Split jump full. 2.5 with a small hop forward. 12.666

Noémie Louon BEL FX: Yurchenko full. 12.700

Lucie Marikova CZE UB: 11.133

Maellyse Brassart BEL VT: Yurchenko full. 12.966


1:28 pm. Lihie Raz ISR FX: Full-in to start was strong. Double L turn. Stumble back OOB on the double tuck. I missed her third pass, also hit a double pike at the end. 12.600

Morgane Osyssek FRA UB: 10.433, they’ll have to count Aline Friess’ fall but it won’t hurt them too badly.

1:26 pm. Angela Andreoli ITA VT: Yurchenko 1.5, gets a ton of distance! Blythe just said that literally EXACTLY as I was typing it, I love when that happens, especially almost word for word. Kind of low with her bum and takes a couple of big steps back. 13.133

Hit her second vault and averaged a 12.883.

Ofir Netzer ISR FX: 11.166

1:24 pm. Carolann Heduit FRA UB: They went back and showed this from a few minutes earlier but I wasn’t ready to type, had good releases and a clean van Leeuwen, solid on the double front dismount! 13.733

Lorette Charpy FRA UB: 13.833!

Noga Shalit ISR FX: 11.500

Alice D’Amato ITA VT: Yurchenko double. 13.666

1:20 pm. Asia D’Amato ITA VT: Honestly not her greatest Yurchenko double, her elbows are SO bent on the block and she ends up not getting the height she needs, form is quite messy and she’s a hair shy in rotation. 13.766

Second vault is the Yurchenko half-on front layout half, much better there, big hop back though. Averages a 13.683.

Emilia Kulczynska POL BB: 11.300

Geffen Dor ISR FX: 11.433

Brygida Urbanska POL BB: 10.566

1:19 pm. Alice Friess FRA UB: Toe-on to Maloney to Pak, really low there and catches with bent elbows and her legs apart. Pirouette to van Leeuwen, clear hip to blind change to straddle Jaeger, and a double front, goes a bit low and long and she sits it. 12.500

1:17 pm. Martina Maggio ITA VT: Yurchenko 1.5 with a little bit of bend in her knees but a great landing, just a small hop forward. 13.666

1:15 pm. Moving to the second half rotation warmup!

1:12 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR BB: Switch leap mount, front aerial with a slight wobble, side aerial loso, double wolf turn, switch to switch half, little check. Stumbles back the double pike with about one million steps off the mat but does EVERYTHING in her power to not sit it. 13.033

1:10 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR BB: Switch leap to switch half to Korbut, hard fall on her triple flight series and she takes a few moments to catch her breath before getting back on, very sad for her. Wobbled on a wolf jump full, hit the side aerial, double pike with a small hop. 12.233

Christina Vasilopoulou GRE UB: 9.133

1:08 pm. Lisa Vaelen BEL FX: Arabian double arabian with a step back. Strong full-in. Hop L turn through to switch half. This was great! 13.066

Areti Pagoni GRE UB: 10.533

Dominika Ponizilova CZE VT: 12.933

Elvira Katsali GRE UB: 11.400

1:05 pm. Jennifer Gadirova GBR BB: Switch leap mount, had another leap and then a standing back tuck. Big-ish wobble on I think a front aerial, hit the jump series. Cross straddle jump. A little tentative on her triple flight series and wobbly on her side aerial but fights through the nerves and gets it done. Double pike with a small hop. 12.900

Aneta Holasova CZE VT: Yurchenko full. 12.800

Maellyse Brassart BEL FX: 11.700

1:03 pm. Klara Peterkova CZE VT: Yurchenko layout with a hop back. 12.200

Konstantina Maragkou GRE UB: 10.433

Jutta Verkest BEL FX: 12.566

1:02 pm. I’m in a meeting so could be a little spotty for the next half hour…

Ondine Achampong GBR BB: They showed this but I missed it. 13.266

Lucie Trnkova CZE VT: 11.300

12:59 pm. Moving into the third rotation!

12:55 pm. Angela Andreoli ITA FX: Double wolf turn. Whip whip through to piked full-in, good! Solid on the landing. Could maybe use some clean up. Front layout through to double pike is great. Double tuck at the end. Queen stuff. I think I missed a pass in there? Her ending pose is hilarious. 13.633, that should get her into the final!

Lihie Raz ISR BB: 11.733

12:54 pm. Aline Friess FRA VT: Handspring rudi with a big bounce back, bounce aside that was pretty great! 14.333

Did a second vault to average a 13.616.

12:50 pm. Asia D’Amato ITA FX: Absolutely nailed the full-twisting double layout. Arabian double front is also excellent. Double pike, good shape in the air, a little forward on the landing but not severe. I think a double tuck at the end, IIRC. GOODNESS, Italy looks GREAT.

Carolann Heduit FRA VT: Yurchenko double. 13.800

12:48 pm. Morgane Osyssek FRA VT: Yurchenko 1.5, really strong, just a step back to hold it upright. 13.300

Big tsuk full for her second vault! 13.150 average

Emilia Kulczynska POL UB: 11.833

Ofir Netzer ISR BB: 9.233

Alice D’Amato ITA FX: 13.500

12:46 pm. Marine Boyer FRA VT: Clean Yurchenko full! 13.200

Geffen Dor ISR BB: 10.433

12:44 pm. Martina Maggio ITA FX: Double layout, strong start. Front layout through to double pike is very good as well. Switch ring to switch ring half. Full-in stuck COLD. Yes ma’am?! Double tuck with a slight bounce. 13.833!

Brygida Urbanska POL UB: 11.033

12:40 pm. Aneta Holasova CZE UB: Double layout with a strong landing, 1.5 to front layout, double tuck with a small hop, good work! 12.566

Fien Enghels BEL BB: 12.700

12:38 pm. Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR UB: Church to mixed grip to Ezhova, that’s her newest Fenton eponymous skill. A little iffy, Pak, van Leeuwen, blind full almost in vertical, and a full-in with a hop. 13.900!

Lucie Trnkova CZE FX: 12.100

12:34 pm. Jutta Verkest BEL BB: Layout stepout mount, good bhs loso, switch to split ring leap, little bobble, a little wobble on the wolf turn, switch ring, her form in both rings was eh, but we’ll see how it scores…1.5 with a small hop. 13.000

Alice Kinsella GBR UB: Didn’t see this but great score! 13.966

Areti Pagoni GRE VT: 11.566

Klara Peterkova CZE FX: 12.100

12:33 pm. Ondine Achampong GBR UB: Inbar to inbar half to straddle Jaeger, rotation looked a little awkward but she catches easily, piked Tkachev to Pak was good, toe full came up quite a bit late and she misses a handstand after, has to re-cast before the van Leeuwen, which was precarious. Good fights in here…but then drops the full-out dismount to her knees. She’s panting, that was a workout. 12.233

Christina Vasilopoulou GRE VT: 9.966

Elvira Katsali GRE VT: 11.766

Lisa Vaelen BEL BB: 13.000

12:30 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR UB: Piked Jaeger, huge Tkachev to mixed grip to Ezhova that goes a bit wild throughout both skills, especially in the connection. Wasn’t typing during the rest because I was trying to process that connection lol, but she hit it all, just came up really short on the full-in dismount which had a huge stumble off the mat. 12.833

Christina Kiosi GRE VT: 12.300

Dominika Ponizilova CZE FX: 12.066

12:28 pm. Noémie Louon BEL BB: Nice layout stepout mount. Solid on the bhs loso. Full turn with a slight check. Good front aerial. Double wolf turn. Side aerial. Doing everything very well so far. Clean jump series. 1.5 dismount, very nice! This was so steady and calm. 12.933

12:26 pm. moving to rotation two!

12:24 pm. Angela Andreoli ITA BB: Didn’t see this one. 12.666

12:21 pm. Aline Friess FRA FX: Big and lovely arabian double front to start. Front layout to front full with a step. Tour jeté full. Double L turn. Double tuck with a small hop. Hop L turn to switch full. Fabulous! 12.800

Ofir Netzer ISR FX: 12.433

12:17 pm. Asia D’Amato ITA BB: Solid layout stepout mount. Bhs loso, switch to split jump half with a bobble there, slight check on the side somi as well. Switch half, little check. Full turn, and a big double pike dismount. Good work! 13.500

Morgane Osyssek FRA FX: 13.200

Lihie Raz ISR UB: 12.333

12:14 pm. Carolann Heduit FRA FX: Seemed to miss her music cue or something? Had them start it again. Full-in to start, then an arabian double front with a low landing. Hit her leap series. Bounce back on the double tuck. Solid double pike! 12.766

Geffen Dor ISR UB: 8.966

Martina Maggio ITA BB: 13.400

12:11 pm. Giorgia Villa ITA BB: Roundoff back tuck instead of the full! Smart hahaha. Switch leap to split jump with a wobble. Nice double spin. Side aerial landed in a controlled lunge. Double full with a small hop. Ooh, 13.466!

Brygida Urbanska POL VT: 12.466

Andy Turiski ISR UB: 10.933

Emilia Kulczynska POL VT: 11.366

Marine Boyer FRA FX: 12.366

12:06 pm. Konstantina Maragkou GRE FX: Dobule pike with a big step back. Good landing on the double tuck. Switch half. Front layout. Switch leap. Double full with a staggered landing but holds her feet steady. 11.300

Lucie Trnkova CZE BB: 12.366

Not a bad beam rotation for CZE! Pretty good, actually. High 11s and a 12.366!

12:03 pm. Fien Enghels BEL UB: Stalder to Chow to Pak, clean. Nice handstand before the toe-on to Maloney to Ricna, a little low maybe, blind change to front giant to double front, clean, oh no, just weirdly punches backwards on the landing and sits it. 12.600

Aneta Holasova CZE BB: 10.833

Areti Pagoni GRE FX: 10.700

12:02 pm. Ondine Achampoing GBR VT: Big DTY, pretty clean in the air, step back! Strong rotation for this team. 13.933

Lisa Vaelen BEL UB: 13.500!

12:00 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR VT: Big Yurchenko double! Really strong with a big hop back. 13.866

Going for a second vault, Yurchenko half-on layout half aka the Lopez, a little bit of a pike down, small hop, but good! 13.699 average should put her second I think.

Klara Peterkova CZE BB: 11.766

Elvira Katsali GRE FX: 12.000

11:59 am. Maellyse Brassart BEL UB: Shaposh half, I haven’t seen those in a while, that’s a Khorkina IIRC? Blind full, piked Jaeger, toe-on, Pak with slight leg separation, van Leeuwen with leg separation, tucked toe front half with a little hop. 13.133

11:56 am. Dominika Ponizilova CZE BB: Front pike mount was very nice. Had some good acro and a double wolf turn, side aerial, little bobble on the side somi, switch to straddle jump, and a front layout full dismount. 11.966

Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR VT: Looks like she did the Yurchenko 1.5. 13.466

Noémie Louon BEL UB: 12.933

Christina Kiosi GRE FX: 11.800

Alice Kinsella GBR VT: Yurchenko double. 13.600

11:55 am. Touch warmups are wrapping up!

11:51 am. With Great Britain, France, Italy, and Belgium in the final subdivision, we will almost certainly see Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Ireland out of worlds contention. The only questions marks for me are Czech Republic and Israel…I have CZE as a bubble team, but not sure if they can go ~146 or better? I think ISR is a bit weaker and don’t think they can get up there but if Lihie Raz and Ofir Netzer are on fire today it’s possible.

11:48 am. Athletes are marching out ALREADY for the final subdivision!

11:46 am. Subdivision 3 All-Around Standings

1. Naomi Visser NED 53.265
2. Ana Barbosu ROU 53.032
3. Kim Bui GER 52.999
4. Zsofia Kovacs HUN 52.765
5. Maisa Kuusikko FIN 52.198
6. Alba Petisco ESP 52.132
7. Emma Malewski GER 52.032
8. Vera van Pol NED 51.499

Team Standings

1. Germany 158.730
2. Netherlands 155.464
3. Hungary 153.496
4. Spain 152.864
5. Romania 152.063
6. Finland 151.162
7. Austria 146.863
8. Ukraine 146.528
9. Sweden 145.996
10. Norway 143.564
11. Slovenia 141.862
12. Switzerland 141.531
13. Ireland 140.929
14. Turkey 140.562
15. Denmark 140.330

11:44 am. Joana de Freitas MON BB: I saw her come off on a side somi, and I think she had a fall earlier as well. Hit a double full at the end. 10.000

11:41 am. Ana Barbosu ROU FX: Hit a double wolf turn at the start, then a switch full. Full-in with a big bounce back. Very nice on the 2.5 to front tuck! Switch to tour jeté half I think after that. Phew, good landing on the double pike! Just a small hop back. Double tuck. Good for her! 13.266

A 53.032 in the all-around for Barbosu will move her to second place behind Naomi Visser!

Ani Gobadze GEO BB: 10.033

Valentina Georgieva BUL BB: 11.033

11:36 am. Silviana Sfiringu ROU FX: They were originally going to scratch her but with Duta’s fall they had Barbosu come off the floor and sent Sfiringu back up. FINGERS CROSSED. Good double tuck to start. Rudi was a bit pike down but she hit. Hop L turn to a switch full I think. Stumbled out of a wolf turn. Sat the double full. Well that was upsetting. 10.066

11:35 am. Antonia Duta ROU FX: She had a fall and they’re scratching Silviana Sfiringu so they’ll have to count her score of 11.333.

Samira Gahramanova AZE BB: 9.100

11:34 am. Sara King SLO UB: Straddle back and then a hecht back up to the high bar, double tuck with a stumble back. Not a ton in there but love that she’s back in elite. 10.800

11:31 am. Lucija Hribar SLO UB: Had a nice straddle Jaeger but unfortunately slipped off on a Ray. She originally wasn’t on the roster to do all four events, but has been doing very well today until now! I think a Maloney to bail with a toe shoot back to high bar, blind full, and high double tuck, stuck! 11.466

Milana Minakovskaya AZE UB: 9.500

Yelizaveta Hubareva UKR VT: 12.566

Valeriia Osipova UKR VT: 12.833

Marharyta Kozlovska UKR VT: 11.333

11:29 am. Andreea Preda ROU FX: Memmel turn, double pike with a little bobble on the landing, hit the second pass, I love that she has Christmas music. Double tuck with a hop forward. Tour jeté half. Switch ring to split ring leap. Good start for the Romanians! 12.733

Yuliia Kasiananko UKR VT: 12.700

Zala Trtnik SLO UB: 11.266

11:26 am. Thelma Adalsteinsdottir ISL BB: Bhs loso is very nice, full turn, tour jeté half, side aerial, switch leap, cat leap to split jump, cross split jump with a big wobble, 1.5 with a hop forward, mostly nice! 12.233

11:23 am. Juliane Tøssebro NOR FX: Double pike with a great landing. Step back on the double tuck. Front tuck through to layout full. Very nice. 11.966

Highest AA from this sub so far is Camille Rasmussen’s 49.765!

11:21 am. Josephine Sørensen DEN VT: They gave her a 0 D score but 8.533 E? Guessing the D is incorrect? Idk how else to explain that. Okay, they updated it to 11.733 total hahaha.

Julie Madsø NOR FX: 11.133 – not her best day, sadly – just a 46.432 AA, she’s capable of at least three points higher

11:20 am. Anny Wu SUI UB: Toe full with some form breaks, Maloney to clear hip to Pak, some leg form. Van Leeuwen, sneaks it around with some form breaks, piked Jaeger, double pike with a stumble back. 12.200

11:19 am. Freja Petersen DEN FX: Tsuk layout, some form issues, step OOB. 11.566

Hildur Gudmundsdottir ISL BB: 11.166

11:16 am. Maria Tronrud NOR FX: Double L turn to double spin, then a double tuck for her opening pass, landed well on her toes. Front tuck through to layout full. 11.366

Michelle Lauritsen DEN VT: 11.633

Lilli Habisreutinger SUI UB: 10.066

11:14 am. Stefanie Siegenthaler SUI UB: Nice straddle Jaeger and clean Pak, missed her feet on the toe on, tries again into the Maloney but then has to correct an arched handstand on the high bar. Blind full and a double layout with a good landing. 12.833

Agnes Suto ISL BB: 7.933

11:12 am. Madelen Leitner NOR FX: Our first look at her today! Split jump full. 1.5 to front tuck. Slight hop back on the double full. 11.300

Camille Rasmussen DEN VT: Just saw her with the Yurchenko double in the background while watching floor, good landing! 13.733

Anina Wildi SUI UB: 12.133

11:09 am. Moving to rotation four!

11:06 am. Valeriia Osipova UKR FX: Wasn’t typing during this but she had a strong double pike and double tuck. 12.366

Ani Gobadze GEO UB: 9.433

Valentina Georgieva BUL UB: 10.266

11:03 am. Ana Barboso ROU BB: Front tuck mount, and gets the front handspring front tuck series with a little step! Leap to full turn, side aerial, tiniest check, switch to switch half was a little slow but she had pretty great extension in the latter, it was better than most. Korbut not really connected out of it but close. Double wolf turn. Little hop on the 2.5. Fantastic! 13.233

Samira Gahramanova AZE UB: 7.366

Yuliia Kasianenko UKR FX: 12.033

11:02 am. Silviana Sfiringu ROU BB: Had two big breaks but didn’t fall! 12.533

Teja Belak SLO VT: Oh no, her first vault got just an 11.300 and she didn’t do the second vault, definitely a fall on that first one…hope she’s okay.

10:57 am. Yelizaveta Hubareva UKR FX: Double pike with a little stumble back OOB. Double L turn to pirouette. 2.5 to front tuck. I think we saw that twice so possibly another glitch in the stream. Oh yeah, they’re showing it over and over again hahaha, how many 2.5 + front tuck passes is one allowed to have in a single routine?! 11.566

Antonia Duta ROU BB: She had a fall (I didn’t see the routine but that’s what I’m told). 11.066

Milana Minakovskaya AZE UB: 9.966

10:56 am. Joana de Freitas MON UB: Maloney to shootover (horizontal – they need to do legit bails to handstand at this level). Arches over a handstand and comes off. Did a full pirouette and toe front tuck dismount with a hop. 8.966

Lucija Hribar SLO VT: 12.900

Tjasa Kysselef SLO VT: First vault went 13.133, averaged a 12.866

Diana Savelieva UKR FX: 11.666

10:53 am. Andreea Preda ROU BB: I caught it from the bhs back pike, but think she hit the beginning. Hit jumps into the Korbut. Full turn, a little over rotated with a wobble. Double full with a lunge back. Great start! 12.466

Zala Trtnik SLO VT: 12.733

10:48 am. Maria Tronrud NOR BB: Switch leap mount to switch leap, check there. Hits the illusion turn with a wobble but dances out of it, nice cover. Bhs loso with a slight adjustment. Split jump to wolf jump. Good side aerial and side somi. Hit the gainer full dismount! 12.900, nice!

Agnes Suto IS: UB: 10.500

Julie Madsø NOR BB: 11.566

Freja Petersen DEN FX: 11.733

Camille Normann DEN FX: 9.133

10:45 am. Lilli Habisreutinger SUI VT: Solid Yurchenko full to anchor the Swiss vault rotation, only minor leg form in the pre-flight, but she tightens up in the air and lands with a small hop. 13.000

Lands the handspring front pike half really well for her second vault! Averages a 12.783.

Thelma Adalsteinsdottir ISL UB: 11.733

10:43 am. Camille Rasmussen DEN FX: Really floaty double layout, small bounce on the landing. Split jump full. Front tuck through to layout full, clean with a little bounce. Switch to tour jeté half. Switch ring. Double tuck with a great landing. This was fabulous! 12.533

Juliane Tøssebro NOR BB: 11.800

Anny Wu SUI VT: 12.233

10:41 am. Gudrun Hardardottir ISL UB: Had a full pirouette and straddle Jaeger that went well, bail wasn’t to handstand, clear hip with some form breaks to the toe shoot, high layout dismount. 10.100

Josephine Sørensen DEN FX: 11.300

10:38 am. Mali Neurauter NOR BB: Switch leap into a leap for her mount sequence. Break on her front handspring to side aerial series but LOVE that. Side somi is deep but stable. Dismounted well. 11.733

Chiara Giubellini SUI VT: 12.650

Anina Wildi SUI VT: 12.300

Hildur Gudmundsdottir ISL UB: 9.666

10:35 am. Time to shuffle into the third rotation!

10:33 am. Ani Gobadze GEO VT: Yurchenko full, tucked…and looked intentionally tucked. Started tucking her legs before she blocked and comes up a bit short and low on the landing. 11.366

10:30 am. Diana Savelieva UKR BB: Big break at the hips on the bhs loso. Hit the leap series. Side aerial. Missed something after that and fought like crazy to try and save it but couldn’t hold on, fall. Full turn with a balance check. Split ring leap isn’t quite there. 1.5 with a hop. 10.300

Milana Minakovskaya AZE VT: 11.500

Silviana Sfiringu ROU UB: Didn’t see the routine but she had a fall. At least they won’t need to count it. 11.133

Samira Gahramanova AZE VT: 11.733

10:27 am. Ana Barbosu ROU UB: Clear hip full, Shang, Ricna, Pak, doing very well so far, OG shaposh, toe-on, blind change to front giant half, and a full-in with a good landing. PHEW! That was great. Maybe a little rushed but a big win for Romania here. 13.500

Joana de Freitas MON VT: 11.566

Lucija Hribar SLO FX: 11.933

Yuliia Kasianenko UKR BB: 12.366

10:24 am. Valentina Georgieva BUL VT: She got the Yurchenko double upgrade!!! Some form in the air to clean up but that landing was great, small hop to the side OOB. 13.766

Tsuk full for her second vault, really nice in the air but a step back. 13.100, which gives her a 13.433 average, currently second place.

Andreea Preda ROU UB: 12.100

Antonia Duta ROU UB: 12.400

Yelizaveta Hubareva UKR BB: 11.633

Zala Trtnik SLO FX: 11.633

10:21 am. Valeriia Osipova UKR BB: Off on her layout stepout mount. Bhs loso, nice split full, side aerial, front aerial to jump series, switch half, full turn, double full dismount with a hop. 11.400

Sara King SLO FX: 11.366

10:18 am. Touch for the second half of the rotation, with the mixed group on vault, Romania on bars (help me sweet baby 8 lb 5 oz Jesus), Ukraine on beam, and Slovenia on floor.

10:15 am. Stefanie Siegenthaler SUI FX: I think she had a 1.5 to front full at the start but I already forgot. Split jump full after that. Great landing on the double tuck. Switch leap to switch ring to switch half. Small step back on the double full. Really nice recovery for all of the Swiss gymnasts who had a super sad time on beam.

10:13 am. Freja Petersen DEN BB: Side aerial, bhs loso, nice! Switch to switch half, a little short, to split jump to straddle jump, a little short in the jumps as well but pretty solid in all of those connections. Switch side. Front layout dismount. 11.500

Julie Madsø NOR UB: 10.800

Lilli Habisreutinger SUI FX: 11.866

10:12 am. Margret Kristinsdottir ISL VT: 11.333

Hildur Gudmundsdottir ISL VT: 11.766

Agnes Suto ISL VT: 11.566

Juliane Tøssebro NOR UB: 11.200

Maria Tronrud NOR UB: 12.000

Camille Rasmussen DEN BB: 11.533

10:11 am. Chiara Giubellini SUI FX: A little scrappy in most of her passes but hit a double layout (that was pretty nice, stuck it!), double tuck, and I think a front double full at the end but I missed the entry. 12.533

10:06 am. Josephine Sørensen DEN BB: Hit the mount and jump series at the beginning, it looked fine in my book. Off on the bhs loso though. Clean side aerial. Switch leap to switch half, a little short in rotation on the latter and they weren’t connected super well. Front layout dismount, small hop.

Thelma Adalsteinsdottir ISL VT: 12.333

Mali Neurauter NOR UB: 11.200

Anina Wildi SUI FX: 12.333

10:02 am. Heading to rotation two for Romania on bars so I guess gird your loins!

10:00 am. Samira Gahramanova AZE FX: Double pike set was pretty low but she pulled it around, just a little forward on the landing. Double tuck was also SO low in the set, she goes fully horizontal out of her back handsprings, really deep in that landing but don’t think she put her hands or butt down. Switch ring to split leap. Front layout full I think for her third pass.

9:57 am. Milana Minakovskaya AZE FX: “All That Jazz” music! Sits the double pike at the beginning. Double tuck with her chest forward. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Full Y turn. Front layout full with a hop. 10.366

9:56 am. Marharyta Kozlovska UKR UB: Maloney to Pak, some leg form, van Leeuwen with leg form issues as well, toe half to straddle Jaeger, heavy catch and kinda has to muscle out of it, blind full finishes at horizontal, to layout dismount with a hop. 11.433

Sara King SLO BB: 10.200

9:53 am. Joana de Freitas MON FX: Put her hands down on her opening double back. Front tuck through to clean layout full. Double full with a small hop forward. 10.433

Yelizaveta Hubareva UKR BB: 12.666

Valentina Georgieva BUL FX: 11.033

9:52 am. Silviana Sfiringu ROU VT: FTY, the strongest from this group tbh. Just pikes down a little on the landing with a step back. 12.866

9:51 am. Valeriia Osipova UKR UB: Toe full to Chow to Pak, some leg separation, Maloney to clear hip, shuffles in the handstand before the toe half to Tkachev, lots of little things she has to work through here but overall it’s not bad. Hit the double pike dismount. 12.533

Lucija Hribar SLO BB: 12.366

Zala Trtnik SLO BB: 12.066

9:49 am. Ana Barbosu ROU VT: FTY, deep landing with a step OOB into her salute. 12.733

Yuliia Kasianenko UKR UB: 11.766

9:46 am. Ani Gobadze GEO FX: Strong start with her double pike. Double tuck is also good, nice position on that landing. I think a front full with some form and a little step. Double full to finish. That was pretty solid tbh! 10.166

Andreea Preda ROU VT: 12.600

Antonia Duta ROU VT: 12.500

9:43 am. Touch for the second half of the rotation!

9:40 am. Lilli Habisreutinger SUI BB: I missed a good deal of this. Wobbled on a switch half. Saw a good jump series and full turn. Also hit the layout full dismount. Oh LORD, 8.666, so Switzerland will be counting that and a 9.100.

Margret Kristinsdottir ISL FX: 11.933

Hildur Gudmundsdottir ISL FX: 11.800

9:39 am. Michelle Lauritsen DEN UB: Blind full, blind change to straddle Jaeger, great catch on the bail, to toe shoot, and a clean double tuck with a step. She retired for like six years, randomly popped up at a team competition within Denmark last year, and now is back at Euros, at 34! Love this for her. 11.633

9:36 am. Anina Wildi SUI BB: Hit the punch front mount but off on the loso at the end of her triple flight series, looked like she gave it just a bit too much oomph. Also off on a leap, switch half or tour jeté, I didn’t see the entry. Grabbed the beam on a side aerial after that. Competing SO nervous and not focused. Close call on the Y turn but holds on. Switch leap, switch half, split jump to wolf jump, 1.5 with a big lunge forward. 9.100

Julie Madsø NOR VT: 12.933

Freja Petersen DEN UB: 10.833

Agnes Suto ISL FX: 11.666

9:35 am. Maria Tronrud NOR VT: FTY, pretty powerful though could be a bit stronger I guess, better than most though! Hop back on the landing. 12.866

Camille Rasmussen DEN UB: 11.966

Stefanie Siegenthaler SUI BB: 7.633

9:30 am. Thelma Adalsteinsdottir ISL FX: Double full to start, not bad. 1.5 with a hop forward. Front layout with a tiny hop. Good routine! 11.133

Mali Neurauter NOR VT: 11.900

Camille Normann DEN UB: 10.266

Chiara Giubellini SUI BB: 11.300

Juliane Tøssebro NOR VT: 12.300

9:28 am. Touch warmup is underway for subdivision three!

In a wild turn of events…Silviana Sfiringu is back on the start lists after not making a single lineup initially, and Ioana Stanciulescu is completely gone, not even in the arena for the march-in. So…yikes.

8:53 am. The third subdivision should begin at 3:28 pm in Munich, so in a little more than a half hour!

8:43 am. Subdivision 2 All-Around Standings

1. Naomi Visser NED 53.265
2. Kim Bui GER 52.999
3. Zsofia Kovacs HUN 52.765
4. Maisa Kuusikko FIN 52.198
5. Alba Petisco ESP 52.132
6. Emma Malewski GER 52.032
7. Vera van Pol NED 51.499
8. Sarah Voss GER 50.899
9. Tisha Volleman NED 50.333
10. Nathalie Westlund SWE 50.133

Team Standings

1. Germany 158.730
2. Netherlands 155.464
3. Hungary 153.496
4. Spain 152.864
5. Finland 151.162
6. Austria 146.863
7. Sweden 145.996
8. Ireland 140.929
9. Turkey 140.562
10. Portugal 138.764

8:42 am. Greta Mayer HUN UB: I missed most of this but think she hit? Just lower difficulty here. 11.600 – 50.066 AA

8:37 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN UB: Inbar full to Chow half, inbar half to piked Jaeger, Downie to Pak, van Leeuwen, she’s doing so well! Great handstand before the full-in, no, to her KNEE!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to scream. 13.366

It’s heartbreaking that she’s at a 52.765 with three falls. The way she could be nearly at a 56 AA…that could have taken the title here.

Alba Petisco ESP VT: Yurchenko full, very nice and STUCK! That was GORGEOUS. 13.266 – 52.132 AA!

Mafalda Costa POR FX: 11.800

Lia Sobral POR FX: 11.700

8:34 am. Laura Casabuena ESP VT: Yurchenko full, just a bit too short, lands it nearly to her knees and falls forward. 11.800 – 49.266 AA

Mirtill Makovits HUN UB: 13.066 – 48.599 AA

Lorena Medina ESP VT: 12.933

Zoja Szekely HUN UB: 12.466

8:32 am. Mariana Parente POR FX: Double tuck, hop back. Switch to tour jeté half. Lunge back on the double full. Step forward ont he front layout full. Love the use of birds yelling in this routine. 11.700 – 46.733 AA

Emma Fernandez ESP VT: 12.800 – 49.199 AA

8:30 am. Going into the touch for the final rotation!

8:27 am. Tatiana Bachurina CYP UB: Missed the Jaeger unfortunately, but her hands touched so she’s all good. Got the Pak and toe shoot back to the high bar, and a double tuck dismount, but a big stumble forward there. 11.000

8:24 am. Ula Bikinaite LTU VT: Missed her toes on the toe-on and had to hop off immediately at the start of her routine. Back on for the toe-on to Maloney to bail, wild legs on both, toe shoot back up, blind full comes a little late, blind change to front giant to barani dismount with a hop. 9.100

Kaia Tanskanen FIN FX: 12.533 – 48.699 AA

If Finland doesn’t qualify a team, they should definitely get Kuusiko and Mäkelä to worlds, but I think team qualification is happening.

Alva Eriksson SWE BB: 11.266 – 46.765 AA

8:21 am. Maisa Kuusikko FIN FX: Double layout, a little deep there but nothing too severe. Front layout through to double tuck, step forward. Double full, some leg form. Double pike with a small step back. Well, she had exactly the day she needed! 12.866 – 52.198 AA which is the best score of her career!!!

Ella Borg MLT UB: 9.400

Emelie Westlund SWE BB: 11.266

Celeste Mordenti LUX UB: 10.700

8:17 am. Tonya Paulsson SWE BB: I think I missed? Every time I look over it’s choreo! Oh, because they kept showing the beginning over and over again HAHAHAHAHA. I was like wow her choreo is endless, what the hell, where is the acro? 12.366 – 49.098 AA!

Halle Hilton IRL VT: 12.766 – 48.398 AA

Emma Slevin IRL VT: 12.933 – 47.132 AA

Ada Hautala FIN FX: 12.100 – 47.166 AA, and that’s with like 80 falls on beam (just kidding, I think more like three or four)

8:14 am. Sani Mäkelä FIN FX: Opens with a double tuck, clean with a great landing. Hop L turn to switch half. Hit the 1.5 to front layout, toes out of bounds maybe? Full L turn. Split jump full. Double pike set was a little low but she pulled it around quickly enough to get the landing! A bit deep. Switch ring before her final choreo. 12.233

Sani Mäkelä finishes with a 49.665.

Kate Molloy IRL VT: 11.600

Blathnaid Higgins IRL VT: 12.300

Tara Vella Clark MLT UB: 9.766

Nathalie Westlund SWE BB: 12.500 – she’ll finish with a 50.133 AA!

8:12 am. Moving into the touch for the final rotation!

8:08 am. Alba Petisco ESP FX: Full-in, the way she twisted into that had me thinking this was an arabian double front half at first. Does an arabian double front for her second pass. Double pike at the end was a bit low with a little run forward but overall very strong work! 12.933

Mafalda Costa POR BB: 11.566

Maria Mendes POR BB: 11.000

8:05 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN VT: Yurchenko double, is that the first of the day? I think so. Looked really good, in the air, tiny hop back. 14.066

Handspring front half for her second vault, actually pretty clean and tight for a handspring layout, and she lands it well with a slight flare! 13.566

Average is a 13.816.

Mariana Parente POR BB: 11.200

Laura Casabuena ESP FX: 12.733

8:01 am. Emma Fernandez ESP FX: Knocks out a wolf turn at the beginning. I missed the beginning of the first pass, something twisty to a front layout. Double tuck with a little hop back. Double full with some leg form in the air. I think a double pike at the end IIRC…remember her landing was a little deep, but overall good routine! 12.700

Csenge Bacskay HUN VT: Likely the Yurchenko 1.5, 13.300

7:58 am. Lia Sobral POR BB: Bhs loso, some leg form and a fall. Front aerial with a break at the hips and another fall. Looks like her toes are hurting a bit. Almost had a fall on a side…aerial or somi, I couldn’t see. But she had a good save instead. Switch half with a wobble. Layout full dismount, and her coach is checking her toes. 8.733

Mirtill Makovits HUN VT: 12.100

Lorena Medina ESP FX: 12.000

7:56 am. Moving to the second half of this rotation!

7:54 am. Ula Bikinaite LTU VT: Handspring front pike, some leg form especially as she gets close to the landing, hop forward, but she gets some nice distance on that.

7:53 am. Celeste Mordenti LUX VT: Yurchenko full, big hop to the side OOB. 12.333

Ada Hautala FIN BB: OH NOOOO, Finland why must you beam??? 9.700

They’ll have to count the 11.033 from Kaia Tanskanen, on top of an 11.3 from Sani Mäkelä. COULD BE WORSE I SUPPOSE!

7:50 am. Emma Slevin IRL FX: Switch full. Double tuck rotates a bit slow and goes a bit wild on the landing. 1.5 to front full with a bounce on the landing. Tour jeté half. Layout full to finish. 11.766

Alva Eriksson SWE UB: 11.933

7:48 am. Ella Borg MLT VT: Tsuk back pike, good landing, just a step back. 11.900

Second vault is a handspring front tuck, comes off the table SUPER low, but gets it around somehow, just super deep on the landing.

Sani Mäkelä FIN BB: 11.300

Blathnaid Higgins IRL FX: 11.866

7:47 am. Tonya Paulsson SWE UB: Toe full, a little arched but good correction before the Maloney to Pak, some leg separation. Van Leeuwen with some leg separation. Blind change to piked Jaeger, very nice. Just a layout dismount, very clean. 12.866

7:43 am. Nathalie Westlund SWE UB: Maloney to Pak, very clean on the latter, van Leeuwen also got great air, big straddle Jaeger, double layout with a little hop. So gorgeous. 13.033

Tara Vella Clark MLT VT: 12.266

Halle Hilton IRL FX: 12.433

Kaia Tanskanen FIN BB: 11.033

7:40 am. Maisa Kuusikko FIN BB: Steady on the layout stepout mount, and on the bhs loso, just a tiny bit tentative, and doesn’t go into the second loso. I think she made that split second change at worlds, too. Or another similarly big competition. She’s like yeah I can do this triple series but I SHANT. Switch to split leap, wolf turn, front aerial, slight break at the hips. Side aerial. 1.5 with a little hop. 12.533

Tatiana Bachurina CYP VT: 11.666

Emelie Westlund SWE UB: 11.700

Emily Moorhead IRL FX: 10.900

7:39 am. Rotation three!

7:37 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN FX: Going back to watch this. Double double, good landing! Split jump full. Hit the next pass, I completely missed what it was, double back something or other. Okay, double layout in the replay, looked mostly nice in the air. Wow, my brain cut out her third pass, too, I think that was a twisting pass, and she had a double tuck to finish. 13.433!

Alba Petisco ESP BB: 13.100!

7:34 am. Filipa Martins POR UB: Hindorff, bent her knees when catching. OH NO, goes for the Hindorff to mixed grip, aka the Martins, and she doesn’t get it, hard fall on her BACK, oof. Back on for the Ezhova, toe full goes crooked and arches over, good correction into the Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, double layout with a deep landing and a hop. 11.633

7:31 am. Laura Casabuena ESP BB: Good fight on the layout stepout mount, and she also hit a triple flight series and punch front well. Leap series and jump seires, nothing too bad on either, front aerial with a wobble. Solid side somi. Cross split jump half. Oh, NOOOOO, sits the double pike!!! After ALL THAT. She’s SO mad. 11.733

Mirtill Makovits HUN FX: 12.033

Mariana Parente POR UB: 11.533

7:27 am. Greta Mayer HUN FX: Full-out with a small hop. Super solid on the double pike. Y turn, switch ring to tour jeté full, killer! 1.5 to front tuck. Double tuck to finish. Excellent work! 12.700

Emma Fernandez ESP BB: 11.866

Mafalda Costa POR UB: 8.200

Lia Sobral POR UB: 10.633

7:24 am. Lorena Medina ESP BB: Hit the very beginning but came off on her bhs loso. Big wobble on the full L turn. Ooh, nice double pike! Small hop. 12.000

7:20 am. Celeste Mordenti LUX FX: Double tuck was very nice at the start. Hit her second pass. A little wild in the double wolf turn. Sat her last pass, I think a 1.5. Oh, no, a 2.5! 10.766

7:18 am. Halle Hilton IRL BB: Lovely layout stepout mount, and she hit her side aerial to layout stepout series brilliantly. Full turn with a little check, switch leap with a pause, doesn’t bother connecting to the switch half, bobble there. Split jump to wolf jump. Double full with a small hop forward. Very nice work. 12.033

Tara Vella Clark MLT FX: 11.300

7:15 am. Sani Mäkelä FIN UB: Clear hip to Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, a little arched, good handstand from this angle, before the blind change to big straddle Jaeger, a little short on the handstand before the blind full, and a stuck double layout! 12.866

Blathnaid Higgins IRL BB: 11.100

Ella Borg MLT FX: 11.266

7:14 am. Tonya Paulsson SWE VT: Yurchenko full with a step OOB. 12.733

Ada Hautala FIN UB: 12.633

Emma Slevin IRL BB: Looks like a nice comeback after bars! 12.300

7:10 am. Maisa Kuusikko FIN UB: Clear hip shaposh to Tkachev to Pak, a little low into the latter but catches it, toe full with some leg form, Maloney with a jump to grip change to Ezhova, and she hits the double layout dismount with a solid landing! Lots of little form things throughout but overall a very strong routine given her difficulty level. 13.466!

Oh no, Sweden having some drama on vault…and by drama I mean low scores.

Alva Eriksson SWE VT: 11.566

Emelie Westlund SWE VT: 11.466

Nathalie Westlund SWE VT: 12.300

7:07 am. Kate Molloy IRL BB: Back handspring mount, goes a little off-center and falls. A little stumble on the bhs loso, another fall there. Switch to sissone. Hit the full turn. Good side somi and cross jump. 1.5 dismount with a step forward. 9.466

Kaia Tanskanen FIN UB: 12.033

Ula Bikinaite LTU FX: 9.566

Tatiana Bachurina CYP FX: 11.100

7:04 am. Moving to the second rotation now!

7:01 am. Alba Petisco ESP UB: I didn’t type during this but she hit everything, just came up a little short on the full-in dismount, but that was great! And this was a pretty steady bars rotation for Spain. 12.833

Lia Sobral POR VT: 12.066

Mariana Parente POR VT: 12.300

6:58 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN BB: Switch leap mount to switch half to Korbut, that was boss. Side aerial to back handspring, front aerial to straddle jump to split jump, oh no, over rotates the full turn and falls there. Side somi with a big wobble and a fall. WELP. Hit the dismount. 11.900, oh god, what a score considering TWO FALLS.

Laura Casabuena ESP UB: 13.000

6:55 am. Emma Fernandez ESP UB: Maloney to Gienger, some leg separation and definitely a little close, blind change with leg form deductions to piked Jaeger, Ray, Pak with leg separation and SUPER bent elbows on the catch, muscled through a half pirouette, had to correct her direction, toe shoot, blind full, double full dismount. 11.833

Mafalda Costa POR VT: 11.466

Greta Mayer HUN BB: 12.833

6:54 am. Maria Mendes POR VT: 11.633

Paula Raya ESP UB: 12.700

6:52 am. Mirtill Makovits HUN BB: Punch front, wobble on the front aerial and as she’s trying to correct it, her standing foot slipped and she came off. Solid side aerial to back handspring. Split leap with a low back leg. 1.5 dismount with a step. 11.400

6:48 am. Tara Vella Clark MLT BB: Hit the front aerial, side aerial, side somi, and cross straight jump full, all good! Big pause before the bhs bhs loso, tiniest break at the hips, but really nice work. Switch to split jump. Nice dismount. Excellent routine! 12.033

6:45 am. Ella Borg MLT BB: Switch to split jump, big pause before the bhs back pike, almost solid there, little bobble. Full Y turn with a bobble. Cross straight jump full, grabs the beam and falls. Off again on the side aerial. 9.500

6:44 am. Maisa Kuusikko FIN VT: We didn’t get to see it, but looked like the Yurchenko 1.5 as well for her, 13.333!

Execution a bit low for all three of the Finnish gymnasts but really good to see all three hit the Yurchenko 1.5, plus a solid full from Ada Hautala!

Tatiana Bachurina CYP BB: 11.766

Nathalie Westlund SWE FX: 12.300

6:40 am. Emma Slevin IRL UB: Gets stuck in what I believe was supposed to be a toe full, only makes it halfway around, tries to correct but has to come off. Maloney to Pak when she gets back on, van Leeuwen, not fully around when she catches but not bad, straddle Jaeger, catches with both hands before falling. Looks like she’s crying maybe, oh no. Takes a second to collect herself, but she’s fine. Back on for the double full dismount. 10.133

6:39 am. Emily Moorhead IRL UB: 8.266

Tonya Paulsson SWE FX: 11.133

Halle Hilton IRL UB: 11.166

Ula Bikinaite LTU BB: 11.633

Kaia Tanskanen FIN VT: Did the Yurchenko 1.5, brand new for her! 13.100

6:37 am. Sani Mäkelä FIN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, nice in the air on that, comes up slightly deep with a big step forward. 13.266

Does a second vault, a tsuk layout with a good landing.

Celeste Mordenti LUX BB: 10.133

6:36 am. Ada Hautala FIN VT: 12.733

Kate Molloy IRL UB: 10.133

6:34 am. Alva Eriksson SWE FX: Small step back on the double tuck at the start of the routine. I love these leos, their blue is fabulous and there’s just a little splash of yellow. Nice leap series. Front full with slight form issues throughout. Hit the last pass. 12.000

6:29 am. Athletes are marching out for subdivision two! Love this quick turnaround.

6:23 am. Subdivision 1 All-Around

1. Naomi Visser NED 53.265
2. Kim Bui GER 52.999
3. Emma Malewski GER 52.032
4. Vera van Pol NED 51.499
5. Sarah Voss GER 50.899
6. Tisha Volleman NED 50.333
7. Selina Kickinger AUT 49.232
8. Jasmin Mader AUT 48.698
9. Carina Kröll AUT 48.099
10. Sevgi Kayisoglu TUR 46.098

Subdivision 1 Team Standings

1. Germany 158.730
2. Ntherlands 155.464
3. Austria 146.863
4. Turkey 140.562
5. Slovakia 137.896
6. Croatia 137.794
7. Latvia 120.396

6:18 am. Jasmin Mader AUT FX: 1.5 to front layout, little step OOB. Doing really nice work in her choreo bits. Double tuck with a little hop forward. Carina Kröll brought some nice scores to the Austrian team, and she also brought SCREAMING. I can hear her over the music hahaha. LOVE HER. A little skid to get the Memmel turn around. Split jump full with a little bobble. Hit her leap series, some flexed feet. 12.433!

6:15 am. Elisabeth Seitz GER UB: Short handstand before the Chow to Ricna, gets the straddle Jaeger no problem, then a Church to Pak, van Leeuwen looked maybe a little low but no problems with it, a tiny bit late in the toe full, and a full-in, flared with a solid landing, maybe a little bounce in place.

Petra Furac CRO VT: 12.166

Charlize Mörz AUT FX: Looked like she had a fall, their first major mistake of the day! 11.066

6:14 am. Kim Bui GER UB: Big straddle Jaeger to Pak, lovely work. Great handstand before the Maloney to Bhardwaj, goes crooked with leg form in the air, van Leeuwen is fine, toe full almost to vertical, to Gienger, awesome connection, and a full-in with her chest down, small hop. 14.200!

Her all-around score is a 52.999.

6:13 am. Selina Kickinger AUT FX: 11.666

We’re missing Kim Bui on bars! Hopefully we’ll get a replay. Oh yeah, coming in a sec.

6:11 am. Tijana Korent CRO VT: Handspring front tuck full, some leg from and a deep landing with a hop to the side. 12.733

Does a Yurchenko full for her second vault. 12.900

Sarah Voss GER UB: Didn’t see this. 13.100

Her all-around score is a 50.899, not bad considering her beam fall and missing a double salto on floor (she has a calf injury by the way, it’s been holding her back for the past few weeks).

6:09 am. Emma Malewski GER UB: Hop change to piked Jaeger, nice. Pak is pretty clean, toe full, van Leeuwen, blind change with some ankle separation to a super cowboyed double front with a hop. 13.100

That’ll bring her day to a 52.032! Really nice work from her today.

Nika Kukuljan Frleta CRO VT: 11.666

Sara Sulekic CRO VT: 11.833

They’re both in the 43s as all-arounders…I don’t know what the worlds cut-off score will be, but am guessing around a 45-46? Could be higher.

6:07 am. Carina Kröll AUT FX: Double tuck, goes a little wild on the landing and ends up with a big bounce OOB. Front full with some loose form into a jump, good landing there. 1.5 was solid. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Good routine! 11.700

Turkey’s top all-arounder was Sevgi Kayisoglu with a 46.098, which is the next highest score following the three Dutch ladies.

6:06 am. Touch for the second half of the rotation now! Croatia on vault, Germany on bars, and Austria on floor.

6:02 am. Bilge Tarhan TUR FX: Tour jeté half. Double layout, ugh, love that she went for it but just didn’t have the set, lands on her knees with her hands down. Switch leap to switch half. Wolf jump full. Front pike through to layout full, some leg separation there. Double pike comes up short and she has to put her hands down there as well. 9.733

Sara Surmanova SVK BB: 9.433

Arina Olenova LAT UB: 8.166

6:00 am. Anna Locmele LAT UB: 6.000

Göksu Üctas Sanli TUR FX: 12.600

5:58 am. Radoslava Kalamarova SVK BB: Hit her mount and leap series. Bhs loso was solid, just slight leg form throughout. Full Y turn over-rotated with a break at the hips. Front aerial to split jump, a little shy of 180. Side aerial with a slight break at the hips. Side somi. Tuck full dismount. 11.066

53.265 for Naomi Visser, 51.499 for Vera van Pol, 50.333 for Tisha Volleman.

5:57 am. Vera van Pol NED VT: Yurchenko 1.5, pretty solid in the air, and an excellent landing! Wow, she had a fantastic day today. 13.566

5:55 am. Anastasija Ananjeva LAT UB: Endo to Endo half, get it! Clear hip was a bit short, to toe shoot, blind full was a tiny bit late, then she arched out of the subsequent handstand and came off. Just a flyaway dismount. Looked like she maybe wanted to do a double tuck but knew she wouldn’t be able to get it around. 8.633

Sanna Veerman NED VT: Looked like she did a Yurchenko 1.5 based on the start value. 13.200

Barbora Mokosova SVK BB: 11.533

Bengisu Yildiz TUR FX: 11.233

5:53 am. Tisha Volleman NED VT: Yurchenko full, not as tight as Visser’s in her hips especially, but also really solid on the landing. 12.833

Darja Elbe LAT UB: 8.200

Elena Usakova SVK BB: 11.500

Sevgi Kayisoglu TUR FX: 11.800

5:52 am. Naomi Visser NED VT: Tidy Yurchenko full, not a ton of power, but it looked good in the air and she landed it well. Almost flared it a little bit too! 13.133

5:48 am. Moving to the final rotation! Netherlands on vault, Latvia on bars, Slovakia on beam, and Turkey on floor.

5:45 am. Carina Kröll AUT BB: Hit the wolf turn at the start, bhs loso is solid, switch to sissone and illusion turn, oh my goodness, Austria please!!! Side aerial with a little check. Wild wobble on the side somi but she fights and stays on! Hit the dismount. 12.033!!!

Austria’s big goal for Euros was to break a 150 as a team, which is very ambitious at a 12.5 average per routine, but they’re at a 111.064 going into the final rotation. They’re going to get VERY close. I’m crying!!

Petra Furac CRO FX: 10.433

5:42 am. Sara Sulekic CRO FX: Tour jeté half into the corner before her first pass, a double pike with a hop back. Front layout with a step forward. Switch leap to switch half. Layout full with a step back. Good hit!

5:41 am. Ana Derek CRO FX: Sadly didn’t see this! 12.766

Selina Kickinger AUT BB: 12.233, oh my God, is Austria doing this?!?!?!?!

5:38 am. Sarah Voss GER VT: Looked like a successful Yurchenko full! Ooh, yes, we’re getting a replay. Yeah, very nice – big like Seitz’s, slight pike down in her hips, but a superb landing. 13.433

5:35 am. Jasmin Mader AUT BB: Switch leap, little bobble. Some leg form on the bhs loso, but she lands it solidly. Side aerial, slight check with her hips. A little wobbly on the full L turn. Side somi, chest forward but holds on. Split jump to sissone, maybe a little short in the splits? Gainer pike with a hop forward. 11.866

Elisabeth Seitz GER VT: Yurchenko full, big air, big hop back. 13.100

5:32 am. Nika Kukuljan Frleta CRO FX: Double tuck with a small step back, OOB. 2.5 took a couple of steps forward OOB. Overall a very nice routine, though! 10.833

Kim Bui GER VT: 13.100

Emma Malewski GER VT: 12.966

Charlize Mörz AUT BB: 11.900

5:27 am. Sevgi Kayisoglu TUR BB: Ugh, hands down on her front tuck mount. Not really Turkey’s day today for the most part…I think my dreams of them getting a full squad to worlds could be shattered. Hit her triple flight series with a big break at the hips, didn’t look like her hands touched the beam though. Front aerial to split jump to wolf jump. Noooo, off on a leap. Side aerial. 1.5 dismount. 10.766

Vera van Pol NED FX: 12.633

5:25 am. Sara Surmanova SVK UB: 9.933

Bilge Tarhan TUR BB: 9.600

5:23 am. Shadé van Oorschot NED FX: Hit a turn series at the start then a solid whip to triple and also hit the second pass. Sorry, I’m missing a bit of this. Double tuck was a little slow in rotation but she got it around. 12.566

Adela Balcova SVK UB: 11.100

Elena Melke LAT VT: 11.200

5:21 am. Anna Locmele LAT VT: Didn’t see the entry, but good pike shape off the table. 11.833

5:20 am. Göksu Üctas Sanli TUR BB: 11.866

5:18 am. Naomi Visser NED FX: Whip to triple full to front tuck, get it! Some form in that series but not too severe actually, and went a little crooked but very ambitious. Hit a nice turn sequence and a lovely leap after. Clean double full for her second pass. Double tuck is a bit cowboyed with a step. 13.633!

Barbora Mokosova SVK UB: 13.233! A shame she won’t be able to compete at worlds.

Arina Olenova LAT VT: 12.166

5:15 am. Bengisu Yildiz TUR BB: Started typing a little ways into this routine. Hit her flight series at the start, triple series. Front aerial didn’t connect to her jump series, and she was quite short on her split jump. Clean side aerial. Big break at the hips on her full Y turn, ended up falling. Hit the dismount. 10.466

Anastasija Ananjeva LAT VT: 12.066

Radoslava Kalamarova SVK UB: 8.133

Tisha Volleman NED FX: 13.000

5:13 am. Rotation three touch warm-up starting! Latvia on vault, Slovakia on bars, Turkey on beam, and Netherlands on floor.

5:11 am. Petra Furac CRO BB: 10.966

5:08 am. Kim Bui GER FX: Had a fall on her wolf turn to open, so it’ll be interesting if the judges saw it as that, or as ChOrEoGrApHy. I feel like half the time they realize it’s a fall but then other times they’re like wow clever choreo. Big double layout to start. Double tuck with a small hop back. Tour jeté half I think for her first leap (that I saw, anyway, I always disassociate during leaps). 2.5 with some leg form, into a front pike. Good landing. Switch leap to switch full. Double pike, some leg separation and a deep landing, but nice hit! 12.866 (5.3, 7.566) – I don’t think they gave her the wolf turn fall hahaha.

Nika Kukuljan Frleta CRO BB: 11.166

5:05 am. Sarah Voss GER FX: Had a really big jump at the start, I missed what it was but the height was great. Triple full for her first pass, some leg form, then a good 2.5 to front layout, just a bit bobbly on the landing. Double L turn to pirouette. 1.5 to front full, some soft knees mostly in the latter. Double full to finish. Did she not have any double salto passes?? 12.100

Alissa Mörz AUT UB: 12.100, Austria will count all 12+ scores on bars!!!

5:03 am. Ana Derek CRO BB: Hit her mount series to a side somi, and then her bhs loso went a bit wild but she fought SO HARD to hold on. Aerial to split jump to back handspring was nicely connected. Big switch half. Side aerial. Gainer full with a small hop. 12.666

Selina Kickinger AUT UB: 12.600

Pauline Schäfer GER FX: 12.766

4:59 am. Carina Kröll AUT UB: Blind change to straddle Jaeger, nice height. Pak with some leg separation. Maloney was a bit low but she gets it and connects to the bail, some leg separation, toe-on to clear hip to toe shoot, the toe-on handstand was arched and clear hip handstand was short. Good toe point on the toe shoot! Blind full is a bit late, and a front layout full dismount with a hop. 11.800

4:58 am. Jasmin Mader AUT UB: 12.066

Sara Sulekic CRO BB: 9.800

4:56 am. Emma Malewski GER FX: Double tuck, could see some toe point in there even close to the landing! Triple spin, lacking control on the landing. Switch ring to switch half. Think she did a front double full for her second pass? Could have been just a full, I wasn’t paying close attention, just saw some iffy leg form. Double wolf turn. Double full with leg form to finish. 12.466

4:54 am. Bringing in the touch for the second half, with Austria on bars, Croatia on beam, and Germany on floor.

4:50 am. Tisha Volleman NED BB: Back handspring mount, front handspring to front toss, it’s been 84 years since I’ve seen a front toss I feel like. Full turn, illusion turn, love the choreo out of it, which is especially good choreo if you finish the illusion with a break at the hips! Side somi, split leap to cat leap, Korbut, goes WAY too hard on the double spin and falls. Her hand placement in her turns is SO weird. Oof, gainer full, not sure what shape that was supposed to be, it was both piked and tucked. I think either a pike or layout was intentional? I’ll have to watch it again if they show a replay. They did, and yeah, it was def supposed to be a layout haha. 11.300

Anna Locmele LAT FX: 9.466

Nazli Savranbasi TUR UB: 10.333

Elena Melke LAT FX: 9.633

4:46 am. Naomi Visser NED BB: Back handspring mount lands a little crooked and she has a severe break at the hips but fights through it. Switch leap, pause before the side somi, both clean on their own. Hit a couple of cross jumps. Side aerial to bhs lands with her hips rotated to the side, balance check and a step back coming out of it. Double full a little over-rotated. Split leap to sissone. Good 2.5 dismount! Just some crossed ankles. 12.233

Sevgi Kayisoglu TUR UB: 11.466

4:43 am. Anastasija Ananjeva LAT FX: Double tuck, lands it a bit forward, hands down. Moves very well with most of her choreo. Switch ring to switch full. Front layout full has some hip form throughout. Switch leap into more choreo, lots of arm waving but she’s doing some emoting through it! Much better than dead-eyed arm waving. Split ring leap. Good landing on the double full at the end. 10.800

Sara Surmanova SVK VT: 12.533

Bilge Tarhan TUR UB: 11.100

Shadé van Oorschot NED BB: 10.966

4:42 am. Elena Usakova SVK VT: 11.933

Radoslava Kalamarova SVK VT: 11.533

Bengisu Yildiz TUR UB: 11.233

Arina Olenova LAT FX: 11.433

4:40 am. Vera van Pol NED BB: Switch leap mount, switch leap to sissone, bhs loso, a little slow in rotation and she has a big bobble but saves it. Full turn. Full-twisting Korbut, aka Rulfova! Love to see it. Kochetkova with a little bobble. Split jump half. Stuck the 2.5 dismount! 12.500

4:38 am. Moving on to rotation two! Slovakia on vault, Turkey on bars, Netherlands on beam, and Latvia on floor.

4:32 am. Pauline Schäfer GER BB: Switch leap mount to switch leap, bobble and pause before…was that another switch leap? Maybe just a split leap. Bhs loso with a little check, she looks a teeny bit nervous. Switch ring, big balance check there. Definitely feeling nerves here. Another huge wobble on the double spin. Lord have mercy. Gets her eponymous side somi half with no problems, though! Front aerial to split jump to stag ring jump, seems to have calmed down a bit. Gainer dismount. 13.166

4:31 am. Sarah Voss GER BB: Didn’t see this but unfortunately it looks like her foot slipped on her dismount and she had a scary fall, and limped away from the podium. 12.266

4:29 am. Nika Kukuljan Frleta CRO UB: I remember loving her routine at Euros in 2020 but she fell in the final which was sad, she could have medaled. Toe on to stalder to stalder full, toe shoot, toe half to straddle Jaeger, rotates way too far forward and lands hard on her elbows. Tries it again and catches. Just a layout dismount with a step forward. 10.166

4:27 am. Sara Sulekic CRO UB: 10.666

Jasmin Mader AUT VT: Looks like she went for an FTY but wasn’t able to pull it off well, just a 12.333. This is her first competitive vault since her knee injury.

Charlize Mörz AUT VT: 12.833

4:24 am. Kim Bui GER BB: Layout stepout mount, the SLIGHTEST check in her hips but it’s barely noticeable. Bhs loso is solid. Side aerial is good. Gainer full dismount, this was very strong! 12.833

4:23 am. Selina Kickinger AUT VT: Yurchenko full, some leg separation in preflight and she’s pretty piked down but lands well, just a small hop. 12.733

4:22 am. Carina Kröll AUT VT: 12.566

Petra Furac CRO UB: 10.666

4:20 am. Emma Malewski GER BB: Strong layout stepout mount. Side aerial loso lands with some power, just a slight check at the waist. Switch leap to switch half, first was good, second wasn’t really close to split and had some flexed foot action. Front aerial with a bobble. Gets the triple wolf turn around unscathed. Just a layout full dismount with a little hop. 13.500

An 8.300 E for this seems VERY high so Pauline Schäfer is going to get a 9.000 let’s GET IT.

4:19 am. Touch warm-up for the second half which will see Austria on vault, Croatia on bars, and Germany on beam.

4:16 am. Darja Elbe LAT BB: Double wolf turn and she does turns in cheststand so she’s immediately my favorite. Sadly off on her side aerial, though. Knee form on the back handspring. Split jump to wolf jump, low back leg on the former and grabs the beam. Side aerial to layout half, fun dismount sequence. 9.000

4:13 am. Vera van Pol NED UB: Hop change to straddle Jaeger, big Ray, nice handstand before a clean Pak, a little short in her hips before the Maloney to bail to toe shoot, a little short in handstand before a hop full pirouette to Tkachev, damn, okay Vera! Clean, nearly stuck double tuck. 12.800

Anastasija Ananjeva LAT BB: 8.233

Sara Surmanova SVK FX: 11.466

4:12 am. Naomi Visser NED UB: Jumped in mid-Ezhova, I assume she caught the release into it, full pirouette to Chow to Pak, van Leeuwen, toe full, and a near-stuck full-in! 14.266!

Göksu Üctas Sanli TUR VT: 12.500

Anna Locmele LAT BB: 9.000

Bilge Tarhan TUR VT: 12.866

4:09 am. Radoslava Kalamarova SVK FX: Deep landing on the double pike, chest down and a step forward. 1.5 to front layout, a bit arched, but lands it. Smooth Memmel turn and wolf jump full, maybe a little bit of a balance check on the latter. Double L turn and leap series, nothing majorly problematic. Double full is a bit buckled but she pulls up out of it and hops back. 11.066

4:07 am. Sanna Veerman GER UB: Ugh, fell on her dismount after an otherwise hit routine! Was hoping this would sneak into the final. 12.800

4:06 am. Sevgi Kayisoglu TUR VT: 12.066

Tisha Volleman NED UB: 13.200

Elena Usakova SVK FX: 11.000

Bengisu Yildiz TUR VT: 12.666

4:03 am. Arina Olenova LAT BB: Candle mount, bhs loso, some leg form, and she falls. Also came off on her front aerial. Had a front layout dismount. 9.466

4:01 am. Touch is beginning.

From this subdivision, Germany and the Netherlands I think should both be pretty solidly into world championships, but I’m really excited about Austria this year and hope they can hold it together to rank higher than they’re usually capable of – they have a fantastic team and could be really exciting but with lower difficulty, falls and mistakes could really hurt them. Also think Turkey could potentially make it as a team, lots of standout routines from them.

3:58 am. Athletes are marching in from Austria, Croatia, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, Slovakia, and Turkey!


20 thoughts on “2022 European Championships | Senior WAG All-Around Live Blog

  1. Literally just stopping by to say thank you for recapping this one, Lauren! It’s such a big programme of events for you to live-blog, but being able to check your blog to for updates while I’m unable to watch live really brightens my day.

    Really hoping Bui and team Germany have a fantastic home meet!


      • I actually yelled “NO” aloud in the office when I saw Martins fell, and saw Kovacs’ 3 big errors, too. Devastated for both of them – hopefully Kovacs will do well at Worlds, her AA result at Tokyo was pretty incredible and she seems to be adding more and more difficulty to her routines.

        Also what a fantastic result for Maisa Kuusikko! I’ve been keeping an eye on her for a while – I’m always a bit amazed that her AA score at Euros always ends up a little bit higher than her performance at domestic meets, it seems like such an unusual thing compared to results for most other programmes. Hopefully we’ll get to see lots more of her.


  2. Its funny how someone with many falls
    Can win, isnt that a bit weird as u expect the gold
    Winner to be perfect:-)) zsofia kovacs was overscored on bars, she fell
    And got 7.600 execution;/) judges should apply same thinking for all athletes, if u are a bit famous and won medals before, the judges look different at u, more medals, the better and can win with three falls and make into finals;-) horay


    • Kovacs isn’t going to win? She’s off the podium. She would’ve had around a 56 if she hit and instead she didn’t even break a 53. Her bars scored a 7.6 execution because they were clean from start to finish. Her only big deduction was the fall at the very end. She normally scores in the low to mid 8s on bars, this isn’t anything new.


      • I know shes not going to win.. if it was simone could have won with three falls 🙂 i was saying in general seeinng girls winning a medal with a fall.. in the past wasnt possible…


        • In the past it wasn’t possible for gymnasts (not girls, thank you!) to win a medal with a fall?

          What are you even talking about? There have been multiple instances at World and Olympic competition where gymnasts have won medals with falls.

          In 2006 Vanessa Ferrari won World all around gold with a fall on beam.
          In 2007, Jade Barbosa won World all around bronze with a fall on floor.
          In 2007, Li Shanshan won beam silver with a fall.
          In 2008, Cheng Fei won vault bronze with a fall.
          In 2009, Rebecca Bross won World all around silver with a fall on floor.
          In 2010, Rebecca Bross won World all around bronze with a fall on floor.
          In 2011, Yao Jinnan won all around bronze with a fall on beam
          In 2012, McKayla Maroney won Olympic silver with a fall on vault.

          If you look at other international and domestic meets, there are other examples.
          In 2006, Nastia Liukin won the American Cup with a fall on beam.
          In 2011, Jordyn Wieber fell off bars and Aliya Mustafina fell on floor and they won gold and silver all around respectively.
          In 2019, Riley McCusker won the all around silver at the Pan Am Games with a fall on bars.

          In 2006, Hollie Dykes won Commonwealth Games all around bronze with FOUR falls.

          Even in this exact competition, Martina Maggio won all around bronze with a fall on bars.

          So you are incorrect, its always been possible to win a medal with a fall.

          Liked by 1 person

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  4. With the fourth subdivision just starting, feeling a bit bad Romania is going to end most likely just outside the qualifiers mark for the finals, 9th likely. But still glad they’re most likely going to Worlds.


  5. Any updates about Stanciulescu’s withdrawal ? Given their juniors Romania can pretend a top 12 next year as a team but they will need Stanciulescu’s UB for that (at least)


    • She felt knee pain right during training so they decided to take her out…not sure if it was a serious injury or just being cautious but it worries me that she wasn’t even there with the team in the competition.


      • Thanks. She had a quite heavy knee protection last month (FRA vs Romania) so that makes sense. You read rumours (but that’s internet …) Ceplinschi could retire so given Romania’s lack of depth among the seniors they will need Stanciulescu and everyone


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