2022 European Championships | Junior WAG All-Around Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of junior women’s competition at the 2022 European Championships, held in Munich, Germany!

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1. Helen Kevric GER 52.932
2. Amalia Ghigoarta ROU 51.432
3. Viola Pierazzini ITA 50.099


1. Italy 153.996
2. Romania 150.495
3. Germany 150.329

2:18 pm. Julia Weissenhofer LIE FX: Double tuck to start. Double full was a bit low. Layout full. Stumbled out of her turn at the very end. Nice to see this comp end on a high note with a hit!

2:16 pm. Nazanin Teymurova AZE VT: Step back on the Yurchenko full. That was really nice! 12.900

Anastasiia Zubkova UKR FX: Was a little iffy on some of her landings, but hit routine overall. 12.033

2:14 pm. Sona Artamonova CZE BB: Looked like she had a stumble at one point. Big wobble on the side somi. Hit the dismount.

Anna Lashchevska will miss the AA podium by about half a point!

2:12 pm. Lili Czifra HUN UB: Had nice stalder work on the low bar.

Vanesa Masova CZE BB: Off on something just as I looked over. Strong side somi.

Anna Lashchevska UKR FX: Double pike with a good landing. Hit the second pass. Front full with a little hop. Double tuck to finish, a little

Romney Libeton NED VT: Yurchenko layout with a big hop back.

2:08 pm. Alice Vlkova CZE BB: I missed most of this, what else is new, I’M BUSY! She hit what I did see. Front layout dismount.

Sorry, had to take a break but I’m back!

2:06 pm. Going into the final half of the final rotation!

2:02 pm. Katrina Jurevica LAT FX: Double tuck rotated a bit slowly but she got it around with a good landing. Back layout at the end. Also hit her middle pass. Good routine!

1:59 pm. Aberdeen O’Driscoll BEL UB: I missed this. 11.633

Gabriela Alves POR BB: Had a strong cross straddle jump. A couple of steps on her dismount. That’s really all I saw? 8.933

Anna Grauda Grote LAT FX: Stumbled on a 1.5. Last pass was I think a back tuck half? 10.666

Yelena Devreker BEL UB: Saw that she caught a Jaeger.

1:57 pm. Viola Pierazzini ITA VT: Yurchenko layout with a hop. 12.133

Italy will almost certainly take the team title! 153.996 puts them ahead of the field by around 3.5 points.

1:54 pm. Eva Bruynseels BEL UB: Blind full was a little late, blind change to front giant to piked Jaeger, bail, toe shoot caught practically at her face, goes in a dead hang. Big layout dismount, stuck.

Maria Calisto POR BB: Bent knees on the bhs loso and she falls. Had another fall shortly after.

Marija Smirnova LAT FX: Hit the first pass. Switch side. OOB on the next pass. Basically did a side pass, that was kinda cool, a layout full. Front layout at the end.

July Marano ITA VT: Yurchenko 1.5, some soft knee form and a hop forward. 13.366

1:50 pm. Chiara Barzasi ITA VT: I missed this but think she did a Yurchenko full. 12.700

Hanne Degryse BEL UB: Wasn’t typing here, but she had a fall from the high bar at one point. Double tuck dismount. 10.466

Catarina Carvalho POR BB: I THINK she hit everything, everything I saw anyway, good 1.5 dismount. 9.833

Marija Mihailova LAT FX: I didn’t see any of this! 10.066

Arianna Grillo ITA VT: Big, clean Yurchenko full. 13.000

1:49 pm. Moving to the final rotation!!!

1:45 pm. Romeny Libeton NED FX: Double tuck, goes a bit too big on the double full after and ends up OOB. Front full with a step. Good work! 12.000

1:41 pm. Anna Lashchevska UKR BB: I missed the very beginning, saw the EXCELLENT front handspring front tuck, front aerial with a slight wobble. Side aerial. Switch to switch half with a big check but good control after the fact. Jump series, no issues there. Switch ring, back leg needs some work. Double full dismount. 13.066!

Pien van Daal NED FX: Hit the first pass then a front layout full. Strong double full. Double spin. 11.500

1:39 pm. Elina Grawin SWE FX: Double tuck, good landing. 1.5 to front…layout IIRC. Lovely Memmel turn. Solid double full. Hit routine! 12.833

Anastasiia Zubkova UKR BB: Nice layout stepout mount. Step on the bhs loso. Front aerial to a jump. Came off on something after that. Switch leap to split leap, another fall there, just missed a foot on the landing. Full turn. Switch half, off again, noooo. Good double full with a hop. 10.333

1:36 pm. Vanesa Masova CZE UB: Inbar to inbar half, legs came apart and she didn’t make it to handstand, NOOOO, all of my faves who did so well at EYOF are having problems here! Back on for a Jaeger caught on her wrists basically, has to come off after that. Back on for s stalder full, van Leeuwen with bent legs, got the dismount. 9.733

Ragnheidur Johannsdottir ISL FX: Double tuck, solid. 1.5 to front tuck is a little deep on the landing. Step back on the double full. Not bad! 10.766

Philippa Busuttil MLT BB: Check on the side aerial. Split jump to wolf jump. Really strong bhs bhs loso! Had a check on something after that, nothing too severe. Layout full with a hop back. 11.733

1:33 pm. Lili Czifra HUN VT: My stream froze for a sec but think she did a Yurchenko full? Landed whatever it was! 12.300

Nazanin Teymurova AZE FX: Strong double tuck. Good on her leaps, slight lack of control on one of her turns. Think this was fully hit. 11.966

Alice Vlkova CZE UB: Big straddle Jaeger, Pak was nice, clear hip half came up a little short, toe shoot, I missed the rest but think she hit. 11.533

Anna Bogyo HUN VT: Solid Yurchenko full! 12.933

Faith Cassar Fenech MLT BB: Saw she had a fall at one point. 8.666

1:32 pm. Sona Artamonova CZE UB: Blind change to front giant to Jaeger, blind full was a little late, toe-on to giants into the double tuck. 11.233

1:30 pm. Fruzsina Maraczi HUN VT: Think she did a tucked Yurchenko full. 11.933

Ema Strakosova CZE UB: Blind full, blind change to front giant half, and a double pike, good. 10.933

Julia Weissenhofer LIE BB: Switch to sissone. Cross split jump. Bhs back tuck, missed both of her feet and had a hard fall. Hit the dismount. 10.866

Duyghu Majidzade AZE FX: Crashed her double tuck and put her hands down on her second pass as well. 9.333

Hanna Balzsay HUN VT: Tsuk back pike with a hop back. 11.866

1:27 pm. Warmup for the second half!

1:25 pm. Arianna Grillo ITA FX: 2.5 to front tuck, OOB with a hop. Italy’s not loving these twist then punches today! But they’re still killing it on floor. Good double tuck then very strong leaps. Double pike with a small hop. Stuck the double full. 13.066

Marija Smirnova LAT BB: Had a check on a couple of leaps. Hit the front layout dismount, a bit arched. Didn’t see a lot of this but what I saw was hit. 9.166

1:22 pm. Viola Pierazzini ITA FX: STUNNING Memmel turn. Also love her music and choreo and overall vibe. Great full-in. 2.5, comes out of it quite low but manages to get a front tuck around, big stumble back to save it though. Stuck the double pike. Hop back on the double tuck. 12.900

Valerija Ratobilska LAT BB: A little messy on the bhs loso. Had a big break on an acro skill in the middle. Side somi went well. Hit the dismount. 11.166

1:18 pm. Hanne Degryse BEL VT: Tsuk tuck full with a lunge back. 12.133

July Marano ITA FX: Tucked full-in with a hop back. 1.5 goes low and long, tries to do a tuck full out of it but can’t manage, fall. 11.966

Katrina Jurevica LAT BB: Nice wolf turn, I think 2.5. Bhs loso was pretty good in the air but hips were way off on the landing and she fell. Front aerial to jump series, switch leap, back layout dismount. 10.500

Aberdeen O’Driscoll BEL VT: Good Yurchenko full. 12.766

Catrina Carvalho POR UB: Wasn’t watching this super closely but she hit. 8.000

1:17 pm. Gabriela Alves POR UB: Blind full, blind change with slight ankle separation to an arched front giant before the Jaeger, tucked her legs. Pak didn’t get a ton of air but she snuck it around, had to re-cast at one point before the toe shoot, double tuck with a lunge forward. 10.000

1:15 pm. Eva Bruynseels BEL VT: Didn’t see what she did but she hit. 11.766

Maria Calisto POR UB: She looked mostly strong, saw a lot of great work on the low bar. Double pike dismount. 9.900

Marija Mihailova LAT BB: Bhs loso with bent legs and she comes off. Nice tour jeté 1/4? Side somi. Illusion turn. Switch leap to split jump. Lots of good things in this routine! Front pike with a hop. 10.000

Chiara Barzasi ITA FX: Double tuck with a bounce back. Hit the second pass. Hit the last pass as well. Great start! 12.566

Yelena Devreker BEL VT: Yurchenko layout, lunge back. 11.866

1:11 pm. Moving to the third rotation!

1:08 pm. Pien van Daal NED BB: Back handspring mount. Wolf jump to sissone. My audio is off and I just heard the crowd do a deadly gasp so something bad is coming. OH YEAH, split the beam on the bhs loso, that came down HARD and looked SINISTER. Side somi, cross split jump, wobble on the front aerial, layout full with a step off the mat. 10.100

1:06 pm. Elina Grawin SWE BB: Hit her mount and looked like she had the triple flight series but then wobbled about 17 separate times. Okay! Good fight. Switch leap with a pause before the sissone to wolf jump. Front aerial, side aerial, both clean. Split ring jump. Clean double full with a hop to the side.

1:04 pm. Ragnheidur Johannsdottir ISL BB: Good bhs loso, went for a switch half but only got it to about 90 degrees, girl same. Cross split jump looked good in the air but wobbled significantly. Front aerial with a wobble. Clean side aerial. Clean layout dismount. 10.300

1:01 pm. Anastasiia Zubkova UKR UB: Big Tkachev to Pak! Missed her feet on a toe-on and had to do it again before the Maloney to bail, didn’t make it to handstand, came off. Back on for a toe shoot, blind change to front half, and a double pike with a hop. 11.400

Hanna Balzsay HUN FX: Double L turn to double spin, loses control at the end of that. Hop back on the double pike. Double tuck with a hop. Popa. Think she missed her third pass? I think I saw her standing up from the floor after landing. Double full with wild legs at the end. 10.633

12:59 pm. Nazanin Teymurova AZE BB: Off on her layout stepout mount. Great on the flight series and front aerial. Good side aerial. Switch leap with a GREAT back leg. Split jump to wolf jump. Chest really low on the side som but saved it. Also had to save a cross jump half. Only did a layout instead of her usual double back dismount. 10.466

Anna Bogyo HUN FX: Hit the first pass then split jump full. Big hop back on the double tuck. Good 1.5 to front tuck. 11.466

Philippa Busuttil MLT UB: Toe full to toe shoot, caught close. Hit the dismount. 10.166

12:57 pm. Alice Vlkova CZE VT: Tsuk full with a lunge back. 12.933

Faith Cassar Fenech MLT UB: Had some struggles on the low bar before the toe-on (arched) to toe shoot (caught close, had to cast again). Hit the dismount. 7.800

12:55 pm. Patricie Makovickova CZE VT: Handspring front pike was really strong. 12.600

Julia Weissenhofer LIE UB: Wasn’t typing but she hit! 10.266

Lili Czifra HUN FX: Double pike and hit the second pass. And the third pass. Good control on the double L turn to double spin. Double tuck to finish had a little hop. Great! 11.966

Duyghu Majidzade AZE BB: Saw that she came off on something early on. Hit the rest, double tuck dismount with a bit of a stumble. 10.500

12:52 pm. Sona Artamonova CZE VT: Did a front handspring vault with a baby step, nice. 12.233

Anna Lashchevska UKR UB: A bit rough on the Pak. Stalder to toe shoot, a bit close. Off on her Jaeger sadly. 11.533

Romeny Libeton NED BB: Switch leap to her jump series. A little wobble on the side aerial. Double full dismount. 10.800

Anna Knight HUN FX: I didn’t type during this but saw that she hit everything! Looked like she had tons of power. 11.766

Vanesa Masova CZE VT: Missed what she did but she hit! 12.233

12:49 pm. Touch for the second half of rotation two!

12:46 pm. Viola Pierazzini ITA BB: Hit the mount, then a switch leap to split jump. Break at the hips on the side aerial. Nice turn. Double tuck with a hop back. Another excellent Italian beam routine!

Yelena Devreker BEL FX: Big bounce back on the double pike. Her music has Cabaret vibes and I thought it was “Mein Herr” at first which would be so badass. Okay, it’s DEFINITELY “Mein Herr” but only lifting little bits and pieces of the main musical themes, obsessed, she’s my new fave. Launches forward a bit on the front layout. 12.066

12:43 pm. Marija Mihailova LAT UB: Wasn’t typing during this but it was a hit routine, looked like she had a little more difficulty than the first two who went up. 9.233

Chiara Barzasi ITA BB: A little shaky on the mount but super solid on the triple flight series. Wobbled on a leap before the split ring leap. Other than that, it looked good! Hit the dismount. 12.400

Aberdeen O’Driscoll BEL FX: Good double tuck to start. Small hop on the double full. 12.400

Valerija Ratobilska LAT UB: A bit messy in the pirouette at the start, clear hip to toe shoot, toe half to front giant to front layout with a little hop. 9.333

12:40 pm. Maria Calisto POR VT: Yurchenko layout with a hop back. 12.166

Anna Grauda Grote LAT UB: Short handstand before the bail (short, legs apart). Toe full finished at horizontal and she hit her feet on the mat. Toe shoot, layout dismount. 8.266

Martina Pieratti ITA BB: Hit the mount, double wolf turn. A little short on her flight series. IIRC I believe she hit the rest! 12.766

Hanne Degryse BEL FX: Stumble on the opening double pike. Hit the layout full at the end. 11.800

Catarina Carvalho POR VT: Tsuk back pike with two little steps. 11.666

12:37 pm. Gabriela Alves POR VT: Yurchenko layout I believe, hit the landing! 11.566

Katrina Jurevica LAT UB: Clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, layout dismount. 9.966

Arianna Grillo ITA BB: Switch leap mount, good! Cat leap to switch leap. Front aerial. Cross straddle jump was a little short. Double full dismount with a hop. I know I saw her hit a flight series in there too. 12.700

Eva Bruynseels BEL FX: Crashed the first pass. Step back on the layout full. Hit the last pass. 10.900

12:35 pm. Well, finally moving to rotation two touch!

12:33 pm. Faith Cassar Fenech MLT VT: 200 years later. Aka like…20 minutes. And she does a tsuk back pike and sits it. I wonder why.

12:30 pm. STILL WAITING!!!!!!!! They need to let this girl warm up again at this point.

12:23 pm. Really long wait for vault right now. Like, years long. Like, close to 10 minutes almost? It’s been a while. Two bars routines have gone by and been judged.

Btw, there was an inquiry for Anna Lashchevska on vault. Wait until after everyone has gone maybe if it’s going to take you 90 years to figure it out? They made one gymnast just stand there for over 10 minutes waiting for her turn!? Looks like they raised Lashchevska’s D score, by the way, guessing they gave her tuck or pike originally but changed it to layout? Oh, no, it looks like she wants credit for a full? Did she…do a full? Idk what’s happening, I just saw that she landed the vault but have no idea what she attempted or was/was not credited with.

12:18 pm. Ragnheidur Johannsdottir ISL UB: Bail with legs apart and not to handstand, arched over before the clear hip, jumps to high bar, blind full with legs apart, and a solid layout dismount. 8.966

Elina Grawin SWE UB: Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, caught with her legs apart and it throws her off so she has to regroup and cast back to handstand before the stalder to toe-on to blind change to straddle Jaeger, a bit close, blind full, and a high double tuck with a hop. 12.200

12:15 pm. Alice Vlkova CZE FX: 2.5 to punch front was good! Strong double tuck.

Julia Weissenhofer LIE VT: I didn’t see her first vault but saw that she it it for a 12.0. Handspring front tuck for the second, deep landing.

Nazanin Teymurova AZE UB: Toe half to front giant to piked Jaeger, legs apart when she caught, bail with her legs apart, toe full with her legs wild and she arches over and falls. Back on for clear hip to toe…eek, got her toes on the bar for whatever she was supposed to do and then flew off forward so that’s fun for everyone. Definitely didn’t just have a heart attack. Okay, was supposed to be a toe shoot, got it this time, layout dismount was good. 9.133

Lili Czifra HUN BB: Nice double spin! Great control. Switch leap to switch half. That’s all I saw from this routine.

Philippa Busuttil MLT VT: Missed her vault but saw that she landed. 11.766

12:13 pm. Vanesa Masova CZE FX: Arms were so bent on the handsprings into her opening double back, had a bit of a landing struggle. Hit the second pass with a big step forward. Also hit the last pass. 11.766

Hanna Balzsay HUN BB: Really nice bhs bhs loso series and jumps! Side somi. Came off on something after that, that’s a bummer!

Duyghu Majidzade AZE UB: Pak was a bit weak and she was a bit short with some handstands on the low bar. Blind full wasn’t bad. Layout dismount stuck. 9.066

12:12 pm. Pien van Daal NED UB: Wasn’t typing during this but she looked SO confident throughout, such a nice comeback after what happened to her on this event at EYOF. Her double tuck is still VERY close to the bar when she releases into the dismount, and she sat it here, but the rest of the routine (what I saw, anyway) was good! 9.933

12:09 pm. Anna Bogyo HUN BB: Strong bhs loso. Had an iffy moment on a jump where she wobbled and wasn’t quite in a split. Switch leap was good. I think she hit the dismount.

Romeny Libeton NED UB: Bail went horizontal, clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, blind full was a little late, layout dismount with a lunge back. 10.066

Sona Artamonova CZE FX: I looooove this routine. She’s gorgeous. 1.5 to front full with a big step OOB. Clean double pike with a great landing. Clean double full, hop back.

Anastasiia Zubkova UKR VT: Yurchenko full, not bad! 12.633

12:05 pm. Anna Knight HUN BB: Front walkover mount is very nice. Front aerial, switch leap was iffy, to split jump. Bhs loso is solid. I missed a little, she got the wolf turn. Tick tock was pretty. Good full turn. Layout full, small hop back. I like her! 12.300

Patricie Makovickova CZE FX: Comes really low out of the 2.5 and sits the punch front pike. Double pike, sits it. Ugh. Double full with a big bounce back. 9.133

Anna Lashchevska UKR VT: I missed what she did but she landed it well, had a small hop.

12:04 pm. Touch for the second half!

12:01 pm. Yelena Devreker BEL BB: Front aerial, split jump to wolf jump, break at the hips on her flight series and she eventually falls. Switch leap to switch half, extension was so good! Side somi with her chest forward but she corrects and stays on. Clean layout full. 11.800

Maria Menezes POR FX: Switch leap to tour jeté full. Double pike with a good landing. Front layout…full maybe? I forgot already. She landed it well. Double full, some ankle form and a lunge back. 11.233

11:58 am. Aberdeen O’Driscoll BEL BB: Hit the mount and then a leap to a wolf jump. Big wobble and loss of control on the bhs loso series. Full turn with a check. Great air on the side somi. Landed it well too! Also great on the switch half and back tuck. 1.5 dismount. Good! 11.866

Maria Calisto POR FX: Strong double tuck to start. Switch to switch half. Hit the second pass. Small bounce on the double full. 11.766

Martina Pieratti ITA UB: Short handstand before the inbar full, good handstand before the van Leeuwen, very nice leg form, inbar half to piked Jaeger, clean Pak, slightly short before the Maloney (whippy) to Tkachev, short on the handstand before the giants to her double pike, lunge forward. Not as tight as it was at EYOF, she’s gonna get killed on those handstands, but her lines and skills are pretty. 13.466, E was 7.866 – I feel like if she fixed the handstands she’d be at an 8.5!

11:57 am. Katrina Jurevica LAT VT: Very nice Yurchenko layout! 11.400

Viola Pierazzini ITA UB: Maloney to stalder to bail to stalder full to toe shoot, good! Piked Jaeger, stalder half came up a little short, and dismounts with a full-in with a big hop. 12.933

11:54 am. Marija Smirnova LAT VT: Tsuk back pike with a small hop. Some leg form in the pre-flight. 11.700

July Marano ITA UB: Maloney to Pak, stalder half to toe-on to toe shoot, really low Tkachev between the bars, blind change to front giant half, think she dismounted with a full-out. 12.133

Hanne Degryse BEL BB: Little step on her back tuck series. Side somi had a pretty low landing in terms of her chest position but she pulled it around. Front pike dismount, small hop. 11.800

Gabriela Alves Por FX: Bounce back on the double tuck. Hit a 1.5 and front full I believe after that. Switch half at the end was strong. 11.666

11:51 am. Naomi Descamps BEL BB: Off on her mount. Good bhs loso. Cat leap to a split or switch leap, came off right after, I thought she had it. Got the wolf turn around. 10.500

Catarina Carvalho POR FX: A little short on the double tuck. Front layout at the end. 10.833

Valerija Ratobilska LAT VT: Yurchenko tuck I think, pretty open tuck but her knees were bent. 11.300

Chiara Barzasi ITA FX: May have fallen early on? Or just hadn’t started the routine yet, I just saw her run away to go chalk. Yeah, I think she fell. Back on for a Pak, also had a high double tuck with a small step. 11.266

Anna Grauda Grote LAT VT: Crashed a tsuk back pike to her back. 10.233

11:50 am. Touch is wrapping up now.

11:47 am. Latvia! Ukraine! Liechtenstein! Malta! Italy! Netherlands! Azerbaijan! Iceland! Sweden! Belgium! Hungary! Portugal! Czech Republic!

11:23 am. Final subdivision starts at 5:50 pm in Munich, which is about a half hour away!

11:17 am. Subdivision 2 Standings – All-Around

1. Helen Kevric GER 52.932
2. Amalia Ghigoarta ROU 51.432
3. Sabrina Voinea ROU 50.065
4. Abigail Martin GBR 49.199
5. Ambre Frotté FRA 49.065
6. Ruby Evans GBR 47.965
7. Marlene Gotthardt GER 47.831
8. Lilou Viallat FRA 47.498

Team Standings

1. Romania 150.495
2. Germany 150.329
3. Great Britain 147.563
4. France 146.995
5. Switzerland 142.529
6. Spain 140.663
7. Greece 136.661
8. Norway 135.296

11:14 am. Mia Bezer CRO FX: Double tuck, a stumble and skid on the landing but brings it back under control. Split leap to ring leap. Clean double full with a small hop. 1.5 with a step. Front tuck through to layout full with a small hop. Good finish!

11:11 am. Mila Prpic CRO FX: Double tuck with a step back. Hit the second pass, and a front layout full with a step. 11.500

Melina Gousiou GRE VT: Yurchenko back pike with a step. 11.600

Atiye Berra Karademir TUR B: Lovely layout stepout mount and flight series! Also hit the side aerial. Switch leap. Cartwheel down to chest stand for her level change. Had a check on an aerial and a bobble on a cross jump. I think a 1.5 dismount? Very nice work! 11.966

11:07 am. Foteini Liapi GRE VT: Yurchenko pike with a great landing! 11.766

Hannah Ifeanyi NOR UB: Bail with leg separation to toe-on to toe full (a bit late, hip form), toe shoot, hit the dismount. 10.533

Mirna Hontic CRO FX: Double tuck, huge bounce OOB and off the mat, hand down. Switch to switch full, knee extension needs to improve on these. Double full with a hop back. Split jump full. 10.033

Zeynep Kurtulus TUR BB: Very nice layout stepout mount. Solid on the bhs loso and side aerial. Wobbled on a wolf turn. Switch leap. Step off the mat on the dismount.

11:05 am. Lea Kapular CRO FX: Nice double tuck at the start. Double full good landing but with messy ankles. Step forward on the front full.

Beren Bay TUR BB: Came off early in the routine and again on a short front aerial. Switch side. Think she had another big bobble and/or fall near the end. Hit a cross straight jump full and the dismount.

Keisha Lockert NOR UB: Clear hip to toe shoot, straddle Jaeger was pretty close to the bar, layout dismount. 10.733

Athanasia Mesiri GRE VT: Yurchenko half-on front…pike I think. Nice! Step forward. 12.633

11:00 am. Maria Rowinska POL BB: Wasn’t typing during this routine but she had two falls. Hit the tuck full dismount with a little hop.

10:57 am. Ema Bazikova SVK FX: Double tuck with a great landing. Big stumble out of the front layout full. Front layout half was good. Front layout. 9.466

Magdalena Grygiel POL BB: Bhs loso, some knee and foot form. Switch to split leap, kind of low back leg. Back tuck is good. Check on the side aerial. 11.433

Abigail Martin GBR UB: Blind full, blind change (leg separation) to the biggest Jaeger in the world, Pak with some flex in her ankles, Maloney, doesn’t connect it to anything, full-in dismount. 12.133

10:56 am. Evie Flage-Donovan GBR UB: Blind full to blind change to I think a piked Jaeger, bail to toe-on to toe shoot, full-in with a step back. 12.100

10:53 am. Samira Raffin SUI VT: Big Yurchenko layout with a hop back. 11.600

Ruby Evans GBR UB: Ray, bail to toe-on to toe shoot, blind full, blind change to front giant to dobule front, good rotation, small hop! 11.900

Lucia Dobrocka SVK FX: Good double pike, hit the second pass as well. Good double full. Hop forward on the front layout. 11.600

Maria Drobniak POL BB: Very nice bhs loso. Front aerial, stumble on a back pike. Back walkover into a split, love that. Tuck half dismount. 11.366

Vivienne Altherr SUI VT: Yurchenko layout comes up a bit short with a step forward. 11.333

10:52 am. Lou-Anne Citherlet SUI VT: 12.100

Grace Davies GBR UB: Jaeger, toe-on to clear hip to toe shoot, and a double tuck dismount. 11.833

Kiara Raffin SUI VT: Yurchenko layout, not bad! Hopped on the landing. 11.800

10:50 am. Touch for the final rotation!

10:45 am. Eleni Banti GRE FX: Double tuck, small step. Front layout. Switch half. Step out of the 1.5 at the end. Not bad!

Mila Prpic CRO BB: Bhs loso is very nice! Side aerial is clean as well. Switch to sissone, a bit short there with a bobble. Good side somi. Clean switch side. Small hop on the front layout full. That was nice! 12.033

10:42 am. Okay, now I’m back I think. Sorry, this rotation came at a very bad time in my life. Aka during a busy work time.

Lea Kapular CRO BB: Off on her flight series and again on a side somi, she wrapped her arms fully around her legs to try and save that!

Melina Gousiou GRE FX: Had a clean layout full and front layout half.

10:37 am. Zeynep Kurtulus TUR UB: Hit routine, step back on the double tuck but otherwise not bad!

Keisha Lockert NOR VT: I think a Yurchenko layout, landing looked fine!

Athanasia Mesiri GRE FX: Solid double tuck. The rest was very nice and she performed it well!

10:36 am. Mirna Hontic CRO BB: Off on her bhs back tuck and again on something near the end. Front layout dismount.

Foteini Liapi GRE FX: Her music sounds like it’s from a Zales commercial. Had a nice stuck layout full!

10:34 am. Touch for the second half and I think I’m finally okay to commit to actually watching and paying closer attention now!!

10:29 am. Ruby Evans GBR VT: Gets the first twist around in her Yurchenko double full but maybe does it a little too slowly and has to fight to pull the second twist around but unfortunately it’s not enough and she crashes it. Oof, and they only gave her credit for the 1.5. 11.933

Angela Pennisi SUI FX: Double tuck with a little hop. Split ring leap to switch half. Hit the last pass. Good work!

10:28 am. Maria Rowinska POL UB: Straddle back to toe-on to clear hip to toe shoot, nice handstand before the blind full (leg separation and a bit short), blind change to front layout half dismount. 10.100

10:25 am. Magdalena Grygiel POL UB: Maloney to bail (about 45 degrees short) to toe shoot, short handstand before the toe half to straddle Jaeger, front tuck dismount. 10.433

Abigail Martin GBR VT: Powerful Yurchenko full with a hop back. 12.700

Lucia Dobrocka SVK BB: Switch to split jump to straddle jump, super short there. Punch front with a wobble. Hit a front acro element (aerial? Onodi) to Korbut. A little check on the full turn. Front layout full dismount with a hop. Good! 12.100

Samira Raffin SUI FX: Ugh, I’m missing this! Didn’t realize she started. Had a good double full with a slight hop back. 12.766!!

10:23 am. Kiara Raffin SUI FX: Stuck the double tuck! Small hop on the double full. Front full. Nice! 12.500

Sofia Banovicova SVK BB: Hit her mount and then a switch to split jump to straddle jump, a bit short on the latter. Back handspring, doesn’t connect out of it. Front aerial with a tiny check. Came off on something after that. Off again on the full L turn. Front layout full dismount. 9.466

I’m missing every GB vault. Evie Flage-Donovan just got a 13.066 for her first vault! Big hop back on the Yurchenko layout after.

10:21 am. Ema Bazikova SVK BB: Low on the punch front but gets it! Back tuck flight series. Good jump series, including a tuck half. Hit the dismount. 10.900

Lou-Anne Citherlet SUI FX: Had a good landing on her first and second passes. 12.166

Tiegan Trafford GBR VT: I missed this but she hit! 12.633

10:17 am. Moving to the third rotation! I’m still in a meeting and only low-key paying attention but will do what I can.

10:16 am. Athanasia Mesiri GRE BB: I sadly missed her routine but looked like she had a nice hit! 11.766

Kristine Hammerø NOR FX: Pretty good score for her as well for this group of juniors. 12.166!

Didn’t see any of Croatia on bars but most scores are sub 10, aside from an 11.166 from Mila Prpic.

10:12 am. I didn’t see any of Turkey on vault. Looks like their strongest gymnast, Atiye Berra Karademir, had a fall on her first vault unfortunately.

10:08 am. Tomine Gadderud NOR FX: Had a nice stuck double tuck! 11.466 for her

10:04 am. Okay, I’m kind of fully out of pocket for a little while now due to a meeting but I’ll try to get what I can.

10:02 am. Touch for the second half!

9:59 am. Abigail Martin GBR FX: Good landing on the tucked full-in, just some leg form. Arabian double front, oh no, skids on the landing and sits it. Front layout through to double tuck with a hop. Tour jeté half. Good double pike at the end.

Angela Pennisi SUI BB: Hit everything I saw but it wasn’t much that I saw so idk. Layout dismount.

9:57 am. Samira Raffin SUI BB: Had a check on something before her bhs loso, which had a bigger wobble. Hit the dismount.

Ema Bazikova SVK UB: I missed most of this but saw the toe front dismount.

Ruby Evans GBR FX: Sorry I’m in a meeting now and can’t pay super close attention so I haven’t seen almost any of what she actually did aside from the double tuck at the end, which had a little bobble on the landing. 12.766!

9:55 am. Magdalena Grygiel POL VT: Looked like a handspring front tuck with a hop forward.

9:53 am. Maria Drobniak POL VT: Missed the entry again but did a back pike off the table. 11.900

Lucia Dobrocka SVK UB: Clear hip to full pirouette, Maloney to bail (leg separation) to stalder to toe shoot, got a NICE lift on that but not enough distance and she comes off sadly. Back on for a blind change to straddle Jaeger, good reach to catch that, and gets the double pike with a hop.

Kiara Raffin SUI BB: Side aerial is very nice. Sissone to wolf jump. Side somi. Handstand into the bhs loso, little bobble. Bobbled on some side choreo and on a cross jump. I missed everything after that until the dismount, a front layout full.

Evie Flage-Donovan GBR FX: A bit of a stumble on the double pike. Hit the second pass. Also hit the last pass.

9:51 am. Tiegan Trafford GBR FX: Double tuck with a big bounce back. Great landing on the second pass. Big tour jeté half and Popa. 2.5 with a step forward.

Lou-Anne Citherlet SUI BB: Hit everything I saw, started typing at the full turn, little stumble on the front aerial, hit the dismount.

Sofia Banovicova SVK UB: Toe full to toe-on to stalder to clear hip to toe shoot, she really just went through the entire code. Toe shoot, came off on the high bar.

Wiktoria Grzesikiewicz POL VT: Did something to a back pike, not sure what the entry was. Hit! 11.666

9:49 am. Warmup for the second rotation!

9:46 am. Atiye Berra Karademir TUR FX: 2.5 to front tuck with a couple of steps forward. Double tuck a tad short with a hop back. Front layout full was good. Double full with some crossed ankles and a hop.

9:44 am. Athanasia Mesiri GRE UB: Loved her at EYOF. She has lots of potential! Clear hip to big Tkachev, very nice. Short handstand before a solid Pak, has to do an extra kip before her toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, a little late, blind full, and dismounts with a big clean layout. 10.700

Kristina Hammerø NOR BB: Hit the bhs loso, switch leap, little pause there. A little crooked on the side aerial but makes a good connection. I think a front aerial before a split jump to sissone, back layout full dismount. 10.666

9:42 am. Zeynep Kurtulus TUR FX: Memmel to full spin. Hit the first two passes. 1.5 with a step at the end.

Keisha Lockert NOR BB: Nailed the bhs bhs loso. Switch to switch side. Layout full dismount. Another good routine! 11.533

Mila Prpic CRO VT: Yurchenko full, landed with her foot OOB. 12.500

Eleni Banti GRE UB: Toe-on toe shoot practically caught at her chin and she needs to re-cast to get back into her swing. Had a blind change to front giant half and a double pike dismount, sat it. 8.666

9:41 am. Mirna Hontic CRO VT: Yurchenko layout with a hop back. 12.033

9:40 am. Hannah Ifeanyi NOR BB: Front aerial, bhs loso with a stumble but she fights it. Layout full dismount. 11.066

Mia Bezer CRO VT: I missed this. 11.666

Foteini Liapi GRE UB: I missed this as well. 10.366

9:37 am. Tomine Gadderud NOR BB: Good flight series, big check on the front aerial. Clean stuck double full! That was very nice! 11.200

Beren Bay TUR FX: Hit a double back to start. Looked like she sat her second pass. Double full at the end was slightly short. 10.000

Melina Gousiou GRE UB: Simple but solid set, hit the layout dismount at the end. 9.600

Lea Kapular CRO VT: Didn’t see what she did but landed it. 11.766

9:34 am. Touch for the second half! Croatia on vault, Greece on bars, Norway on beam, Turkey on floor.

9:32 am. Maria Rowinska POL FX: Double tuck to start, then a huge leap out of her front layout. Last pass was hit, I think a 1.5.

9:29 am. Evie Flage-Donovan GBR BB: Hit a switch to switch half well. Goes a bit too big on the bhs loso and falls there. Also goes a bit wild on the double spin and falls there. Front aerial, slow connection to the jumps, won’t get CV. Step forward on the 1.5 dismount. 10.666

Magdalena Grygiel POL FX: Double tuck with a big bounce OOB. A bit messy on a 1.5 I think it was. 9.800

9:28 am. Vivienne Altherr SUI UB: Wasn’t typing during this routine but she hit everything I saw, a little close on the toe shoot, good double tuck dismount. 11.500

9:25 am. Maria Drobniak POL FX: Had kind of rough landings on both of her first passes. Hit the third. 10.866

Samira Raffin SUI UB: Blind change do huge straddle Jaeger, Pak, then came off on the low bar. Hit the Ray to high and the toe front half dismount. 11.266

Abigail Martin GBR BB: Had some front acro then a back tuck. Super solid bhs loso loso! Switch to wolf jump. Strong cross jump. Side aerial is good. She’s doing super well right now. Nailed the dismount. Great routine! 12.533

Lucia Dobrocka SVK VT: Didn’t see her first vault but she did the Yurchenko full for her second and it looked mostly good, 12.766 for that one.

9:23 am. All of the feeds changed to floor just now hahaha.

Kiara Raffin SUI UB: Missed most of this when the feeds freaked out but saw she had a nice straddle Jaeger! 11.566

Ruby Evans GBR BB: Missed all of this except the dismount. 11.366

9:20 am. Tiegan Trafford GBR BB: Strong aerial and bhs loso. Cross straddle jump and side aerial both good. Switch to split leap. Nailed the 2.5 dismount. Amazing start! 12.233

Wiktoria Grzesikiewicz POL FX: Solid double tuck to start. Front layout. Good double full. 11.433

Lou-Anne Citherlet SUI UB: Had good work on the low bar before her toe shoot, and hit the dismount. 11.466

9:16 am. Athletes marching out for the second subdivision! Sound isn’t working which will make start times fun when I can’t hear when warmups start and end!

8:24 am. I think the second subdivision is at 3:20 pm in Munich, so 9:20 am ET…see you in an hour!

8:20 am. All-Around Standings – Subdivision 1

1. Helen Kevric GER 52.932
2. Amalia Ghigoarta ROU 51.432
3. Sabrina Voinea ROU 50.065
4. Ambre Frotté FRA 49.065
– Amalia Puflea ROU 48.932
5. Marlene Gotthardt GER 47.831
6. Lilou Viallat FRA 47.498
7. Laia Font ESP 47.065
8. Mar Guardiet ESP 46.066

8:18 am. Romania has a 0.166 lead ahead of Germany at the end of the first subdivision!

1. Romania 150.495
2. Germany 150.329
3. France 146.995
4. Spain 140.663
5. Ireland 131.163
6. Israel 131.028
7. Denmark 129.828
8. Bulgaria 129.096

8:16 am. Liran Barak ISR FX: A little deep on a double pike but not severe. Front layout full also a little low.

Laia Font ESP BB: Only saw the dismount here, which was hit!

8:13 am. Mar Guardiet ESP BB: Slight check on the back handspring mount. I didn’t see her come off but didn’t see the majority of this routine I don’t think. 10.666

Nitzan Steinberg ISR FX: Sat one of her passes early on. 10.566

Amalia Ghigoarta ROU VT: Pretty clean Yurchenko full with a little bounce. 13.166

Diana Georgieva BUL UB: Didn’t see most of this, just the layout dismount, which was a little deep with a hop.

8:10 am. Natalia Subiros ESP BB: Good bhs loso and switch to split jump to back tuck, tiny check there. Bounce on her layout full dismount. 10.666

Almog Leizerovich ISR FX: Hit her first pass and a good double tuck after. Front through to double full I think, very nice. 11.266

Sabrina Voinea ROU VT: did the Yurchenko full for her first vault, they don’t want to risk anything. Not bad, some clean-up areas. 12.866

Yurchenko double was a mess but she got the landing! Not super controlled but not bad either.

Nikol Sokolova BUL UB: Had to pause on the low bar for a moment before coming off. 5.200

8:09 am. Amalia Puflea ROU VT: Yurchenko full, slightly loose form but nothing severe! Good landing. 13.000

Nikol Stoimenova BUL UB: Caught the Jaeger, clean Pak, toe shoot, layout dismount, clean work. 11.833

8:07 am. Ares Lopez ESP BB: Hit her jump series. Side aerial with a tiny bobble. Layout full dismount. Think she hit everything! 11.566

Elena Nikolova BUL UB: I didn’t really see any of this unfortunately! 10.433

Yali Shoshani ISR FX: Mamma Mia I love your music. Double pike is good, little steps back. Love her choreo and performance so much. Great job. 11.966

Crina Tudor ROU VT: Yurchenko full, pretty weak and short with a big step forward. 12.500

8:05 am. Touch for the second half of the final rotation!

8:02 am. Caoimhe Ni Driscoeil IRL BB: Had a bobble on her flight series and little stumble on her full turn. 11.233

Lilou Viallat FRA FX: Double tuck with a little bounce back. hit the second pass. Some lovely work on her leaps. Clean double full with a hop back.

7:58 am. Lily Russell IRL BB: Side aerial, off on her tour jeté half sadly! Good bhs loso. Cat leap to switch leap to switch half. Tried to go for the Sugihara turn but made it one rotation around in the split and then kind of stumbled a second half of a rotation around. Hit the dismount. Super impressed with her dance here as well as on floor. 10.666

Ming van Eijken FRA FX: Front layout to double front, awesome!!! Good double pike. Hit the third pass and a double tuck. 12.333

Sara Jacobsen DEN UB: Bail finished at horizontal. Had a clean double tuck with a hop back. 9.166

Helen Kevric GER VT: Yurchenko double, didn’t look super clean on the landing, but hard to see in the air from this angle. 13.733

7:56 am. Ambre Frotté FRA FX: Double tuck was good. Front through to layout full. Good double full at the end. 12.100

Maeve McGuinness IRL BB: Off on her flight series. Hit the jump series almost to back tuck, little bobble there. 10.266

Frida Rasmussen DEN UB: Only saw the dismount, a double tuck with a small step. 9.300

Marlene Gotthardt GER VT: Handspring front pike half I think, looked like a bounce on the landing. 12.766

7:55 am. Meolie Jauch GER VT: Think she did a Yurchenko full maybe? I don’t know tbh. Landed with a step OOB. 12.466

Natalie Jensen DEN UB: Clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, blind full, and hit the dismount. 10.166

7:53 am. Sophie McGuinness IRL BB: Good flight series! Came off on something near the end. Cartwheel to tuck full dismount. 10.333

Léna Khenoun FRA FX: Step back on the double pike. Front stepout through to layout full. Switch ring to switch half. Deep landing on the double full. Good work! 12.633

Hannah Lassen DEN UB: Clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, nice. Messy legs in the blind full. Hit the dismount. 9.866

Chiara Moiszi GER VT: Handspring front…tuck or pike, I couldn’t tell, small hop forward. 12.633

7:50 am. Touch warmup for the fourth and final rotation!

7:47 am. Amalia Ghigoarta ROU FX: Double wolf turn. Double tuck is good. Front tuck through to double full with some leg form and a hop back. Great 2.5 landing. Tour jeté full and Popa near the end. 12.733

Liran Barak ISR BB: Back handspring mount, nice. A little short in her leap series and a slight wobble on her standing back tuck. Came off on something after that. Deep landing on the punch front, slight wobble as well. Bhs loso with bent legs and she comes off there. Hit the dismount.

7:46 am. Laia Font ESP UB: Wasn’t typing during this but it was a hit routine, solid double tuck dismount. 12.000

7:44 am. Mar Guardiet ESP UB: Good Pak. Clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, nice position on that, I feel like all toe shoots this week have been dreadful. Double tuck with a great landing. 11.200

Amalia Puflea ROU FX: Big double layout! Double pike was a little weaker but not bad. Strong front tuck through to double tuck. Hit the last pass! 13.233

Elena Nikolova BUL VT: Tsuk back pike I think, landed well. 11.700

Yali Shoshani ISR BB: Stumble on her flight series. Front aerial. Big break on her side aerial. A little underrotated on the double full. 10.833

7:40 am. Viktoria Ventsislavova BUL VT: Didn’t see what she did but had kind of a hard fall. 9.833

Sainza Garcia ESP UB: Short handstand before the toe-on to Maloney (leg form) to Pak (leg form again). Slipped off on her straddle Jaeger. Hit the double layout dismount, just minor form things. 11.033

Sabrina Voinea ROU FX: Tour jeté half into the corner before her full-in. Good triple full! Great landing on the third pass. Stuck the double tuck at the end. 13.066!

Almog Leizerovich ISR BB: Hit a punch front mount that looked really nice! Big stumble on a full turn. Great side somi. Good double full dismount. Really promising routine. 9.433

7:38 am. Nitzan Steinberg ISR BB: Little check on her flight series. Fell on something near the end. 10.166

Miruna Botez ROU FX: Had a 1.5 through to 2.5 I think at the start. Big double tuck. Nice switch ring. Ugh, front stepout through to…double full I think? at the end but she crashed it. 11.966

Natalia Subiros ESP UB: Straddle Jaeger, bail to clear hip to toe shoot, pretty close there, step on the double layout. Great work! 11.300

Nikol Sokolova BUL VT: Tsuk back pike with a step back. 11.666

7:35 am. Touch for the second half!

7:33 am. Lilou Viallat FRA BB: Steady on the bhs loso. Looked like she got the Onodi at first but then ended up stumbling out of it. And then off on her wolf turn. Front aerial. Double full with a step to the side. 11.066

Helen Kevric GER FX: Tucked full-in, hop back. Great triple full, small hop back. Front tuck through to stuck double full. Huge switch half before the final pose. Amazing! 13.466!

7:30 am. Marlene Gotthardt GER FX: Hit the first pass, then a 1.5 to front full with a hop forward. Little bit of a stumble on the double full. 12.133

Ambre Frotté FRA BB: Hit the wolf turn, cat leap to sissone, everything else I saw was good, hit the dismount. 12.166

Hannah Lassen DEN VT: Tsuk pike with a lunge back. 11.666

7:29 am. Caoimhe Ni Drisceoil IRL UB: Clear hip, toe on to bail (short), toe shoot, short handstand before her giants, blind full, more giants into a layout dismount with a small hop.

Natalie Jensen DEN VT: Didn’t see what she did but she landed it. Ooh, then stuck the Yurchenko full for her second vault! Think she did a Yurchenko tuck or something for the first. Wish she had swapped them around, but she fell on the full when she did it first at EYOF so I guess playing it safe for the team. But her full scored 12.700 here and they have to count her 11.4 for the first vault instead which is a bummer!

7:27 am. Meolie Jauch GER FX: Hopped back on her double back at the beginning. Good double full, just a little short maybe. I feel like her music is a compilation of music from Office Space and I love that for her. 12.633

Sophie McGuinness IRL UB: Short handstand before the clear hip to toe-on to blind change to front giant half, blind full was very steady, layout dismount with a hop back. 10.166

Léna Khenoun FRA BB: I didn’t see most of this but what I saw was hit! 11.366

7:26 am. Maeve McGuinness IRL UB: Hit routine! Like Russel, there wasn’t a ton of difficulty, but it looked tidy. 10.466

Sara Jacobsen DEN VT: Nooooo, she sat her Yurchenko 1.5!!! I really wanted her to win another vault medal. 12.033

7:24 am. Chiara Moiszi GER FX: Double pike with a big bounce OOB. Double full was strong. Some leg form on the front layout full. 11.533

Lana Pondart FRA BB: Bhs loso was nice. Clean double full at the end. Think she hit everything! 12.166

Lily Russell IRL UB: Wasn’t typing during this but it was a good routine complete with a stuck layout dismount! 9.900

Frida Rasmussen DEN VT: Didn’t see what she did but had a bit of a stumble back out of it. 11.733

7:23 am. Helen Kevric leads the all-around going into the third rotation with a 25.733, ahead of Amalia Ghigoarta with a 25.533 and Ambre Frotté with a 24.799.

7:22 am. Touch for rotation three!

7:19 am. Sabrina Voinea ROU BB: I missed the beginning, I also missed the beginning of her routine at EYOF! So no idea how the layout full went. It will be a surprise to us all. Saw from the split jump half, side aerial, full turn, switch half, all good. Double tuck with a small hop back. 12.700

Nikol Stoimenova BUL FX: Hit routine! Had a solid double tuck and double full that I saw.

7:15 am. Elena Nikolova BUL FX: Hands down on the double tuck. Hit the next pass and a double full at the end. 10.533

Amalia Ghigoarta ROU BB: Punch front mount, switch half, side aerial, nice landing there. Super solid flight series. Punch front tuck was strong. Good jump series. Double full dismount. Great work! 13.233

Yali Shoshani ISR UB: Had a pirouette on the low bar that was almost perfectly vertical! Hit everything else, just a layout dismount but that looked pretty tidy. 11.233

7:14 am. Almog Leizerovich ISR UB: Wasn’t typing during this but it was a hit routine, good landing on the double tuck dismount. 10.133

Laia Font ESP VT: FTY, some form and a step back but not bad! 12.766

7:12 am. Mar Guardiet ESP VT: Yurchenko layout with a good landing. 12.300

Nitzan Steinberg ISR UB: Clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, layout dismount. 9.600

Amalia Puflea ROU BB: Front tuck mount with a wobble. Gets the front handspring front tuck series, but then wobbles just walking after. Loved the switch leap to straddle jump to back handspring series. Iffy on the 1.5 wolf turn. Side aerial. Little wobble on something before her choreo at the end. Good double tuck! Small step back. 12.833

Sainza Garcia ESP VT: Yurchenko full, step OOB.

Viktoria Ventsislavova BUL FX: Double tuck with a couple of big steps back. Double full was good.

7:09 am. Miruna Botez ROU BB: Switch to switch side, and a nice leap series to Korbut. Also had a nice chest roll. Good on her flight series. Little check I think on an aerial. Double full with a big lunge back.

Nikol Sokolova BUL FX: Double tuck with a step back OOB. Memmel turn. 1.5 to front tuck was clean. Really nice form on some of her leaps! Layout full stuck at the end. 11.466

Liran Barak ISR UB: Came off on the low bar early on. Off again right after.  Back on for a toe shoot and clear hip half to front giant to layout barani dismount. 7.000

Natalia Subiros ESP VT: Yurchenko layout, good landing. 11.666

7:04 am. Marlene Gotthardt GER BB: Switch leap mount. Off on the bhs loso. Had a big wobble on something after that. Hit her leap series. Little check on the standing back tuck. Hit the dismount. 11.466

Frida Rasmussen DEN FX: Double tuck with a good landing. Popa. Little hop on the front layout. Hit routine! 11.166

7:03 am. Lilou Viallat FRA UB: Toe-on to Maloney to Pak, a bit arched in the Pak but nice overall. Bent her legs on the van Leeuwen and missed the high bar. Blind change to front giant to huuuuuge straddle Jaeger. Blind change was a bit short, blind full a hair short as well, and a little deep on the double tuck dismount. 11.033

7:00 am. Aisling Hurley IRL VT: Yurchenko pike with a lunge back.

Ambre Frotté FRA UB: Stalder to toe on to blind full, caught a Jaeger, hit the dismount. Hit routine! 11.933

Silja Stöhr GER BB: Off on her mount, switch to split jump with a wobble, side somi with a slight check, off again on a wolf turn. Double full with a hop.

Sara Jacobsen DEN FX: Ooh, a full-in! Maybe a little low but really solid difficulty for Denmark! Double tuck is stuck. Front layout full with a step. Great routine! I can’t WAIT until she’s a senior. 12.066

6:58 am. Helen Kevric GER BB: Hit her flight series. Also got the double wolf turn. Side somi, punch front, side aerial, great landing on the 2.5 dismount! 12.833

Lily Russell IRL VT: I think she had a Yurchenko layout, stepped into the salute. 11.533

Natalie Jensen DEN FX: Layout for her first pass. Hit the next pass I saw, and then a front layout full with a step at the end. 11.200

Ming van Eijken FRA UB: Caught the Jaeger, Pak, a bit close on her toe shoot, blind full, and nice swing into the double layout, great landing! Great work.

Sophie McGuinness IRL VT: Yurchenko pike landed with a big step back OOB. 11.600

We have THE absolute worst vault view, no one wants to look at vault front-on! Show it from the side you cowards!

6:54 am. Chiara Moiszi GER BB: Back handspring mount went well. Switch to switch side to cross straddle jump, excellent connections. Side aerial loso with some leg form. Hit everything else I saw. Excellent routine.

Hannah Lassen DEN FX: Stuck the double tuck at the start. The rest was hit. Good routine! 10.366

Maeve McGuinness IRL VT: Tsuk back pike with a big step to the side OOB. 11.633

Lana Pondart FRA UB: Wasn’t typing during this but it was a hit routine! Looked like she stuck the double tuck dismount.

6:51 am. Touch for the first half of rotation two!

6:48 am. Laia Font ESP FX: Hit the first pass, I think a twisting element connected to a front tuck. Double pike and double tuck were both landed, just a bit wild on the latter, and she finished with a solid double full. Good rotation for Spain! 11.833

6:46 am. Mar Guardiet ESP FX: Double pike at the beginning was strong. Hit the second pass as well. Good double full. Solid on the last pass! Spain has looked great so far. 11.900

Crina Tudor ROU UB: I saw from the Pak, arched over on a stalder and came off. Clean double tuck dismount.

Elena Nikolova BUL BB: Off at the beginning and again on her side aerial. Dismounted with a back layout. 9.366

6:42 am. Natalia Subiros ESP FX: Double pike, good. Step back. Solid front tuck through to double full. Big switch side. 11.666

Amalia Ghigoarta ROU UB: Toe full is a bit late, Maloney to stalder, Ricna, Pak was clean, Van Leeuwen with slight form issues, stalder half to front giant, muscles through the half turn, double pike with a big step back. She also doesn’t look as good as she can. 12.300

Diana Georgieva BUL BB: Front tuck mount, excellent! Good side aerial too. Cross tuck jump half. Hip angle is off on her bhs loso and she falls unfortunately. Came off on something else as well. Clean layout full dismount. All three Bulgarian juniors so far have shown really nice fundamentals in their beam work!

6:41 am. Almog Leizerovich ISR VT: I think she had a Yurchenko pike, landed it with a slight hop. 12.033

Nikol Sokolova BUL BB: I missed this one, only saw that she hit her dismount. 11.533

6:40 am. Yali Shoshani ISR VT: Solid tsuk back pike. 11.866

Amalia Puflea ROU UB: Weiler half to Maloney, didn’t get the lift she needed, bent her legs to get over the bar, but missed the high bar and fell. Legs came apart in a pirouette, did a good job to control it and hit two releases right after, both Tkachev variations. She looks ROUGH today, though, massive form breaks on everything. Just as I was typing that, she bent her legs in half in a handstand and came off again. Short handstand before her giants into the full-in dismount. 9.866

6:37 am. Sabrina Voinea ROU UB: Maloney to clear hip to Tkachev, Pak with flexed feet, van Leeuwen with some leg separation, blind changed to front giant (arched) half, stalder full finished at horizontal, full-in with a little step. That’s another hit bars for Sabrina! 11.433

Liran Barak ISR VT: Think she had a tsuk back pike, landed it! 11.766

Nikol Stoimenova BUL BB: I saw a standing back pike and side aerial that looked strong. Clean layout full dismount.

Sainza Garcia ESP FX: Caught it from the 1.5 to front layout, big step forward. Layout full at the end with a good landing.

Nitzan Steinberg ISR VT: I didn’t see what she did but she got the landing! 11.933

6:36 am. Live scores are REALLY slow – we won’t see any at all for 10 or so minutes and then suddenly a million all pop up at once. I’ll add them at breaks so I can focus on routines!

6:35 am. Touch for the second half now!

6:32 am. Aisling Hurley IRL FX: Stood up out of the wolf turn at the beginning. Double tuck and 1.5 hit, big step OOB on the latter though. Got through the last pass though had some leg form throughout.

Frida Rasmussen DEN BB: Yes, this is Camille’s little sister! Hit her jump series. Bent legs on the bhs loso but landed it solidly. Cross straight jump full with a wobble and she’s off, sadly! Wobbled on the side aerial. Good standing back tuck. Front layout dismount. 9.800

6:29 am. Sophie McGuinness IRL FX: Opened with a 2.5, really strong! Big step forward. Hit everything else I saw. 10.666

Ming van Eijken FRA VT: Handspring front pike with a hop forward. 12.950

Silja Stöhr GER UB: Toe-on to Maloney to Pak, very nice. Unfortunately had a fall on her straddle Jaeger. Back on for a blind full and double tuck, small hop back.

Natalie Jensen DEN BB: Hit everything I saw early on in the routine but then came off a little low and long on her dismount and sat it. 10.066

6:28 am. Meolie Jauch GER UB: Van Leeuwen and straddle Jaeger were hit. Also had a Gieger. Looked like she got lost in a handstand and had to get back directionally. Blind full and hit the dismount as well. 11.800

Lilou Viallat FRA VT: Yurchenko full, really wild landing, kind of flew back out of it. 12.866

6:25 am. Helen Kevric GER UB: Hit a pirouette at the beginning, van Leeuwen, slight ankle separation, arched over a handstand on the high bar before her inbar to inbar half to huge piked Jaeger. Pak, toe on to close toe shoot, and a little deep on the full-out, with a step. 12.900

Ambre Frotté FRA VT: Yurchenko full, big hop back. 12.866

Sara Jacobsen DEN BB: Hit the flight series with a little step. Double wolf turn. Hit the dismount. 10.766

Maeve McGuinness IRL FX: I only saw the 1.5 to front layout, went a little low and long but got it. 11.000

6:22 am. Hannah Lassen DEN BB: Slight check on her full turn. Off on the flight series. Switch leap, also hit the dismount. 9.433

Lily Russell IRL FX: Memmel to double spin was nice. Double pike. Ooh, she did a tour jeté full that she spun out of that was GORGEOUS. 1.5 to front tuck. 11.200

Marlene Gotthardt GER UB: Blind full, layout Gienger, Pak, double tuck with a slight hop. 11.466

Léna Khenoun FRA VT: Yurchenko layout with a slight hop. 12.300

6:20 am. Touch warmups are underway!

6:16 am. Athletes are marching out now!

We have France, Israel, Germany, Romania, Denmark, Bulgaria, Ireland, and Spain in this subdivision.


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