2022 South American Games | Women’s All-Around Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s all-around and team competition at the 2022 South American Games, held in Asunción, Paraguay!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

6:55 pm. All-Around Final Standings

1. Julia Soares BRA 52.666
2. Carolyne Pedro BRA 51.833
3. Brisa Carraro ARG 50.367
4. Luisa Maia BRA 50.200
5. Karla Navas PAN 48.901
6. Rocio Saucedo ARG 48.900
7. Sira Macias ARG 48.900
8. Christal Bezerra BRA 48.800
9. Ginna Escobar COL 48.733
10. Juliana Ochoa COL 48.333
11. Makarena Pinto CHI 48.300
12. Ana Karina Mendez PER 48.233

6:49 pm. Still a few routines left to go but the all-around podium should be Julia Soares, Carolyne Pedro, and Brisa Carraro! 11.333 (4.2, 7.133)

6:47 pm. Tamara Ampuero CHI FX: Low on the double pike but hit a 1.5 and front layout with no major problems.

6:44 pm. Barbara Achondo CHI FX: YAY, we get to see her routine! Double pike to start was good, lunge back. Hop L turn to switch half. Front full to stag went a little wild but she brings back the control pretty quickly. Popa, double L turn, 2.5 with a little step for her last pass. God I love this routine so much. She’s phenomenal. 12.533 (4.6, 7.933) – this will make the final!

6:40 pm. Beatriz Lima BRA VT: Really nice FTY! Best of the bunch. Had the most power and looked the cleanest. Hop back. I think they went too high on Bezerra’s vault, because this getting a 13.200 (4.2, 9.000) in comparison is wild.

Sticks a tsuk pike for her second vault! Oh, she looked great.

6:39 pm. Christal Bezerra BRA VT: Yurchenko full, a bit piked down, but not bad on the landing, small hop to the side. 13.100 (4.2, 8.900)

Does a second vault – handspring front tuck, clean but a bit too far back on her heels on the landings, steps back to control it.

6:37 pm. Luisa Maia BRA VT: Yurchenko full, whips it around, some flare on the landing and a step back. No way she’ll have a DTY for worlds based on this, tbh. 12.733 (4.2, 8.533)

6:36 pm. Julia Soares BRA VT: Yurchenko full with a big bounce back, legs a bit wild, steps out of the landing as well. 12.733 (4.2, 8.533)

Carolyne Pedro BRA VT: Didn’t see this, looks like an FTY most likely, 13.000 (4.2, 8.800)

6:35 pm. Looks like they may want to show us Brazil on vault.

6:33 pm. Sofia Casella CHI FX: Double full with a pretty good landing. Split jump full, that’s the end so we must have jumped in late.

6:32 pm. Luisa Maia only did a full in the touch just now, FYI.

6:31 pm. Trying to see if Luisa Maia does the DTY in Brazil’s vault touch!

6:27 pm. After three rotations in this subdivision it’s…

1. Julia Soares BRA 39.933
2. Carolyne Pedro BRA 38.833
3. Luisa Maia BRA 37.467
4. Ginna Escobar COL 36.766
5. Alais Perea ECU 36.133
6. Juliana Ochoa COL 36.066
7. Makarena Pinto CHI 36.000
8. Christal Bezerra BRA 35.700

6:26 pm. Moving into the touch for the final rotation shortly!

6:22 pm. Luisa Maia BRA FX: Arabian double front, excellent landing. Full-in, chest forward, small step back. Misses the complete rotation in the Memmel turn, switch to tour jeté half, double full with a lunge back, double tuck, clean with a step back. 12.467 (4.9, 7.567)

6:18 pm. Maria Jose Villegas COL UB: Blind full, blind change with legs apart, to straddle Jaeger, fall. Bail with leg separation, to toe shoot, and a layout full dismount, small hop back. 10.200 (3.9, 6.300)

Julia Soares BRA FX: 13.233 (5.3, 7.933)

Carolyne Pedro BRA FX: 13.000 (5.1, 7.900)

Alais Perea ECU VT: 12.733 (4.2, 8.533)

6:14 pm. Ginna Escobar COL UB: Clear hip to blind change to front giant half, blind full, a little rushed, to Gienger, some leg separation, big Hindorff, caught a little close though, bail to Ray, and a solid full-in, chest down but good landing otherwise! 13.000 (4.9, 8.100)

6:11 pm. Daira Lamadrid COL UB: Still mad they didn’t have her doing AA at Pan Ams, I really wanted her to get to worlds. A little short on the handstand before the Maloney to Pak, pretty clean, toe half to Ray, a little close on the catch but she muscles out of it with no problem, blind change to straddle Jaeger, big Ray, but then cant make it to handstand after catching, has to pause and regroup before the blind full, and then she hits her feet on the low bar on one of her giants before the dismount. Ugh, she was doing so well until the post-Ray swing. Think she was going for a…layout half dismount? Ends up coming off low and sits it. 8.833 (4.7, 4.133)

Looks like she’s had a rough day in general, just a 10.7 on vault, looks like a fall there, and a 10.567 on floor. She has tons of talent so it’s a bummer!

6:09 pm. Yiseth Valenzuela COL UB: Nice Tkachev, Pak with her legs apart, Maloney to clear hip, blind change to front half, blind full, some leg form, and a hit double tuck dismount. 11.600 (4.3, 7.300)

Christal Bezerra BRA FX: 11.533 (4.9, 6.933, -0.3 ND)

Sol Acosta PAR VT: 12.700 (4.2, 8.500)

6:08 pm. Juliana Ochoa COL UB: Had some weak moments with some of her leg form, including the blind full and bail, but caught a nice straddle Jaeger and had a good landing on the layout dismount. 11.933 (4.1, 7.833)

6:00 pm. Luisa Maia BRA BB: Switch leap mount, nice. Split leap to sissone is solid. Big wobble on the bhs loso but shows some great fight to hold on. Full turn. Side aerial lands a bit crooked, hip angle just looked off and she ended up sideways. Switch leap. Front aerial is good, maybe a little low and long, walks out of it. Double pike dismount with a good landing, step back. 12.967 (4.8, 8.167)

5:58 pm. Thais Fidelis BRA BB: Jumped in on her routine right as she had a slight wobble on something, looked like an acro element. Wolf jump to sissone, 1.5 dismount with a step forward. 12.833 (4.9, 7.933)

5:56 pm. Franchesca Santi CHI UB: Caught the straddle Jaeger and Pak, clear hip to toe shoot, a little close there, and a layout dismount, stuck. 10.667 (4.1, 6.567)

5:55 pm. Christal Bezerra BRA UB: Only saw the double pike dismount. 12.500 (5.3, 7.300, -0.1 ND)

Barbara Achondo CHI UB: 11.933 (4.2, 7.733)

5:54 pm. Carolyne Pedro BRA BB: 12.700 (4.7, 8.000)

Makarena Pinto CHI UB: 11.800 (4.2, 7.600)

Yiseth Valenzuela COL VT: 12.667 (4.2, 8.467)

Ginna Escobar COL VT: 12.633 (4.2, 8.433)

5:51 pm. Paola Colman PAR FX: She has Austin Powers music, love that for her. Back layout half for her first pass, some bend in her knees. Switch to switch half, lost the rotation a little at the end. Front layout is a little arched. Split ring leap, back knee was a little low. Front tuck through to back pike, a little short at the end. Good hit, and the crowd loves her! 8.167 (2.3, 5.867)

Juliana Ochoa COL VT: 12.633 (4.2, 8.433)

Maria Jose Villegas COL VT: 11.767 (3.6, 8.167)

Sofia Casella CHI UB: 11.767 (4.0, 7.767)

5:50 pm. Julia Soares BRA BB: 14.033 (5.5, 8.533)!!!

5:47 pm. Sol Castellano PAR FX: Front layout with some steps for her first pass. Switch to switch half. Back layout for her second pass, a little piked down. Full turn and a switch ring. Maybe the middle pass was meant to be a pike because she does a back layout for her last pass and it’s more stretched. Nice hit! 8.667 (2.1, 6.567)

5:45 pm. Sol Acosta PAR FX: Double pike, hop forward. Clean double spin. Double tuck is a little short with a hop forward. Front tuck through to layout full. Good work! 11.433 (4.3, 7.133)

5:43 pm. Touch for the second rotation is underway.

5:39 pm. High scores this rotation…

1. Franchesca Santi CHI 13.767
2. Carolyne Pedro BRA 13.133
3. Makarena Pinto CHI 12.00
4. Julia Soares BRA 12.667
5. Thais Fidelis BRA 12.667

5:34 pm. Franchesca Santi CHI VT: Yurchenko double, good score! 13.767 (5.0, 8.767)

5:33 pm. Luisa Maia BRA UB: Blind change to big straddle Jaeger, Pak was nice, stalder to toe shoot, toe-on to a really nice blind full, blind change to front giant to front layout with a small hop. 12.033 (4.2, 7.833)

5:32 pm. Thais Fidelis BRA UB: 12.667 (4.7, 7.967)

5:31 pm. Christal Bezerra BRA UB: 11.667 (5.0, 6.667)

5:28 pm. Ashley Bohorquez ECU BB: Good bhs loso! Switch leap, switch half is a little short with a wobble, side aerial is a little iffy in the form and over-rotates, fall. Cross split jump. Nice tour jeté half! Off again on the standing back tuck. Jump series was a little low. Hit the dismount. 9.567 (4.5, 5.167, -0.1 ND)

5:27 pm. Julia Soares BRA UB: 12.667 (4.8, 7.867)

5:25 pm. Alais Perea ECU BB: Hit her jump series, side aerial, big switch half, off on the bhs loso, shaky on the full turn, 1.5 dismount landed off the mat. 11.200 (4.5, 6.700)

5:23 pm. Carolyne Pedro BRA UB: 13.133 (5.2, 7.933)

Sofia Casella CHI VT: 12.400 (4.2, 8.200)

5:20 pm. Sol Acosta PAR BB: Sol is known mostly for participating in the Serie A competitions in Italy. She’s been around for years, but only first started representing Paraguay internationally this year. Candle mount half! Nice. Switch to split jump to straddle jump, a little low at times in terms of not being in split. Off on the bhs back pike. Cross split jump half. Side somi is good. Full turn. Standing back tuck, a little wobble. Cross straddle jump. 1.5 dismount, good landing. 10.667 (4.5, 6.167)

5:19 pm. The touch is underway now.

5:17 pm. Subdivision two should be starting shortly!

4:13 pm. The next subdivision is warming up now. I think they’ll get a full competition warm-up on the floor before their subdivision begins…I think it’s supposed to be at 5 pm ET? That could be wrong, though…they’re only doing general stretch right now so there’s gotta be at least another 90 minutes before the comp. Whatever, I’ll be here. 🙂 Will post on Twitter when it starts.

4:11 pm. Subdivision 1 Standings

1. Brisa Carraro ARG 50.367
2. Karla Navas PAN 48.901
3. Rocio Saucedo ARG 48.900
4. Sira Macias ARG 48.900
5. Ana Karina Mendez PER 48.233
6. Hillary Heron PAN 47.300
7. Leila Martinez ARG 46.966
8. Valeria Arraiz VEN 44.799

Team Standings

1. Argentina 199.300
2. Panama 183.634
3. Peru 143.368

Peru only put up three competitors on three of the apparatuses, the format here is five up four count.

4:10 pm. Karla Navas PAN BB: 11.800 (4.4, 7.400) – she’ll move into second all-around by one one-thousandth with a 48.901!

4:07 pm. Waiting for a couple of scores to come in before final standings!

4:06 pm. Hillary Heron PAN BB: 10.733 (4.7, 6.033)

Valentina Brostella PAN BB: 9.800 (4.2, 5.700, -0.1 ND)

4:03 pm. Ariana Aranibar BOL FX: 1.5 to start, step over to steady it. Switch leap to tour jeté half, leg form is a bit weak on both and she has a tiny stumble. Front layout with a step, nice. Back full to finish, solid. 9.333 (3.2, 6.133)

3:59 pm. Diana Vasquez BOL FX: I wasn’t typing during this but she hit everything I saw. Had a strong double full near the end, and then a layout full for her final pass. 10.900 (4.1, 6.800)

3:57 pm. Sira Macias ARG VT: 12.600 (4.2, 8.500, -0.1 ND)

Leila Martinez ARG VT: 12.400 (3.6, 8.800)

Ana Karina Mendez PER UB: 12.767 (4.7, 8.067)

Great day for Mendez aside from vault…she would have been pushing close to a 50 AA without that fall!

3:56 pm. Luciana Unzueta BOL FX: 1.5 to start. Hit the second pass, I think it was a front full. Full Y turn. Split jump full. Back layout full. Not super difficult but a nice hit! 9.767 (3.0, 6.767)

3:54 pm. Brisa Carraro ARG VT: 12.600 (4.2, 8.400) – finishes with a 50.367 AA, with a fall!

3:52 pm. Getsemary Martinez VEN FX: Popa to start, nice. Double tuck with a couple of steps back. Switch to tour jeté half, a little stumble on the landing. Full turn into the corner before some arm choreo. Front layout full, a little buckled with some steps forward. Switch half to straddle jump. Double full, some leg form, but lands it pretty well. 11.300 (4.2, 7.100)

Abigail Magistrati ARG VT: 12.633 (4.2, 8.433)

3:51 pm. Not seeing Argentina on vault but I’ll share scores as they come in!

Rocio Saucedo ARG VT: 12.800 (4.2, 8.600)

3:48 pm. Valeria Arraiz VEN FX: Opened with a double pike, not the cleanest landing but not bad either. Clean double full with a lunge back. Has some nice flexibility and toe point on some choreo moments throughout. Switch to switch full. Hit a front layout pass, ugh, a bit deep on the double tuck and ends up sitting it. Puts on a crown in her choreo at the end, okay queen!! 10.733 (4.2, 6.533)

3:45 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Brisa Carraro ARG 37.767
2. Karla Navas PAN 37.101
3. Hillary Heron PAN 36.567
4. Sira Macias ARG 36.300
5. Rocio Saucedo ARG 36.100
6. Ana Karina Mendez PER 35.466

3:41 pm. Leila Martinez ARG FX: Switch half, clean. Double tuck with a bounce back. Memmel turn. Double full, some leg form. Split jump full. Front tuck through to layout full. Slightly lower level from the others who competed but another lovely routine for Argentina! 11.800 (4.2, 7.600)

3:40 pm. Karla Navas PAN UB: 12.467 (5.0, 7.467) – wish we were seeing more of this team!

3:38 pm. Brisa Carraro ARG FX: Switch ring full, nice! Actually looked more like a tour jeté to ring with a half out of it, I want to see her leg positiosn again. Double tuck with a good landing. 1.5 to front layout with a little stumble forward. She has a lot of nice choreo moments. Switch leap to switch half, and a Memmel turn. Clean layout full to finish. 13.033 (4.6, 8.433)!

3:36 pm. Hillary Heron PAN UB: 11.667 (5.0, 6.667)

Valeria Arraiz VEN BB: 11.433 (4.4, 7.033)

Valentina Brostella PAN UB: 11.500 (4.2, 7.300)

Lucia Carolina Paulino PAN UB: 8.933 (3.5, 5.433)

3:35 pm. Sira Macias ARG FX: We jumped in late to this but her performance was GORGEOUS. 12.300 (4.4, 7.900)

Before her, Rocio Saucedo got a 12.867 (5.1, 7.867, -0.1 ND)

3:32 pm. Ximena Rengifo PER VT: Another tsuk pike, hers is probably the strongest of what we saw on this team. 11.900 (3.4, 8.500)

3:30 pm. Anina Teran PER VT: Tsuk pike, a bit weak and low, deep with a step. 11.467 (3.4, 8.067)

3:29 pm. Ana Karina Mendez PER VT: Oh no, I looked away for a second and when I came back she was doing a tuck and roll out of whatever vault she attempted?? Oh, getting a replay, handspring front tuck, just a bit too forward on the landing and punched out of it. Bummer. 11.233 (3.6, 7.633)

Abigail Magistrati ARG FX: 12.833 (4.8, 8.033) – another great set!

3:28 pm. Fabiana Cuneo PER VT: Tsuk back pike, not the biggest air but not a bad run, nice landing. 11.767 (3.4, 8.367)

3:27 pm. Finishing up the touch for the third rotation!

3:25 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Hillary Heron PAN 24.900
2. Brisa Carraro ARG 24.734
3. Karla Navas PAN 24.634
4. Ana Karina Mendez PER 24.233
5. Sira Macias ARG 24.000

3:20 pm. Sira Macias ARG BB: Off on the bhs loso, some form issues throughout as well. Hit the side somi, and has some cool under the beam choreo, that was very fun. Side aerial, and hit the dismount. 11.600 (4.2, 7.400)

I love that the stream has completely given up on following any other athletes.

Karla Navas PAN VT: 12.867 (4.6, 8.267)

3:16 pm. Leila Martinez ARG BB: Layout stepout mount was beautiful. Side aerial to back handspring, misses it, hands down and then a fall. Switch leap with a stumble. Switch half to split jump. Off again on the side somi. Full turn. Double tuck, cowboys it a bit, hop. 11.033 (5.0, 6.033)

Martinez is the one they put on the worlds roster to replace Magistrati, specifically for beam, but after this I’m wondering if they’ll swap back? This was definitely a nervous routine, and I’m wondering if it’s because she knew a worlds spot was on the line…while Magistrati performed very well in comparison. But Martinez’s score was still kind of excellent for two falls.

3:14 pm. Ana Karina Mendez PER FX: 12.033 (4.4, 7.633)

Diana Vasquez BOL UB: 9.867 (2.1, 7.767)

3:12 pm. Brisa Carraro ARG BB: A little shaky on the layout stepout mount. Side aerial to back handspring is strong. Ugh, off on the side somi. Hit her jump series but we were too zoomed in to see what it was. They love a foot shot at the Panam Sports Channel! Front aerial, nice work down for her lower level choreo, shaky on the double wolf turn, just looks a bit nervous on most of her skills right now. Stuck the layout full dismount. 11.67 (4.8, 6.867)

3:11 pm. Hillary Heron PAN VT: Looks like she did the Yurchenko double. 13.133 (5.0, 8.133)

Getsemary Martinez VEN UB: 9.800 (3.2, 6.600)

Fabiana Cuneo PER FX: 10.400 (3.3, 7.100)

Annia Teran PER FX: 10.767 (3.8, 6.967)

3:08 pm. Rocio Saucedo ARG BB: Back handspring mount. Switch half, a little bobble on the landing. Off on her front aerial, sadly. Switch leap, really nice bhs loso, double full with a little bounce in place. Shame about the fall, this was otherwise very nice. 11.433 (4.9, 6.533)

Valeria Arraiz VEN UB: 10.533 (4.1, 6.433)

Valentina Brostella PAN VT: 12.133 (3.8, 8.333)

Lucia Carolina Paulino PAN VT: 11.500 (3.2, 8.300)

3:05 pm. Abigail Magistrati ARG BB: Didn’t type during this but it was a hit routine, and a great routine! Not sure why she’s not on the worlds roster because I’m pretty sure she should be. She was initially. 12.767 (5.0, 7.767)

3:02 pm. Touch for the second rotation!

3:00 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Brisa Carraro ARG 13.067
2. Diana Vasquez BOL 12.967
3. Meline Mesropian ARG 12.900
4. Sira Macias ARG 12.400
5. Ana Karina Mendez PER 12.200

2:57 pm. Lucia Carolina Paulino PAN FX: Split jump full. Front handspring front full. Not a ton of difficulty so far but she’s performing very well. Front handspring front layout with a hop forward. Hit routine and her team looks very happy!

2:56 pm. Top score on vault so far is a 12.967 from Diana Vasquez (4.2, 8.767)

We didn’t see Hillary Heron’s floor but she has the top score there with a 12.067 (5.0, 7.067) – it’s so sad that she missed worlds.

2:53 pm. Valentina Brostella PAN FX: Double pike, step back, OOB. I missed part of her second pass but she had a step forward. Double tuck, ugh, a bit too short and she crashes onto her hands and knees. 10.400 (4.5, 5.900)

2:52 pm. Ana Karina Mendez PER BB: Didn’t see this but she got a 12.200 (5.0, 7.300, -0.1 ND) – that should be a pretty high score in this field

2:50 pm. Brisa Carraro ARG UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak, very nice. Super clean van Leeuwen! Legs GLUED. Blind change to piked Jaeger, and a nearly-stuck double tuck, just takes a step at the last second. This was fantastic. 13.067 (4.9, 8.167)

2:48 pm. Rocio Saucedo ARG UB: Only saw the blind full to layout dismount. 11.800 (4.3, 7.500)

This is a great quality stream despite a few missed pieces of routines, by the way!

2:45 pm. Karla Navas PAN FX: Love her opening choreo. Double tuck with a hop back. 1.5 to front full, some knee form but nice overall. Tour jeté half. Double full, some ankle form and a hop back. Switch leap to switch half.

Sira Macias ARG UB: We didn’t see this but she scored 12.300 (4.9, 7.400)

2:42 pm. Meline Mesropian ARG UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak, pretty strong. Van Leeuwen with slight leg separation, blind change to piked Jaeger, and a layout dismount. Really great start. 12.900 (4.8, 8.100)

Victoria Castro PAN FX: We only saw the second half but she had some very nice leaps. 10.633 (3.6, 7.033)

2:39 pm. Athletes are in the touch warm-up for the first apparatus.

Argentina will start on uneven bars, and I believe we have Panama on floor. Trying to spot who is elsewhere…Venezuela on vault and Peru on beam? Oh, a mixed group on vault, Bolivia is there too.

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