2022 South American Games | Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of apparatus finals at the 2022 South American Games, held in Asunción, Paraguay!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

5:15 pm. Rings Final Standings

1. Daniel Villafañe ARG 13.900
2. Kristopher Bohorquez COL 13.825
3. Dilan Jimenez COL 13.450
4. Caio Souza BRA 13.150
5. Joel Alvarez CHI 12.775
6. Julian Jato ARG 12.750
7. Lucas Bitencourt BRA 12.750
8. Edward Alarcon PER 11.625

5:11 pm. Caio Souza BRA SR: The commentator has screamed his name every few minutes with Caio absolutely nowhere in sight, in the middle of other routines, with nothing at all going on, during moments of complete silence…he’s VERY excited for Caio’s moment to finally come. Maltese back through to maltese, inverted hang, front pike saltos through to maltese, iron cross, inverted hang to tucked saltos to iron cross, arches and muscles a handstand pretty significantly near the end, the next is a little better but swinging a lot, goes for a triple back but sits it. UGHHHH. 13.150 (6.2, 6.950)

5:08 pm. Dilan Jimenez COL SR: Maltese down to iron cross, inverted hang through to maltese, not bad on the position, inverted hang into saltos to L sit, presses to handstand, a little short at first but adjusts, front giant to handstand ends up a bit arched, and a full-in half-out with a really nice landing. Not the most difficult but some nice work in here. 13.450 (5.3, 8.150)

5:06 pm. Lucas Bitencourt BRA SR: Starts in an inverted position, swings up to maltese, drops to inverted pike then hang before pressing up through to a planche, little adjustments and maybe doesn’t hold it long enough before going down to the maltese. Saltos through to iron cross, not bad. Inverted pike up to straddle planche, giant to handstand, arches but controls it, front giant to handstand is better, full-in half-out dismount, a little low on the landing but not bad! 12.750 (5.1, 7.650)

5:03 pm. Kristopher Bohorquez BRA SR: Planche, inverted hang through to maltese, inverted hang to maltese, really nice positions so far. Inverted hang with a front swing up into his saltos to iron cross, nice finish. Swings back through to an iron cross, inverted hang with a front giant to handstand, slightly shaky but nothing too severe, back giant to handstand comes up a little short, and a double double dismount with a hop forward. Mostly very strong! 13.825 (5.6, 8.225)

4:59 pm. Touch for the second half!

4:57 pm. Julian Jato ARG SR: Iron cross, inverted hang up to L sit and then out to iron cross, Inverted hang with swings into the saltos to L sit, presses to handstand, arches over a bit, front giant to handstand also arches slightly, then a back giant to handstand is a little better. Full-twisting double layout with a small hop. 12.750 (4.8, 7.950)

4:55 pm. Edward Alarcon PER SR: Iron cross down to a hang to inverted pike, up to L sit, presses out to maltese, really tough stuff so far! Inverted pike, saltos through to iron cross, adjusts into position, inverted hang, front giant to handstand, swings a bit, back giants to the full-twisting double layout, UGH, comes up way too short and his hands go down, what a bummer. 11.625 (5.0, 6.625)

4:51 pm. Daniel Villafañe ARG SR: Iron cross, inverted hang to planche, had a handstand that was a bit arched after, saltos to iron cross, inverted hang to maltese, full-twisting double layout, little step on the landing. That should be a pretty great score! 13.900 (5.8, 8.100)

4:49 pm. Joel Alvarez PER SR: Iron cross and saltos to L sit were strong, muscled out of that into a pretty arched handstand, fought to get it under control before a back giant, and then the double double dismount, little steps back. 12.775 (4.5, 8.275)

4:46 pm. Okay it’s just the touch warm-up, I freaked out for a second. This competition went from the slowest and most annoying in history to TOO EFFICIENT for me to keep up.

4:45 pm. Rings is starting like, NOW!

4:42 pm. Uneven Bars Final Standings

1. Carolyne Pedro BRA 12.667
2. Brisa Carraro ARG 12.600
3. Ginna Escobar COL 12.500
4. Karla Navas PAN 12.200
5. Meline Mesropian ARG 11.433
6. Ana Karina Mendez PER 11.400
7. Thais Fidelis BRA 10.233
8. Juliana Ochoa COL 9.433

Pommel Horse Final Standings

1. Andrés Martinez COL 13.175
2. Santiago Mayol ARG 13.025
3. Adickxon Trejo VEN 12.800
4. Edward Alarcon PER 12.600
5. Israel Chiriboga ECU 12.300
6. Lucas Bitencourt BRA 12.300
7. Julian Jato ARG 12.225
8. Caio Souza BRA 12.225

4:39 pm. Brisa Carraro ARG UB: Toe full was a bit rushed, Maloney to Pak is very clean, also glued on the van Leeuwen, great handstand after it, blind change to piked Jaeger, double tuck went high and close to the bar but was clean with a step back. 12.600 (4.8, 7.800)

4:38 pm. Israel Chiriboga ECU PH: Wasn’t typing but this was a solid hit routine! 12.300 (4.6, 7.700)

4:36 pm. Ginna Escobar COL UB: Clear hip to blind change to front giant half, little djustment, blind full to Gienger, some leg separation, Hindorff caught a little bit close, bail almost perfectly to handstand, just bends her hips slightly, to toe shoot, and a deep landing on the full-in dismount, hop out of it. 12.500 (4.9, 7.600)

4:35 pm. Adickxon Trejo VEN PH: Scissors to circles, mostly strong extension at first, loses some leg form on a few elements, looked really controlled going into the dismount. Nice work! 12.800 (5.1, 7.700)

4:33 pm. Karla Navas PAN UB: Maloney to Pak, some separation on both, van Leeuwen with some ankle form, blind change to straddle Jaeger, pretty good distance on that, bail with leg sep to toe shoot, toe-on to blind full, and a double tuck, clean with a hop. Only the second to hit a routine on this event, hope she gets on the podium after missing vault with a fall! 12.200 (4.9, 7.300)

4:31 pm. Lucas Bitencourt BRA PH: Just announced that he’s going to worlds today! Love that for him. Scissors a bit before a one-arm swing, pikes down pretty hard on that, hips are pretty closed for the most part, opens up a little when he’s on the handles, maybe has more clearance above the horse and doesn’t need to bend down? Smooth into the dismount. Hip form will hurt him but a nice hit. 12.300 (4.9, 7.400)

4:30 pm. Ana Karina Mendez PER UB: Maloney to bail (legs) to toe shoot, a bit close, muscles out of it, blind full to blind change to straddle Jaeger, caught close. Double front, ugh, almost has it but stumbles it back and sits. 11.400 (4.5, 6.900)

4:29 pm. Caio Souza BRA PH: Scissor to handstand down to scissors and back up to handstand before he starts circling, Russians between the handles, excellent transition from the horse back to the handles, loses his leg form during a wide-arm traveling sequence, but corrects quickly into Russians, dismount ends up a bit weird, looked like his hands went down the side of the horse so he came off a little horizontally and ended up short. 12.225 (5.1, 7.125)

4:28 pm. Touch for the second half!

4:24 pm. Carolyne Pedro BRA UB: Slow and lovely handstand before a shaposh (a bit weak in the hip and leg form) to Pak (leg separation), toe full is almost nice but goes crooked at the end, Maloney to bail (slight leg separation) to toe shoot, nice handstand before the blind change to straddle Jaeger, some foot form, she looks so calm! Double pike with leg separation and a hop. 12.667 (5.2, 7.467)

4:23 pm. Andres Martinez COL PH: Scissors through to his swings on both pommels, then does some solid work in his circles on one, slight leg separation at one point. Travels in Russians then in circles, losing his hip form a little near the end, and kind of rushes the pirouette into the dismount, but another hit! 13.175 (5.2, 7.975)

4:21 pm. Thais Fidelis BRA UB: Maloney was nice, to Pak, some form there. Good handstand after the van Leeuwen, piked Jaeger comes in a bit weird…high and close I think? It was hard to see from this angle but she definitely didn’t have a chance of catching without a big mistake in her swing and she ends up falling, hands didn’t touch and she doesn’t repeat so she won’t get credit. When she’s back on she just does a toe-on, blind full, and layout dismount with a small step. 10.233 (3.5, 6.733)

4:20 pm. Julian Jato ARG PH: Wasn’t typing but no major problems until his legs went a bit wild as he pushed up into the pirouettes for the dismount. Not a ton of difficulty in this but it was performed mostly well until the end. 12.225 (4.2, 8.025)

4:18 pm. Meline Mesropian ARG UB: Her routine yesterday was great! Toe full arched over right away and she came off. Nooooo! Looked like she was fighting too hard to get it to a perfect vertical. Back on and does it again, finishes late this time, doesn’t connect to the Maloney to Pak but that series was nice on its own, van Leeuwen is clean, blind change to piked Jaeger, and a layout dismount with a hop. 11.433 (4.6, 6.833)

4:16 pm. Santiago Mayol ARG PH: I love when the Brazilian commentators just randomly scream parts of people’s names. It’s awesome. Scissors to handstand, nice transition down to his circle elements, some decent single handle work, Russians on the handle and at the end of the horse, travels in circles, hips could be a little more open and he has a pretty rough muscle up into the dismount but we’ll call this a hit! 13.025 (5.4, 7.625)

4:15 pm. Juliana Ochoa COL UB: Clear hip, blind full with some leg separation, fell on the straddle Jaeger. Back on for a blind change to straddle Jaeger, caught almost at her elbows and had to start her swing again. Bail to toe shoot, and a layout dismount. Not sure why she bothered repeating the Jaeger…her hands were on the bar before she fell on the first attempt, and she added basically almost a second fall with what went wrong on the next attempt. 9.433 (4.0, 5.433)

4:13 pm. Edward Alarcon PER PH: This wasn’t bad! I wasn’t typing but it was a solid set and a fully hit routine. 12.600 (4.9, 7.700)

4:10 pm. Athletes are lining up for pommel horse and bars! This pommels final is going to be…interesting based on some of the qualification scores. I’m scared!

4:05 pm. Women’s Vault Final Standings

1. Makarena Pinto CHI 12.900
2. Hillary Heron PAN 12.850
3. Franchesca Santi CHI 12.667
4. Christal Bezerra BRA 12.567
5. Beatriz Lima BRA 12.534
6. Ginna Escobar COL 12.517
7. Karla Navas PAN 12.300
8. Diana Vasquez BOL 12.083

Men’s Floor Final Standings

1. Arthur Mariano BRA 13.975
2. Jossimar Calvo COL 13.550
3. Santiago Agostinelli ARG 13.350
4. Victor Rostagno URU 13.250
5. Yuri Guimarães BRA 13.225
6. Edward Gonzales PER 12.925
7. Daniel Aguero PER 12.750
8. Adickxon Trejo VEN 11.075

4:01 pm. Makarena Pinto CHI VT: Strong tsuk full, some slight pike in the air and a bounce on the landing. 13.033 (4.4, 8.633) – think they credited a pike?

Second vault is a handspring front tuck 1.5, wow! Some form issues and ends up a big short with her chest down and a big step forward OOB. 12.767 (4.6, 8.267, -0.1 ND)

12.900 average moves her first!

4:00 pm. Jossimar Calvo COL FX: Double front full-in half-out I think??? Randi with a big hop back. Front double full to front layout. Double full is nice. 2.5 to front layout full, kinda whips it around and takes a step. Triple full with a small hop. 13.550 (5.6, 7.950)

3:56 pm. Karla Navas PAN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, gets it around, bum is a little low but she only takes a step back. She sat this in qualifications and in training earlier today! Mostly clean in the air until she preps for the landing and tucks her knees a bit. 13.367 (4.6, 8.767)

UGHHH, second vault she just kinda chucked…think she meant it to be a tsuk full? I’m not quite sure. I think she ended up getting a half twist around in a weird body shape and then sitting it but looked like she was a bit lost in the air. 11.233 (3.8, 7.533, -0.1)

12.300 average

3:55 pm. Edward Gonzales PER FX: Piked double front, good landing. Front double full to punch front. Triple full comes up a little short with a step. Back layout side pass. 1.5 to front full. 2.5 with a little hop to the side. Mostly good work!

3:54 pm. Beatriz Lima BRA VT: Hit a big, beautiful Yurchenko full to start! 13.200 (4.2, 9.000)

Second vault is a tsuk pike with a couple of steps back, ends up OOB. 11.867 (3.4, 8.567, -0.1 ND)

12.534 average puts her fourth.

3:51 pm. Santiago Agostinelli ARG FX: Double double, step on the landing. Arabian double front half-out is stuck. Double tuck is clean, tiny bounce back. 1.5 to front tuck full. Front full to barani. 2.5 with a step forward. Great work! 13.350 (5.1, 8.250)

3:49 pm. Hillary Heron PAN VT: Yurchenko double, form in the air has some deductions (mostly in the knees) and she lands with her chest forward, but only takes a step on the landing, one of her stronger attempts. 13.400 (5.0, 8.400)

Second vault is a handspring front half, I would call it a pike. Hop to the side OOB. 12.300 (4.0, 8.600, -0.3 ND)

12.850 average moves her first!

3:47 pm. Victor Rostagno URU FX: I missed the first pass but he hit, then an arabian double front half, REALLY nice in the air and a solid landing. Front double full with a big hop. Hit the side pass and a 2.5 to front full, then finished with a triple full, ugh, hard landing, hops to the side on one foot and his knee is injured. Has to hop off to the side and sit down before being carried off. Poor guy. 13.250 (5.4, 7.850) – currently second

3:45 pm. Touch for the second half!

3:42 pm. Franchesca Santi CHI VT: UGH, again we didn’t get to see the first vault…would have been her Yurchenko double. I’ll share the score when it comes up. Looks like a fall – 12.267 (5.0, 7.567, -0.3 ND)

Second vault was a tsuk layout full, step back on the landing. 13.067 (4.4, 8.667)

With the fall she’s still in first place by a tenth thanks to her difficulty! 12.667 average.

3:40 pm. Adickxon Trejo VEN FX: Front layout to front double full, good landing. Double front down the side, too far forward, hands down OOB. Double full with a hop back. 2.5 to tucked barani, goes really high and close but gets it around. Oof, on the triple full he almost didn’t get his feet on the ground, landed it like fully horizontally. I think his toes touched the mat. But he’s laughing so that’s fun. 11.075 (4.9, 6.475, -0.3 ND)

3:38 pm. Diana Vasquez BOL VT: Looks like she hit her first vault for a 12.833 (4.2, 8.633) but she sat the handspring front tuck for an 11.333 (3.6, 7.733) – average of 12.083

3:34 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA FX: Piked double front with a hop forward. Front double full to front tuck down to front support, that was fun. Whip to 2.5 to front layout, really has to force that last flip around but gets there. 1.5 to front full is clean. Arabian double front, some leg separation in the air, small step. 13.975 (5.5, 8.475)

3:33 pm. Christal Bezerra BRA VT: First vault went 12.833 (4.2, 8.633), second went 12.300 (3.6, 8.700) – average is 12.567

3:31 pm. Scores are taking FOREVER today!

3:29 pm. I could hear her Christal Bezerra going in the background for her first vault during the last floor routine. How hard is it to simply back and forth between MAG and WAG??? Okay, the stream just stopped completely. Gonna try the Brazil Olympic Channel’s stream. They’re using the same feed as Panam but aren’t quite as infuriating.

3:27 pm. Daniel Aguero PER FX: We jumped in late again, this stream needs to get its life together. The Panam Sports Channel’s on-the-fly editors have full-blown panic attacks every time more than one event is happening at a time. Saw his arabian double front half-out, double full, and 2.5 to tucked barani, then a triple full to finish, a bit short with a stumble.  12.750 (5.2, 7.550)

3:26 pm. Ginna Escobar COL VT: Jumped into this a bit late because the camera was just staring at Yuri for hours and hours. Think we only got her second vault…tucked tsuk full from what I could see. 12.200 (4.0, 8.200)

Her other vault went 12.833 (4.2, 8.633), average is a 12.517.

3:22 pm. Yuri Guimarães BRA FX: Front full to HUGE piked double front, big bounce OOB, nearly off the mat. I think the same thing happened in Paris. Better landing on the double double. Hit a…half-in half-out after that, I think. Clean double full side pass, almost sticks but then loses his balance. 2.5 to front layout, made it look super easy. Very clean there. Double front with a hop forward to finish. 13.225 (5.9, 7.725, -0.4 ND)

3:19 pm. Touch warmup is beginning!

3:16 pm. Athletes marching out now, with the men competing floor and the women competing vault.

Here’s a reminder of who qualified…

1. Franchesca Santi CHI 13.400
2. Makarena Pinto CHI 13.184
3. Karla Navas PAN 12.983
4. Christal Bezerra BRA 12.666
5. Hillary Heron PAN 12.617
6. Diana Vasquez BOL 12.600
7. Beatriz Lima BRA 12.566
8. Ginna Escobar COL 12.550

1. Arthur Mariano BRA 14.250
2. Yuri Guimarães BRA 14.050
3. Adickxon Trejo VEN 13.650
4. Edward Gonzales PER 13.600
5. Daniel Aguero PER 13.500
6. Victor Rostagno URU 13.450
7. Jossimar Calvo COL 13.400
8. Santiago Agostinelli ARG 13.350

3:15 pm. Judges are marching out! I guess 3:15 might be the official start time and not 3.

3:10 pm. Still waiting…

3:07 pm. Judges are waiting to march in. Let’s speed this up everyone!! I love that the start times for this competition so far have just been mere suggestions. It’ll start when it starts.

3:04 pm. Athletes should be marching back in shortly.

3:03 pm. Looks like the pre-competition warmups are wrapping up.

Jossimar Calvo has an absolutely fabulous bleach-blonde mohawk. I’ll try to grab a screenshot. It’s glorious.

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