2022 U.S. Worlds Trials | Day 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of competition at the 2022 U.S. Worlds Trials, held in Katy, Texas!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

7:20 pm. Based on yesterday and today, nothing changes for me, and Zeiss stays in the alternate position, but I REALLY wish there were six-person teams. Her consistency is important, but I know scores > consistency when picking a team. But she’s pretty close to the top five everywhere so she makes the most sense as the alternate.

We should get the team announcement tonight!

7:19 pm. Two-day scores for bars and beam…


1. Shilese Jones 29.100
2. Jordan Chiles 28.600
3. Leanne Wong 27.900
4. Skye Blakely 27.650
5. Jade Carey 27.250
6. Lexi Zeiss 27.050


1. Skye Blakely 28.100
2. Jordan Chiles 26.900
3. Jade Carey 26.650
4. Leanne Wong 26.600
5. Shilese Jones 26.350
6. Lexi Zeiss 26.300

7:10 pm. Shilese Jones BB: Nice full turn. Misses a foot and then falls on the standing arabian. Good thing she had yesterday! Switch leap was lovely, to sissone. Steps back on the bhs loso. Switch side, almost connects to the cross straddle jump. Cross split jump half was nice. Good on the side aerial. Dismounts with a double pike, a little forward and deep with a step forward.

7:07 pm. Addison Fatta BB: Double wolf turn has little bobbles, switch to split jump, tiny bobble. Bhs loso with her chest down but landed well. Front aerial. Straddle jump to Korbut. Probably meant to connect the front aerial to that series but it was pretty slow. Side aerial went well. Switch side too! Double full, some leg form, but landed well. 12.750 (4.7, 8.050)

7:06 pm. Seeing bars scores but like no beam scores yet? At least not on the live scoring app. I think they flashed Nola Matthews’ beam score for a second on the screen but I missed it, 13.2 ish IIRC? Maybe 13.4? My brain!

Never mind, I found them, I was on the wrong tab. Matthews was at 13.35! I was close?

7:03 pm. Jade Carey UB: I missed the first release but she caught, Ezhova, Maloney to Bhardwaj, only minor leg form, van Leeuwen, and a full-in, stuck! Great work. 13.650 (5.4, 8.250)

Jordan Chiles BB: Wasn’t typing but she hit the triple flight series and then an acro dance series really well. I think just had a slight bobble on a side somi and then a bigger one on the switch side, but everything else looked pretty solid. Excellent double pike! 13.600 (5.4, 8.200)

7:00 pm. Leanne Wong UB: I missed the very beginning, I think it was probably a pirouette or something, I caught it from the straddle Jaeger and a clean toe full to Bhardwaj, Maloney could have been a bit higher, to Pak, clean. Some leg form on the van Leeuwen. Stuck the double layout. 14.100 (5.7, 8.400)

6:58 pm. Nola Matthews BB: Gets the back handspring mount, and then the side aerial to layout stepout with some knee form and a wobble. Wobbles around in the triple wolf turn but gets there in the end. Switch leap to split jump to back handspring, was a tiny bit short I think in at least one of the splits, front aerial is a little short in rotation, double tuck with her chest forward and a hop back. 13.350 (5.4, 7.950)

6:56 pm. Lexi Zeiss UB: Good handstand before the toe full, a little late into the Pak, clean there. Nice handstand before the Maloney to Gienger, a little low on the latter but gets it around. Ezhova with some leg separation, van Leeuwen with some ankle form, good handstand before the giants to full-in, great landing. 13.700 (5.6, 8.100)

6:53 pm. Marissa Neal UB: Toe full is a little late and there’s some hip form, Maloney  with leg separation before the Pak, van Leeuwen with wild legs, short handstand before the clear hip, arches over and changes direction weirdly in the half turn, and this messes her up a little, ends up really low and far on the Jaeger, fall. Kinda college sticks the double layout. 9.850 (3.6, 6.250)

Skye Blakely BB: Great standing full! Gets the front handspring front tuck as well, small step forward. Switch to switch half. Front aerial to split jump, little form things where she’s just not super tight in spots. Side aerial. Double tuck landed with feet apart. Well, this was good! 14.550 (6.0, 8.550)

One of the E judges went 8.7 on this.

6:52 pm. Wow the stream is back amazingggg

6:48 pm. 90 years later we’re still in the rotation three touch!

6:46 pm. Jade Carey’s beam score got dropped to a 12.9 after they added the 0.1 ND. There was an eight-tenth split between two of the E judges hahaha. Same!

6:42 pm. Pause for the rotation break! The gymnasts on bars this rotation go to beam and the gymnasts on beam go to bars.

6:37 pm. Amelia Disidore BB: Layout stepout mount, rotates a little slowly and lands a little short, ends up falling. Handstand into the bhs loso, bent knees and a fall. Switch leap with nice toe point, but she misses the connection to the switch half, which doesn’t get close to 180, and she also misses the connection to the Korbut. Side somi with a small bobble, side aerial with her chest not in place when she lands, adjusts out of it. Switch side. Double pike with a hop back. 10.500 (5.3, 5.300, -0.1)

6:32 pm. Leanne Wong BB: Gets the switch to wolf jump full and flight series with no problems. Full L turn to full turn. Switch ring, back leg isn’t quite there. Front aerial with a tiny bobble. Side aerial is pretty good, little adjustment. Side somi looked clean. 2.5 with ankle form and a hop. Good work today! 13.750 (5.5, 8.250)

That’s the exact routine she needed to put up today, tbh.

6:27 pm. Lexi Zeiss BB: I think this will be her make-or-break for the alternate spot since this beam team is…not the greatest. Back handspring mount went well. Super solid bhs loso loso. Very nice double wolf turn. Nice on the jump series, a little short on the switch half, front aerial was a little short with a small bobble. Gets the double back dismount! Aside from the front aerial this was very nice. 13.400 (5.3, 8.100)

Could she actually make the team over Wong JUST for her beam? Bars would be covered with or without Wong, but beam is the issue and I think Zeiss looks better than Wong there right now. Blakely, Jones, Chiles, and Carey all have stronger routines I guess…but Zeiss’ consistency beats pretty much all of theirs if my memory serves? Her Pan Ams performance in the team final when literally everyone else fell is a big green flag for her.

6:24 pm. Jordan Chiles UB: Toe full looked better than yesterday, piked Tkachev to Pak, good handstand before the Maloney to Gienger, nice. Short before the blind change to piked Jaeger, mostly clean on the bail to toe shoot, good handstand before the giants into the full-in, big air and a solid landing on that! 14.250 (5.9, 8.350)

6:23 pm. Marissa Neal BB: wasn’t typing but this was a really nice routine, just came up short on the switch half, but then after looking great on everything, she just landed her double pike a little too far back on her heels and sat it! Very sad. She’s lovely! 12.400 (5.2, 7.200)

6:21 pm. Nola Matthews UB: Lovely handstand before the toe full (late) to Chow, OOF, flipped off backwards and I screamed because I fully thought she was going to land on her head, but her training kicked in and she rotated SO fast to her back. My heart. Back on and repeats the Chow with nice backswing into the Ricna, blind change to straddle Jaeger, Pak was clean, good handstand before the van Leeuwen (some leg form), toe-on, double layout with a small hop. 12.450 (5.5, 6.950)

6:17 pm. Jade Carey BB: Wasn’t quick hitting since we had two routines start at the same time and I was NOT PREPARED mentally but she had a good bhs loso loso, and then wobbles on two skills after that, the first came on a side aerial IIRC. Double pike had a step back. 13.000 (5.6, 7.400)

Skye Blakely UB: Again not quick hitting, but everything looked good, got a little sketchy in a full pirouette on the low bar (legs came apart and she wasn’t where she needed to be in handstand, but the rest was great, double front half was GREAT, her chest position on that skill is so good. 14.200 (5.7, 8.500)

6:14 pm. Shilese Jones UB: Stalder full to Chow to Tkachev went really well, nice handstand before the toe full, some arch, to Downie to Pak, van Leeuwen, another good handstand before the toe half to front giant to double front, cowboyed but just a small step back. 14.600 (6.3, 8.300)

6:11 pm. Addison Fatta’s 13.7 on floor will be really hard to ignore in the alternate conversation! I’m still team Super Consistent Zeiss but Fatta isn’t making it easy for her.

6:06 pm. That’s the first rotation! No scores yet that I’ve seen.

6:04 pm. Addison Fatta FX: Gets the 2.5 through to double tuck with a hop back. Love that she’s had this pass for so long! Double layout comes up a little low but much better than yesterday, gets the landing with a bounce. Double wolf turn. Split jump full. Front handspring to front double full, some leg form. Switch to tour jeté half. Great routine! 13.700 (5.4, 8.300)

6:03 pm. I think bars is warming up in the background? I don’t think whoever’s over there is going, it looks like a touch routine, toe circle jump to high bar type stuff so I’m assuming we’re not missing anything.

5:59 pm. Amelia Disidore FX: Got NO punch into the double double, looked like she hit a dead spot, it’s SHOCKING that she got it around but very happy she pulled it out! Full-in was better, and landed with her chest down. Hop L through to I think a tour jeté full. Split full into the corner before her first pass, 1.5 to front full with a step forward, walks out into her choreo. Popa, and a double pike with a hop back. Good work! 12.950 (5.6, 7.350)

5:58 pm. It’s so hard to know what’s going on, if we’re still watching warmups, if someone’s gonna do a routine anytime soon…I think we’re starting?

5:56 pm. More tumbling from the two floor workers today…a double layout from Fatta that looked strong but went OOB, and then Disidore with a full-in. Now Armine’s on the floor and I’d like her to throw something just for fun.

5:55 pm. Amelia Disidore just showed a double double and then Addison Fatta busted out a 2.5 through to double tuck. Love that for them.

5:53 pm. Warm-ups are still underway on the stream. Not sure if they’re gonna do the whole lineup and national anthem today but we shall see.

5:49 pm. The stream should be starting shortly!

As a little recap, Shilese Jones earned an automatic spot onto the worlds team with her winning performance yesterday, and today we’ll see nine athletes battle it out for the remaining four team spots, as well as one alternate position.

Gymnasts are not doing the all-around today, and instead are doing two events apiece. It’s supposed to be a “prove to us what you need to prove” kinda thing, but as with most of these second day selection camps that we’ve seen this year, most second-day routines are going to be bars and floor for pretty much everyone (this is usually because most want to avoid a second day in a row of hard landings), though Addison Fatta and Amelia Disidore are opting to compete on floor.

Here is the list of who’s doing what:

Shilese Jones – UB, BB
Skye Blakely – BB, UB
Nola Matthews – BB, UB
Jordan Chiles – BB, UB
Addison Fatta – FX, BB

Jade Carey – BB, UB
Amelia Disidore – FX, BB
Marissa Neal – UB, BB
Leanne Wong – UB, BB
Lexi Zeiss – UB, BB

My team hasn’t changed from what I assumed since Konnor McClain withdrew due to injury, with Jones, Chiles, Carey, Blakely, and Wong on my team and Zeiss as alternate.

15 thoughts on “2022 U.S. Worlds Trials | Day 2 Live Blog

  1. Maybe I’m the crazy one, but I feel like this team could have just been decided over a group text btwn whoever the panel is this year. I just don’t think Zeiss has enough receipts to challenge these ladies for a spot on the team for the biggest competition of the year, unless one of them clearly needs a mental break, based on physical performance.


      • You think it’s money > Marta? As toxic as she was, her system produced championships like water. Said Champs may have been existing off of only water…

        Some NCAA athletes are going to college at the heights of their careers. They’re able to fall right back in because this is the 1st time in a long time where there weren’t extremely talented newbies waiting for eligibility.

        The US machine days are over, and it’s unfortunate because it lends itself to the idea that champions can’t happen (en masse) outside of an abusive Karolyi-esque system.


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