2022 U.S. Worlds Trials | Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of competition at the 2022 U.S. Worlds Trials, held in Katy, Texas!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

8:43 pm.Final Standings

1. Shilese Jones 56.700
2. Jordan Chiles 56.100
3. Jade Carey 55.450
4. Skye Blakely 54.650
5. Leanne Wong 53.250
6. Lexi Zeiss 53.200
7. Addison Fatta 52.550
8. Marissa Neal 51.250
9. Nola Matthews 50.950
10. Amelia Disidore 47.400

8:41 pm. Marissa Neal BB: Excited for what she can do here and hoping for a hit! Switch to split jump half, solid bhs loso loso but with slightly bent knees, side aerial, full L turn, front aerial, check on the side somi but nothing too painful, dismounts with a double pike, bounces back but I blame the thicker mat. Good!

8:40 pm. Long wait for the last beam score…one routine to go!

8:36 pm. Shilese Jones with a 56.700 will secure the automatic worlds berth!

Closest behind her right now is Jordan Chiles with a 56.100 and then Jade Carey with a 55.450.

8:34 pm. Nola Matthews FX: I saw most of this but wasn’t typing. Had a triple full in the first pass that just had some leg form, double tuck at the end was solid, no major issues here! 13.050 (5.1, 8.050, -0.1)

Amelia Disidore BB: She unfortunately had two falls here. 10.700 (5.4, 5.400, -0.1)

8:30 pm. Skye Blakely FX: Full-twisting double layout, feet were almost stuck but she was really piked down and far forward on the landing. Double layout also isn’t *perfect* but she gets it done. Front double full, some leg form but got the landing. Switch half. Double tuck with two big steps back.

8:28 pm. Jade Carey BB: Gets the full turn, very solid bhs loso loso! Side aerial slow to the split jump to straddle jump. Front aerial to switch to switch half, not suuuuper well connected there either. Switch side was very nice. Cross split jump half. Step on the double pike. Good routine for the most part but those connections need to be a little more fluid. 13.750 (5.8, 7.950)

8:25 pm. Shilese Jones FX: Lovely triple wolf turn. Double double with a tiny slide back. Switch full, maybe missed her footing a little on the landing but nothing too bad. Double layout, slight form and a tiny hop. Double L turn. Front tuck through to double tuck, small bounce. Hop L turn to switch half. Lovely work! 14.100 (5.7, 8.400)

8:20 pm. Leanne Wong BB: Switch to wolf jump full, ends up a little short with a wobble. Bhs loso is solid. Full L turn. Switch ring. Front aerial to split jump, maybe a little short? Side aerial with a slide back, doesn’t really connect to the jump series. Side somi with the tiniest adjustment on the landing. 2.5 with messy legs and a hop forward. 12.850 (5.2, 7.650)

Addison Fatta FX: 2.5 through to double tuck, awesome! Double layout set is SUPER low, ends up crashing it. Double wolf turn. Split jump full was a little short. Hit her last pass, a 1.5 maybe? I was watching beam for a sec. 12.500 (5.4, 7.100)

8:18 pm. Jordan Chiles FX: I think she had a 1.5 through to full-in at the start, good landing. Second pass was I think a full-twisting double layout, landed a bit deep/buckled. Double wolf turn. Popa before the third pass, a front layout through to double tuck, nice! 14.250 (5.8, 8.450)

Lexi Zeiss BB: Solid back handspring mount and bhs loso loso! Had to shift her hips out of the side aerial, split jump to sissone was good from this angle. Wobbled on a couple of things after that but nothing super severe. Double tuck dismount with a step forward. 12.900 (5.2, 7.700)

8:17 pm. Wrapping up the touch shortly! The top six right now is exactly what I think the team and alternate will be and I really haven’t seen anything tonight that will change my mind.

8:14 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Shilese Jones 42.600
2. Jordan Chiles 41.850
3. Jade Carey 41.700
4. Skye Blakely 41.200
5. Leanne Wong 40.400
6. Lexi Zeiss 40.300

8:07 pm. Skye Blakely BB: Her awesome chest stand pirouette mount that has a name but my brain will never remember it. Nearly effortless triple wolf turn. Standing full, leg up, but brings the control back. Front handspring front tuck is off and she has to fall forward and grab the beam to keep from coming off. Petition to change this series for next year, the risk is not worth the reward. Switch to switch half to back tuck is very nice. Front aerial to split jump. Side aerial is very nice. Double tuck, a bit cowboyed. 13.550 (5.9, 7.650)

8:03 pm. Shilese Jones BB: Full turn, tiny adjustment as she walks out of it. Misses a foot on the standing arabian but stands up out of it with no major problems. Hit a switch to sissone I think right after that, then a bhs loso, pretty solid. Lovely switch side and cross straddle jump! Cross split jump half, hard to see the split with the angle we have but landed it well. Side aerial, and a lunge back out of the double pike. Great! 13.600 (5.4, 8.200)

8:02 pm. Amelia Disidore UB: Short handstand before the Church to Pak, toe full finished really late, van Leeuwen (flexed feet), stalder half to straddle Jaeger, a bit close, short on a blind half, and then landed the double layout with her chest forward and a hop. 12.000 (5.4, 6.600)

7:59 pm. Addison Fatta BB: Had a wolf turn at the beginning, switch to split jump was solid and pretty clean. Bhs loso had the tiniest adjustment on the landing. Front aerial, maybe came over a little short, doesn’t connect to the straddle jump. Side aerial, switch side, double full dismount landed well! 12.700 (4.8, 7.900)

Jade Carey UB: Ray, blind change to Ezhova, Maloney to Bhardwaj, slight leg separation, van Leeuwen, she looks cleaner here for the most part than she did on vault and floor in terms of her legs! Blind full finished a little late and she hit the dismount! 13.600 (5.4, 8.200)

7:56 pm. Leanne Wong UB: Stalder half to straddle Jaeger, great handstand before the toe full to Bhardwaj, slight leg separation but good catch! Maloney to Pak, missed her toes before the van Leeuwen and had to take an extra swing, really snuck the van Leeuwen around but caught it, and then stuck a double layout with her chest forward. 13.800 (5.7, 8.100)

7:52 pm. Jordan Chiles BB: Yeah, we’re gonna see none of this. The stream just started making a sound like a truck stalling. Came in at her side aerial, had a wobble on her switch side, Double pike with a good landing, I think the chest position looked pretty solid! 13.300 (5.4, 7.900)

Lexi Zeiss UB: Didn’t get to see this. 13.350 (5.6, 7.750)

7:51 pm. Marissa Neal UB: I jumped in late to this one but she hit everything at the beginning. Toe half to a big straddle Jaeger, that was nice. Then we lost the stream. 🙂 🙂 🙂 11.800 (4.9, 6.900)

7:49 pm. Nola Matthews BB: Back handspring mount was nice. Unfortunately off on the side aerial to layout stepout. Triple wolf turn, wobbles throughout but gets it around. Hit the jump series to back handspring which was connected well but jumps could be tighter, Front aerial was nice, just a little adjustment out of it. Double tuck with a hop forward. 12.450 (5.2, 7.250)

7:47 pm. We’re in the touch for rotation three. I’m getting to a point with this stream where I’d love to start breaking my own windows.

7:45 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Shilese Jones 29.000
2. Jordan Chiles 28.550
3. Jade Carey 28.100
4. Skye Blakely 27.650
5. Addison Fatta 27.350
6. Lexi Zeiss 26.950
7. Leanne Wong 26.000
8. Marissa Neal 26.200

7:40 pm. Jade Carey VT: Does the Cheng for the first vault! Like her floor, this could use some tightening up throughout, she’s definitely capable of extending more than she did here. Landed it well, regardless. 14.300 (5.6, 8.650)

Yurchenko double is what I assume for the second, but we didn’t see it.

7:38 pm. Shilese Jones UB: Lost the stream again right as she was about to mount. Caugt the van Leeuwen, kind of saw a pirouette, and saw that she took a step on the double front but it was very laggy, and I didn’t see any of the beginning so that’s fun! 14.500 (6.3, 8.200)

7:37 pm. Leanne Wong VT: Second is a Yurchenko half-on front layout half, minor form in the air, tiny bounce on the landing. Good work!

7:36 pm. Leanne Wong VT: Really big Yurchenko double, some lower leg form that could be cleaner, and a large-ish hop back. Will probably fit in maybe slightly ahead of Chiles and Blakely’s 14.2 if I had my way, but not as high as Jones’ score. Okay, she ends up being half a tenth behind the first two with a 14.150 but close, so, eh!

They NEED to fix this stream, I’m going to sue. #litigious

7:35 pm. Addison Fatta UB: We lost the stream right as her routine started and when I refreshed it was over. 13.300 (5.4, 7.900)

7:33 pm. Lexi Zeiss VT: Yurchenko double, soft form throughout but she gets the landing in. 13.750 (5.0, 8.750)

7:31 pm. Jordan Chiles UB: Toe full arches throughout but she gets it back into control before the piked Tkachev to Pak, Maloney with great back swing into the Gienger, that connection looked tighter than usual. Piked Jaeger, bail with some form to toe shoot, and she sticks the full-in! 14.350 (5.9, 8.450)

Marissa Neal VT: Kinda saw this in the background, had a Yurchenko 1.5, looked a little lock-legged on the landing but not in a dangerous way, just took a step back. 13.600 (4.6, 9.000)

7:28 pm. Nola Matthews UB: Toe full finished a bit late, clean handstand before the Chow to Ricna, some feet form in the air but gets it done well otherwise, straddle Jaeger, Pak, comes off way too early for the van Leeuwen and looks like she might have it at first but then slips and falls hard on her back. Back on for a toe-on and double layout dismount, small hop back. 12.550 (5.7, 6.850)

7:27 pm. Amelia Disidore VT: Yurchenko double, lands it a bit deep and maybe a little shy of rotation, looked like she twisted too slowly here? Hop to the side OOB. 13.350 (5.0, 8.650, -0.3)

Does a handspring front pike half for her second vault, looked really nice in the air! Solid landing too.

7:25 pm. Skye Blakely UB: Stalder half to piked Jaeger, a little close. Short handstand before the Ricna to Pak, some leg separation. Toe full, clean handstand before the van Leeuwen, some ankle form, small hip adjustments in handstand on the high bar, and she gets the double front half! Leg separation but great landing. Very important routine for her and she nailed it! 13.450 (5.6, 7.850)

7:23 pm. The stream keeps turning off and on and trying to redirect me to other videos. Fix it before the next rotation hehe!

7:20 pm. Going into the warm-up for the second rotation.

Leaders after the first rotation…

1. Shilese Jones 14.500
2. Jordan Chiles 14.200
– Skye Blakely 14.200
4. Addison Fatta 14.050
5. Jade Carey 13.800

7:17 pm. Leanne Wong FX: Hits a turn sequence at the start, and then a double double, chest down and a lunge back. Dos Santos ends up really squatted but thankfully she saves it from sitting. She had tons of power on this one just doing it on its own to the point where she connected effortlessly to a stag but competing it mid-routine is a different animal. Hop L turn through to switch full. 2.5, a bit sloppy in the air and she loses her direction coming out of it, ends up chucking a barani. Double pike to finish.

7:15 pm. Addison Fatta VT: Does a tsuk full second vault, some leg separation in the air and a bounce on the landing.

7:14 pm. Lexi Zeiss FX: 2.5 to start, then a 1.5 to front full. Finished with a double tuck. Everything I saw was good, not going to be a massive score or anything, but she’s just as solid as always! 13.200 (5.0, 8.200)

7:12 pm. Addison Fatta VT: Yurchenko double, form in the air is probably the weakest but she gets the second-best distance after Shilese! Glad I have her as a marker. 14.550 (5.5, 9.050) – confused about her D score??? Okay they changed it, to 14.050 (5.0, 9.050) hahaha

7:10 pm. Marissa Neal FX: Arabian double front to start, and then a tucked full-in landed with her chest at horizontal. Hop L turn to switch full. Came kind of low out of the 2.5 but still snuck the front layout around. I missed her last pass. 12.600 (5.2, 7.400)

Jordan Chiles VT: Does a second vault, a Lopez, looked stuck! Some slight form throughout in the air but a really solid outing. 14.200 (5.0, 9.200)

7:08 pm. Jordan Chiles VT: Yurchenko double, doesn’t get a ton of power off the table but nothing too bad, big bounce back.

7:06 pm. Nola Matthews VT: Yurchenko full, nice in the air, hop back, looked fine! 12.900 (4.2, 8.700)

Amelia Disidore FX: Wasn’t typing during this but she crashed the double layout second pass. 11.350 (5.7, 5.650)

7:04 pm. Skye Blakely VT: Yurchenko double, goes half as far as Shilese’s and it’s still pretty powerful, just to show you how ridiculous Shilese’s was! Takes a big lunge back on the landing. 14.200 (5.0, 9.200)

7:03 pm. Shilese Jones VT: HUUUUUUGE Yurchenko double, goes nearly to the end of the mat! Minor form in the air and a hop but that was massive. 14.500 (5.0, 9.500)

The start lists on the live scoring platform are definitely not correct unless literally everyone is like “I shan’t be vaulting.”

7:02 pm. I think vault is still warming up from the sound of it.

7:01 pm. Jade Carey FX: Full-twisting double layout, some form in the twist but she tightens up in the second flip and lands it well. Double layout with legs apart and a hop back. Hop L turn to tour jeté half. Front layout through to a pretty open double tuck. Full-in with some leg form. Not the cleanest she’s done? But I mean…it’s gonna score well. 13.800 (5.7, 8.100)

7:00 pm. Leanne Wong just hit the Dos Santos to stag, very nice! In the touch.

6:58 pm. Can’t see the vault for warmups right now. Hoping they go back and forth during the competition so we don’t miss anyone! As it is, they need to move the floor camera…it’s missing like 30% of one side.

6:56 pm. Moving into the touch for the first event now!

6:55 pm. National anthem because ‘Murica.

6:53 pm. Athletes have lined up and Annie Heffernon is introducing everyone. Here’s the leo situation!

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 6.54.31 PM

6:52 pm. Athletes are done with warmups and are just kind of hanging around waiting for things to get going. Here are the groups for the first rotation:

VT: Fatta, Chiles, Matthews, Jones, Blakely

FX: Disidore, Carey, Wong, Zeiss, Neal

6:50 pm. Getting ready to shortly begin the first night of worlds trials for the U.S. WAG team! Athletes in attendance include…

  • Skye Blakely
  • Jade Carey
  • Jordan Chiles
  • Amelia Disidore
  • Addison Fatta
  • Shilese Jones
  • Nola Matthews
  • Marissa Neal
  • Leanne Wong
  • Lexi Zeiss

Konnor McClain withdrew a week or so ago due to a back injury, while Katelyn Jong withdrew this week due to an injury sustained in training. We’ll now see these 10 gymnasts vying for five team spots plus one traveling alternate position.

The “pretty much definitelys” on the list are Carey, Chiles, and Jones, while Wong is right on the bubble of that group, though I think she’ll be fine. Next in line is probably Blakely, who has some big difficulty and scoring potential but lacks consistency, and then there’s Zeiss, who doesn’t have tremendous difficulty, but proved to be super solid at Pan Ams to upset basically everyone else on the team.

Those are the six who I personally think will go, though who winds up in the alternate spot will depend on what we see this weekend. Matthews could be a sneaky one if she can outperform Blakely on bars, though that leaves a hole on beam, and then Disidore, Fatta, and Neal don’t really have the scores to contend with the top athletes here, nor do they have events that could be key to the team’s success the way Matthews has with bars, but anything can happen!

The top all-arounder in tonight’s session gets an automatic spot on the team, with the remaining athletes named by the selection committee after tomorrow’s session.

14 thoughts on “2022 U.S. Worlds Trials | Day 1 Live Blog

  1. Do you think Jade will ever get her Tokyo tumbling and Amanar back? (I miss seeing Amanars from athletes). Or is she just pacing herself to stay healthy for college and Paris?


    • I am 99.9 % sure that they will be doing bars and beam for the selected events.
      At this point the team is Blakely, Carey, Chiles, Jones, Wong with the alternate either Zeiss or Fatta.
      With the 5 listed above, vault and floor will be #1 ranked at Worlds. The US needs to figured out the balance beam situation (no pun intended) and what bars will look like.


      • France could challenge the US on VT I think on a TF format with two Rudis (Friess Devillard) and a good DTY (Dos Santos). #1 ranked at Worlds is still a high possibility for the US but not a given thing.


        • Not a chance. Devillard and Friess may have the Rudis but they are messy in execution. Carey’s Cheng plus Jones and Chiles DTY are too strong to overcome despite France having higher D. Also, rumor has it Chiles has a Cheng and might unveil it at Worlds.


        • I would be OK if Friess is messy like she was at Euros (easy 1st on 1st VT, with 2nd E score behind Kovacs) or at he Olympics (1st during TF).
          Friess (Euro Q) + Devillard (Paris WC) = Carey (Paris WC) + Chiles (Paris WC) = 28,6
          Yes Jones is an outstanding vaulter > Dos Santos but the overall difference could be like 0,5 points in favor of the USA . So France is a challenger and USA is the leader on that event.
          And Brazil will challenge the USA on FX (I still expect USA to lead the event but not by a significant margin)


  2. I’ve been really sick and hospitalized since the national championships. I’m better now, but I’m behind on news on all things gymnastic. What has happened to Konnor McClain?


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