2023 European Championships | Men’s All-Around Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for for the men’s all-around final at the 2023 European Championships, held in Antalya, Türkiye!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

11:38 am. Final Standings

1. Adem Asil, Türkiye, 84.965
2. Jake Jarman, Great Britain, 83.463
3. Illia Kovtun, Ukraine, 83.032
4. Artur Davtyan, Armenia, 82.665
5. Noe Seifert, Switzerland, 82.664
6. Yumin Abbadini, Italy, 82.164
7. Florian Langenegger, Switzerland, 81.865
8. Pascal Brendel, Germany, 81.164

11:34 am. Illia Kovtun UKR HB: He needs above a 13.666 to get onto the podium. I want it to happen, but I also want Artur Davtyan to medal! Starts in mixed grip before the Zou Li Min, nice finish, to Yamawaki, a little crooked. Layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to piked Tkachev, gets them all! Blind change to L grip, Tak full is a little late, Tak half also slightly late but not as bad, stalder, hop full, and a double double layout, basically stuck! Amazing. Oh my god, it could be close. 14.033, HE’LL TAKE THE BRONZE!!!

11:29 am. Adem Asil TUR HB: He needs an 11.932 to take the lead. Oh, I’m excited. Yamawaki to Endo to Zou Li Min, Tak half, some handstands are iffy, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, stalder, and a full-twisting double layout with a little bounce in place, HE’S GETTING THIS GOLD!!!!!!!!! 13.433 (4.7, 8.733)

11:26 am. Jake Jarman GBR HB: Tak half is a bit late, layout Tkachev is strong, straddle Tkachev, blind change to Tak, L grip giants, Endo, turns around for a stalder and then giants to the dismount, a full-twisting double layout, stuck COLD! OOOOKAAAAAAY!!!! 13.266 (4.8, 8.466)

Thierno Diallo ESP FX: 13.200 (5.6, 7.600)

Krisztofer Meszaros HUN FX: 13.900 (6.0, 8.000, -0.1)

Noe Seifert SUI PH: Saw a bit of this, he had nice flair work, just really had to muscle into the dismount, but a good fight. 13.333 (5.5, 7.833)

11:25 am. Ilia Liubimov ISR SR: 11.833 (4.2, 7.633)

11:23 am. Yumin Abbadini ITA FX: 2.5 to front layout, small bounce. Arabian double front, little skid and a hop to the side. Front double full is good. Nice flair work. Triple full with a bit of a bounce back into a lunge. 13.766 (5.5, 8.266)

Victor Martinez BEL SR: 12.466 (5.0, 7.466)

Florian Langenegger SUI PH: 13.833 (5.2, 8.633)

Oskar Kirmes FIN SR: 13.200 (4.7, 8.500)

Nestor Abad ESP PH: 13.000 (4.7, 8.300)

11:22 am. Artur Davtyan ARM HB: Love him just casually sitting on the HB mat before his routine hahaha. Yamawaki, lovely straddle Tkachev, works well in L grip, Tak, Tak half, stalder to perfect handstand, tucked double double with a hop. What a day! 13.000 (4.4, 8.600)

11:20 am. Joshua Nathan GBR FX: Randi to start, small hop. Piked double front, bends his knees a bit. Front full to double front, nice. His body line is a bit soft throughout in the next pass. Triple full to finish with a bit of a bounce. 13.800 (5.7, 8.100)

Sofus Heggemsnes NOR PH: 11.800 (4.6, 7.200)

11:19 am. Ahmet Önder TUR SR: Maltese to iron cross, straddle planche, folded down in a handstand and had to adjust, double double dismount with a step back. 12.100 (4.5, 7.600)

Casimir Schmidt NED HB: 13.366 (5.2, 8.166)

11:17 am. Lorenzo Casali ITA FX: Front double full to double front, ridiculous! Randi with a small hop. Flared landing on the double full, 2.5 to front layout with a tiny shuffle, and a triple full with a hop. 13.800 (5.6, 8.200)

11:15 am. Pascal Brendel GER HB: Zou Li Min, Tak full was excellent, L grip work, Tak half, layout Tkachev, hop full, Yamawaki to Endo, stalder, full-twisting double layout stuck! This was fantastic! 13.233 (5.0, 8.233)

11:14 am. Elias Koski FIN FX: Double front. Whip to double full was so pretty. Front layout to front double full. Clean layout full down the side. Rudi. Great triple full! This was so nice. 13.400 (5.1, 8.300)

11:09 am. Rotation 5 Standings

1. Adem Asil TUR 71.532
2. Jake Jarman GBR 69.797
3. Artur Davtyan ARM 69.665
4. Noe Seifert SUI 69.331
5. Illia Kovtun UKR 68.999
6. Yumin Abbadini ITA 68.398
7. Florian Langenegger SUI 68.032
8. Pascal Brendel GER 67.931

11:07 am. Adem Asil TUR PB: Really strong work at the start, Makuts transition was awesome, he is doing THE MOST today. Straddle front is super precise, small bounce on the double front. Just. Ridiculous. 14.300 (5.6, 8.700)

11:04 am. Jake Jarman GBR PB: Wasn’t typing at the start but everything up to the Bhavsar looked good. Bhavsar was also good! Tippelt had a nice fluid press to handstand. Hop turn, and a double front half with a tiny shuffle. 13.866 (5.5, 8.366)

Thierno Diallo ESP HB: 13.033 (5.2, 7.833)

11:03 am. Yumin Abbadini ITA HB: A little late on the Tak full, Tak half is fine, Kolman, straddle Tkachev, hop full, stalder, inbar, maybe a little late there, double double layout with a lunge back. 13.466 (5.3, 8.166)

Nestor Abad ESP FX: 12.633 (5.4, 7.233)

11:02 am. Artur Davtyan ARM PB: Sorry, had to take a work call, and missed quick hitting this but it looked hit to me! 13.666 (4.5, 9.166)

10:58 am. Ahmet Önder TUR PH: Wasn’t typing at the beginning but everything went well until he lost his leg form and couldn’t control it back, just had too much of a split and couldn’t pull it back together. Off again after that. 11.233 (5.2, 6.033)

Leo Saladino FRA PH: 12.333 (4.0, 8.333)

Joshua Nathan GBR HB: 13.400 (5.1, 8.300)

Florian Langenegger SUI FX: 14.100 (5.6, 8.500)

10:57 am. Illia Kovtun UKR PB: Going back to see this thankfully! Beautiful handstand at the start, great transition between the single and double rails, beautiful single rail hold before a pirouette out, great handstand out of it, Stutz, front pike to handstand, perfect, pirouettes out, Makuts was great, one-arm pirouette out, more transitions between the bars, and a double front, stuck! Fantastic. 15.433 (6.6, 8.833)

10:55 am. Lorenzo Casali ITA HB: Had to muscle the Endo to handstand, Zou Li Min, Tak full was a little late, so was the Tak half, layout Tkachev, some leg form going into it, nice straddle Tkachev, stalder, double double layout a bit deep with a hop forward. 12.866 (5.3, 7.566)

Sofus Heggemsnes NOR FX: 13.266 (5.1, 8.166)

10:54 am. Luka van den Keybus BEL PH: Really had to muscle the handstand in the scissor work at the beginning, lots of form deductions there. Some lost leg form before the flairs but he’s working pretty well, maybe a bit scrappy. Has to muscle into the dismount as well. Well, a hit, if not beautiful. 11.500 (4.5, 7.000)

10:53 am. Pascal Brendel GER PB: Nice first handstand. Misses the next one completely, but recovers well into the next skill. Bhavsar was maybe a little low, Tippelt also had a pause before muscling to handstand. Great handstand on the full pirouette, double pike with a hop. 13.666 (5.4, 8.266)

Gabriel Burtanete ROU FX: 13.233 (5.6, 7.933, -0.3)

Elias Koski FIN HB: 12.933 (5.0, 7.933)

10:51 am. Ilia Liubimov ISR PH: Nice swing throughout the start. Lost some leg form midway through and had to come off. Back on and has nice extension at times, the rest of the routine is really nice. 11.800 (5.4, 6.400)

Illia Kovtun UKR PB: Haven’t seen this routine yet but a great score. 15.433 (6.6, 8.833)!

10:48 am. Kristofer Meszaros HUN HB: Tak full finishes late, Tak half, goes for the layout Kovacs but ends up a little low and can’t hold on, slips off to a hard fall on his back. Back on for a Kovacs and that one might have had the opposite problem, maybe a little too big and had to stretch to reach it, but falls again. Aggressive on the layout Tkachev and straddle Tkachev, stalder, blind change to L grip, Tak, turns around for giants into the double double layout, small step. 11.133 (4.9, 6.233)

10:47 am. Noe Seifert SUI FX: Front full to double front, a bit deep and he stumbles it back. Piked double front, small hop. Front double full to tucked barani. Clean stuck double full. 2.5 to front layout, a little archy in the latter but no issues on the landing. Triple full with a step back. 13.666 (5.7, 7.966)

10:46 am. Moving into the next rotation any minute now!

10:42 am. Rotation 4 Standings

1. Adem Asil TUR 57.232
2. Artur Davtyan ARM 55.999
3. Jake Jarman GBR 55.931
4. Noe Seifert SUI 55.665
5. Luka van den Keybus BEL 55.199
6. Yumin Abbadini ITA 54.932
7. Ahmet Önder TUR 54.932
8. Lorenzo Casali ITA 54.466

10:40 am. Yumin Abbadini ITA PB: Pike to handstand, pirouette out was nice to handstand, another full pirouette and then the  one and a quarter to the single rail, kip cast to handstand back to both rails, another transition to the single, kip cast with a press to handstand, and then a double pike with a big hop. 14.000 (5.3, 8.700)

10:39 am. Florian Langenegger SUI HB: Yamawaki, stalder, inbar, blind chagne to L grip, Tak, jumps back to reverse grip then turns around to regular, dismount was a bit scrappy in terms of form but landed well. 12.933 (4.5, 8.433)

10:38 am. Oskar Kirmes FIN FX: Piked double front, massive, step forward OOB though. Front full to front double full with a hop forward and a little wobble. 2.5 to front layout, small hop forward. Double full had a shuffle on the landing. Triple full, small hop back. He landed every pass basically against the OOB line but I think only the first actually went out. 13.300 (5.5, 8.000)

Joshua Nathan GBR PB: 13.700 (5.5, 8.200)

10:36 am. Kristofer Meszaros HUN PB: Really lovely handstand at the start, great Makuts, back tuck below the bar, Bhavsar lost some form weirdly but he caught it well enough, Tippelt, slow to handstand, maybe a bit muscled, turns right into the Healy, another full pirouette, and then a double front with a step forward.

10:34 am. Ahmet Önder TUR FX: Big step forward out of the double front. Double double, little wobble, but clean. 2.5 to front layout, stuck. Also sticks a clean double full. Triple full, some knee form got lost in there and he was a little bit short, but lands it well enough. 13.766 (5.4, 8.366)

Lorenzo Casali ITA PB: 14.066 (5.6, 8.466)

10:33 am. Jake Jarman GBR VT: Okay, we’re going back in the stream to see what he did. Kaz 2.5, the tiniest hop to the side/back, AMAZING. His form in the air is incredible. 15.266 (6.0, 9.266)

10:32 am. Leo Saladino FRA FX: Randi to start, sticks it! Front double full to front layout, also strong. Great double double with a hop back. Clean double full down the side. 2.5 to front tuck full, strong landing. Looked like he had a low set into the triple full but got it around no problem, maybe just a little low in his chest position. 13.866 (5.3, 8.566)

10:31 am. Casimir Schmidt NED VT: Sits the handspring double front. Ughhh. I hate this vault.

Jake Jarman GBR VT: I don’t believe we saw this? Just saw the score, 15.266!!!

Live scores just returned, by the way!

10:30 am. Artur Davtyan ARM VT: Handspring randi, excellent. 15.100

10:28 am. Luka van den Keybus BEL FX: Piked double front, tiny bounce. Front full to double front, also really strong. 2.5 to front layout, tiny bounce. 1.5 to tuck front full, good landing there. Finishes with a triple full, ooh! He’s having the best day. 13.900 (5.5, 8.400)

10:27 am. Ilia Liubimov FX: Hit the first couple of passes, a front double full and arabian double front. Then a 2.5 to front pike. Clean double full down the side. His landings look great. Little adjustment in the handstand as part of his strength elements. Front full to front tuck full, small hop there. Triple full, landed with feet apart and had a small hop back. 13.033

10:25 am. Noe Seifert SUI HB: Front giants at the start, Kaz half a little late, Kovacs went well, piked Kovacs as well, German giants to stalder, blind change to L grip, Tak, turns around, hop full, and an AMAZING triple back, step, but the HEIGHT ON THAT!!! 13.933 (5.8, 8.133)

10:24 am. Illia Kovtun UKR VT: NOOOOO, sits the Kaz 1.5. 13.200 (5.2, 8.000)

10:22 am. Victor Martinez BEL FX: Dobule double and then a piked double front, really good on both. Just hops. 2.5 to front layout, small hop. Clean layout full down the side. 1.5 to front full with a small hop to the side. 2.5 at the end, tiny hop forward. This was great! 13.666

10:20 am. Adem Asil TUR VT: Piked handspring double front half, deep landing, big lunge back, but this was massive in this field. His pike shape was GORGEOUS. 15.100!

10:18 am. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Adem Asil TUR 42.132
2. Noe Seifert SUI 41.732
3. Luka van den Keybus BEL 41.299
4. Ahmet Önder TUR 41.166
5. Florian Langenegger SUI 40.999
6. Ilia Liubimov ISR 40.933
7. Elias Koski FIN 40.932
8. Yumin Abbadini ITA 40.932

10:16 am. I think the live scores have given up, nothing yet for the last four routines but we should be at the rotation break.

10:15 am. Ahmet Önder TUR HB: Mixed grip to start, then turns around for his Cassina, some form, but fine on the catch. Kolman legs were wild. Straddle Tkachev, blind change to L grip, Tak full was really late, almost under the bar, Tak half also a bit late, stalder, hop full, and a double double layout with some leg form and a hop.

10:13 am. Thierno Diallo ESP VT: Kaz full, leg separation on the pre-flight and lands short with a big hop forward. 13.600

Krisztofer Meszaros HUN VT: Another kaz full, this was a nice one! 14.100 (4.8, 9.300)

10:12 am. Artur Davtyan ARM SR: Invert pike through to maltese, good shape. Invert pike to planche is also strong, lowers to maltese, invert pike to front saltos to handstand, a little adjustment getting up there but no major problems. Back swing to handstand, and then nearly sticks the double double dismount, ends up taking a baby step.

10:10 am. Leo Saladino FRA HB: Tak full, really wild in his legs, had another Tak that I didn’t quite see but it looked like something went weird with it, went HUGE on the Kovacs but was nowhere near the bar, fall. One-arm giant to stalder to blind change, L grip Tak, L grip giants, turns around for giants to the double double layout, hip form is all over the place but he lands it well. 11.133

10:08 am. Noe Seifert SUI PB: Lovely full pirouette at the start, front somi to handstand, holds it well. Makuts was nice at the start but then arched over and had to straighten out again, nice Bhavsar, Tippelt was fluid to handstand, double pike with a step back.

Casimir Schmidt NED SR: 13.900 (5.5, 8.400)

10:07 am. Luka van den Keybus BEL HB: Yamawaki to Endo full, a bit late in the finish, stalder 1.5 went WILD, oof, Tak half, Rybalko, a bit cleaner, Tak, hops to L grip for a giant, then back around to regular, hop full, and a full-twisting double layout with a big lunge forward. 13.433 (5.4, 8.033)

10:06 am. Pascal Brendel GER SR: Had a few little adjustments throughout but mostly good work here. Arched over a handstand pretty significantly at the end but that was his biggest problem. Stuck the full-twisting double layout dismount. 12.866 (4.6, 8.266)

Botond Molnar HUN PB: 13.366 (5.1, 8.266)

10:05 am. Ilia Liubimov ISR HB: Clear hip, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev was beautiful, Kovacs, really nice, bent his arms on the catch, Tak, hip change before a front full pirouette, Endo, stalder, and a clean, flared, and stuck full-twisting double layout! This was so nice. 13.433 (4.8, 8.633)

10:03 am. Illia Kovtun UKR SR: Maltese work was nice, saltos to pike sit, presses to handstand, a little bit short there, and his back has some sway in it, arched over on the next handstand and had to pull himself back, final handstand was okay but still had an adjustment, great double double dismount. 13.500 (5.3, 8.200)

10:02 am. Victor Martinez BEL HB: Fantastic routine! Connected Tkachevs, lovely circle work, and a clean full-twisting double layout dismount! 13.000 (4.9, 8.100)

9:59 am. Adem Asil TUR SR: Pulls himself right up to planche, amazing, through to maltese. Inverted hang up to inverted cross, right into the saltos to maltese, amazing! Planche to iron cross, great landing on the double double dismount, this was massive. 15.033 (6.3, 8.733)

9:58 am. Florian Langenegger SUI PB: Missed a couple of handstands in this, but was overall very nice. 13.566 (5.5, 8.066)

Oskar Kirmes FIN HB: 13.166 (4.8, 8.366)

Elias Koski FIN VT: Kaz full, big step back. 13.800 (4.8, 9.000)

9:57 am. I missed a couple of the first routines in the third rotation, here are some scores!

Jake Jarman GBR SR: 13.133 (4.7, 8.433)

9:55 am. Leo Saladino, Luka van den Keybus, and Victor Martinez are the top three going into the third rotation, because they all started on vault and p-bars, but the BBC truly thinks they are going to take it all. HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING FROM CAIO SOUZA?

9:53 am. Lorenzo Casali ITA SR: 13.500 (5.1, 8.400)

9:50 am. Leo Saladino FRA PB: Missed one handstand early on, but otherwise he has looked nice. Muscled up the Tippelt. Pirouette to the single rail, loses some form and is a bit tentative going back to the double rails. Diamidov went well, and then a double front half, almost stuck, but ultimately had to hop. 13.966 (5.7, 8.266)

9:49 am. Casimir Schmidt NED PH: Good on the scissor to handstand at the beginning, circling REALLY well on the single pommel, ugh, then doesn’t make it up to handstand in the Busnari and can’t keep his momentum going, has to come off. Really nice dismount! 12.200 (5.4, 6.800)

9:47 am. Pascal Brendel GER PH: Wasn’t typing for this but it was a really strong routine! 13.966 (5.6, 8.366)

Luka van den Keybus BEL PB: Front pike up to handstand, basket to handstand, great control on the half turn and the Healy, walks out of another pirouette after that then arched over a handstand on a half turn, double front with a hop forward. 13.466 (5.0, 8.466)

9:46 am. Gabriel Burtanete ROU VT: Was going for a Kaz 1.5 I believe but looked like his hands slipped on the table (GYMNOVA you will burn!) and he only got 1.5 twists around instead of 2.5, while also tucking his legs throughout and still having to sit it. Just an 11.966 (4.4, 7.566)

9:43 am. Botond Molnar HUN VT: Handspring double front, ALMOST stuck it! Ended up having to take a baby step.

Illia Liubimov ISR PB: 13.600 (5.1, 8.500)

Lorenzo Casali ITA SR: 13.500 (5.1, 8.400)

9:42 am. Illia Kovtun UKR PH: Scissors to handstand down to scissor, some pike in his hips as he goes into his circles, good straightening out on the Russians on the single pommel and between the handles, travels really well in Russians, legs are GLUED, loses his leg/knee form going into the handstand into the dismount and has to really fight to get it around, so that was problematic, but the rest was nice enough I think to balance it out. Oh, that’s a rough score. 12.966 (5.6, 7.366)

9:41 am. Noe Seifert SUI VT: Yurchenko double full, flares it a bit on the landing, which is really strong.

9:39 am. Victor Martinez BEL PB: A little muscle out of the one-arm pirouette, and he’s short on most handstands actually. Not holding them long enough, just rushing a bit. Tippelt was good, little adjustment out of the half turn, double pike, really short, big lunge forward. 13.233 (5.4, 7.833)

9:38 am. Florian Langenegger SUI VT: Yurchenko 2.5, slight knee bend, hop forward. 14.400 (5.2, 9.200)

9:37 am. Adem Asil TUR PH: Minor leg form when he went into the Russians at the end, great transition between the horse and the pommels, and a REALLY strong pirouette into the dismount. This was huge for him. 13.166 (5.0, 8.166)

9:36 am. Okay, this BBC stream is WAY behind. Can any single organization stream a gymnastics event live in the year of our lord 2023?

9:35 am. Jake Jarman GBR PH: Scissor to handstand, some single pommel work, hips weren’t there, legs were a bit wild in the Russians between the pommels, and then he loses his hip form again going back into the circles. Legs apart when he travels, and hips still not quite great. But hey, he’s doing it! GREAT handstand into the dismount, an important hit for him despite the form issues. 13.166 (5.7, 7.466)

9:34 am. Yumin Abbadini ITA SR: Good on the piked and tucked somersaults and just a small step back on the double double dismount. 13.266 (4.7, 8.566)

Noe Seifert SUI VT: 14.033 (4.8, 9.233)

Sofus Heggemsnes NOR VT: He sat it, sadly!

9:33 am. Ahmet Önder TUR PB: Had to muscle something up early on and then walked out of a cast to handstand. Healy turn from the single rail went well, but he caught the straddle front somi awkwardly. Double front half, tiny bounce.

Nestor Abad ESP VT: 13.000 (5.2, 7.900, -0.1)

9:32 am. Artur Davtyan ARM PH: Good in his one-arm swing, starts to lose his leg and hip form the more he goes through, travels well, he’s extending a bit more now, Russians at the end into the dismount, a good routine! Just little things to clean up in the middle. 13.933 (5.4, 8.533)

9:28 am. Gabriel Burtanete ROU SR: Yes, this already happened, but great that we get to see more I guess? Planche was a bit quick, salto elements up to pike sit had a bit of a heavy adjustment, nice press to handstand. Front giant to handstand, and then a piked double front, lunge back on the landing. 13.500 (5.1, 8.400)

9:27 am. I feel like the BBC is way behind? Idk what’s happening, they’re probably just showing earlier routines? I feel like Liubimov was really early in the vault rotation lol.

9:25 am. Ilia Liubimov ISR VT: Kaz full, small hop back. Looked pretty clean.

9:23 am. Should be moving into the second rotation now.

9:21 am. Krisztian Meszaros HUN PH: Scissor to circles, really nice extension but then he bent his knees a bit and ended up dropping down. Back on for Russians at the end, gets a bit sloppy in circles as he travels, good up into handstand and lands well. 11.766 (4.8, 6.966)

Pascal Brendel GER FX: 13.500 (5.5, 8.000)

9:20 am. NOW THE BBC WORKS! Here’s the stream, you just need a UK VPN:


9:19 am. Sorry, the BBC stream isn’t working for me either. I hate gymnastics!

Illia Kovtun UKR FX: 13.900 (6.1, 7.900, -0.1)

9:11 am. Adem Asil TUR FX: Piked double front, little step back. Front layout to double front. Double double, small hop. Arabian double front with a small hop as well. Lost the stream for the rest of this. Apparently the BBC has a stream so I might switch over at the break because I’m about to stab my computer. 13.933 (5.8, 8.133)

Noe Seifert SUI SR: 13.366 (5.0, 8.366)

Yumin Abbadini ITA PH: 14.100 (5.7, 8.400)

9:10 am. Nestor Abad ESP SR: Missed nearly all of this due to the stream. Going to be saying that a lot, I fear. Hit the dismount, though! 13.666 (5.3, 8.366)

9:08 am. Jake Jarman GBR FX: Saw that he hit the first pass. Triple double was great. 2.5 to front layout to front double full, hopped forward OOB. Triple full down the side, very casual. Randi is good, and then a little bit of a leap forward out of the 3.5 at the end, but wow, flaws aside, I love this floor so much.14.366 (6.7, 7.766, -0.1)

9:06 am. Joshua Nathan GBR PH: Stream paused but showed him popping off the horse when it came back. Back on for circles and Russians on the single pommel but he kind of starts to rush and then loses his momentum and is off again. Back on with a transition to both pommels then back to one for circles up into handstand for the Busnari, has to muscle to get it there, but eventually does and then comes back down in flairs. Finishes well enough but that was tough. 11.400 (5.9, 5.500)

Luka van den Keybus BEL VT: Ooh, Yurchenko 2.5, small hop to the side goes OOB, but otherwise a great vault. 14.400 (5.2, 9.300, -0.1)

9:03 am. Artur Davtyan ARM FX: Hit his first pass, but this stream is also AWFUL??? It will just randomly stop and go back to the home page and say “there is no live streaming event” but then I refresh and it’s there. I HATE THIS. I saw him hit a front double full I believe, and I think it looked like he balked something in his second pass? Something about it looked weird. Layout full down the side. Arabian double front half at the end. 13.000 (4.6, 8.400)

9:01 am. Casimir Schmidt NED FX: I missed the very beginning, caught up at the handspring randi followed by a full-in, both strong. Great triple full at the end. 13.133 (5.6, 7.633, -0.1)

Lorenzo Casali ITA PH: Hit routine! 12.800 (4.8, 8.000)


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  1. Okay so the only time I’ve actually seen a hand slip on vault this champs was Kovtun. Is the fabric too loose on the Gymnova vaults or something?


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