2023 European Championships | Women’s All-Around Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for for the women’s all-around final at the 2023 European Championships, held in Antalya, Türkiye!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

10:50 am. Final Standings

1. Jessica Gadirova, Great Britain, 55.032
2. Zsofia Kovacs, Hungary, 54.899
3. Alice D’Amato, Italy, 54.500

10:47 am. Jessica Gadirova GBR FX: Full-twisting double layout, maybe a little deep on the landing, but overall this is an incredible pass. Double layout with a small hop back. Switch ring to tour jeté full. Had a little hop out of a jump before her last pass. Front layout full through to double tuck, small hop back. Oh, this will be SO CLOSE.

Maisa Kuusikko FIN BB: 12.100 (4.7, 7.400)

10:46 am. Jessica Gadirova will need above a 13.8 on floor to move ahead of Kovacs, and above a 13.401 to move ahead of D’Amato.

10:42 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN FX: She needs above a 12.867 to surpass D’Amato. Switch full, little stumble. Excellent double double, baby step. Hop back on the double layout. Switch to split full, really weirdly short on the latter. 1.5 with a little shuffle on the landing. Double tuck was a bit under-rotated, chest down and a big step forward but I think she’ll move ahead of D’Amato. And she does! 13.266 (5.7, 7.566) – 54.899 AA puts her in first!

Zoja Szekely HUN UB: 13.433 (5.9, 7.533)

Morgane Osyssek FRA BB: 12.633 (5.3, 7.333)

10:39 am. Alice D’Amato ITA FX: Memmel to full spin. Double layout with a little shuffle back. Triple full, hop back. Front double full, oof, really big hop there to control that landing. Switch ring. 13.100 (5.4, 7.700)

Selina Kickinger AUT BB: 12.066 (4.6, 7.466)

Kaia Tanskanen FIN UB: 10.500 (4.8, 5.700)

10:37 am. Tonya Paulsson SWE UB: 12.933 (4.8, 8.133)

10:36 am. Naomi Visser NED FX: Whip to triple full to punch front, some crossed ankles in the triple. A tiny little skid around in the double L, but the Memmel to illusion was good. Switch half. Comes out of the 2.5 really low and long but still gets the layout around. Double tuck was slightly short with a hop forward. 13.200 (5.6, 7.600)

Alba Petisco ESP UB: 12.933 (5.2, 7.733)

Maria Tronrud NOR BB: 12.566 (5.3, 7.266)

10:35 am. Eythora Thorsdottir NED VT: Didn’t see it but looks like she brought out the Yurchenko double! 13.933 (5.0, 8.933)

10:34 am. Laura Casabuena ESP VT: Strong Yurchenko full! 13.233

10:32 am. Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR FX: Hit the front double full and then the 2.5 to front pike, some leg separation in the twists but not super severe. Strong switch half. Really slow rotation in the double tuck, cowboys and finishes short but gets the landing. Leap series was really nice. 12.633 (4.9, 7.733)

Ana Barbosu ROU VT: Yurchenko 1.5, some hip form, some knee form, but she gets the landing! 13.400 (4.6, 8.800)

Emelie Westlund SWE UB: 12.733 (5.2, 7.533)

Alice Vlkova CZE BB: 9.433 (4.8, 4.633)

10:29 am. Maellyse Brassart BEL BB: Stumbled on the leap series. Hit everything else well, landed a solid layout series, feet apart. Front aerial. Double pike, big step back, but this was SO good! 13.400 (5.6, 7.800) – DAMN!

10:27 am. Lisa Vaelen BEL FX: Switch 1.5 I believe was what she did right before her first pass, a solid arabian double front with a small step forward. Tucked full-in had some form in the air and a baby step. Clean double tuck with a step back. Well, she had a FANTASTIC day. Not as strong on beam and floor as the other three in the top with her right now but she should be SO proud of this day! I think whether she medals or not it will be a historic ranking for Belgium. 13.133 (5.3, 7.833)

Bianca Frysak AUT VT: 12.633 (4.2, 8.433)

10:22 am. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Zsofia Kovacs HUN 41.633
2. Alice D’Amato ITA 41.400
3. Jessica Gadirova GBR 41.099
4. Lisa Vaelen BEL 40.966
5. Maellyse Brassart BEL 39.465
6. Naomi Visser NED 39.399
7. Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR 38.966
8. Eythora Thorsdottir NED 38.800

10:21 am. Ana Barbosu ROU FX: Stuck the full-in COLD. That was so nice. Pike jump full. clean 2.5 to front tuck, also stuck. Double pike was a little deep with a hop forward. Ugh, then hands down on the double tuck. Just lost steam on those last two passes, sadly. 12.033 (5.3, 6.733)

Amalia Ghigoarta ROU FX: 12.733 (5.1, 7.633)

10:18 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN BB: Switch leap mount right to switch half to Korbut, very nice. Side aerial to back handspring, some leg form in the latter but she pulls it around. Front aerial to straddle jump to split jump IIRC, nothing wrong there. GREAT double spin, oh my god. Good side somi. Switch leap. Double tuck with a hop back, she did it! 13.833 (5.9, 7.933) – oh DAMN, that rockets her right to first place!

10:14 am. Alice D’Amato ITA BB: Switch leap mount, doesn’t actually make it anywhere near 180, kind of balked it. Then a big wobble on the punch front. Oof, Alice girl calm down please!!! Bhs loso. Took a second to center herself before that so hopefully the nerves are done. Leap series went well. Switch ring. Front aerial to split jump. Double wolf turn, finishes it in a squat with both legs. Hit a really nice 2.5 dismount. 13.000 (5.4, 7.600)

Morgane Osyssek FRA UB: 12.800 (5.3, 7.500)

10:11 am. Manila Esposito ITA FX: Double layout, a little deep/forward but nice solid footing. Tour jeté full. Memmel to illusion. Switch to switch full. 2.5 to front layout. Double pike, lands it low, pulls back, ends up sitting it. Bummer ending. 11.800 (5.4, 6.700, -0.3)

Selina Kickinger AUT UB: 12.366 (4.9, 7.466)

10:09 am. Naomi Visser NED BB: Lovely back handspring mount. Switch leap to side somi. Cross split jump half and straight jump full both go well. Side aerial to back handspring, oh no, crashes it on the beam and then falls. Double spin, walks out of it. Hit the leap series and the 2.5 dismount. Truly incredible work aside from that fall, that’s gotta hurt. 12.100 (5.2, 6.900)

Laura Casabuena ESP FX: 12.700 (5.2, 7.500)

Maria Tronrud NOR UB: 12.100 (4.5, 7.600)

10:08 am. Alice Vlkova CZE UB: 11.566 (4.5, 7.066)

10:06 am. Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR BB: hit the layout stepout mount and the double spin, nice! Also got the flight series out of the way. Front aerial, position when she finishes is wild but she corrects it quickly. No problems on the wolf turn. Strong double tuck dismount! 13.100 (5.3, 7.800)

Kaia Tanskanen FIN VT: Tsuk full with a step back. 13.200 (4.4, 8.800)

Tonya Paulsson SWE VT: Ooh, FANTASTIC Yurchenko full! So clean, a little flared, almost stuck, the tiniest bounce! 13.266 (4.2, 9.066)

10:05 am. Maellyse Brassart BEL UB: Wasn’t typing for this but it was a great routine! 13.666 (5.6, 8.066)

Maisa Kuusikko FIN UB: 13.266 (6.0, 7.266)

Alba Petisco ESP VT: 13.166 (4.2, 8.966)

Bianca Frysak AUT FX: 11.866 (4.3, 7.566)

10:02 am. Lisa Vaelen BEL BB: Hit everything at the beginning, I wasn’t typing! Also got the flight series. Full turn, break at the hips. Side somi is good. Punch front. Double tuck, step back, but damn, a hit on beam! We love to see it. 12.933 (5.1, 7.833)

Emelie Westlund SWE VT: 12.766 (4.2, 8.566)

10:00 am. Jessica Gadirova GBR BB: Switch leap to switch half, floppy front foot there, into the Korbut, kind of off directionally. Triple wolf turn gets a bit shaky but she makes it there in the end. Front aerial to split jump, check, pause, jump series hit. No big problems in the flight series. Tiniest adjustment in the side aerial. Double pike, great landing there. 13.533 (5.7, 7.833)

Sarah Voss GER VT: 13.500 (4.2, 9.300)

9:58 am. Eythora Thorsdottir NED FX: Little step out of her first jump and hit the first pass with a hop back. Double L to double spin to Memmel to illusion, okay queen! DO IT ALL. Double tuck, landed with feet apart, small step. Switch ring to tour jeté half. 2.5 to front pike, a little scrappy in that one. 12.700 (5.1, 7.600)

Zoja Szekely HUN VT: 13.000 (4.2, 8.800)

9:54 am. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Alice D’Amato ITA 28.400
2. Lisa Vaelen BEL 28.033
3. Zsofia Kovacs HUN 27.800
4. Jessica Gadirova GBR 27.566
5. Naomi Visser NED 27.299
6. Eythora Thorsdottir NED 26.100
7. Ana Barbosu ROU 26.066
8. Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR 25.866

9:51 am. Amalia Ghigoarta ROU BB: Hit the punch front mount and the side aerial. Looks like she had a terrible time on bars, just a 9.266. 😦 Hit a really nice flight series. Punch front was a little deep but no major problems. Split leap to sissone. Has to bend her knee to stop the double wolf turn from over-rotating. Good landing on the double tuck. 12.900 (5.4, 7.500)

9:49 am. Alice D’Amato ITA UB: Hit the first transition to the Tkachev, Downie to Bhardwaj, she does that SO easily. Van Leeuwen. blind change to front giant to front full, really gets sketchy there for a moment in handstand as she finishes but she makes it around and into the double front! 14.400 (6.1, 8.300)

Tonya Paulsson SWE FX: 12.166 (4.4, 7.866, -0.1)

9:47 am. Manila Esposito ITA BB: Hit the mount right into the flight series, stunning. Check on the front aerial. Tick tock down for her wolf turn, a triple I think, I wasn’t counting though. Just guessing. Switch leap to split jump half. Side aerial. Ugh, her knee dropped on the low double pike dismount…don’t think it hit the mat but it was close. 13.033 (5.7, 7.333)

9:46 am. Naomi Visser NED UB: Ricna to mixed grip to Ezhova, stalder full went crooked weirdly but she corrected before the Chow to Pak, some leg separation there. Van Leeuwen, toe full to full-in, great landing. 14.033 (5.9, 8.133)

Jessica Gadirova’s D score just went up a tenth so she’s now at 13.466 on bars.

Alba Petisco ESP FX: 12.500 (5.2, 7.300)

9:43 am. Laura Casabuena ESP BB: Layout stepout mount, big stumble but a great save. Bhs bhs loso RIGHT to the end of the beam, her heel is actually off the end, but no problems, very solid series, just some leg form deductions. Punch front is solid as well. Good on the switch to switch half and on the jump series. Front aerial. Wild landing on the side aerial but she fights through it again. Double pike dismount with a big step back. A hit! 12.300 (5.5, 6.800)

Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR UB: Hindorff, Church to mixed grip to Ezhova, Maloney to Pak to clear hip to van Leeuwen, blind full to a great handstand, into a full-in, pretty heavy cowboy in the flips but she sticks it! 13.800 (5.8, 8.000)

Sorry, I’m forgetting all of the mixed grip Tkachev names and don’t want to get them wrong so I’m just saying the Tkachev name “to mixed grip” to make my life easier hahaha.

9:41 am. Emelie Westlund SWE FX: Double tuck to start, big bounce back. Front layout through to 1.5, little stumble there. Switch half. Clean layout full, small hop. 11.966 (4.3, 7.666)

Bianca Frysak AUT BB: 10.600 (4.6, 6.000)

Selina Kickinger AUT VT: Ooh, she stuck the hell out of this Yurchenko full! 13.166 (4.2, 8.966)

Sarah Voss GER FX: 12.466 (5.0, 7.466)

9:40 am. Lisa Vaelen BEL UB: Straddle Jaeger, Ricna to mixed grip to Ezhova, Maloney to Pak, good rotation on the van Leeuwen, toe full is maybe slightly late, and a good landing on the full-out. 13.700 (5.8, 7.900)

9:37 am. Jessica Gadirova GBR UB: Hop change to piked Jaeger, Tkachev to mixed grip to Ezhova, not bad! Maloney to Pak, leg separation on the latter. Van Leeuwen maybe a hair short in rotation. Tiniest ankle form break in the blind full, which she does into a full-in, lands weirdly short with her chest down and a big step. 13.366 (5.6, 7.766)

9:35 am. Eythora Thorsdottir NED BB: Back handspring mount, almost does it one-handed kind of, she lifts one hand SO fast! L turn to switch leap to Y turn, maybe a little slow in those connections. Bhs loso, chest a bit forward when she finishes. Hit the aerial to split jump to back handspring series well. 2.5 dismount, takes a little crossover step, but hey, this was a good hit! 12.900 (4.9, 8.000)

Maisa Kuusikko FIN VT: Yurchenko full, clean, and almost kinda flares it, just hops back and is a bit to the left in her direction. Foot looks OOB but I don’t think they took it hahaha. 13.100 (4.2, 8.900)

Zoja Szekely HUN FX: 12.233 (4.6, 7.633)

Maellyse Brassart BEL VT: Yurchenko full, massive hop back but REALLY nice aesthetically, she scored higher with a huge hop than most others did without, she could easily get this to a 9.5 E I think! 13.333 (4.2, 9.133)

9:33 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN UB: Inbar full to Chow half, nice, toe half to straddle Jaeger, Downie to Pak, a little low on the Pak, van Leeuwen, looked like she hit her feet on the bar?, and a strong full-in with a hop. 13.700 (6.2, 7.500) – with that E score I’m going to assume her feet did hit

9:31 am. Ana Barbosu ROU BB: Nice punch front mount. Front handspring form was WILDLY all over the place but she still gets it to the front tuck. Side aerial, chest down when she lands it. Switch leap to switch half to Korbut. Double wolf turn. Tour jeté with a bit of a wobble. Hit the dismount well enough, just some leg form in the air. 12.933 (5.8, 7.133)

Kaia Tanskanen FIN FX: 12.500 (5.1, 7.400)

Morgane Osyssek FRA VT: Yurchenko full, lots of power, really strong, flares it out, small hop. 13.200 (4.2, 9.000)

9:27 am. Morgane Osyssek FRA FX: Really floaty in the double layout! Front layout through to double tuck was pretty clean but she ended up OOB on the landing. Tucked full-in, a little low maybe, small hop. Solid double pike at the end. Switch leap to hop L full turn. This was a replay I think? I don’t have sound on so I have no idea what’s happening.

9:25 am. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Lisa Vaelen BEL 14.333
2. Jessica Gadirova GBR 14.100
– Zsofia Kovacs HUN 14.100
4. Alice D’Amato ITA 14.000
5. Naomi Visser NED 13.266
6. Eythora Thorsdottir NED 13.200
7. Ana Barbosu ROU 13.133
8. Laura Casabuena ESP 12.900

9:22 am. Alba Petisco ESP BB: Layout stepout mount, solid. Check and then a wobble on the full turn. Small step back on the punch front. Small checks on the jump series. Bhs bhs loso with another little check. Just not as tight here as she needs to be. Switch to switch half. Double tuck, chest down but her feet don’t move. 12.500 (5.5, 7.000)

Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR VT: Just showed the replay, she sat the Yurchenko 1.5, she was a bit piked and tucked in the air and still just came up a bit short unfortunately.

9:20 am. Alice Vlkova CZE FX: 2.5 to front tuck, tentative on the landing, tries to make sure she won’t go OOB, and she doesn’t. Hit the second pass, front double full maybe? Could have been a full, I wasn’t paying super close attention but thought I saw two rotations. Double wolf turn. Strong double tuck. Hop L to split leap to tour jeté half. She’s awesome, what a great new talent for Czechia! 12.233 (5.0, 7.233)

Manila Esposito ITA UB: 12.500 (5.5, 7.000)

Emelie Westlund SWE BB: 10.233 (4.4, 5.833)

9:18 am. Laura Casabuena ESP UB: Stalder to Maloney to Pak, nice lift out of the Maloney but the Pak was a bit low. Good rotation on the van Leeuwen, just some leg separation, blind change to piked Jaeger, blind full, toe-on to back tuck dismount, really solid stuff! 12.900 (5.0, 7.900)

9:16 am. Maellyse Brassart BEL FX: Y turn to full spin. Full-in with a step back to start. Double pike, clean, lunge back. Tour jeté half. Switch ring to switch half. Hit the next pass…front full? I missed the entry, sorry! Double tuck, clean, deep landing but not severely so. Great work! 12.466 (4.9, 7.566)

9:14 am. Sarah Voss GER BB: Wobbles on the layout stepout mount, grabs the beam, ultimately falls. Ughhh. Side aerial layout stepout with a check. Nice tour jeté. Full turn. Switch leap. Front aerial with a wobble. Double full, clean, small hop. 11.966 (5.2, 6.766)

Naomi Visser NED VT: 13.266 (4.2, 9.066)

Bianca Frysak AUT UB: 12.033 (4.8, 7.233)

9:13 am. Eythora Thorsdottir NED UB: Shaposh to Pak, leg separation and it looked like she missed a hand but if she did, she fixed it REAL quick, Maloney to bail to toe full to Ray, nice toe point on the latter, blind change to straddle Jaeger, hop on the full-out dismount. 13.200 (5.5, 7.700)

Maisa Kuusikko FIN FX: 12.300 (5.2, 7.300, -0.2)

9:11 am. Zoja Szekely HUN BB: Ugh, missed the leap mount and starts with a fall. Nice work on the flight series, but a stumble on the side aerial. Chest really far down on the side somi, looked like she grabbed the beam. Front aerial with a slight check. Gainer tuck with a step. 10.666 (4.8, 5.866)

9:10 am. Lisa Vaelen BEL VT: Handspring rudi, a bit of a pike down and some other form issues, but gets the landing. 14.333 (5.4, 8.933)

9:08 am. Jessica Gadirova GBR VT: REALLY nice Yurchenko double full, hop back, but excellent for the most part in the air.

Ana Barbosu ROU UB: Clear hip, hops to mixed grip to Ezhova, Maloney to clear hip full, tries to keep it vertical but loses her leg form, bends her knees, good job straightening up and keeping the direction, that could have been much worse than it was, piked Jaeger, Pak, van Leeuwen with some leg form, and a solid full-in dismount.

9:07 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN VT: Yurchenko double full, some ankle form and a bit of a hop back, maybe a tenth hop, didn’t look massive but my angle wasn’t great! 14.100


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