2015 Novara Cup Results

The 2015 Novara Cup was held on October 10 in Novara, Italy.

Ferrari and Popa Will Return at Novara Cup

See the competitors set for this weekend’s Novara Cup in Italy.

FIG Releases Worlds Nominative Lists

The FIG released the full nominative list for this year’s World Championships. Check out who’s on it and read some of our thoughts!

Belgium Struggles in Friendly Win

The Belgians may have won their friendly meet this past weekend, but it was a tough battle to the top…and they may have lost Julie Croket in the process.

The Weekend Competition Roundup

It was a busy weekend! Miss anything? Don’t worry…we’ve got you covered! Check out the highlights in our roundup.

2015’s New Seniors: The Extensive List

We at The Gymternet have an extensive list of over 250 new seniors listed in alphabetical order by country. Did we leave anyone behind? Let us know!

2014 Élite Gym Massilia Report and Results

Full results and a detailed report of the open and master competitions as well as the event finals at the 2014 Élite Gym Massilia competition in Marseilles, France.

2014 Youth Olympic Games: The Preview

Check out The Gymternet’s comprehensive preview before the 2014 Youth Olympic Games. Find out who we think will impress in the all-around and event finals in Nanjing, China this week!

2014 Youth Olympic Games Guide

The women’s artistic gymnastics competitions of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games will be held August 18 through August 24 at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre in Nanjing, China.