2014 Novara Cup Complete Coverage Guide


The first annual Novara Cup will be held Saturday September 6 in Novara, an Italian city situated between Turin and Milan.

This is a team competition with no all-around or event finals. The Italian host team will contend for the Novara Cup title against the women from Belgium, Spain, and Sweden. The field includes two-time Olympians Vanessa Ferrari of Italy and Gaelle Mys of Belgium, 2012 Olympians Erika Fasana and Giorgia Campana of Italy, Swedish Olympians Veronica Wagner (2004) and Jonna Adlerteg (2012), and Spanish superstar Roxana Popa.

The meet will test the gymnasts’ preparation in order for their federations to select the final teams for the World Championships in October.

The Gymternet’s Complete Coverage Guide has everything you’ll need to follow along – including who’s competing, when it’s going down, and where to watch.

When is the Novara Cup?

The competition will be held Saturday September 6 at 4:30 pm local time (10:30 am EST).

Who Will Be There?

The teams set to compete include…

Belgium Italy
Julie Croket Erika Fasana
Dorien Motten Vanessa Ferrari
Gaelle Mys Lavinia Marongiu
Eline Vandersteen Elisa Meneghini
Lisa Verschueren Lara Mori
Lin Versonnen Martina Rizzelli
Laura Waem
Spain Sweden
Ainhoa Carmona Jonna Adlerteg
Claudia Colom Ece Ayan
Marta Costa Lovisa Estberg
Ana Perez Emma Larsson
Roxana Popa Kim Singmuang
Cintia Rodriguez Veronica Wagner
Maria Paula Vargas Nicole Wanström (alternate)

In addition to those listed for the Italian team, Sofia Bonistalli and Giorgia Campana will compete as individuals so that they may be included in the Worlds team selection process.

This may be the case with some athletes from Belgium and Spain as well, as only six athletes will be allowed to compete for each team and both of these teams list seven athletes in attendance. It’s possible, however, that they are each sending an alternate with the team.

How Can I Watch?

There will be live online coverage of the 2014 Novara Cup on the Italian Gymnastics Federation’s YouTube or at www.ginnasticando.it.

In Italy and want to see the action live? Tickets are no longer available online but can be purchased on site before the competition, which will be held at the Palazzetto del Terdoppio.

Article by Valeria Violi
Photo thanks to Silvia Vatteroni

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