It’s a Busy International Weekend Ahead…


Lots going on in the gymnastics world this weekend, ladies and gents! Tearing your hair out because you don’t know what to where to look? Don’t worry! The Gymternet has your back.

Only one meet has a live stream, one has results, and the other two barely have any information published, but we’ve done what we could to bring you all we know. If we find anything else, we’ll be sure to tell you!


When? Saturday September 6 at 2 pm local time (8 am EST)

Where? The Wettkampfhalle in Obersiggenthal, Switzerland

Who? Germany, Romania, and Switzerland

What? A friendly meet to give the athletes likely to attend World Championships some international experience in front of the judges before heading to Nanning later this month. Germany has selected their team already, but are deciding between Seitz and Leah Griesser for the last spot. If Seitz competes well here, it’ll definitely go to her. Switzerland and Romania have yet to select teams, but all of their top girls will be there in Obersiggenthal and are likely to go to Worlds.

What’s Online? I haven’t found a live stream yet but they will have results online updated in realtime. Check out the LK 2014 website for information not covered here.


When? Saturday September 6 at 4:30 pm local time (10:30 am EST)

Where? The Palazzetto del Terdoppio in Novaro, Italy

Who? Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Sweden

What? A friendly team competition that will test the gymnasts’ preparation in order for their federations to select the final teams for the World Championships in October. Though Sweden has already selected their team, this will be a great trial for those who have not yet been named to their nations’ teams.

What’s Online? The event will be streamed on the Italian Gymnastics Federation’s YouTube as well as on No live results are online at the moment. For more information, you can check out The Gymternet’s Complete Coverage Guide.


When? Qualifications will be held on Saturday September 6 and finals will be held Sunday September 7. The WAG competition will begin at 11 am local time (4 am EST) both days.

Where? The Ahmet Cömert Spor Salonu in Istanbul, Turkey

Who? No roster information is currently available, though the Azerbaijani federation has said they will attend with Anna Pavlova, Yuliya Inshina, Marina Nekrasova, Mariia Smirnova, and Anastasiya Bolshova.

What? The competition features both junior and senior gymnasts. The team competition on Saturday has a five up, three count format and will also determine the all-around champion. Event finals will occur on Sunday.

What’s Online? I can’t find a live stream or results links online, but if you want, you can check out their website, though there’s not much more on it than I’ve updated you with here.


When? Saturday September 6 and Sunday September 7

Where? Ragusa, Italy

Who? The competition will include two athletes from each of the 13 nations in attendance, including Greece, Turkey, Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Jordan, Italy, Malta, Morocco, San Marino, Spain, and Tunisia.

What? This is a junior competition for gymnasts in the Mediterranean region. This is the first Mediterranean Championships after the Mediterranean Gymnastics Confederation was founded in 2010.

What’s Online? Almost nothing. The Italian federation has had some articles up but nothing of major interest. The European Union of Gymnastics doesn’t have any information either.

Article by Lauren Hopkins
Photo thanks to Giulia Steingruber’s Facebook

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