The Golden League Coverage Guide


The Golden League, a new Italian women’s gymnastics meet, will be held for the first time ever this weekend in Porto San Giorgio. It will act as a trial for the Italian team looking to represent their country at the upcoming World Championships in Nanning, China.

The four best teams who competed in the last Italian team championships (called “Serie A”) will take part in the Golden League with both senior and junior gymnasts. Each team is allowed to add three additional gymnasts to their lineup, to be chosen from a group of 13 gymnasts selected by national team director Enrico Casella. These additional gymnasts typically compete with teams that didn’t qualify for the Golden League, and will be assigned randomly to the four teams competing in Porto San Giorgio.

The teams will be able to use as many gymnasts as they’d like on each event with only the top five scores counting to their total. The team competition will also define the all-around ranking while acting as a qualification for the event finals.

Since the aim of this meet is to give every national team’s member the opportunity to show the routines that could be useful for the World Championships team competition, the national team director decided to add a second vault final, which will be open to all gymnasts performing one single vault.

The competition field includes two-time Olympian and former world champion Vanessa Ferrari, 2012 Olympians Giorgia Campana and Erika Fasana, and 2012 Olympian/2013 World beam finalist Carlotta Ferlito, who overcame health issues and resumed training in June. This will be Ferlito’s first competition after this year’s American Cup.

When is the Golden League?

The team competition will be held Saturday September 13 at 4 pm local time (10 am EST). Event finals will be held Sunday September 14 at 3 pm local time (9 am EST).

Who Will Be There?

The teams set to compete include…

Brixia Brescia Sofia Busato Martina Rizzelli
Erika Fasana Pilar Rubagotti
Vanessa Ferrari Desiree Carofiglio*
Chiara Imeraj Adriana Crisci*
Francesca Linari Lavinia Marongiu*
GAL Lissone Sophia Campana Giorgia Campana*
Carlotta Ferlito Jessica Helene Mattoni*
Elisa Meneghini Michela Redemagni*
Alessia Praz
Olos Gym 2000 Roma Ilaria Bombelli Martina Maggio
Beatrice Borghi Lara Mori*
Chiara Gandolfi Nicole Terlenghi*
Giorgia Morera
Forza e Virtu 1982 Novi Ligure Giulia Gemme Asia Pandolfo
Valentina Massone Arianna Rocca
Carlotta Necchi Sofia Bonistalli*
Emma Novello Joana Favaretto*
Marta Novello Caterina Vitale*

* These gymnasts are randomly assigned to the teams

Additionally, Alessia Leolini will compete as an individual due to a previous injury, performing only on vault and bars.

How Can I Watch?

There will be online coverage of the Golden League on the Italian Gymnastics Federation’s YouTube or at

In Italy and want to see the action live? Tickets are still available online. The competition will be held at PalaSavelli in Porto San Giorgio, Italy.

Article by Valeria Violi
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7 thoughts on “The Golden League Coverage Guide

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  2. Adriana Crisci ❤ !!!!! extremely curious to se how she will perform!

    On social media she is always improving on all apparatus! Lets see how it will all came together!


  3. I wander what is going on with Elisabetta that she is not on this roster? Nor is Guilia Leni… two that I remember from the MTV show ginnastic…


      • Actually, Elisabetta hasn’t retired yet, it was a misunderstanding. Many websites or facebook gymnastics page published the wrong news, and only few corrected the mistake. She’s still struggling with her knee injury, but she said she was determined to come back. Of course she won’t compete on an international stage agan, but she want to compete again with her own team, GAL Lissone. But Giulia Leni officially retired last year, after the friendly meet Italy-Germany held in Vigevano, Italy! 🙂


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