British World Championships Team Official


Hannah Whelan

After a long series of trials and selection camps, Great Britain has announced their team set for the 2014 World Championships to be held in Nanning, China from October 3-12.

2014 Commonwealth champions and European silver medalists Becky Downie, Claudia Fragapane, Ruby Harrold, and Hannah Whelan will lead a team that will also include Commonwealth champion Kelly Simm, 2013 British champion Gabrielle Jupp, and 2013 British silver medalist Charlie Fellows.

British Gymnastics will decide the alternate at a later date.

With Olympians Downie and Whelan at the head and the dynamic Fragapane expected to put up big numbers in the all-around, the team is a very strong one. The competition between Great Britain and Italy will be fierce, as both have the potential to break into the Big Four with Romania currently on the downswing.

While I think the podium may still be out of reach for both teams, the race for fourth place will be an absolute bloodbath.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

5 thoughts on “British World Championships Team Official

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  2. Italy is a lot stronger than GB right now. GB is just bars and Fragapane’s floor basically. And they’ve had worse execution (than usual) at the past two competitions.


  3. I’m excited! Although I’m not overly optimistic (and British and so slightly biased) GB did beat both Russia and Italy at Europeans this year.


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