2014 World Championships Team Final Recap – Rotation 2

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.52.41 AM

After two rotations, the USA leads with a 91.474, followed by China with 87.722, Romania with 86.831, Russia with 86.597, Italy with 83.732, Great Britain with 82.864, and Japan and Australia tied with 81.132.


Kyla Ross hit a lovely routine, nailing every skill, including her Maloney, pak salto, van Leeuwen, straddle Jaeger, toe full, bail to toe shoot, and a gorgeous stuck double layout for a 14.733.

Madison Kocian hit her Komova II to pak salto with no problems before going in on a lovely Chow half. She hit her inbar half to straddle Jaeger, and nailed her stalder full to full-out for a 14.9.

Ashton Locklear hit her inbar full to Komova II to pak salto, but then had to take a swing before the Maloney to bail to Ray, breaking the six skill series into two. She hit her inbar half to huge straddle Jaeger and then hit the full-out with the tiniest foot movement. She brought in a 15.1 for her effort.


Shang Chunsong had a gorgeous routine at the start, hitting her insane pirouette sequences into a high straddle Jaeger but then unfortunately overarched a handstand and had to hop off. She hit her Gienger and full-in dismount, but earned just a 13.933.

Huang Huidan hit a Chow to pak salto to Chow half, which looked awesome, as always. Her blind full to blind full to big piked Jaeger was fantastic, and she hit her double front half dismount, earning a 15.133.


Aliya Mustafina began her routine with her double full, which wasn’t controlled at all, and her leg came up massively on the landing. She hit her standing arabian with a pause before her jumps, but her switch half to Onodi was better connected. She had a nice side aerial, and then a front aerial front aerial back handspring series, nicely done. Her double tuck dismount was hit, and she earned a 14.766.


Hannah Whelan had a very messy routine, hitting a front aerial with a big check to start her beam routine. She hit her sheep jump and side aerial with a wobble, a nice Onodi, switch ring, and put her hand down on her 2.5 dismount, unfortunately. Overall it was a very shaky routine, definitely not what we’re used to seeing from her. 11.766

Becky Downie had a lovely roundoff layout and hit her double pike dismount with a step forward, earning a 14.033.


Vanessa Ferrari opened with a double double, her heel just edging out to touch the out-of-bounds area. She did her double layout to a split jump, which seems like a great way to cheat what could potentially be a bad landing. Smart. Her full-in was hit nicely, and she earned a 14.666.


Stefania Stanila had a DTY, nicely done for a 14.758.

Larisa Iordache also competed a DTY, looking very clean and landing with just a slight hop back for a 15.066.


Mai Murakami competed a great routine, hitting a double double, double pike, 1.5 to front full, and 2.5 twist.

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