News from the FIG Congress


The 80th FIG Congress and General Assembly is currently underway in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 250 delegates representing 78 national federations are in attendance, and a lot has already been discussed. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know.

Goodbye Grandi

Early this morning, FIG president Bruno Grandi of Italy announced that he will retire from his position after his current term comes to an end in two years.

Grandi told a speechless audience that “in October 2016, I will not be in the running for the FIG presidency” and then offered his encouragement to those who are up to the task in the future.

First elected to the FIG in 1996, Grandi was re-elected four times subsequently for a run that has now stretched for 18 years. The new president of FIG will be announced at the close of the 81st FIG Congress in October 2016.

Montreal 2017?

The 47th artistic gymnastics World Championships in 2017 have been provisionally awarded to the Canadian Gymnastics Federation and the city of Montreal. The final decision will be made after an inspection visit happening soon.

Montreal will mark the first time a World Championships has been held outside of Europe or Asia since Melbourne 2005, and the first time on the American continent since Anaheim 2003.

Azerbaijan on the Prowl

Six gymnasts’ requests for nationality changes were accepted, including three switching from Russia to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan has become a haven for Russian gymnasts no longer valuable for their team in international competition, most famously adopting the two-time Olympic bronze medalist Anna Pavlova in November 2013. Pavlova won the silver medal on vault for her new country at the European Championships this year.

This time around, 23-year-old Kristina Pravdina, a member of the Russian World Championship teams in 2006 and 2007, has made the move alongside T&T gymnast Dmitry Federovskiy and acro gymnast Uliana Diakova.

In addition, T&T’s Jimmy Raymond has moved from France to Switzerland, T&T’s Andreia Casmarrinho Fernandez has moved from Portugal to Canada, and WAG gymnast Alexa Grande has moved from Guatemala to El Salvador.

Olympic Apparatus Suppliers

The first order of business at this congress was to choose an equipment supplier for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Spieth and Gymnvoa were given the honors of providing all event apparatus, springboards, and landing mats for artistic gymnastics.

As in London 2012, Gymnova will supply the uneven bars as well as the floor. Spieth will provide the vaulting table, balance beam, and all mats and springboards for each event.

Eurotramp has been selected to provide trampoline equipment.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

4 thoughts on “News from the FIG Congress

  1. The one thing that makes me worry about a disliked head of an organization leaving is that the next one may not be any better and could be worse.


  2. I think I’m more surprised about Pravdina returning at all than her nationality change. I had no idea she was even interested in coming back. It’s been a long time for her. But even so, it makes sense switching to Azerbaijan because her father is the other national coach along with Natalia Pavlova. He coaches Yulia Inshina and Marina Nekrasova.


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