2014 Chinese Individual Championships Results and Videos


Luo Huan from the Zhejiang province won gold at the Chinese Individual Championships held this past weekend in Shanghai. She posted a 55.836 in the all-around, and also won bars with a 13.467.

In the all-around race, she was followed by Xu Li of Shanghai in second with a 53.535 (she also took  home the beam title) and Lv Jiaqi of Zhejiang in third with a 52.501. Liu Jinru won vault even after crashing her Rudi and with a messy landing on her Tsuk double; the Henan gymnast also picked up gold on floor.

No members of the 2014 World Championships team competed at this meet aside from alternate Xie Yufen, who qualified into the bars and beam finals. The meet isn’t a super important one in terms of attendance, which is why the top names were missing – think of it as a practice before the more intense winter training begins.

Videos from the all-around final and event finals can be found below. A huge shoutout to Piibunina on Youku for the excellent job getting all videos uploaded quickly!

All-Around Videos

1 Luo Huan Zhejiang VT UB BB FX
2 Xu Li Shanghai VT UB BB FX
3 Lv Jiaqi Zhejiang VT UB BB FX
4 Zhou Linlin Jiangsu VT UB BB FX
5T Niu Sizhou Beijing UB
5T Fu Yuyao Sichuan VT UB BB
7 Xiao Jiale Henan VT UB BB
8 Yu Yanfang Fujian VT UB FX
9 Gong Kangyi Hubei UB BB FX
10 Zhu Xiaofang Guangdong VT UB BB FX
11 Zhang Wenxin Hebei VT BB
12 Hu Hongling Guizhou VT UB BB
13 Wang Qianmei Yunnan UB
14 Zhang Yuxin Shaanxi UB
15 Huang Peijun Fujian VT BB
16 Wang Chuqiao Sichuan UB
17 Wu Jing Wuhan VT UB
18 Kui Simin Jiangxi FX
19 Ng Yanyin Hong Kong
20 Yuan Jiahe Beijing UB
21 Yao Shunyu Shaanxi
22 Chen Yongdie Hubei

Vault Final Videos

1 Liu Jinru Henan 13.9 14.267 VT 1, VT 2
2 Yuan Xiaoyang Zhejiang 13.567 14.067 VT
3 Li Yiwei Henan 13.867 13.733 VT
4 Yang Tianyi Shanghai 14.834 13.684 VT 1, VT 2
5 Yao Shunyu Shaanxi 13.767 13.467 VT
6 Wu Jing Wuhan 13.467 13.450 VT 1, VT 2
7 Li Linxi Tianjin 13.734 13.167 VT
8 Zhang Yuxin Shaanxi 12.300 12.650 VT 1, VT 2
9 Ng Yanyin Hong Kong 11.600 11.600 VT 1, VT 2

Uneven Bars Final Videos

1 Luo Huan Zhejiang 13.467 UB
2 Lv Jiaqi Zhejiang 13.434 UB
3 Fu Yuyao Sichuan 12.934 UB
4 Xu Li Shanghai 12.600 UB
5T Zhu Xiaofang Guangdong 12.567 UB
5T Zhou Linlin Jiangsu 12.567 UB
7 Xie Yufen Hunan 11.800 UB
8 Zhou Lu Henan 11.500 UB

Balance Beam Final Videos

1 Xu Li Shanghai 13.567 BB
2 Lv Jiaqi Zhejiang 13.300 BB
3 Xie Yufen Hunan 13.234 BB
4 Lou Nina Zhejiang 12.400 BB
5 Xu Chujun Guangdong 11.967 BB
6 Zhu Xiaofang Guangdong 11.867 BB
7 Zhou Lu Henan 11.567 BB
8 Gong Kangyi Hubei 11.300 BB

Floor Exercise Final Videos

1 Liu Jinru Henan 12.900 FX
2T Chen Li Guangdong 12.367 FX
2T Lou Nina Zhejiang 12.367 FX
4 Zhu Xiaofang Guangdong 12.200 FX
5 Lv Jiaqi Zhejiang 12.134 FX
6T Xu Li Shanghai 11.734 FX
6T Xi Beini Shanghai 11.734 FX
8 Fu Yuyao Sichuan 11.300 FX

Article by Lauren Hopkins
Photo by Xiuxiu

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