Victoria Moors Expected to Return to Competition at Elite Canada


2012 Olympian Victoria Moors of Canada will make her return to competition this weekend at Elite Canada in Trois-Rivières, Québec.

Moors, who withdrew from Canada’s team at last year’s Commonwealth Games and hasn’t competed since winning the bronze all-around medal at the 2014 Canadian Championships in May, is one of 35 senior women listed on the meet’s athlete registration released by Gymnastics Canada this week.

The list also includes 2014 World team members Ellie Black, Maegan Chant, Isabela Onyshko, Kirsten Peterman, and Victoria-Kayen Woo, as well as national team members Casey Carvalho, Madison Copiak, Gabriella Douglas, and Sabrina Gill. Aleeza Yu, who injured her knee on beam during qualifications in Nanning, is not expected to compete, nor will 2014 Worlds alternate and Pan Ams team member Jordyn Pedersen.

Former junior national team members Sydney Laird, Audrey Rousseau, Sydney Soloski, and Sydney Townsend will make their senior debuts at the meet. In addition, junior standouts Shallon Olsen and Rose-Kaying Woo will join the senior ranks for the week due to their strong Rio 2016 potential.

Elite Canada will also feature MAG competitors. Every member of the 2014 Worlds team is expected to compete, including Zachary Clay, Ken Ikeda, Kevin Lytwyn, Scott Morgan, Jackson Payne, Hugh Smith, and Robert Watson.

All registered competitors are listed below. For more information about Elite Canada, including the full schedule of events, please visit our event page.

WAG Senior Competitors

Marjory Bastien, Viagym
Ellie Black, Halifax ALTA
Casey Carvalho, Revolution
Maegan Chant, World Class
Madison Copiak, Calgary
Hélody Cyrenne, Gym-Richelieu
Laurie-Ann Demers, Gym-Richelieu
Amanda Diallutto-Pérez, WIMGYM
Mia Dimas, QCK Gymnastics
Gabriella Douglas, East York
Jessica Dowling, Dynamo
Alexus Downey, Halifax ALTA
Émilie Dumont, Viagym
Sabrina Gill, Manjak’s
Clair Kaji, Flicka
Heaven Latimer, Brantford
Sydney Laird, Calgary
Maude Lebeau, WIMGYM
Laura Lucas, Gymtastics
Alannah McPherson, Club Aviva
Victoria Moors, Dynamo
Shallon Olsen, Omega
Isabela Onyshko, Brandon Eagles
Ariane Parent, GYM-TRM
Mackenzie Parker, Gymtastics
Denelle Pedrick, Marian
Kirsten Peterman, Revolution
Audrey Rousseau, Équilibrix
Sydney Soloski, Calgary
Sabrina Tomassini, WIMGYM
Sydney Townsend, Revolution
Rose-Kaying Woo, Gym-Richelieu
Victoria-Kayen Woo, Gym-Richelieu
Charlie Wright, Marian
Angel Zhong, Omega

WAG Junior Competitors

Alyson Arcand, Capital City
Haley Biggin, Langley
Amy Bladon, Bluewater
Shaelyn Brown, Capital City
Frédérique Chartrand, Gym-Plus
Lindsay Chia, Rose City
Seina Cho, Omega
Jade Chrobok, Gemini
Haley de Jong, Flicka
Laurie Denommée, WIMGYM
Alexis Didomizio, Burlington
Molly Fiorito Laplante, Équilibrix
Jaime Fourchalk, Flicka
Samantha Haghighat-Joo, Flicka
Goldie Harder, Calgary
Sophie Marois, WIMGYM
Coralie Melançon, Les Réflexes
Ashley Obsieger, Flicka
Kiana Orom, Ortona
Monica Palumbo, Viagym
Megan Phillips, Gymnix
Megan Roberts, East York
Mackenzie Robinson, Futures
Meaghan Ruttan, Calgary
Nika Takagi, Shenderey
Laurie-Lou Vézina, Gym-Fly
Lauren Wang, Club Aviva
Sonita Zlobec, WIMGYM

WAG Novice Competitors

Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Gymnix
Allysson Armstrong, Langley
Lea Atangana, Stampede City
Madisen Bedard, Flicka
Zoey Benoit, Brantford
Gabriela Beselt, Okanagan
Juliette Chapman, Tumblers
Chloé Chaput-Gosselin, Équilibrix
Megan Choisy, Laval Excellence
Tegan Collins, Gymtastics
Gabrielle Deslauriers, AST Gym
Chloé Dufault, Gym-Fly
Jordyn Ewing, TAISO
Montana Fairbairn, Stampede City
Audrey Foucault, Gym-Fly
Samantha Fourchalk, Flicka
Alexis Gillespie, Panthers
Emma Guthrie, Champions
Calle Inkster, Norfort
Lucia Jakab, Okanagan
Sequoia Johnston, Omega
Ilka Juk, Omega
Victoria Jurca, Gym-Fly
Megan Lacerte, Unigym
Jade Laforest, Équilibrix
Cassidy Lavigne, Rose City
Valeska Léonard, Unigym
Katarina Lozic, Manjak’s
Charlotte McDevit, WIMGYM
Éloise Monat, Équilibrix
Myrelle Morin, Gymnix
Ana Padurariu, Gemini
Amanda Pedicelli, Équilibrix
Hayley Perkins, Adrenaline
Enya Pouliot, TAISO
Avery Rosales, Tumblers
Sophie Shaver, Unigym
Stephanie Sim, Dynamo
Emma Spence, Dynamo
Michaela Stevenson, Unigym
Leah Tindale, Dynamo
Alexandria Tonkin, Burlington
Kristina Undheim, Gymtastics
Sayge Urban, Guelph Saultos
Abigail Van Der Merwe, Gymtastics
Emily Walker, Marian
Alison Walsh, Gymnika

MAG Senior Competitors

Jeremy Bartholomeusz, Toronto International
Damien Cachia, University of Calgary
Scott Chandler, Island Gymnastics
Steven Chaplin, Twisters
Zachary Clay, Twisters
Stephen Clouter, Halifax ALTA
Joel Cornelius, Burlingston
René Cournoyer, Gymnika
Evan Cruz, Halifax ALTA
Mathieu Csukassy, Centre Père Sablon
Matthieu D’Amour, Island Gymnastics
Devy Dyson, Richmond
Samuel Gaudet-Pellerin, Centre Père Sablon
Wolfe Gazer, Burlingston
Matthew Halickman, Centre Père Sablon
Jaroslav Hojka, Ottawa
Ken Ikeda, Twisters
Sam Ito, Calgary
Taylor Jackle Spriggs, Ottawa
Justin Karstadt, Futures
Teague King, Taiso
Bobby Kriangkum, Capital City
Kevin Lytwyn, University of Calgary
Aaron Mah, Vancouver Phoenix
Nicholas Mallia, Toronto International
Aiden Marsden, Capital City
Teagan Marsden, Capital City
Scott Morgan, Flicka
Scott Nabata, Kamloops
Joseph Odland, West Wind
Samuel Paquin, Centre Père Sablon
Jackson Payne, Capital City
Valgard Reinhardsson, Halifax ALTA
Jackson Rozario, Gymnastics Mississauga
Carter Shelton, Capital City
Hugh Smith, Halifax ALTA
Robert Stanescu, Alpha
Wyatt Tyndall, Taiso
Robert Watson, Twisters

MAG Junior Competitors

William Black, Halifax ALTA
Jacob Bonnay, Gymnastics Mississauga
Ethan Chin, Futures
Chris Kaji, Richmond
Ryan Oehrlein, Gold Medal
Casey Rogran, Gymnastics Mississauga
Jonathan Scripnick, Futures
Anthony Tawfik, Futures
Andriy Tryguba, Toronto International
Samuel Zakutney, National Capital

MAG Novice Competitors

Elel Baker, Gymnastics Mississauga
Napoléon Coté, Gymnamic
Matthew Dacbang, Gymnastics Mississauga
William Émard, Laval Excellence
Laurent Gosselin Paradis, Laval Excellence
Cohen Kiers, Twisters
Olivier Menezes Thibault, Laval Excellence
Darian Modasi, Gymnastics Mississauga
David Sandro, Gold Medal
Braedan Spiteri, Gymnastics Mississauga
Jesse Tyndall, Taiso
Darren Wong, Vancouver Phoenix

Article by Lauren Hopkins

9 thoughts on “Victoria Moors Expected to Return to Competition at Elite Canada

  1. Do you think this gives weight to the suspicion that she had been suspended from the team (so not quitting gymnastics after all) for [unknown] behavior in Scotland?


    • Possibly…I don’t like speculating about why she was out but I think if people are speculating that she had a suspension for a given amount of time, this would make sense. I don’t think she was suspended but this could definitely give weight to that suspicion for those who do.


  2. ” In addition, junior standouts Shallon Olsen and Victoria-Kayen Woo will join the senior ranks for the week” Do you mean Rose-Kaying Woo? Victoria-Kayen was born in 1997.


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