English Championships Begin Tomorrow in Loughborough


This year’s English Championships begin tomorrow, Friday March 13, in Loughborough and the competition is going to be stiff.

All members of the senior women’s 2014 World Championships team will be present, with the exception of Hannah Whelan, who recently announced her retirement.

Ruby Harrold, Kelly Simm, Becky Downie, Gabby Jupp, Claudia Fragapane, and alternate Charlie Fellows are set to compete in the second session on Saturday along with promising new seniors Ellie Downie (the 2014 Youth Olympic Games all-around bronze medalist), Tyesha Mattis, and Amy Tinkler. Also on the roster is gymternet favorite Lisa Mason, the 33-year-old who retired after competing at the 2000 Olympic Games and then made a comeback in 2013.

The competition will also showcase several prominent senior guest athletes, including Grace Harrison of Isle of Man, Claudia Chmielowska who competes internationally for Poland, this year’s Scottish champion Amy Regan, Hungary’s Aisa Kajouk, and Georgina Hockenhull of Wales, who missed the Welsh Championships earlier this month though did well at the WOGA Classic in February, earning a 53.1 in the all-around.

Big names in the junior pool include Catherine Lyons and Scottish junior champion Louise McColgan.

The men’s field includes 2014 World all-around silver medalist Max Whitlock alongside Worlds team members Daniel Keatings, Kristian Thomas, and Courtney Tulloch. Both Nile Wilson and Daniel Purvis, who won the Scottish Championship title last month before competing at the American Cup last weekend, will be absent.

Two-time Olympian Louis Smith, who medaled on pommel horse both in Beijing and in London, will also compete after earning pommel horse bronze and helping his team to Commonwealth Games gold last summer, as will 2012 Olympian Sam Oldham, who makes his return to competition after suffering an ankle injury during the Commonwealth Games team final.

The competition begins with espoir and boys competition on Friday morning, followed by senior competition on Saturday and junior competition on Sunday. For more information, check out our event page. The full list of competitors is below.

Senior Women

Morning Session
Annaya Appleby-Mason, Europa
Victoria Ashworth, Bristol
Katie-Ann Barton, Bury
Olivia Blatch, Europa
Melissa Brown, Pipers Vale
Lauryn Campbell, Bury
Chelsea Court, City of Bristol
Carlie Ede, Loughborough Students
Georgia Finch, Huddersfield
Sara Finn, City of London
Morgan Finnegan, City of Manchester
Naomi Gayle, City of Manchester
Nadine Gomez, City of London
Emily Goss, Portsmouth
Rebecca Hall, Leeds
Olivia Hanby, Europa
Grace Harrison, Loughborough Students
Lauren Hearfield, Redcar
Kara Heaton, Warrington
Loriah James, Leeds
Lucy Moxham, Marriotts
Jessica Nicholson, Leeds
Polina Poliakova, Pipers Vale
Lucy Prower, Abingdon
Chloe Wood, Pipers Vale
Maddy Young, Spiral
Afternoon Session
Jade Armstrong, South Durham
Danielle Barnes, Dynamo
Eshe Bernard, Park Wrekin
Anushka Bovill, Notts
Katy Bramley, Notts
Lucy Brett, The Academy
Claudia Chmielowska, East London
Georgina Clements, Park Wrekin
Jessica Coombs, Notts
Imogen Davies, Sapphire
Becky Downie, Notts
Ellie Downie, Notts
Charlie Fellows, City of Liverpool
Claudia Fragapane, Bristol Hawks
Chantelle Halford, East London
Ruby Harrold, The Academy
Georgina Hockenhull, Park Wrekin
Gabrielle Jupp, Sapphire
Aisa Kajouk, East London
Millie Kennard, Tolworth
Lisa Mason, Heathrow
Tyesha Mattis, East London
Mollie Payton, Heathrow
Lavinia Raymund-Jayadev, Park Wrekin
Natasha Raymund-Jayadev, Park Wrekin
Amy Regan, Largs
Kelly Simm, Dynamo
Jade Stedford, City of Liverpool
Amy Tinkler, South Durham

Junior Women

Morning Session
Emma Adams, Gymstars
Megan Bridge, Gymmagic
Abigail Brooker, Uckfield
Carrie Brown, Notts
Parris Bryan, Uckfield
Laura Cooke, Norfolk Academy
Georgia-Mae Fenton, East London
Isobel Hilliard, Horsham
Olivia Laycock, Huddersfield
Amy Layzell, Dynamo
Jade Lewis, City of London
Molly Lunn, Bury
Louise McColgan, Largs
Katie Meadow, Southport YMCA
Georgina Moors, Uckfield
Sophie Newbury, Bury
Lois Parry, Bury
Casey Spry, Dynamo
Amber Stevens, Woking
Georgia Wallace, Notts
Bree Warren, Baskerville
India Weller, Abingdon
Afternoon Session
Tilly Allen, Huntingdon Olympic
Emmeline Anghileri, Tolworth
Jenna Arnot, Pinewood
Lana Chilton, City of Newcastle
Eden Edwards, City of Birmingham
Rachel Fraser, City of Birmingham
Ellie Haberfield, The Academy
Madelaine Hart, Heathrow
Sophie Heeney, City of Newcastle
Polly Hitchings, Heathrow
Alice Kinsella, Park Wrekin
Hannah May Leeson, City of Birmingham
Catherine Lyons, Europa
Amelia Montague, Tolworth
Rowena Needham, Bristol Hawks
Ellesse Oates, Park Wrekin
Megan Parker, City of Birmingham
India Sale, Heathrow
Sophie Scott, Leatherhead & Dorking
Honour Sheard, Park Wrekin
Lottie Smith, Huntingdon Olympic
Abigail Solari, The Academy
Lucy Stanhope, City of Liverpool
Phoebe Turner, The Academy


Morning Session
Annabel Agba, Pegasus
Tayah Askham, Dynamo
Ella Beattie-Edwards, Dynamo
Courtney Burton, South Durham
Isabel Davis, Bristol Hawks
Ellen Donaldson, Slough
Olivia Essex, Dynamo
Alice France, Abingdon
Martha Franks, Heathrow
Daisy Gamble, Bury
Karis Haugh, Heathrow
Emma Hill, Norfolk Academy
Sydney Letchford, Dynamo
Erika Magpantay, Marriotts
Gracie Mitchell, South Devon
Leah Mitchell, Dynamo
Kelsey Ann Moore, City of Liverpool
Amelie Morgan, Slough
Abigail Morris, City of Manchester
Kaliska Nowers, Slough
Leigha O’Donnell, City of Manchester
Amelia Richards, Bury Spectrum
Lucy Robinson, Bury Spectrum
Amy Jane Rowe, City of Bristol
Francesca Ryman, South Durham
Mia Scott, South Durham
Roshelle Spencer-Smith, Heathrow
Danielle Tabios, Bury Spectrum
Gabrielle Wild, Bristol Hawks
Teri WIlliams, Garstang
Afternoon Session
Bella Aldridge, Notts
Tia Andrews, Heathrow
Alissia Barlow, City of Birmingham
Laura Beasley, Park Wrekin
Chiara Bunce, Heathrow
Ellie Clements, The Academy
Hallie Copperwheat, Sapphire
Jessica Daykin, Wiltshire
Emily Gibson, Europa
Leah Gordon, Aspire
Eleanor Green, Tameside
Phoebe Jakubczyk, The Academy
Taeja James, City of Birmingham
Abigail Jones, Park Wrekin
Lauren Jones, Vernon Park
Laura Kaletha, Notts
Amelia Knight, The Academy
Maisie Lloyd-Jones, Portsmouth
Lauren Matthews, Sapphire
Nemiah Munir, Sapphire
Charlotte Nelson, City of Newcastle
Phoebe Nicholls, Park Wrekin
Oriel Powell, City of Birmingham
Alyieana Rahim, Sapphire
Freya Roberts, Heathrow
Phoebe Ruggins, Heathrow
Racheal Ryan-Reid, Aspire
Tabitha Sheard, Park Wrekin
Zoe Simmons, The Academy
Megan Splain, Sapphire
Gypsy Squires, Sapphire
Caitlin Williams, Notts
Scarlett Williams, Notts
Chantae Wilson, Notts
Marnie Woolrich, Park Wrekin

Senior Men

Morning Session (age 16-18)
Harry Andrews, Bristol Hawks
Alessandro Avanzi, Woking
Declan Ayers, Waveney
Alfie Baines, Southport YMCA
Thomas Bourke, Leeds
Alex Brierley, City of Manchester
Sam Budden, Portsmouth
Hamish Carter, City of Birmingham
Harry Caulwell, City of Birmingham
Joe Cemlyn-Jones, Falcons
Miki Chu, Woking
Byron Day-Rogers, Falcons
Tony Duchars, Huntingdon Olympic
Joe Fraser, City of Birmingham
George Harrow, Pipers Vale
James Hodgson, City of Newcastle
Loukas Jones, Leeds
Veselin Kavaldzhiev, Tolworth
Hector Kennedy-Dyson, Tolworth
Timothy McCarthy, Woking
Toby McCarthy, Europa
Joshua Nathan, City of Birmingham
Jack Neill, Tolworth
Tom Nicolaou, Europa
Ryan Owen, Falcons
Jack Parolin, Waveney
Owen Print, Rugby
Giarnni Regini-Moran, Europa
Harry Ross, City of Newcastle
Thomas Settle, Leeds
Adam Steele, Pipers Vale
Harry Wall, Baskerville
Afternoon Session (age 18+)
Frank Baines, Southport YMCA
Brinn Bevan, South Essex
Harry Carter, Loughborough Students
Tim Champion, Exeter
Marvin Coleman, Bury
Elliott Cooper, City of Manchester
Dominick Cunningham, City of Birmingham
Thomas Defina, Woking
Minesh Desai, Tolworth
Joseph Fox, Leeds
James Hall, Pegasus
Gabriel Hannah, Loughborough Students
James Henderson, Huntingdon Olympic
Mitchell Jarvis, Loughborough Students
Daniel Keatings, Huntingdon Olympic
Bradley McBride, Woking
Ross Morey, Loughborough Students
Jaron Morgan, Loughborough Students
Matthew O’Connor, Loughborough Students
Sam Oldham, Loughborough Students
Robert Payne, Loughborough Students
Louis Smith, Huntingdon Olympic
Kristian Thomas, Earls
Jay Thompson, South Essex
William Trood, Loughborough Students
Courtney Tulloch, Pegasus
Ashley Watson, Leeds
Max Whitlock, South Essex
Anthony Wise, South Essex

Junior Men

Morning Session
Matthew Boardman, Notts
Dylan Boarer, Heathrow
Henry Brooker, Baskerville
Tyla-Jae Curtis, Notts
Jamie Dejong, Hawth
Joesph Devine, Portsmouth
George Dobson, Colchester
Colton Dudley, Heathrow
Louis Gibson, Hawth
Morgan Girvin, Leeds
Harry Harrod, Hawth
Harry Hayes, Portsmouth
Jack Helps, Portsmouth
Jake Johnson, Leeds
Ethan Kennedy, Heathrow
Tom Killick, Hawth
James Leaver, Portsmouth
Cameron Lister, Pipers Vale
Matthew McClymont, Tolworth
Conor McGrath, Notts
William Newell, Heathrow
Sam Plant, Notts
Isaac Pollard, Leeds
Mohamed Serry, Tolworth
Louis Sidebottom, Leeds
Kurtis Stanley, Portsmouth
Charlie Taylor, Baskerville
Alexander Weeks, Baskerville
Harvey Williams, Heathrow
Matthew Wilson, Leeds
Leo Zervos, Milton Keynes
Afternoon Session
Raekwon Baptiste, City of Birmingham
Samuel Bowden, Bury
Lorenzo Carrozzo, Woking
Jack Chamberlain, Bury
Euan Cox, Pegasus
Korben Fellows, City of Birmingham
Fraser Griffiths, Woking
Kai Yin Ho, Earls
Ali Hussein, Huntingdon Olympic
Jake Jarman, Huntingdon Olympic
Thomas Jones, Rugby
Jamie Lewis, Woking
James Miller, Woking
Sam Mostowfi, Pegasus
Patrick Murphy, Huntingdon Olympic
Bradley Nuttall, City of Manchester
Harry O’Driscoll, Huntingdon Olympic
Donell Osbourne, Earls
Thomas Paradise, City of Birmingham
Emilio Regini-Moran, Europa
Aldrin Salvilla-Tagayuna, City of Manchester
Thomas Saunders, Swindon
Hayden Skinner, South Essex
Jasper Smith-Gordon, Woking
Ben Tarbuck, Southport YMCA
Adam Tobin, Falcons
Douglas Turnbull, South Essex
Jake Unsworth, Bury
Jake Watson, City of Birmingham
Luke Whitehouse, Diamonds


Afternoon Session
Anton Adewale, Hawth
Jaydon Attygalle, Tolworth
Lewis Bagguley, Crewe & Nantwich
Clayton Bell, Rugby
Lazarus Benjamin, Bury
Adam Bennett, Hawth
Jamie Brennan, Harrow
Tremare Brown, City of Manchester
Elliot Bullen, Swallows of Helston
Declan Davies, Waveney
Finlay Dunne, Bury
Kai Fellows, City of Birmingham
Myron Francis, Harrow
Isaac Frimston, Pegasus
Lyle Harry, Dynamo
Thomas Hobbins, City of Birmingham
William Hood, City of Manchester
Zion Hunt, Tolworth
Daniel Kekeh, Heathrow
Jaiden Khan, Rugby
Maxim Lachugin, Milton Keynes
Lewis Lakin, Crewe & Nantwich
Daniel Lisney, Colchester
Jacob Mairs-McKenzie, City of Manchester
William May, Heathrow
Frederick Nelson, City of Newcastle
Theo-Amari Ochana, Heathrow
Ryan Petford, Crewe & Nantwich
Nathaniel Pye, Southport YMCA
Remell Robinson-Bailey, Earls
George Ross, City of Newcastle
Kurtis Rutter, City of Newcastle
Joseph Sawyer, South Essex
Edvard Servuts, Southport YMCA
Daniel Smyllie, Earls
Harley Spann, Bury
Joseph Taylor, Milton Keynes
Nathan Todosijczuk, City of Manchester
Cody Trueman, Hawth
Tobie Watson, City of Birmingham
Tyreese Williams, Colchester
Victor Yeo, Exeter

Article by Lauren Hopkins

3 thoughts on “English Championships Begin Tomorrow in Loughborough

    • Dealing with injuries still I believe…she was supposed to compete at the Glasgow World Cup in December but backed out at the last minute, so my guess is that she’s on her way back but isn’t quite there yet.


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