The January Retirements

Five high-profile international gymnasts announced their retirement from elite gymnastics this month. We celebrate their journeys here!

2016 Mälarcupen Results

Results from the 2016 Mälarcupen, held from November 4 through November 6 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Turning Senior in 2017

A list of the 200 gymnasts who will reach the senior level of international elite competition in 2017. Who are you most excited to see?

The English Championships Roster

Catherine Lyons will make her senior debut at English Championships this weekend, where most members of the 2015 worlds team will also compete.

2015 Northern European Championships Results

Results from the 2015 Northern European Championships, held from September 19 through September 20 in Limerick, Ireland.

2015 British Championships Results

Results from the 2015 British Championships, held March 27 through March 29 in Liverpool, England.

English Championships Begin Tomorrow in Loughborough

Information about this weekend’s English Championships, including the complete list of athletes set to attend!