Lyons Coasts to Junior Title at British Championships


It was smooth sailing for 14-year-old Catherine Lyons at the British Championships this weekend.

Lyons, who trains at Europa Gymnastics Center, had a three point lead in the all-around to secure gold with a score of 55.600 thanks to calm and clean work across her four events. Welsh gymnast Maisie Methuen of Phoenix earned the silver medal with a score of 52.800 while Georgia-Mae Fenton of East London took home the bronze with a 51.550.

On vault, Lyons had a tidy FTY with just a small shuffle back. On bars, she unfortunately took out her Shang, which she attempted at both the Welsh and English Championships, opting for a Maloney to clear hip before competing a Gienger as her release and finishing with a nice arabian double front. Easier, but she hit it nicely, with only a few minor form issues.

Continuing to beam, there were a few nervous wobbles, but she showed lovely flexibility and fluid movement between skills, and her leg hold straight into the full turn was breath-taking as always; she dismounted with a nice 2.5. Her floor routine was gorgeous, and tumbling included a 1.5 to stuck front full, a double pike into a mostly controlled lunge, and a 2.5 into a punch front tuck.

Methuen, just 13 and last year’s British Espoir Champion, had a few issues in her day on bars and beam, where she had a few bobbles, but overall she showed great potential, and it was great seeing a girl from the Welsh program on the podium, which is typically dominated by the English.

The 14-year-old Fenton is beautiful and elegant in her work on beam, especially on beam, where despite a few little stumbles, she had a gorgeous and fluid routine. She is also a lovely bar worker, and while her difficulty is a bit low on floor (she opens with a double tuck and then does both a front and back double full) she is exquisite in her movement and dance elements.

Louise McColgan, this year’s Scottish champion, placed 4th. Floor was a big highlight for her, as she earned a 13.15 opening with a big piked full-in followed by a triple full (a bit messy and stumbled OOB but very powerful!), and a double pike to finish. In 5th was Phoebe Turner, who had a very nice FTY, and in 6th was Welsh gymnast Latalia Bevan.

It was fantastic seeing the top six an even split between English and non-English gymnasts. Typically Wales and Scotland are so underrepresented in Great Britain’s program, especially at the senior level. But here, Methuen, McColgan, and Bevan proved that they have what it takes to give the English girls a run for their money, and I hope to see them continue to thrive as they get older.

My biggest disappointment was seeing Alice Kinsella struggle so much, placing 12th with a score of just 47.850 after winning bronze at English Championships last month with an all-around finish five points higher. Her routines aren’t online, but by the looks of it, she had multiple falls on bars (typically a very nice event for her) and beam. Lucy Stanhope also under-performed quite a bit due to falls on bars and floor, earning a 49.850 for 8th place after coming in 4th at the English.

Full results are available here, and you can watch a replay of the full live stream below.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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