The Final Italian Serie A Preview

serie a ita

The last meet of the Italian Serie A will be held in Rimini this Saturday, May 9th, at 4:40 pm local time (10:40 am EST) in the “105 Stadium” facility.

This meet will determine the final ranking of the different teams that took part in the competition. The Italian Championships has peculiar rules, because in each meet the 1st place team receives 25 points, 2nd place receives 22, 3rd receives 20, fourth receives 18 and so on down the line with each subsequent team earning two points less than the last.

These points are added together for each team from meet to meet, and after the last meet the best-ranked team will be crowned champion of the serie, winning the “Scudetto” – the name of the trophy awarded.

Additionally, the four best-ranked teams will qualify into the Golden League, which will be held from September 11th through
September 13th.

Brixia Brescia, led by national team gymnasts Vanessa Ferrari, Erika Fasana, and Martina Rizzelli, is currently dominating the rankings, having won all the three past Serie A meets. They are expected to add another “Scudetto” to their collection, while Artistica ’81 Trieste (led by Tea Ugrin and the veteran Federica Macri) is the second best team and should easily keep a spot on the final podium of the complete serie.

But GAL Lissone (led by Carlotta Ferlito and Elisa Meneghini), Ginnica Giglio (led by Alessia Leolini and Lara Mori), and Forza e Virtu 1892 Novi Ligure (led by Arianna Rocca) are pretty close, so the fight is on for bronze. Either way, GAL Lissone should easily qualify for the Golden League, while Ginnica Giglio – suffering the loss of Mori due to injury – and Forza e Virtu will fight for the final qualifying spot.

Since this is the final meet of the serie, the Italian gymnastics Federation will provide a live stream on Ginnasticando and YouTube.

Article by Valeria Violi
Photo by Valentina Ricci

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