Italy, Romania, and Colombia in Turin


Italy had many ups and downs throughout the Four Nations meet in Turin. The Italian girls managed to outscore Russia on vault, but they melted down during the beam rotation, where she suffered a total of 9 falls. And they had an overall good bars rotation, considering that this is Italy’s weakest event, but they made many mistakes on floor, which usually is one of their strongest event.

The 2012 Olympian Giorgia Campana was the best Italian all-arounder with a score of 54.35. She performed her consistent FTY on vault, earning a 13.95, and then, she scored a 13.8 on bars (5.7 dscore), her favourite event, delivering a Ono 1.5, a Ono to straddled jaeger, bail to Ray, and finished with a DLO with a hop.

On beam, she performed an overall clean routine, which featured a bhs bhs loso, switch leap to split jump, a Kotchekova (with a wobble), side aerial, aerial walkover, switch ring leap, ring leap (with a balance check), full turn, side somersault, but she fell on her double pike, earning a 13.25 (5.8 d-score). Thanks to her cleanness on beam, if she hits she can score near the middle 14s, and this could factor a lot for the Italian team in Baku.

Finally, on floor, her weakest event, she is still keeping out the full-in that caused her a foot injury last November, opting for a stuck double tuck, a Ferrari leap, a stuck double full, and a stuck double pike, for a 13.35.

Elisa Meneghini significantly upgraded her routines from the last Serie A meet: although she opted for an FTY on vault, scoring a 14.0, the Italian national team director Enrico Casella revealed to the Italian commentators of the livestream that Meneghini (along with Carlotta Ferlito and Tea Ugrin) is currently training the DTY. On bars, she earned a 13.450 for a routine that included a toe half to straddled jaeger, bail, Ray, toe-on 1/1 straight to the double front tuck dismount (landed with a couple of steps back).

Unfortunately, on beam, her pet event, she fell on her very first skill, the double turn; she went on performing an aerial walkover to Sissone to wolf jump combo, side aerial, round-off to layout on two feet (where she wobbled), side somersault, switch leap to back tuck (but the connection was slow, so she probably wasn’t credited for it), switch ring leap (but the rear leg was very low so this skill was probably downgraded), and finished with a double pike (landed with a hop), earning a 12.6. The 5.4 d-score looks low for her standards, mainly due to a couple of missed connection and to the downgrade of the switch ring leap, but since she’s recovering form a back injury, she still can’t force her back flexibility.

On floor she debuted a brand new routine, performing a DLO landed with a step forward, a piked full-in (with a hop), a double tuck (with a hop) and a double pike landed with a step back, for a score of 13.75 (5.6 d-score).

Despite a fall on beam, Alessia Leolini had a good day overall: she scored a 14.35 on vault for her front handspring half. On bars she performed one of her best routines ever on this event, obtaining a 13.750 for a routine which included a stalder full, a Maloney to Tkachev (this combo is a brand new upgrade from her), bail to Ray, stalder ½, and a DLO dismount landed with a little hop.

On beam she performed a solid routine until the 2.5 full dismount that she sat. Prior to that, the routine featured a full turn, bhs to LSO, aerial walkover to switch leap to back tuck combo, back pike, wolf jump to split jump, and switch ring leap (but the rear leg was low), earning a 12.2. On floor, she delivered a full-in with a hop, a double tuck with a hop and a double pike again with a hop for a score of 13.15.

Ugrin delivered a good FTY with a hop for a 13.9, and she earned the same score on bars, where she showed a clean routine with a 5.9 d-score, performing a Maloney to bail, Ray, inbar full to Geinger, inbar half, and finishing with a full-in landed with a step forward.

On beam, she performed an aerial walkover to split jump to wolf jump, a full turn, bhs to loso, switch ring leap, switch half, side aerial, ring leap (but the rear leg was low), leap to side somersault, and a stuck double tuck for a score of 13.65. Unfortunately, she fell twice on floor on her double pike and double tuck, but the triple full, the Ferrari leap and the double L turn connected to the double turn were fine, for a final score of 11.45.

The Turin meet was special for Arianna Rocca, as it was her first time ever on the Italian national team (she took part in the Jesolo trophy twice but as an individual). She did make several mistakes throughout the meet, however. Vault was the silver lining of her performance, where she obtained a huge 14.95 – the best score of the day on that event – for her powerful DTY.

But then she struggled on bars, her weakest event, where she fell on her pak, earning an 11.15. On beam, she delivered a straddle 1/4, roundoff layout with a wobble, front aerial to switch leap to back tuck, L turn, side aerial (wobble), split jump to wolf jump, and side somi before falling on her double pike dismount, earning a 13.1. On floor, she performed a full-in (hop) and double layout (stuck but out-of-bounds) very well, but she fell on her triple full and again went out-of-bounds before finishing up with a double pike, landed short, for a score of 12.8.

Sofia Bonistalli tallied a 14.15 for  her Yurchenko 1.5, and then a 13.1 on bars for a routine that included a toe full to Tkachev, bail to Ray, and a full-in with a hop. On beam, she hit her switch leap, switch ring, bhs loso (wobble), leap to wolf jump, and back tuck (wobble). She fell on her Y turn and again on her front aerial, but finished with a solid double pike for an 11.4.

She made mistakes on floor as well, finishing her double arabian out-of-bounds, though she hit her full-in and double tuck. She didn’t compete her Memmel turn, but then went on to stick her double pike with slightly bent knees, scoring an 11.65.

Although she currently suffers shoulder and back pain, Lavinia Marongiu performed on vault, where she posted a 14.0 for her FTY, and on beam, where she had a bit of a meltdown. She performed a side aerial with a wobble, a leap to ring leap (but the rear leg was pretty low), and then fell on her Onodi. Moving on, she hit her front aerial, but fell again on her switch half. Again, she got up to hit her bhs bhs loso, switch ring leap (another low back leg), full turn, side somi, and a double tuck with her chest low and a step forward. Marongiu earned only a 10.25 for this shaky routine.

Moving to Romania, the team’s struggle started immediately after podium training, when Diana Bulimar‘s knee pain forced her to skip the competition. She came to Turin with knee pain, but thought she’d be okay. The hard surface landings, however, made things worse and the coaches decided not to risk her due to her major knee injuries in the recent past, considering Romania desperately needs her for Baku and then the world championships later this year.

The best all-arounder for Romania was Laura Jurca, with a score of 53.7. She crashed her DTY to her knees, earning a 13.1 there. On bars, she performed a Hindorff, clear hip full to Gienger, pak, toe shoot, and a stuck full-in, scoring a 13.7 for this relatively solid set.

On beam, Jurca fell on her layout series, though otherwise the routine looked clean, including a straddle 1/4, switch to switch half, front aerial to split jump, side aerial, full turn, wolf jump to sissone, and a double tuck with a step back for a 13.1. Finally, on floor she delivered a piked full-in (with a hop), a tucked full-in (again with a hop), a triple full, and a double tuck for a 13.8.

Romania had great expectations from the new senior Andreea Iridon, especially because she looked promising on bars as a junior, an event that is historically Romania’s weakest. However, she still needs to work on her consistency there. She opened with a Ray transition, and then hit her inbar half, stalder full, and Gienger, but fell on her Tkachev. After remounting, she hit a bail to Ray, toe full, and a full-in with a hop, scoring a 12.65.

On beam, Iridon fell again on her side somi. The routine also included a 1.5 Y turn, switch half, side aerial (wobble), sissone to split leap, bhs layout (which was pretty piked), switch leap to Y turn, front aerial (another wobble), and a double pike dismount with a step, earning a 13.45. On floor, she delivered a Memmel turn and then a double pike, but her chest was very low and she took a big step forward. She went on to hit a double full and a 2.5 with a step.

Silvia Zarzu performed on everything but bars. On vault, she hit her DTY but with several form issues – her legs were bent until the landing, where she almost fell, and in order to save it she had to put a foot outside the boundary. There were many deductions there, and thus she earned only a 14.0.

She had a better result on beam, where she hit a front tuck mount, front aerial to front handspring, switch ring, side aerial (wobble), switch to back tuck (actually, the connection was pretty slow so she probably missed the 0.1 connection), straddle 1/4, split to sissone, full turn, and a 2.5 with a big step for a 13.8. On floor, she earned a 13.7 for a routine that included a triple full, 2.5 to front tuck (landed out-of-bounds), double pike, and double tuck, the latter two both with hops.

Ana Maria Ocolisan hit her FTY on vault for a 13.8, and then got a 13.3 on bars for her Maloney, Jaeger, bail to Ray, giant full, and double pike dismount. She also hit beam, earning a 13.7 after performing a bhs layout, side somi, Y turn, front aerial, side aerial, split jump to split leap, switch to switch half (though the amplitude was nowhere near 180), and a double tuck dismount with a big step. On floor, she unfortunately sat the front tuck out of her 2.5, but the triple full looked beautiful, and she was a bit short on her landings with the double pike and double tuck, earning a 12.25.

The junior Andreea Ciurusniuc had a consistent performance in Turin with no big mistakes or falls. On vault, her FTY earned a 13.65, and then she scored a 13.2 on bars for a routine that included a Ray, piked Jaeger, Gienger, straddle Jaeger, bail (with leg separation), toe shoot, giant full, and a full-in with a hop.

On beam, Ciurusniuc hit for a 13.9, her best score of the day, performing a full turn, switch half (with a bobble), leap to split jump to front aerial (with a wobble on the latter), bhs bhs layout, straddle 1/4, switch to side aerial, and a 2.5 dismount with some form issues. Finally, on floor she delivered a whip to 2.5, a double pike (bent knees), triple turn, double tuck (stumbled forward), and a double full.

At the last world championships, Colombia missed out on qualifying a full team to the 2015 worlds by just one spot. However, the Turin meet was a good opportunity for their gymnasts to get some more international experience, as three of their girls will travel to Glasgow this year to try to qualify as individuals to the Olympic Games.

Marcela Sandoval was the country’s best all-arounder, earning a 51.85. She hit her FTY for a 13.4, landing it with her chest pretty low. On bars, she struggled and earned just a 12.0. On beam, she performed a roundoff layout, Onodi (wobble), front aerial (wobble), side aerial, switch jump, wolf jump to split jump, and a stuck double pike dismount for a score of 13.55. Then on floor, she opened with a double pike (step), a 1.5 to layout full, and an over-rotated 2.5, scoring a 12.9.

Yurany Avendaño performed an FTY for a 13.65, and she got a 12.45 on bars. She earned the same score on beam for her front walkover, sissone to wolf jump, back tuck to Korbut, side somi, straddle 1/4, and a double tuck with a step, while on floor she scored a 12.2.

Ginna Escobar‘s FTY was nice, with a hop on the landing to earn a 13.7. On bars, she earned a 12.75, and on beam, she posted only an 11.3 after several wobbles and a couple of falls, including on her loso and side aerial. She also fell on floor, obtaining an 11.85.

The team captain Catalina Escobar performed a DTY on vault, scoring a 14.55, and then hit bars for a 13.1. She didn’t compete on beam, but went on to hit floor for a 13.05 after hitting her double arabian (step), double tuck (hop), 1.5 to front layout full, and an over-rotated 2.5 for a score of 13.05.

Bibiana Velez delivered an FTY on vault for a 13.75, and then hit the highest bars score among the Colombians with a 13.3 there. Unfortunately, she fell three times on beam, on her straddle 1/4, loso, and side aerial, earning only a 9.8.

Lizeth Ruiz performed only two events. On beam, she delivered a bhs loso, punch front tuck, sheep jump (leg separation), switch leap, switch half, side aerial to wolf jump (wobble), and a double tuck dismount with a step back for a 12.35. On floor, she showed a full-in, a double pike (step back), an L turn, a 1.5 to front tuck, and a double tuck (step back), scoring a 12.6.

Full results are available here, and you can also read about Russia’s performance in detail here.

Article by Valeria Violi

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