2018 Colombian Championships Results

Results from the 2018 Colombian Championships, held from April 5 through April 8 in Melgar, Colombia.

2015 Pan American Games Results

Results from the 2015 Pan American Games, held July 12 through July 15 in Toronto, Canada.

Pan American Games Subdivision II

The U.S. and Mexico maintain the top two positions in the team final after the second subdivision, where Guatemala’s Sofi Gomez looked fabulous.

Brazil Dominates in South America

A recap of last weekend’s South American Championships, where Brazil took home 9 medals.

2015 South American Championships Results

Results from the 2015 South American Championships, held from June 16 through June 22 in Cali, Colombia.

Italy, Romania, and Colombia in Turin

A recap of the performances from Italy, Romania, and Colombia at the Four Nations meet in Italy.

2015 Four Nations Trophy Results

Results from the 2015 Four Nations Trophy, held on May 30 in Turin, Italy.

A Look at the Four Nations Trophy

A preview of this weekend’s Four Nation Trophy, featuring competition from Russia, Romania, Colombia, and Italy in Turin.

2013 Anadia Challenge Cup Results

Results from the 2013 Anadia Challenge Cup, held from June 21 through June 23 in Anadia, Portugal.