Pan Am Games Roster Complete


The roster for the 2015 Pan American Games, to be held this weekend in Toronto, Canada, is officially set.

In addition to squads from Brazil, Canada, and the United States looking to finish on the team podium, the competition boasts some big individuals, including Sofi Gomez of Guatemala, Elsa Garcia of Mexico, and Jessica Lopez of Venezuela.

The full list of competitors is below. The women’s competition begins with team finals and individual qualifications this Sunday July 12 and continues through to July 15.

Pan Am Competitors

Camila Ambrosio
Merlina Galera
Maria Belen Stoffel
Ayelen Tarabini
Ailen Valente
Kianna Dean
Kaylee Cole
Leticia Costa
Daniele Hypolito
Lorrane Oliveira
Flavia Saraiva
Julie Sinmon
Ellie Black
Maegan Chant
Madison Copiak
Isabela Onyshko
Victoria-Kayen Woo
Makarena Pinto
Franchesca Santi
Yurany Avendaño
Catalina Escobar
Ginna Escobar
Marcela Sandoval
Bibiana Velez
Mary Adny Morffi
Leidys Perdomo
Leidys Rojas
Dovelis Torres
Marcia Vidiaux
Elid Helwigg
Ana Sofia Gomez
Elsa Garcia
Ana Lago
Karla Retiz
Ahtziri Sandoval
Amaranta Torres
Isabella Amado
Mariana Chiarella
Ariana Orrego
Puerto Rico
Paula Mejias
Nicolle Vazquez
Trinidad & Tobago
Marisa Dick
United States
Madison Desch
Rachel Gowey
Amelia Hundley
Emily Schild
Megan Skaggs
Debora Reis
Katriel de Sousa
Eliana Gonzalez
Jessica Lopez
Paola Marquez
Ivet Rojas

Article by Lauren Hopkins

10 thoughts on “Pan Am Games Roster Complete

  1. Do we know if this years PanAms will be livestreamed and archived in the same way much of last years was or is there a new format/youtube channel/webpage to catch things from? Or have they not specified yet?


  2. Hmm, eight full teams.. I guess Us does have the edge to win TF

    AA and EF will be interesting…. Jlo if she hits all 4 can definitely challenge for an AA podium spot. She could also go for an ub podium spot with another repeat performance like AC.

    So what are the realistic contenders for AA and each EF?


  3. Yeah, I really wonder who will do VT EF for US in PanAm.. I don’t even think they have anyone there for vt ef since no one else we know of aside from simone and skinner does 2 vt…. oh well…


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