2015 U.S. Championships Junior Day 2 Live Blog

The Gymternet is excited to be back in action at the 2015 U.S. Championships for the final day of junior competition! We’ll be live blogging everything that happens today right here on the site. Most recent updates will appear at the top. Refresh this page every five minutes or so to see what’s going on.

3:22 pm. National team is the top 6, aka Hernandez, Foberg, Smith, Chiles, Desiderio, and Johnson-Scharpf!

3:16 pm. For a few single day scores, we have Laurie Hernandez with a 59.55, Jazzy Foberg and Ragan Smith each with a 59.05, Jordan Chiles with a 56.0, Christina Desiderio with a 56.8, Sydney Johnson-Scharpf with a 55.3, Gabby Perea with a 53.9, and Morgan Hurd with a 55.6.

3:12 pm. Floor Exercise Medalists

1. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams, 29.2
2. Laurie Hernandez, MG Elite, 28.9
3. Christina Desiderio, Parkettes, 28.85
4. Jazmyn Foberg, MG Elite, 28.7
5. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, Brandy Johnson’s, 28.5
6. Grace Quinn, Texas Dreams, 27.85
7. Morgan Hurd, First State, 27.75
8. Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters, 27.65

3:10 pm. Balance Beam Medalists

1. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams, 29.7
2. Jazmyn Foberg, MG Elite, 29.05
3. Laurie Hernandez, MG Elite, 28.85
4. Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite, 28.75
5. Trinity Thomas, Prestige, 27.45
6. Christina Desiderio, Parkettes, 27.4
7. Emma Malabuyo, Texas Dreams, 27.25
8. Megan Freed, Parkettes, 27.1

3:09 pm. Uneven Bars Medalists

1. Laurie Hernandez, MG Elite, 30.1
2. Jazmyn Foberg, MG Elite, 29.45
3. Alyona Shchennikova, TIGAR, 28.9
4t. Jordan Chiles, Naydenov, 28.5
4t. Morgan Hurd, First State, 28.5
6. Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters, 28.0
7t. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams, 27.95
7t. Shania Adams, Buckeye, 27.95

3:07 pm. Vault Medalists

1. Jordan Chiles, Naydenov, 30.45
2. Jazmyn Foberg, MG Elite, 30.2
3t. Laurie Hernandez, MG Elite, 29.65
3t. Emily Gaskins, Palm Beach, 29.65
5t. Deanne Soza, Arete, 29.6
5t. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams, 29.6
7. Grace Quinn, Texas Dreams, 29.2
8. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, Brandy Johnson’s, 29.1

3:01 pm. All-around results are here!

1. Laurie Hernandez, MG Elite, 117.5
2. Jazmyn Foberg, MG Elite, 117.4
3. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams, 116.45
4. Jordan Chiles, Naydenov, 112.7
5. Christina Desiderio, Parkettes, 111.45
6. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, Brandy Johnson’s, 111.45
7. Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite, 109.85
8. Morgan Hurd, First State, 109.8
9. Grace Quinn, Texas Dreams, 109.7
10t. Shilese Jones, Buckeye, 109.1
10t. Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters, 109.1
12. Emily Gaskins, Palm Beach, 108.95
13. Deanne Soza, Arete, 107.9
14. Shania Adams, Buckeye, 107.55
15. Alyona Shchennikova, TIGAR, 107.35
16. Trinity Thomas, Prestige, 107.3
17. Maile O’Keefe, Salcianu, 107.25
18. Abigail Walker, Texas Dreams, 106.85
19. Margzetta Frazier, Atlantic Coast, 106.3
20. Emma Malabuyo, Texas Dreams, 105.3
21t. Megan Freed, Parkettes, 104.6
21t. Elena Arenas, Georgia Elite, 104.6
23. Tori Tatum, Twin City Twisters, 104.55
24. Rachel Baumann, WOGA, 103.6
25. Olivia Dunne, ENA Paramus, 103.4
26. Aria Brusch, Cincinnati, 101.75
27. Olivia Trautman, Twin City Twisters, 81.45

2:59 pm. Automatic junior national team is 2015 national champion Laurie Hernandez, Jazmyn Foberg, Ragan Smith, Jordan Chiles, Christina Desiderio, and Sydney Johnson-Scharpf!

2:57 pm. Frazier BB- Only saw the double tuck dismount, slight hop. 13.1

Dunne FX- Piked full-in, step back! Whip whip through to double tuck, small bounce but stays in. Third pass goes a little wild after the front full to stag. Finishes with great double pike. 13.4

2:52 pm. Chiles VT- Hit DTY! EXCELLENT! Best DTY score of LIFE with 15.5!!!

O’Keefe UB- Hit routine but I didn’t see any of it. 13.25

Paulson BB- Didn’t see any of this! 13.25

Desiderio FX- Hit double double! 1.5 through to double tuck with a tiny bounce. Big double layout, and hit final pass! She’s totally making the national team. 14.55

Shchennikova VT- Clean FTY 13.5

Quinn UB- Didn’t see any of this! 13.4

2:51 pm. Jones VT- DTY hit!

Smith UB- Great Jaeger, nails Ray, pak is good, stalder full right on the bar, sky-high full-in nearly stuck! 14.3!!!

Brusch BB- Looked like she split the beam on one point…fell.

Hernandez FX- Hits double arabian to stag, second pass is front lay front double full front tuck, and it’s great. Double tuck with a slight bounce back. Double pike. HIT! LAURIE JUST WON THIS YO!

2:50 pm. Jazzy gets a 59.05 for today!! That’s insane. Really thanks to her finally getting everything done on beam.

2:44 pm. Tatum BB- Nice punch front tuck. Bhs loso. Misses her foot before the double tuck and slips a little, crashes to hands/knees/face. 10.85

Hurd FX- Hit first pass, I didn’t catch details due to Tori’s beam drama. Double pike with a bounce. Hits 2.5 with a step. Beautiful!

2:41 pm. Walker UB- Tkatchev, pak caught close but hit, toe on to toe full to toe shoot is great, how does she even get to the high bar?! Hits full-in.

Soza BB- Switch to Onodi, big balance check but holds on. Front aerial with a little wobble before the split jump to sissone. Side aerial. Punch front tuck, no connection to wolf jump. Hits bhs loso. Full L turn. Ooh, nice switch half to back pike. Puts hands down on dismount and looks positively over it. Very upset. UGH. 12.75

Freed FX- Stuck double tuck. 1.5 through to 2.5 is great. Crashes double pike. UGH. Such a good day and she loses it on the last skill!

2:37 pm. Gaskins VT- DTY, great job! One of her better attempts this week. Nearly stuck! Big hug and high fives from Nunno. 15.0! YAY!

Baumann UB- Off immedialy on like, a giant half I think. Think she got stuck on what should’ve been a giant full. Double pike dismount hit. 11.65

Trautman BB- Wobble on side aerial. Finishes with double tuck. 13.6

Foberg FX- Full-twisting double layout and she has great form. Double double, foot goes out-of-bounds. Hit third pass. Double pike, steps out, doesn’t bother to fight, steps out again. And I think she may have just given it to Laurie, assuming Laurie hits. 14.5

Johnson-Scharpf VT- DTY, steps out-of-bounds. 14.4

2:34 pm. Perea VT- FTY, clean! 13.6

Malabuyo UB- Hits Tkatchev, hits pak, form break on pirouette but holds it together, Ray to high, hits full-in! HIT ROUTINE! So much better from day one where she had multiple falls!

Thomas BB- Nice switch to back pike. 2.5 dismount with a hop. Hit routine from what I saw. 13.7

Arenas FX- Foot went OOB on her second pass. Finishes with 2.5. 13.35

Adams VT- Clean stuck FTY. Big applause! 13.75

2:31 pm. After seven rotations…

LOOK AT LAURIE AND JAZZY. THIS IS NUTS. Also check out the full five points between 3rd and 4th. Crazy.

1. Laurie Hernandez, 102.95
2. Jazzy Foberg, 102.9
3. Ragan Smith, 102.15
4. Jordan Chiles, 97.2
5. Christina Desiderio, 96.9
6. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, 96.5
7. Grace Quinn, 96.3
8. Gabby Perea, 96.25
9. Morgan Hurd, 95.9
10. Abby Paulson, 95.85

Deanne Soza right outside again. Gaskins moved up to 14th, Shchennikova to 15th, Thomas down to 17th.

2:28 pm. Brusch UB- Huge Ray, double layout with a slight hop. 13.5

Hernandez BB- Front aerial to sissone to split jump, solid. Nails bhs loso. Full turn, nice height on sheep jump. Punch front tuck. Side aerial. Switch to switch half, good amplitude. Double tuck. 14.7

Jones FX- 1.5 through to full-in, short on the landing. Hit second pass which I ALWAYS MISS. But it’s NOT the 1.5 double tuck, haha. Double arabian I think. Double pike is the third pass, not bad, chest down a little. Big open double tuck to finish. 13.4

2:24 pm. Smith VT- DTY, one of her best! Looked nice and clean and her landing was right down the middle. 14.9

Tatum UB- Toe full, piked Tkatchev, great! Toe shoot, toe on, full-in with a tiny step. 13.35

Hurd BB- Full turn, so precise. Split to wolf jump, holds the landing well. Bhs loso with a hip check but otherwise good. Side aerial. Switch half a little low. 2.5 with a bounce forward. 13.75

Johnson-Scharpf FX- Kills the Dos Santos. YAS. Hits tucked full-in. I missed her third pass. Double tuck with a slight hop. 14.15

2:21 pm. Baumann VT- FTY, clean! 13.6

Soza UB- Okay, she killed the Ezhova in warmups. Here we go for REAL. Toe full right on the bar into Tkatchev, beautiful. Ray is great. Giant half to Ezhova and she catches!!!!! Toe-on has a form break but she stays on but UGHHH! Full-twisting double layout with a step. 12.65

Freed BB- Layout is a bit piked in her series. Dismounts with 2.5 with a step. Today is SUCH a good day for her compared to Thursday. 13.5

Gaskins FX- Double arabian with a step. Hit double tuck. Double pike, hops feet together. 13.8

Walker VT- FTY with a step over but looked clean. 13.5

2:15 pm. Foberg BB- Double wolf turn is decent. Solid bhs loso. Punch front tuck. Front aerial. I missed something after the front tuck I think. Finishes with double tuck with a hop back. Excellent routine. 14.7

Adams FX- 2.5 is a bit under-rotated…does it from just a roundoff, no bhs. Punch front full. Sticks double pike cold. Double tuck. 13.35

2:13 pm. Arenas BB- Bhs bhs layout with a big wobble but she holds on and stays on! Punch front tuck, misses connection to split to sissone. Front aerial, wobble before sheep. Switch leap. 2.5 with a step. 13.25

Perea FX- full-in, 1.5 through to 2.5, both were good. I missed her third pass, a double tuck I think. Double pike hit. Big cheering section going wild for her! 13.75

2:11 pm. Thomas UB- Weiler half, toe full gets stuck a little but she holds on, Maloney with leg sep, big Tkatchev, pak is fully straddled but it’s okay, I love ya. Toe shoot, stuck double pike. YAY. 12.3

2:08 pm. Malabuyo VT- Her run is literally done halfway down the track, BLESS ALWAYS. FTY, she’s so tiny MY LORD. 13.65

Frazier UB- Toe on to van Leeuwen, Ray, stalder to pak with big leg sep, Maloney, full-in with a step. 12.75

Dunne BB- Front aerial to sissone to split jump is so pretty. Side aerial, bhs loso, off on punch front tuck. 😦 Hit double tuck. 12.85

Shchennikova FX- double front to stag, Rudi, 1.5 to front full, 2.5 with a step. Good job! 13.6

2:06 pm. O’Keefe VT- Clean FTY 13.55

Paulson UB- Pak, toe on to Maloney, double arabian dismount with a step 14.0

Desiderio BB- Punch front to wolf jump, bhs bhs layout a bit piked with a step, switch to switch half, side aerial, 2.5 with crossed ankles and a step forward 14.25

Chiles FX- Hits double arabian to stag, front double full to front lay is good, great 1.5 through to 2.5, high double tuck with a bounce back 13.7

Quinn VT- DTY, knees are bent and she’s a bit piked, hop to the side 14.55

2:01 pm. After six rotations…

The disparity between the top 3 and everyone else is insane!

1. Laurie Hernandez, 88.25
2. Jazmyn Foberg, 88.2
3. Ragan Smith, 87.25
4. Jordan Chiles, 83.5
5. Christina Desiderio, 82.65
6. Deanne Soza & Gabby Perea, 82.5
8. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, 82.35
9. Morgan Hurd, 82.15
10. Abby Paulson, 81.85

Other notables…Grace Quinn has moved up to 11th, Thomas to 12th, Alyona Shchennikova down to 17th, Gaskins down to 19th.

1:58 pm. Freed UB- Toe on, Maloney, toe full with a slight hesitation into Tkatchev, toe shoot, hit dismount. 13.65

Gaskins BB- Hit bhs loso, punch front tuck, side aerial with a wobble, hit dismount. 13.65

Baumann FX- Super high double pike. Double full. BEST WOLF TURN OUT OF ANY JUNIOR. That thing was SMOOTH. 2.5 with a step. 13.45

1:55 pm. Soza VT- DTY, great! Just a step to the side. 14.8

Foberg UB- Clean van Leeuwen, giant half to straddle Jaeger, Church to pak with leg sep, Maloney to Gienger hit, giant full, sky-high full-in is near-stuck. All that awesomeness after some drama with a fall in warm-ups. 14.65

Adams BB- Full wolf turn hit. Nice bhs loso. Fell but I missed the skill. 2.5 dismount is actually a double and she just hops the last half around. 11.85

Malabuyo FX- Nailed 2.5, hit double pike. Finishes with double tuck, tiny bounce. 13.85

1:52 pm. Thomas VT- Clean FTY with a little bounce 13.95

Arenas UB- Fell, but I missed the skill. It was somewhat early on. Hit everything else, including double layout with just a hop. 11.0

Perea BB-Caught from the layout series…layout was pretty piked. Switch ring. 2.5 with a step. 14.45

Quinn FX- Solid full-in. Hit everything else with steps. 14.1

Trautman VT- DTY, her best one so far. Straight body, just a step back and over the line. 14.45

1:47 pm. Dunne UB- Giant full, great Tkatchev, nice pak, toe shoot, double pike with a step. 12.2

Shchennikova BB- Her sissone is a dream. Hits flight series and jumps. Wow, I LOVE this leo. Onodi with a little step. Sheep jump with flexed feet. Side aerial with a big wobble and a fall. Double tuck with her chest down. 12.2

1:44 pm. O’Keefe apparently fell on her flight series in the first rotation on beam, thus the low score. I missed it. Everything I saw was fantastic.

Desiderio UB- Tkatchev, toe on, bail to toe shoot, hit full-in! CHRISTINA HIT TWO BAR ROUTINES!!!!! 13.5

Chiles BB- Hit flight series, switch to switch half with the latter at like 90 degrees. Fall on side somi. UGH. Side aerial. Punch front tuck with a wobble. Double tuck with a hop. 12.85

O’Keefe FX- Big triple full, hits 2.5. Stuck double pike. Double tuck. Good job! 13.7

1:41 pm. Paulson VT- FTY, not bad! 13.45

Hernandez UB- Stalder full (leg sep) to Tkatchev. Big Downie but it’s a bit close to the bar. Ricna to pak, Endo half to Ray, sticks full-in! 15.2

Jones BB- Only saw a floaty side aerial and the double tuck with a step. 13.25

Smith FX- Excellent double layout. 1.5 through to excellent triple full. Nails double arabian with a step. Sticks double pike to finish with a bang. You go girl. 14.65

Frazier VT- DTY, one of her better ones this week! 14.4

1:38 pm. Tatum VT- Great FTY, bounces in place. 13.9

Hurd UB- Inbar full to Tkatchev is lovely. Pak with slight leg sep, toe on to Ray, stalder full right on top of the bar straight into her full-in, stuck! 14.5

Johnson-Scharpf BB- Punch front tuck. Jumps are good. Front aerial. Side aerial. She’s legit performing to Walker’s music. Switch ring. Sits 2.5. UGHHHHHHHHHH. SO GOOD UNTIL THEN. 13.3

Walker FX- I missed most of this but loved her Memmel turn. Double pike to finish is a bit low. 13.7

Brusch VT- Huge and clean FTY.

1:34 pm. After five rotations, here’s the standings!

  1. Jazzy Foberg, 73.55
  2. Laurie Hernandez, 73.05
  3. Ragan Smith, 72.6
  4. Jordan Chiles, 70.65
  5. Christina Desiderio, 69.15
  6. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, 69.05
  7. Shania Adams, 68.6
  8. Abby Paulson, 68.4
  9. Alyona Shchennikova & Gabby Perea, 68.05

I actually NEED that top six to stay the same. That is like the perfect little national team. Shilese Jones and Deanne Soza sit just outside the top 10. Hurd is 13th. Thomas 15th.

1:30 pm. Perea UB- Inbar to van Leeuwen is great. Inbar half to Jaeger and she is a thousand miles away. Falls. Toe full to pak, Maloney, superbly clean double layout. DAMN SHAME about that fall.

Quinn BB- Punch front to wolf hit. Bhs loso with fully bent knees. Sheep. Switch leap, jumps are good, but she doesn’t connect the leaps to the jumps. Hits dismount. 13.1

Thomas FX- Big double layout bounced all the way out of bounds. Nice 2.5. Double full to finish. 13.35

1:27 pm. Arenas VT- FTY, very clean, hop back 13.9

Shchennikova UB- Inbar full, Komova II to inbar to piked Tkatchev to pak is gorgeous but she catches a little close. Chow to inbar half to stalder half to front giant half, beautiful stuck floaty double layout. She’s the queen. Form obviously needs work but love that routine so much. 14.35

O’Keefe BB- Switch half to back tuck. Kills her side aerial loso! Lovely front aerial to sissone to split jump. Double tuck with a hop back. Did I miss a fall? Only 12.85

Frazier FX- I missed the first two passes. 2.5 landed a bit low and hopped over. Double pike is VERY deep but she stands it up. 13.3

1:25 pm. It’s cruel that they’re putting up Desiderio, Chiles, Smith, and Paulson all at once. I ONLY HAVE TWO EYES.

Desiderio VT- DTY, messy form but hit. She put her hand down in warmups. 14.5

Chiles UB- Nice straddle Jaeger, holds handstand for 9 hours, Tkatchev to bail to toe shoot, Gienger, hit dismount. 13.95

Smith BB- Nails bhs layout, punch front to sissone is great. Jumps good. Nails sheep jump. Double pike with a slight hop. Excellent routine. 15.2!!!

Paulson FX- I saw her second pass, the 2.5. Double tuck is hit. 14.0

Dunne VT- FTY, goes off-center but she hops over to the center and right on the line. BLESS! 13.25

1:22 pm. So far, so good. No major bloopers. I’m gonna have to watch Gaskins’ bars up close on video because from where I’m sitting they look decent. Anyone tell where they’re getting all the deductions? Will be a low score no matter what because of her difficulty (or lack thereof) but yeah, I think both days so far I’ve wondered what the big problems were. At least she looked happy with how she did!

1:20 pm. Brusch FX- Arena to herself! Piked full-in nearly stuck. Whip to double tuck with a step back and out of bounds. Stuck double full. Double pike with a step back. 12.85

1:16 pm. Johnson-Scharpf UB- Straddle Jaeger, Tkatchev, a bit low on the latter. Pak is very clean. Stalder to toe on to Ray, nice. Full-twisting double layout dismount, slight stumble back. 13.45

Walker BB- Beautiful mount. Wobbled on first skill I think. Check on bhs loso. Sissone to straddle jump. Switch to back tuck is great. Double tuck with a step. 12.5

Tatum FX- 1.5 through to double full is great. Excellent 2.5 to front tuck. 13.35

Jones UB- Saw from the toe full to pak which she catches SUPER close but hangs on. Maloney. Full-in with a step. 13.15

1:13 pm. Hurd VT- FTY, very clean, just a hop 13.45

Gaskins UB- Toe full, Maloney to pak, both mostly clean. Toe shoot, stalder half blind to Jaeger, clapping from Nunno. Very clean double layout. Best routine I’ve seen her do in 2015. Just no difficulty. 12.8

Baumann BB-Side aerial loso is gorgeous but her leg comes up. Nice front aerial to sissone to straddle jump. 13.45

Soza FX- Stumbled back full-in. Did it in the opposite corner from where she did it on night one I think?! Night one corner was the ‘cursed corner’ Simone mentioned on Twitter, LOL. Maybe they’re like, DON’T LAND OVER THERE. Double tuck a bit low but hit. I think 13.4

Hernandez VT- DTY, not bad, form a little loose, big bounce back 15.1

1:10 pm. Foberg VT- DTY, decent, bouncy landing, step to the side 15.2

Adams UB- Nice Jaeger, BEAUTIFUL van Leeuwen, hit routine! 14.05

Malabuyo BB- Hit wolf turn. Wobbled on something but hit jumps. Side aerial is solid. 2.5 with a hop 14.1

Trautman FX- Saw from the tucked full-in. Put her hand down after her double wolf turn. 1.5 through to double tuck. 13.1

Freed VT- DTY, tucked throughout but hit. 14.1

1:02 pm. March out is happening now! Rachel Baumann is about 17 feet taller than anyone else in her group. Bless Texas Dreams. Warmups beginning now!

12:46 pm. Everything is coming to a close as we get ready for the march out! About ten minutes until we get started!

12:31 pm. Final warmup rotation! Crunchy triple from a TCT blonde. Abby I think. SJS is killing it on bars.

12:19 pm. Ragan’s looking great on bars but just missed her Ricna. Otherwise her form is great. Hits the stalder to Ricna this time, pak is gorgeous, sticks dismount. YAY.

12:12 pm. All right, rotation three starting now for warmups. Texas Dreams on bars and I’m getting a better look at their leos, which I’m obsessed with. MG Elite doing work on floor. Nice landings work, and solid double double from Jazzy. Excellent double double from Desiderio. Just realized Colbi Flory isn’t here and isn’t on the rotation list. 😦 Laurent just had the perfect catch as Rachel Baumann fell out of her Jaeger. Lovely pak from Emma Malabuyo who is hitting everything. Stuck full-in! SJS did her DTY to her knees.

12:01 pm. Deanne’s Ezhova looks excellent. PLEASE do this in competition. Nice stuck double layout off bars from Aria Brusch. Think this rotation is winding down a bit so I’ll come back when the next starts!

11:56 am. Grace Quinn’s DTY was just golden. Chiles just landed her double arabian poorly and started stumbling forward and just casually somersaulted out of it. Bless Abi Walker’s FTY. It’s adorable. Awesome full-in from SJS. Chiles tries the double arabian again but takes a huge hop out of it.

Shoutout to the inappropriateness of “Hey Ya” by Outkast playing in the background of this rotation. #thelyrics #mylord

11:50 am. Rotation two beginning! Nice double pike from Gabby Perea. Jordan Chiles just had a bad landing on a front double full I think but looks fine. Texas Dreams leos are gorgeous. They are on point this year. Bailie will be in another replica leo tonight, by the way! Buckeye girls are sticking everything cold. OOB for Perea on her 2.5. Laurie’s doing clean work on beam. Sydney’s Dos Santos is looking incredible. NEED her to make the national team this year after all the work she’s done.

11:47 am. Shifting rotations in a minute. Bar girls still going hard. Whoever just dismounted beam (looks like Gabby Perea but she’s super far away) just totally did a jazz square out of the dismount to steady it. Should be a dance skill! Jazzy going up on bars…Maloney to Gienger is super clean. Giant full, and dismounts with a full-in, stuck. That’s it for this rotation!

11:42 am. DTY to the knees for someone whose face I can’t see. Frazier I think. Another solid DTY for Soza who got a little spotting from her coach. Freed just hit her bars set. Morgan in bubblegum today and she’s hitting bars like a pro. Lovely stalder full to full-in. Laurie’s back up and her Endo half is perfect. Full-in with a step. Dunne just held the handstand before her pak for roughly 45 minutes. LOVE. STUCK the double pike that time. COLD.

11:38 am. Watching Laurie on bars now and she’s hitting everything well, minus the pak with leg separation. LOVE their leo today…a beautiful pastel purple and pink blended with white. Desiderio is actually rocking bars right now. Parkettes are in beautiful blue. Wow, she just stuck her full-in! That’ll be an awesome score if she can hit like that. Trautman just sat her DTY and Olivia Dunne just sat her double pike off bars. Just compete it well, babies! Soza’s DTY looks great.

11:30 am. General stretch is just about over! There’s a lot of purple and blue out there today and we’re loving it all.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 11.29.29 AM

Article by Lauren Hopkins

9 thoughts on “2015 U.S. Championships Junior Day 2 Live Blog

  1. Thanks so much I was able to enjoy it so much. I was wondering what happens when a coach at the gym of a competiting athlete is also judging the event, like anna li and legacy elite athletes


  2. Dumb question, probably (but at least not about she-who-shall-not-be-named), but is there a junior worlds championship? Also, where did this whole stick-bonus on D score come from… Do you know the rationale behind it? Thanks as always for your awesome coverage!


    • No junior worlds! And the stick bonus is just in the U.S. as an incentive to encourage the girls to stick. Like, had Laurie not stuck one of her passes or dismounts, she would’ve tied Jazzy, so she had real incentive to stick to get the bonus.


  3. very happy with the junior national team! surprised though that they wouldn’t have done with Norah as they did last year with Bailie and announced that the team would be joined by Norah (as she is a big asset when not injured, as Bailie was last year).


  4. I’m cheering for Gabby Perea and Morgan Hurd to be added to the team at a later date (along with Flatley and Nguyen once they are back to normal). Perea was especially impressive; she didn’t even make it to Nationals last year, if I understand correctly?


    • Gabby was injured last year if I remember correctly. She only did bars at Classics and I remember seeing something about her trying to petition through, but it wasn’t successful.


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