The Golden League Preview


The second annual Golden League will take place this weekend in Porto San Giorgio, Italy, where the four teams that qualified at the top of the 2015 Italian Serie A rankings – Brixia Brescia, Artistica ’81 Trieste, GAL Lissone, and Ginnica Giglio – will compete for the trophy.

The competition will act as the first trial for Italy’s world championship team selection. In addition to the four teams named above, a group of individuals selected by national team director Enrico Casella will compete, assigned randomly to the teams this Friday (which will also act as a sort of promotional day for Italian Gymnastics, with an autograph session for fans prior to podium training).

The teams are allowed to use a maximum of eight gymnasts on each apparatus in Saturday’s competition, but only the five best scores will be counted. The team competition will also define the all-around ranking, and the eight best gymnasts on each event will qualify for event finals to be held the following day. Like last year, there will be an additional vault final for the gymnasts who perform only one vault; since the aim of the competition is to prove the national team’s readiness for worlds, this kind of event final can show which gymnasts could be more useful in a vault rotation for the Italian team in Glasgow.

Unfortunately, vault specialist Arianna Rocca – who was originally selected among the individuals admitted to the Golden League – injured her ankle and will no longer take part this weekend, though she is still going to continue her preparation for Glasgow.

Also of note is Lara Mori‘s return as the leader of Ginnica Giglio. Mori, who was injured during the third meet of the Serie A, was last year’s world championships alternate who stepped up with great routines when Elisa Meneghini had to withdraw due to injury.

The teams set to compete include…

Brixia Brescia
Sofia Busato
Erika Fasana
Vanessa Ferrari
Chiara Imeraj
Francesca Linari
Lavinia Marongiu
Martina Rizzelli
Pilar Rubagotti
Giorgia Villa
Artistica ’81 Trieste
Elisabetta Bobul
Ilaria Colizza
Giorgia Campana
Federica Macri
Jodie Padovan
Tea Ugrin
GAL Lissone
Sofia Arosio
Sophia Campana
Carlotta Ferlito
Elisa Meneghini
Gaia Pizzi
Alessia Praz
Chiara Rocca
Ginnica Giglio
Silvia Beccattini
Aurora Biondi
Sofia Caini
Alessia Leolini
Lara Mori
Sofia Bonistalli
Adriana Crisci
Joana Favaretto
Giada Grisetti
Enus Mariani
Jessica Mattoni
Michela Redemagni
Nicole Terlenghi
Caterina Vitale

The team competition will be held on September 12 at 4 pm local time (10 am EST) while event finals will be held on September 13 at 3:30 pm local time (9:30 am EST).

There won’t be a live stream, but the competition will be uploaded next week on the Italian Federation’s YouTube. If you’re in Italy and want to see the action live, tickets are available here. The competition will be held at PalaSavelli in Porto San Giorgio.

Article by Valeria Violi
Photo by Valentina Ricci

5 thoughts on “The Golden League Preview

    • NO idea. She competed in the Serie A2 group this year instead of the regular Serie A1 despite being stronger than a majority of the A1 gymnasts?? This is one of my biggest questions, seriously.


    • Iosra competes in A2 because she’s part of Ginnastica Bollate team, which is qualified to compete in A2; though, it’s true that she could compete as a guest in one of the Serie A1 teams. Probably she still competes in A2 in order to help her team towards the aim of winning the A2 champioship, thus qualifying for A1 in the following year. IIRC she’s dealing with some injury issues, but I know for sure that she’s still training (maybe not at her full streght) in Milan’s gym academy (the Italian program has a group of “gym academies” like MIlan, Lissone, Brescia, Rome, Trieste, which are the fulcrum of the national team, along with other smaller gyms in all the country).


      • Thanks Valeria! I’ve been wondering all year about this. Does competing A2 automatically take her out of contention for a Worlds spot even if she would be strong enough to make it?


      • No, it doesn’t matter. Hypotetically, you could compete in lower-level championships like B1 or B2 but you would still contend for the World’s spots if your routines are difficult enough. Sofia Bonistalli competes in A2 with Polisportiva Casellina team, yet she is a contender for the World team 🙂 I’ve looked for info about Iosra and I’ve just discovered that she went to a national team camp in Trieste, but she’s recovering form an ankle injury (however there’s an interesting video on Ig where she’s training the Biles on floor, probably before the ankle problem)!


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