Lieke Wevers Victorious at Worlds Trials


The Dutch women participated in a trial meet for the upcoming world championships yesterday in Beekbergen, with eight women competing for the seven available spots on this year’s team.

Lieke Wevers came out on top as the strongest all-arounder for the country, posting a 56.383 after gorgeous and super clean performances on all four events. On beam, her spin-heavy routine earned her the top meet score of 14.6, and she was second on both bars wit ha 14.3 and floor with a 13.933. She looks about as good as she possibly can and should be the one leading her team to great heights in Glasgow next month.

There was a bit of a surprise for the second place spot, as Mara Titarsolej – a first-year senior who has yet to compete internationally as a senior – came out of nowhere to earn a huge 55.267. Titarsolej has a great FTY, solid and dependable work on bars and beam, and a great floor routine. While there’s no real standout event for her, she’s so consistent on all four, I can see how she’d be a great addition to the worlds team as they attempt to qualify as a team to the Olympic Games.

Titarsolej had exactly a tenth over the lovely Eythora Thorsdottir in third place. With a 55.167, Thorsdottir had good work on all events, albeit showed a few minor mistakes and doesn’t quite have the difficulty to challenge Wevers when Wevers is hitting all four. She was best on beam, posting a 14.15 for her great work there, but was solid enough on the other three and had one of her strongest all-around performances to date.

Vera van Pol, Tisha Volleman, and Noel van Klaveren rounded out the rest of the all-around spots for the Dutch women, placing fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively. Van Pol with a 54.267 total had the third-best scores on bars and floor, and could definitely contribute to the team on both, especially as bars is a bit of a weak spot. Volleman posted a 53.733 with vault and floor as her standouts, and van Klaveren – who placed fourth in vault finals at Euros this year – had a 50.883 after falls on beam and floor. Unfortunately, since Euros, van Klaveren has been dealing with injury¬†and while her vaults (a DTY and Lopez) could boost the team score by about a point at worlds, she doesn’t have either right now and likely will be the one left off the team with the hopes of her returning strong in 2016.

Both Lisa Top and Sanne Wevers also competed, with Top on everything but beam and Wevers on bars and beam. Without van Klaveren at her best, Top is the strongest vaulter, and posted a 14.45 there, pretty much making her a lock for Glasgow. Though she struggles on bars, she still managed a 13.25 there, and then she had mistakes on floor, where she has powerful tumbling but sometimes struggles, earning a 13.533. Wevers, meanwhile, had the top bars score with a 14.35 and also competed well on beam, posting a 13.8 there.

As of right now, I’d say the Wevers twins, Thorsdottir, and Top will all be in Glasgow no matter what thanks to their contributions with big scores on their best events, while Titarsolej, van Pol, and Volleman should round it out with consistency across all four. Of those three, I think the all-around spot should be between Volleman and van Pol; van Pol has the experience but Volleman does great work on vault and floor and could be team finals material on both.

The Swedish women also competed in Beekbergen, with most of those expected to be at worlds using the meet for experience. Ece Ayan was their top finisher with a 50.35, and they also had Lovisa Estberg in the all-around, earning a 48.9. Emma Larsson showed great work with her lovely FTY and excellent beam, Ida Gustafsson was back for her first competition in a couple of years on everything but vault, Kim Singmuang was strong on vault and bars, and Jonna Adlerteg – who was injured on floor in the all-around competition at Euros earlier this year – returned only on bars, though struggled and was unable to show her full difficulty.

Full results are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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