15 WOW Routines of the 2005 World Event Finals

Ahhh, the last year of the 10.0 scoring system. While judges (and gym fans) panicked for the next year, Chellsie Memmel, Alicia Sacramone, and Nastia Liukin were hauling in medals. No, really, they won nine of the 15 medals available and now are in seven of these 15 gifs. #Honor

OH ALSO, THIS WAS A DECADE AGO. Time flies while you’re a gym fan. Enjoy while you anxiously chew your fingernails to shreds in anticipation of the U.S. Worlds team announcement!

1. Cheng Fei (China) – Vault, 9.656, Gold

This vault along with her eponymous laid out Yurchenko half-on one and a half twisting vault (on which she piked down a bit) won her her first individual gold medal. This was Cheng’s first year competing the Amanar and she managed to make it look like she had been competing it for years.

2. Alicia Sacramone (United States) – Vault, 9.412, Bronze

Hard to imagine that Alicia’s handspring Rudi got better with age. Maybe she should start preparing a comeback?

3. Nastia Liukin (United States) – Uneven Bars, 9.662, Gold

Back when Nastia was short enough to fully rotate a double layout.

4. Chellsie Memmel (United States) – Uneven Bars, 9.587, Silver

The returning world champion, Chellsie Memmel fell short of defending her title but did it in style with her gorgeous Hindorff to pak salto. Who needs a second bars gold when you’re the all-around Champion? Not Chellsie (and not Nastia either, apparently… #2008).

5. Beth Tweddle (Great Britain) – Uneven Bars, 9.575, Bronze

This routine from Beth gave her a second world bronze medal on the apparatus (her first being in 2003 in Anaheim). Fun fact: this was Tweddle’s FIFTH year as a senior elite. The fact that she was still around winning bronze in 2012 is mind-boggling.

6. Mayu Kuroda (Japan) – Uneven Bars, 9.525, 4th

Mayu was SO close to medaling on her pet event. With exceptional execution (as shown from her dismount [POINTED TOES!!!]), she was only five hundredths of a point from tying Tweddle.

7. Nastia Liukin (United States) – Balance Beam, 9.612, Gold

Nastia continued her domination in Melbourne with her second gold medal of the championships.

8. Chellsie Memmel (United States) – Balance Beam, 9.512, Silver

Even until her final U.S. Championships in 2011, Chellsie always had a unique beam routine with solid and quick connections

9. Catalina Ponor (Romania) – Balance Beam, 9.500, Bronze

Ponor’s Kotchetkova to back handspring layout is probably my favorite flight series of all time. Small bobbles and a 9.9 difficulty prevented her from adding a World Championship individual gold medal to her Olympic golds, though.

10. Monette Russo (Australia) – Balance Beam, 9.462, 5th

Monette won Australia’s first individual medal of any color days prior in the all around where she received the bronze. Three event finals were the icing on the cake of her second worlds.

11. Anna Pavlova (Russia) – Balance Beam, 8.762, 6th

Gorgeous leaps living up to the Anna Pavlova name. She is to compete for Azerbaijan at her fifth World Championships in her 12 years as a senior elite later this month.

12. Yulia Lozhechko (Russia) – Balance Beam, 8.350, 7th

Yulia had a couple falls but what she stuck, she stuck cold. Especially that gorgeous standing front tuck.

13. Alicia Sacramone (United States) – Floor, 9.612, Gold

Alicia’s first world gold medal and second of any color at this championships was sealed with her triple twist dismount.

14. Nastia Liukin (United States) – Floor, 9.425, Silver

One of the best triple twists that there ever was. Nastia’s championships ended with another silver to add to her collection of four medals.

15. Emilie Le Pennec (France) – Floor, 8.887, 6th

Emilie’s gorgeous cat leap with double turn to tuck jump with double turn to front support. We definitely don’t see many (if any) of these anymore. An unfortunate fall on her two and a half to punch front prevented her from grabbing the bronze medal from Suzanne Harmes.

Article by Joe Rinaldi

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