2015 Novara Cup Results

The 2015 Novara Cup was held on October 10 in Novara, Italy.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Nation VT UB BB FX AA
1 Larisa Iordache Romania 15.000 14.850 15.300 14.600 59.750
2 Carlotta Ferlito Italy 14.250 13.450 14.600 14.000 56.300
3 Elisa Meneghini Italy 14.450 13.050 14.200 14.400 56.100
4 Diana Bulimar Romania 14.100 12.900 14.250 14.350 55.600
5 Enus Mariani Italy 13.950 14.100 13.850 13.450 55.350
6 Lisa Verschueren Belgium 13.850 13.750 13.350 14.000 54.950
7 Jessica Lopez Venezuela 14.750 14.600 12.850 12.540 54.740
8 Laura Jurca Romania 14.800 12.200 13.850 13.800 54.650
9 Ana Maria Ocolisan Romania 14.700 12.850 13.450 13.600 54.600
10 Rune Hermans Belgium 13.800 13.350 13.500 13.800 54.450
11 Vanessa Ferrari Italy 14.000 13.300 12.700 14.200 54.200
12 Gaelle Mys Belgium 13.900 13.150 13.550 13.500 54.100
13 Laura Waem Belgium 13.600 14.450 12.650 13.250 53.950
14 Lara Mori Italy 13.550 13.350 12.650 14.250 53.800
15 Ana Perez Spain 13.850 13.750 13.300 12.750 53.650
16 Cindy Vanderhole Belgium 13.950 13.900 12.350 13.200 53.400
17 Tea Ugrin Italy 13.750 12.700 14.000 12.550 53.000
18 Silvia Zarzu Romania 14.350 12.150 13.300 12.850 52.650
19 Nora Fernandez Spain 13.900 13.150 12.450 13.050 52.550
20 Claudia Colom Spain 13.600 13.300 12.100 12.900 51.900
21 Paula Raya Spain 13.350 13.450 11.750 12.800 51.350
22 Natalia Ros Spain 13.500 12.950 12.000 11.700 50.150
23 Erika Fasana Italy 14.000 13.800 —— 14.550 42.350
24 Andrea Iridon Romania —— 13.850 12.900 —— 26.750
25 Jelle Beullens Belgium —— —— 11.000 12.850 23.850
26 Roxana Popa Spain —— 14.500 —— —— 14.500

Team Results

Rank Nation VT UB BB FX Total
1 ROMANIA 58.850 54.450 56.850 56.350 226.500
Diana Bulimar 14.100 12.900 14.250 14.350
Larisa Iordache 15.000 14.850 15.300 14.600
Andrea Iridon —— 13.850 12.900 ——
Laura Jurca 14.800 12.200 13.850 13.800
Ana Maria Ocolisan 14.700 12.850 13.450 13.600
Silvia Zarzu 14.350 12.150 13.300 12.850
2 ITALY 56.700 54.700 56.650 57.400 225.450
Erika Fasana 14.000 13.800 —— 14.550
Carlotta Ferlito 14.250 13.450 14.600 14.000
Vanessa Ferrari 14.000 13.300 12.700 14.200
Enus Mariani 13.950 14.100 13.850 13.450
Elisa Meneghini 14.450 13.050 14.200 14.400
Lara Mori 13.550 13.350 12.650 14.250
Tea Ugrin 13.750 12.700 14.000 12.550
3 BELGIUM 55.500 55.450 53.050 54.550 218.550
Jelle Beullens —— —— 11.000 12.850
Rune Hermans 13.800 13.350 13.500 13.800
Gaelle Mys 13.900 13.150 13.550 13.500
Cindy Vanderhole 13.950 13.900 12.350 13.200
Lisa Verschueren 13.850 13.750 13.350 14.000
Laura Waem 13.600 14.450 12.650 13.250
4 SPAIN 54.850 55.000 49.850 51.500 211.200
Claudia Colom 13.600 13.300 12.100 12.900
Nora Fernandez 13.900 13.150 12.450 13.050
Ana Perez 13.850 13.750 13.300 12.750
Roxana Popa —— 14.500 —— ——
Paula Raya 13.350 13.450 11.750 12.800
Natalia Ros 13.500 12.950 12.000 11.700

13 thoughts on “2015 Novara Cup Results

  1. The Romanians are screwed if they do this in Glasgow. Based on today they should take out zarzu if ponor is ready in time and put in iridon. The Romanians took 5 of their best bar workers and only 2 stayed on.


      • I know but look at the scores. The DTYs while only 3 or 4 are generally consistent and as you can see by today they need as many bar workers as they can and zarzu is only good for a qualification vault and that’s it. Bulimar, iordache, ponor and jurca can all cover floor. Ponor, bulimar, iordache and generally iridon and ocolisan can get 14-15 range on beam. Which leaves bars. Today they took their top 5 and only 2 got Above the 12s which is highly dangerous. Zarzu is pretty much useless in my opinion. Iridon is less risky than zarzu in terms of who goes. Zarzu is inconsistent in events that the Romanians can afford to not have back up on. With bars they need anyone who can score above 13.


    • Another solid performance by larisa! this time without the inflation at Romania nationals. she’s def a 59-60 gymnast…. Good to see her sweep the apparatus scores too.

      Bars for them is sad state as usual… except for larisa and iridon which hits hers this time, all other bars scores are in the 12’s. I guess a lot of those 12’s are due to falls? They probably should just go with whoever most consistent…. Their 4 scores count is not that far above Italy… qualification for them will be rough again…


    • The team could be better but only WITH Ponor, and we don’t know if she’ll be ready in time. I agree that they should take out Zarzu for Iridon, but the thing with Iridon is that she’s just coming back from an injury, and she’s horribly inconsistent. Zarzu is inconsistent too, but she functions as a “back up” I guess, and Romania doesn’t have another back up in this case because Munteanu and Stanila are out. But if Zarzu is put in instead of Iridon, who will be the third beam worker? Jurca? Ocolisan? They both can’t put up decent scores on that event. And if Iridon is the third beam worker, she probably won’t hit (let’s be honest.) Huge dilemma here….

      Ocolisan and Bulimar can potentially score a 14 on bars, but only if they hit. Either way, this team is still MUCH better than last year’s even if it’s mediocre….I’m not going to count Romania out though. They are fighters. If they still managed to get 4th last year with an awful team and disastrous qualifications, then anything is possible I think.


      • If ponor doesn’t go then iridon will be put in with zarzu, and we will likely see iridon as the third beam worker because with the exception of this competition and day 2 of nationals, iridon has put in consistent beam performances, and could see 14.3-14.4 if they decide to credit the layout though she usually doesn’t. Zarzu hit floor, her pet event twice this year and Romania can function with one less floor worker and with her being the 4th and if ponor is ready, 5th vaulter, they may not need her horribly underrotated DTY. Iridon hit her pet event three times this year and Romania needs her desperately considering jurca and ocolisan are inconsistent on bars and bulimars bars aren’t assured of getting the difficulty they need. Even if iridon doesn’t hit, they’ll have four bar workers who still may not help, but being able to afford one fall will be better than not being able to have any in their case. And we’ve seen what happens when they bring no backup (2014 worlds, euro games, four nations and here). For the Olympics next year it’s complicated. I would love to see them getting their 11th consecutive Olympic team medal but izbasa, while extremely helpful may complicate things if she is prepared by then. The hypothetical Olympic team could be iordache, izbasa, ponor, bulimar and ocolisan. Giving them great scores for three events, but no backup on bars. In order to medal my guess is that they need 2 amanars and one DTY or harder. Iordache has been training an amanar for three years now, izbasa if back can do a mustafina. A second amanar can be provided by ocolisan or jurca, I know it sounds crazy but they both get great height on the DTY. For bars they just need three 14s which is problematic for the third 14 score. Beam they need two 15s and a solid mid 14 score, which they have potential to do now. Floor they need mid to high 14s and a 15 which ponor, iordache and izbasa can do. It’s a tall order, but they can do it.


      • 2 amanars? Romania hasn’t done an amanar since simona amanar…. that’s a tall order for them just that by itself… The way it’s going, they have no choice but to use veterans again…. I hope izbaza can bring back her cheng bc they will need it to make up for the continuing miserable bars, which will cont into 2016… I just don’t see how they will have any chance of going against Russia. China will be fairly strong also. The odd just not in their favor to medal again in rio. They should hopefully able to maintain the big4 status though….


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  3. I don’t agree that this is all doom and gloom. Romania is stronger than last year and they almost got bronze last year! Lari watered down some routines this meet, Ocolisan had an off meet (the prior two meets she was great), Ponor was absent and they still hit a 226.5 in a qualifications format. They’ll be much better in a 3 up 3 count. I think they’ll challenge for the bronze, if not the silver if Russia falters.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Romania is stronger but Russia and China are both getting stronger too and they started off better. Last year Romania didn’t make many mistakes during the team final and Russia didn’t have a very good time on beam and floor and still got bronze. China fell on their best event twice, counted a fall on floor and very low DTY by siyi and got silver. This year my guess is USA, Russia, China and Romania. Also as for vets, Izbasa never had a Cheng, there’s been lots of training video since 2013 of iordache doing an amanar, she herself confirmed along with belu that she’s saving it until rio and right now she doesn’t need it to get on the podium in the all around. Jurca gets ton of height on the DTY and at times over rotates it so having her do an Amanar is a risk they have to take. Bulimar and Iordache both have 14 scores on bars if bulimar does her dismount. Iridon and ocolisan will have to push for a 14 score. I feel like iridon has more d score potential, her swing is better. On beam they’re in the right place as well as floor.


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