Qualification Subdivision 4 Live Blog


The Gymternet is excited to bring all of the action of World Championships to you live, thanks to our reporter on scene, Kensley Behel! Refresh the page every five minutes or so for the most up-to-date action. Most recent updates will appear on the top. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy!

Great Britain now leads all subdivisions with a 227.162 and Brazil is in 4th with a 221.861

Tinkler and Harrold now take over spots 2 and 3 in the A.

Downie now tops the Vault leaderboard and should make finals.

Ruby Harrold tops the Bars Leaderboard

Downie and E. Downie are now 4 and 6 in the Beam rankings.

Fragapane and E. Downie are now 2 and 3 in the Floor rankings.

Oliveira and Lopes are 5 and 6 in the AA

Barbosa and Lopes are 2 and 3 in the Beam rankings.

Lopes and Oliveira are 5 and 8 in the Floor rankings.


Harrold (GBR) KCH, Maloney to bhardwaj, van Leeuwen to stoop through to low, to toe on 1/1 back up to high bar, toe on ½, to jaeger, hop change to double front, small step.

Williams (TTO) Double pike to open, Memmel, 1.5 to double (piked down a lot at the end), front layout step out, back 2.5,

Downie (GBR) had to count a fall. When she got back up the rest of the routine was stunning. A little close on her Hindorff. 13.5

Sad day for the Downie sisters. Ellie will now miss AA finals due to the 2 per country rule and Becky will not make bar finals. Both were two anticipated parts of this year’s championships.


E Downie (GBR) KCH, off on inbar toe on – tried to press up but had to stand on the bar, redoes the routine from the beginning, Maloney to immediate tkatchev, Hit her feet on the ground on the pak, hit her feet again on something. Long wait on the score.  12.133

De Sousa Sierra (VEN)  vault – FTY. Not so good.

Barbosa (BRA) Ro Layout solid, Split to sissone (Great!), switch side quarter, Full spin with leg up, side aerial (small wobble( Punch front,) switch to back tuck, Ro ff 2ft to solid double pike. She was really happy with that routine!

 Lopez (VEN) DTY Good! 14.733


Simm (GBR) kch, toe on 1/1, kch, komova, to pak, kch Maloney, Downie, Ricna, jop change, back giant, kinda flung out the double lay at the end.

Urvikko (FIN) – (vault) FTY. Big split on the top and sloppy in the air.


Tinkler (GBR) kch, toe on 1/1 toe on, maloney to pak, van Leeuwen, giant ½ to markelov, Stuck full in!! Well she had the stick then hopped so we will see what the judges do with that.

Lee de Araujo (BRA) Almost off on switch ½, RO BHS Double Pike to finish.

Sileoni (FIN) – vault- Handspring pike. Small step. A little off to the right.

Great Britain with a 171.596 going to bars

Brazil with a 165.729 finishing on beam.


Dick (TTO) split mount, beautiful double spin, switch to side aerial, front aerial, side somi (solid), split leap to wolf jump, Double pike to finish. Finishes with a double full!

Lopez (VEN) Whip to triple. 25 punch front, beautiful leaps, triple spin (maybe a little short), double pike to finish!


Williams (TTO) Punch front( wobble)BHS Losco, Full turn with leg up (over rotates) front layout to side aerial, switch to back tuck, switch side ½, sissone to split jump, double tuck to finish.


Downie (GBR) DTY. Legs GLUED together. Better form than Tinkler. No problem with direction. Takes a small hop to the right. Should be a great score! 15.066

Vt 2. Lopez! 14.33 AVG 14.949 She takes the lead for vault!


Sileoni (FIN) double tuck, very pretty spin, Double full, Memmel turn, Front full,

Fragapane (GBR) DTY. Sloppy legs and a little off to the right.

Tinkler (GBR) DTY. Legs GLUED together the whole way. Tucked a little bit into the landing but the first part was stunning! 14.933


Harrold (GBR) Beautiful pop off the top of the table. (DTY) A little sloppy in the air but no problem with direction.


Simm (GBR) Yurchenko ½ on front full off. 14.433

Brazil 113.763 is headed to bars

Great Britain with 112.065 is headed to vault

The missed group with Thema Williams is now on beam

The mixed group with Jessica Lopez is now on floor


Lopez (VEN) switch, (front leg a little low,) off on her BHS, bhs 2ft layout, front aerial to sheep with a small step forward, side aerial (good,) solid full turn, 2.5 to finish. Small hop.


Fragapane (GBR) stuck full twisting double lay, very tightly tucked double Arabian, Unwraps out of the triple a little early and has to take a step forwad, full spin, Ends with a double layout to wolf jump! Routine is full of energy! She never stops moving! 14.6


Tinkler (GBR) – Stuck double dboule, missed the 2nd pass, 1.5 to 2.5 stuck. Double Pike stuck! Great routine! 14.2

Williams (TTO) – She is here with John Geddert, former coach of World and Olympic Champion, Jordyn Wieber. Jump to high bar, KCH sky high tkatchev, jaeger, bail to handstand, giant 1/1, kinda chucker her double pike dismount out but overall a good routine.12.6


E Downie (GBR) 1.5 through to double Arabian to stag! Beautiful!!! Piked double Arabian (a little deep.) She uses the floor well on her leaps. 2.5 to punch layout to sissone, Ends with a double pike. (Chest is low) Overall a beautiful routine! 14.4


Simm (GBR) –  double layout, 1.5 step out to double tuck. Ends with an under rotated double pike and has to take a step forward. 13.566

Barbosa (BRA) – powerful DTY. Little sloppy in the air.

Oliveira (BRA) –  Another powerful DTY. Lots of form issues though.

Rojas Galean (VEN) –beam. Mounts with a layout step out. Very beautiful routine. Not super difficult but she pays attention to the details


Lee (BRA) Beautiful FTY right down the middle

Harrold (GBR) Double Arabian ( small step), FHS front double full, switch ring to tour jete full, back 1.5 to front full, Memmel turn, Stuck her dismount!

Hypolito (BRA) Yurchenko 1.5

Lopes Saraiva (BRA) FTY. Very clean


Lopes (BRA) front 1.5 to front double full, full-in, ends with double tuck! Super expressive 14.166

Becky Downie (GBR) straddle mount, Punch front to wolf jump (a little off but saves it) Beautiful aerial to back lay step out combo, Memmel turn. Split jump to sissone, full turn to front aerial to split leap, side somi, switch ring (don’t think she will get credit for the ring) Ends with an almost stuck double pike!



Hypolito (BRA) 1.5 to double full. 2.5 to front layout. Beautiful double Memmel to full turn. To Double L spin to double full. Sky high double tuck (big bounce back) dbl pike, step to finish. 13.966

Fragapane (GBR) standing tuck.. sheep, BHS back Lay (pikey,) full turn, Off on her standing full. Jump series (not quite 180) Side Aerial. BHS, BHS 2ft, Double pike (deep landing) 13.233

Lots of falls on bars today across the board.


Oliveira (BRA)  2.5 to front full, beautiful Memmel turn,  Full –in (big bounce) Lovely, extension. Dbl Arabian. 14.066

Ellie Downie (GBR) punch front. Solid. Standing Arabian with no leg grab. Switch switch 1/2 , Double turn (small bobble,) BHS Losco (almost off) Sissone to split jump, side aerial. STUCK 2.5 to finish! 13.966

4:39 pm

Barbosa FX- Double lay, full in pike bounces out almost to her hands, almost stuck double pike. 13.433.

Tinkler BB- Gainer layout to loso. Hasn’t quite got 180 on any of her leaps. Nice side aerial. Beautiful triple to finish. 13.633

Dick VT- Handspring front tuck. Landed super lock legged and the whole arena gasped.


Costa FX- Fall on full in second pass. Double pike. Finishes with double tuck

Harrold BB- Switch to sissone, switch half, full turn. Bhs loso, aerial, switch ring, double tuck to finish with big step. A solid first routine from Team GB. 13.6

Great Britain is in an interesting leo. A black bodice with the typical Union Jack on the back. The sleeves and an awkward cut out are mesh and are decorated with lime grean, yellow, orange, blue, and pink ribbons .

Mixed groups begin on vault and bars, Great Britain begins on beam, and Brazil on floor.

The gymnasts are marching in. Here we go!

After three subdivisions:

  1. Japan: 223.863
  2. Canada: 222.780
  3. Romania: 217.220
  4. Spain: 210.094
  5. Sweden: 206.262
  6. Austria: 201.783

Article by Kensley Behel

3 thoughts on “Qualification Subdivision 4 Live Blog

  1. Hard to see Romania melting down, but I am loving the coming-out party by GBR, JPN and CAN. They’ve had flashes of brilliance before, but it now seems that are really making it count when it counts -at a Worlds the year before the Olympics. Lovely.


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