2016 Olympic Test Event

The 2016 Olympic Test Event was held from April 16 through April 18 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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All times listed are local to the competition.

10:30 am MAG Team & All-Around Subdivision 1
Teams: Germany, Canada
Individuals: Colombia, Japan, Great Britain, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Portugal, Armenia, Australia, Greece, Hong Kong, Argentina, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Croatia
2:30 pm MAG Team & All-Around Subdivision II
Teams: Romania, Spain, France
Individuals: Taipei, Hungary, Belgium, United States, South Africa, Czech Republic, Algeria, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Brazil
6:30 pm MAG Team & All-Around Subdivision III
Teams: Ukraine, Netherlands, Belarus
Individuals: Mexico, Chile, Ireland, Turkey, Italy, Norway, Cyprus, New Zealand, Vietnam, China, Jamaica, Israel, Cuba, Finland
9:30 am WAG Team & All-Around Subdivision I
Teams: Australia, Romania
Individuals: Hungary, China, Poland, Croatia, Colombia, India, Japan, Belarus
1:00 pm WAG Team & All-Around Subdivision II
Teams: Brazil, Switzerland
Individuals: Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Venezuela, Argentina, Armenia, Greece, Netherlands, Great Britain, Uzbekistan
4:30 pm WAG Team & All-Around Subdivision III
Teams: Germany, South Korea
Individuals: Spain, Sweden, Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Guatemala, Chile, Vietnam
8:00 pm WAG Team & All-Around Subdivision IV
Teams: Belgium, France
Individuals: Canada, Slovenia, Ireland, Algeria, Jamaica, Iceland, Mexico, Italy, Austria, Turkey
1:10 pm Event Finals – WAG VT, MAG FX
2:25 pm Event Finals – WAG UB, MAG PH
5:10 pm Event Finals – MAG SR
6:00 pm Event Finals – MAG VT
6:40 pm Event Finals – WAG BB
8:30 pm Event Finals – WAG FX, MAG PB & HB


The Gymternet will be live in Rio with coverage from this event! We’ll update when we know more about streaming info and results.


The competition will be held at the Rio Olympic Arena at Avenue Embaixador Abelardo Bueno 3401 in Barra da Tijuca. Tickets are available online through Aquece Rio.

For more information, visit the official website thanks to Rio 2016.