The Best Scores in 2016


The following scores are the best thus far in 2016 (top 25 all-around and top 10 for each event). Should you want to see every single score entered, check out our google spreadsheet, updated after each meet has been completed and scores have been made official. The spreadsheet also includes multiple entries, which we took out in our list below so the same gymnast won’t dominate a given ranking if she competes all the time.

Bookmark this page and check back every week to see updates! Or follow everything in real time on the spreadsheet above. We also have a quick link on the menu at the top of the page for easy access. Athletes highlighted in yellow are competing at the Olympic Games in Rio.

Updated July 18, 2016

The Best All-Around Scores

Rank Athlete Nation Meet Score
1 Simone Biles United States U.S. Champs D1 62.900
2 Laurie Hernandez United States U.S. Trials D1 60.850
3 Aly Raisman United States U.S. Champs D2 60.650
4 Gabby Douglas United States American Cup 60.165
5 Angelina Melnikova Russia Russian Champs QF 60.067
6 Shang Chunsong China Chinese Champs QF 59.700
7 Maggie Nichols United States American Cup 59.699
8 MyKayla Skinner United States U.S. Trials D1 59.450
9 Seda Tutkhalyan Russia Russian Cup AA 59.075
10 Ragan Smith United States Jesolo AA 59.050
11 Brenna Dowell United States Pacific Rims AA 58.850
Amelia Hundley United States U.S. Trials D2 58.850
13 Liu Tingting China Chinese Champs QF 58.800
14 Evgeniya Shelgunova Russia Igor Vihrov Cup 58.666
15 Madison Kocian United States U.S. Trials D1 58.600
16 Isabela Onyshko Canada Canadian AA 58.550
17 Giulia Steingruber Switzerland Swiss Champs AA 58.450
18 Flavia Saraiva Brazil Jesolo AA 58.400
19 Rachel Gowey United States U.S. Classic 58.300
20 Maria Kharenkova Russia Russian Champs QF 58.266
21 Claudia Fragapane Great Britain British Champs AA 58.100
22 Sophie Scheder Germany German Olympic Trials 58.066
23 Eythora Thorsdottir Netherlands Dutch Champs AA 58.058
24 Alyssa Baumann United States U.S. Classic 58.000
25 Aliya Mustafina Russia Russian Cup AA 57.900
Wang Yan China Chinese Champs QF 57.900

The Best Two-Vault Average Scores

Rank Athlete Nation Meet Average
1 Simone Biles United States US Champs D2 16.000
2 MyKayla Skinner United States US Champs D2 15.350
3 Oksana Chusovitina Uzbekistan Mersin EF 15.325
4 Giulia Steingruber Switzerland Swiss Champs EF 15.150
Maria Paseka Russia Russian Cup QF 15.150
6 Liu Jinru China Chinese Champs EF 15.117
7 Emily Little Australia Australian Champs EF 15.012
8 Sae Miyakawa Japan All Japan Event QF 14.975
9 Alexa Moreno Mexico Anadia QF 14.950
10 Ellie Downie Great Britain Euros EF 14.933

The Best Single Vault Scores

Rank Athlete Nation Meet Score
1 Simone Biles United States U.S. Champs D2 16.200
2 Aly Raisman United States U.S. Classic 15.700
3 Maria Paseka Russia Russian Cup EF 15.667
4 Giulia Steingruber Switzerland Euros QF 15.666
5 Oksana Chusovitina Uzbekistan Mersin EF 15.600
6 MyKayla Skinner United States Glasgow World Cup 15.566
7 Sae Miyakawa Japan All Japan Champs AA 15.550
8 Zsofia Kovacs Hungary Austrian Team Open 15.400
9 Sofia Busato Italy 4th Serie A 15.350
10 Gabby Douglas United States Jesolo AA 15.300
Asuka Teramoto Japan NHK Trophy 15.300

The Best Uneven Bars Scores

Rank Athlete Nation Meet Score
1 Madison Kocian United States U.S. Trials D2 15.900
2 Ashton Locklear United States U.S. Classic 15.850
3 Fan Yilin China Chinese Champs EF 15.734
4 Daria Spiridonova Russia DTB Team QF 15.650
Gabby Douglas United States U.S. Classic 15.650
6 Natalia Kapitonova Russia Russian Champs QF 15.567
7 Elisabeth Seitz Germany German Champs EF 15.566
8 Shang Chunsong China Chinese Champs QF 15.500
Becky Downie Great Britain Euros EF 15.500
Sophie Scheder Germany German Champs AA 15.500

The Best Balance Beam Scores

Rank Athlete Nation Meet Score
1 Simone Biles United States U.S. Champs D1 15.700
Laurie Hernandez United States U.S. Trials D2 15.700
3 Sanne Wevers Netherlands Dutch Champs EF 15.650
4 Angelina Melnikova Russia Russian Cup EF 15.400
5 Evgeniya Shelgunova Russia Koshel Cup 15.250
6 Aly Raisman United States U.S. Champs D1 15.350
Alyssa Baumann United States U.S. Classic 15.350
8 Seda Tutkhalyan Russia Russian Champs QF 15.333
Angelina Melnikova Russia Russian Champs EF 15.333
 10 Shang Chunsong China Chinese Champs AA 15.300
Larisa Iordache Romania France vs Romania Rematch 15.300
Ragan Smith United States U.S. Trials D2 15.300

The Best Floor Exercise Scores

Rank Athlete Nation Meet Score
1 Simone Biles United States U.S. Champs D1 16.100
2 Aly Raisman United States U.S. Champs D2 15.700
3 Laurie Hernandez United States U.S. Trials D1 15.300
4 Angelina Melnikova Russia Russian Champs QF 15.200
Maggie Nichols United States American Cup 15.200
Giulia Steingruber Switzerland Euros EF 15.200
7 Mai Murakami Japan All Japan Event EF 15.100
8 Seda Tutkhalyan Russia Russian Champs QF 15.000
Mao Yi China Chinese Champs AA 15.000
Claudia Fragapane Great Britain Euros QF 15.000
Catalina Ponor Romania Romanian Champs EF 15.000

42 thoughts on “The Best Scores in 2016

    • Even using national competitions last year didn’t change anything. Besides, with ALL national competitions boosting scores by 0.2 on average, it ends up not making a difference in the final results.

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      • Some countries score differently from others in terms of national scores. Romania takes the top prize in overscoring, Russia has high, but ok scores on every apparatus except for beam, which is ridiculously high for Russia, the Americans over score around 4-5 tenths, and China interestingly underscores their gymnasts, even with bonus.


        • Actually, based on hit routines only, the USA was 0.1747 higher on average at home compared to the two domestic meets. Gabby and Madison both had higher scores at worlds on average (Gabby at 0.037 higher, Madison at 0.014 higher), Simone’s scores were 0.1625 higher on average at home, and Maggie’s were 0.084 higher on average at home. The only real anomaly was Aly, who was 0.678 higher at home, though most of this is due to her e-scores getting slammed at worlds, particularly on beam. Her e-scores for hit routines were also within 1-2 tenths generally.

          Russia was on average 0.0391 higher at home for hit routines. China was on average 0.034 higher at worlds. You’re talking about differences of hundredths here, not even tenths.

          Romania is the only team that gets a bit ridiculous at home, going nearly a point higher for some routines than they’d get for similar hit performances at worlds, but I actually noted that last year in my list, and Larisa’s floor scores at home did throw her international rankings off, but that’s why in predictions you can go beyond pure quantitative data and say “while so and so is topping the charts on this event, realistically she won’t earn that internationally,” i.e. Madison Kocian at the WOGA Classic on bars/beam or Evgeniya Shelgunova on literally everything at the Vihrov Cup this year. But again, while Romania is doing this at domestic meets, as I said, it’s more the invitationals that you have to worry about. Because I’m not going to pick and choose which meets I include based on how I feel about the scoring relative to how they’d realistically score, I’m going to include all and then make smart predictions based on the quantitative and qualitative combined.

          I do the math every year. Some routines maybe get a lot more love at home, but in the end it evens out. More often, it’s actually the smaller international invitationals that have outrageous scoring you need to watch out for, like the Igor Vihrov Cup and the WOGA Classic this year. Those should be taken with a grain of salt MUCH more than any country’s nationals scores should. The fact that I’ve done this for two years now (2014 and 2015) and have accurately predicted results down to the tenth in some cases (i.e. the 2014 team final, which I predicted to the hundredth for the USA’s team score actually) makes me trust my system. Fans always tend to think that nationals are way off from international but in reality it’s not the case.

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  1. Thank you!!!
    I love these quantitative lists, and really look forward to seeing the numbers updated with more competitions this year!
    And, its really cool to hear how well these rankings predicted medals last year. Thanks for bringing that update! And it’s a good reminder how much I am routing for the best in the world to perform their best in quals so they can make EF. I missed Larissa in floor and beam last year 😦


  2. Lauren and the gymternet team, you are a godsend to us gymnastic fans. I cannot begin to imagine the work which goes into compiling a list like this. Thankyou so much!

    I have a couple of questions. Will Rio-eligible juniors be included in the table? There are a number of promising juniors who may be in with a shot at Rio, especially given the injury lists in Russia and Romania,

    Secondly, what is your opinion on Zhenia Shelgunova’s chances of making the Euros or Rio? Especially after Masillia, most people seem to have discounted her as an option. But her two competitions since scored 57+ and her main rivals at Round Lake would struggle to beat that. The Rodionenkos clearly have a soft spot for her and there are not many true all-rounders in Russia. Her D-scores are up there with Russia’s best, she just lacks consistency. But then, show me a consistent Russian… Please…


  3. Lauren thanks for info. I will continue to follow this every time u update. plus with all those championship going on from now till the 10. British n Russian championship, Italy, Pacific Rim great work


  4. Madison being tied with Simone at 15.550… do you think the WOGA scores were inflated or is Madison a great beam worker now?? Nothing against Madison– I love her and if she’s great on beam all of a sudden I think that really helps her case for Rio. It’s just a little weird to think she got the same score as Simone on beam 🙂


  5. I saw the routine. It’s inflated by probably almost a full point hahaha. She got some difficulty back but the e score they gave her was like a 9 something. Way too high considering her form and wobbles.


  6. Make sure you update Brittany Rogers vault score to 14.675 from Pac Rims Qualification/Team Final 🙂 she scored lower in the final which is the one posted.

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  7. Looking at the score posted thus far, the US team clearly looks to be:
    Simone, Gabby, Aly, Laurie, and a bars specialist.

    I’m particularly impressed by how high ranking Laurie’s scores are. And I would LOVE to see her floor, and generally spunky spirit at the Olympics. Here’s hoping the rest of her season continues to look so bright!


  8. Do you think Ragan Smith is underscored? I mean I expected her to be on the floor rankings based on a lot of them being Russian, and after watching their routines, I thought Ragan was much better. I thought her Jesolo EF routines should’ve scored around a 14.8 too, is there something I’m missing? Obviously her Pac Rims routine wouldn’t be on here, but I feel compared to others, her execution scores are too low on hit routines and too high on her weaker routine (namely Pac Rims Beam) where she had wobbles on most of her skills yet scored high on her almost perfect routine in TF.


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  10. Shang Chunsong had over 60 in the Chinese Championships Qualifications, this would put her up a few positions higher on the list 🙂 Otherwise I can’t stress enough how much I love your work, I’m turning into a gymternet-addict 😀


    • We took out all domestic bonuses for this list…her qualification score of 60.2 had five tenths in bonuses so her actual qualifications score is 59.7. The Chinese do domestic bonuses for difficulty (like a DTY gets a 0.2 bonus, an E+ dismount on bars gets 0.2, an H pass on floor gets 0.3, a triple full off beam gets 0.2, etc) and sticks (0.1 per stuck landing). In order to make the scores more accurate in terms of international comparison, when there are bonuses applied, we remove them. The same goes for when the U.S. uses a stick bonus and when the Italian Serie A meets use difficulty bonuses!


  11. Have you ever thought about making a junior one for these? Maybe just top 8 for juniors, because I’d be fun to see how they all stack up. Even a total conclusive list of seniors and juniors (it would probably be mostly seniors tho.) You don’t really think about the best juniors on any given event.


  12. I love these updates! How many girls will be required to perform on each apparatus per team during qualifications (Rio2016)…I know its 3 up 3 count during team finals, but I’m unsure about this….help!


  13. So, based on results so far, we would expect medalists to be as follows:

    All Around:
    Simone (duh) for gold
    other American for silver
    Shang for bronze, with Angelina Melnikova having an outside chance

    Simone (duh) for gold
    Hong Un Jong, Giulia Steingruber, Chuso, and Paseka having realistic chances at the other medals (money on Giulia and Hong)

    Fan Yi Lin for gold
    Madison Kocian, Elizabeth Seitz, Shang, Daria and Sophie Scheder fighting for other medals. Maybe Beckie Downie but unlikely.

    Simone and Sanne battling out for gold/silver
    Aly/Laurie/Angelina/Shang/Sariava fighting for bronze

    Simone gold
    Aly silver
    Giulia bronze, maybe outside chances for China?

    Floor seems the most straight forward by far, with bars most up in the air.


      • Well, she was REALLY overscored at trials. She’ll probably earn around a 15.2-3 maybe 15.4. She’s great, but her Day 2 Trials score was hilarious, cause I think the judges were a bit done with scoring.


      • Everyone is always overscored at all domestic meets. Her start value is 16.5. I think 15.5 is achievable and fair based on what she showed day 2. I think Laurie has a legitimate chance to beat Simone.


  14. Simone will come home with 5 gold medals. She is so talented but also so unaffected by the whole thing. I love to see her smile during her routines. This along with her natural talent will win over the international judges that prefer a gymnasts with a look more like Lukin.


  15. Thinking about trials scores, it kills me to think Laurie will be third on floor with that completely overscored floor routine. However, I think it puts her in about the right place on beam.


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  17. Challenge: I took the top event scores and made an all around gymnast using all the scores -simone and only 1 per country.
    I used Maria Paseka on VT 15.667
    Madison Kocian on UB 15.9
    Sanne Wevers on BB 15.650
    Giulia Steingruber on FX 15.2
    AA Total: 62.418

    WHICH IS STILL 0.5 LOWER THAN SIMONE!!! Not even my world-four-gymnast-in-one-team-person can beat her! And, I’m glad she had her olympics but I’m SO excited for 2017 Worlds… Laurie, Ragan, etc.


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