The English Championships Roster


This year’s English Championships, a preliminary competition before British Championships, will be held this weekend with many of those in consideration for the 2016 Olympic team expected to attend.

This includes new senior Catherine Lyons, who hasn’t competed since last year’s British Championships due to injury. Lyons nearly swept that meet, with the top scores everywhere but bars, though her difficulty was still quite low and it’s unclear whether she’s been able to upgrade since. She’s hoping to make an especially big impression on beam, her strongest event and a real standout when she hits.

Nearly all members of the team that won historic bronze at the 2015 World Championships will also compete, including Becky Downie, Claudia Fragapane, Ruby Harrold, Kelly Simm, Amy Tinkler, and alternate Charlie Fellows. Ellie Downie, originally supposed to compete at Stuttgart, has scratched from that meet so won’t be at either Stuttgart nor English Championships this weekend.

In addition, Gabby Jupp and Tyesha Mattis are using this competition as they come back from injuries, while new seniors Teal Grindle, Phoebe Turner, and Abigail Solari will appear as well. Georgina Hockenhull of Wales will also compete as a guest. Rebecca Tunney was meant to compete, but will replace Downie at Stuttgart instead.

On the junior side, Alice Kinsella, Taeja James, and Ellesse Oates, all of whom just returned from International Gymnix, will compete alongside their Gymnix teammate Maisie Methuen, who will appear as a guest alongside her Welsh teammates Jolie Ruckley and Latalia Bevan, both of whom withdrew from Gymnix due to injury. Also competing as a guest is the Scottish gymnast Louise McColgan, who missed out on Scottish Championships in February due to injury.

A full list of competitors is below. The senior women will compete in two sessions on Saturday while the juniors compete in two sessions on Sunday. The competition will be held at Sir David Wallace Hall at Loughborough University in Loughborough, England. For more information, visit our coverage guide.

Senior PM Group

Victoria Ashworth, Bristol
Danielle Barnes, Dynamo
Claudia Chmielowska, East London
Georgina Clements, Park Wrekin
Jessica Coombs, Notts
Chelsea Court, City of Bristol
Maisie Dodds, The Academy
Becky Downie, Notts
Charlie Fellows, City of Liverpool
Georgia-Mae Fenton, East London
Claudia Fragapane, Bristol Hawks
Teal Grindle, Sapphire
Ellie Haberfield, The Academy
Olivia Hanby, Europa
Ruby Harrold, The Academy
Madelaine Hart, Heathrow
Polly Hitchings, Heathrow
Georgina Hockenhull, Park Wrekin
Gabby Jupp, Sapphire
Aisa Kajouk, East London
Catherine Lyons, Europa
Tyesha Mattis, East London
Rebecca Moore, Cymru Caerdydd
Polina Poliakova, Pipers Vale
Lavinia Raymund-Jayadev, Park Wrekin
Kelly Simm, Dynamo
Abigail Solari, The Academy
Jade Stedford, City of Liverpool
Amy Tinkler, South Durham
Phoebe Turner, The Academy

Senior AM Group

Emma Adams, Gymstars
Tilly Allen, Huntingdon Olympic
Megan Bramley, Gymmagic
Abigail Brooker, Uckfield
Emily Cantwell, Rushmoor
Caitlin Dyer, Waveney
Eden Edwards, City of Birmingham
Rachelle Flambard, Regent
Laura Glover, The Norfolk Academy
Emily Goss, Portsmouth Centre
Sophie Greaves Brayne, Vernon Park
Georgina Harris, City of Manchester
Grace Harrison, Loughborough
Kara Heaton, Warrington
Carmen Horvat, Loughborough
Ella-Mae Jones, Kettering Olympic
Taylor Langmead, Falcons
Jade Lewis, City of London
Katie Meadow, Southport YMCA
Caprice Miloro, Loughborough
Georgina Moors, Uckfield
Lucy Moxham, Marriotts
Jemma Naylor, Vernon Park
Noemi Seminara, Harrow
Lottie Smith, Huntingdon Olympic
Manaalee Trivedi, Harrow
Carrie Walker, Abingdon
Bree Warren, Baskerville
India Weller, Abingdon
Rebecca Whatmore, Loughborough
Maddy Young, Spiral

Junior PM Group

Tia Andrews, Heathrow
Alissia Barlow, City of Birmingham
Laura Beasley, Park Wrekin
Latalia Bevan, Cymru Caerdydd
Anna Bradescu, Tolworth
Chiara Bunce, Heathrow
Ellie Burgess, The Academy
Courtney Burton, South Durham
Jessica Castles, Pinewood
Ellee Cheetham, City of Liverpool
Lana Chilton, City of Newcastle
Ellie Clements, The Academy
Ellen Donaldson, Slough
Rachel Fraser, City of Birmingham
Daisy Gamble, Bury
Olivia Hackney, Notts
Jasmine Harkin, Liberty
Sophie Heeney, City of Newcastle
Isobel Hilliard, Leatherhead & Dorking
Lucy Hipperson, The Academy
Taeja James, City of Birmingham
Laura Kaletha, Notts
Alice Kinsella, Park Wrekin
Dena Kirk, South Durham
Amelia Knight, The Academy
Louise McColgan, Largs
Maisie Methuen, Cymru Caerdydd
Amelia Montague, Tolworth
Kelsey Ann Moore, City of Liverpool
Sophie Newbury, City of Liverpool
Phoebe Nicholls, Park Wrekin
Ellesse Oates, Park Wrekin
Megan Parker, City of Birmingham
Freya Roberts, Heathrow
Leah Rockett, South Durham
Jolie Ruckley, Cymru Caerdydd
India Sale, Heathrow
Sophie Scott, Leatherhead & Dorking
Zoe Simmons, The Academy
Lucy Stanhope, City of Liverpool
Emily Thomas, Cymru Caerdydd
Olivia Williams, City of Liverpool

Junior AM Group

Annabel Agba, Pegasus
Tayah Askham, Dynamo
Teegan Barnes, Huntingdon Olympic
Lauren Billingham, Leeds
Megan Bridge, Gymmagic
Carly Briggs, Warrington
Safiya Briscoe-Francis, City of London
Parris Bryan, Uckfield
Louise Conlon, Uttoxeter
Laura Cooke, The Norfolk Academy
Jessica Daykin, Wiltshire
Robyn Ellison, Wiltshire
Olivia Essex, Dynamo
Alisha Evanson, Sandbach
Emily Gibson, Europa
Tomique Gibson, Harrow
Sophie Goodman, South Essex
Maya-lily Grant, Marriotts
Eleanor Green, Tameside
Josie Griffiths, Pegasus
Tilly Hedges, Sapphire
Jenai Jeremy, Bristol
Lauren Jones, Vernon Park
Georgia Kilgallon, Sandbach
Amy Layzell, Dynamo
Maisie Lloyd-Jones, Portsmouth Centre
Erika Magpantay, Marriotts
Leah Mitchell, Dynamo
Abigail Morris, City of Manchester
Megan Morris, Huntingdon Olympic
Nemiah Munir, Sapphire
Taran Pledger, Waveney
Alyleana Rahim, Sapphire
Ella Ross-Jessop, Ladywell
Emily Sly, Rushmoor
Thalia Spence, Tameside
Megan Splain, Sapphire
Amy Sturgeon, Davesnastic
Christine Tse, Wyre Forest
Jessica Wells, Dynamo
Naomi Wright, Kettering Olympic
Yoana Yankova, Hinckley
Summer Yeates, Portsmouth Centre

Article by Lauren Hopkins


5 thoughts on “The English Championships Roster

    • Thanks! I figured there were changes as there always tend to be…I know when I put up the list last year there were a bunch of girls out but I just go by whatever’s “official” even if it’s not exactly right! So thank you, I’ll look this over and make changes!


      • You’re welcome, the original list was from mid February so I can under there would be changes. What was slightly odd was when the final list came out yesterday, and although some gymnasts were removed, others weren’t who are definitely not competing!


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