2017 English Championships Results

Results from the 2017 English Championships, held from April 7 through April 9 in Loughborough, England.


2017 British Championships Results

Results from the 2017 British Championships, held from March 24 through March 26 in Liverpool, England.

Turning Senior in 2017

A list of the 200 gymnasts who will reach the senior level of international elite competition in 2017. Who are you most excited to see?

2016 Italian Junior Friendly Results

Results from the 2016 Italian Junior Friendly, held on May 21 in Milan, Italy.

James Leads Great Britain to Junior Friendly Win

Newcomer Taeja James won the all-around and contributed to Great Britain’s victory at the Züri GymDays junior friendly in Switzerland.

2016 Züri GymDays Results

Results from the 2016 Züri GymDays competition, held on April 30 in Zürich, Switzerland.

Fragapane Soars to First National All-Around Title

A recap of this year’s British Championships, where Claudia Fragapane finally snagged an all-around national title.