2016 Pac Rim Junior Event Finals Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the junior event finals at the 2016 Pacific Rim Championships! Reporter Trisha Wolf is on hand in Everett to bring the updates to you during all WAG sessions today, so stay tuned. Refresh your browser every few minutes for updates, the most recent of which will appear at the top of the post.

Men’s High Bar results: 1. Sako (JPN) 14.0, 2. Amano (JPN) 13.85, 3. Tawfik (CAN) 13.475, 4. Yulo (PHI) 12.85, 5. Vargas (COL) 12.575, 6. Dick (NZL) 12.45, 7. Fang (TPE) 11.925, 8. Toro (COL) 9.85. That’s all for now. I’ll be back in a few hours for the seniors!

3:10 pm. Kuwajima, Lopez, and Oguchi finish 1-2-3 on floor.

3:08 pm. P bars scores: 1. Wakasa (JPN) 13.75, 2. Yulo (PHI) 13.65, 3. Fang (TPE) 13.15, 3. Sako (JPN) 13.15 5. Dick (NZL) 13.125, 6. Martinez (COL) 12.7 7, Mui (HKG) 12.3, 8. Toro (COL) 12.15

3:06 pm. Ashcroft NZL double pike to her knees, Memmel, switch ring, switch full to split, double tuck, switch half, front aerial, Rudi, split full. 12.625

3:02 pm. Ching TPE DLO squatty landing piked down,  double pike,  double tuck step back,  double spin, front full. 12.9

2:59 pm. Chan HKG switch full, double back small stumble, split full, Popa, front full to split, full turn, double full. 12.45

2:55 pm. Moreno MEX, double back to her knees, sits her 2.5, switch ring, hands down on her double full, ring leap, front full. 9.7

2:49 pm. Lopez MEX double back, 2.5, switch full, cool position on her spin, front full to stag, switch half, double full, front aerial. Engaging performer. 13.6

2:46 pm. Chu TPE double back a little short, double spin, double full messy legs, front full,  switch ring, Rudi 12.425

2:40 pm. Oguchi JPN, nice 2.5 to front layout, triple full, switch full, Memmel, front full, switch, switch ring, front double full to split. 13.5

2:38 pm. Kuwajima JPN, full in stuck, nice 2.5 to punch front, triple spin, double back, double L spin, double pike. Rocking the 1 sock look to help with her spins. 13.625

2:34 pm. Kuwajima-Moreno-Lopez finish 1-2-3 on beam.

2:32 pm. Men’s V results 1. Yulo (PHI) 14.85, 2. Shiao (TPE) 14.4, 3. Amano (JPN) 14.15, 4. Doi (JPN) , 5. Dick (NZL) 13.875, 6. Toro (COL) 13.7, Flaquee (CRC) 13.1, 8. Varas (COL) 13.075

2:30 pm. Ashcroft NZL front aerial, off on BHS LOSO, switch to switch half, split to sissone, Y spin (leg low), 1.5 dismount with a small hop. 12.25

2:25 pm. Moreno MEX split leap, BHS LOSO, front aerial, wolf to split, ring leap, aerial, switch half, full turn, double twist with a step back. 13.2

2:22 pm. Kuwajima JPN standing arabian!, BHS tuck full!, split leap, Y spin, front aerial, side somi, straddle to wolf, double pike stuck. Great beam routine! 14.15

2:18 pm. Ju TPE switch half, BHS back tuck save it, front aerial, sissone to aerial a little slow, Y spin, side somi, switch to wolf, punch front 1.5 to dismount. 12.925

2:15 pm. Rodriguez COL, aerial, BHS LOSO, switch, split to wolf, front aerial, side somi, full turn, switch half, 1.5 with a cross step. 11.575

2:11 pm. Yulo was pretty impressive on vault as well.

2:09 pm. Matthewson NZL messy wolf turn, BHS LOSO, front aerial, sheep, aerial, split to wolf, switch to switch half (way short of 180 on the half), full twist dismount. 12.4

2:05 pm. Hanawa JPN, wolf to split, front aerial, sheep, switch to back tuck, BHS BHS 2 feet LO, off on BHS LOSO LOSO, switch ring, full, double back with a couple steps back. 12.575

2:01 pm. Ching TPE, front aeiral, sheep, aerial, switch, wolf to split, BHS back tuck, side somi, straddle quarter, full turn, gainer pike with a step forward. 12.9

1:59 pm. Lopez MEX, ring leap, nice BHS LOSO, front aerial, sheep, aerial to 2 feet, switch, full turn, pike to split, side somi, double twist w/a step back. Now she’s getting into her groove. 13.050

1:46 pm. Awards ceremonies for the first half of Jr. EF. Women will be on BB and men will be on V next.

1:38 pm. Hanashima wins bars, Moreno finishes second, Arevalo and Kuwajima tie for the bronze.

1:36 pm. Rings results: 1. Amano (JPN) 13.95, 2. Yulo (PHI) 13.525, 3. Sako (JPN) 13.5, 3. Tawfik (CAN) 13.5, 5. Martinez (COL) 13.3, 6. Flaque (CRC) 12.6, 7. Shiao (TPE) 12.5, 8. Dick (NZL) 12.275

1:33 pm. Kuwajima JPN  stalder, misses feet on either toe on or inbar and comes off, toe on, blind change, balances for a long time, misses jaeger, pretty pak, toe shoot, full in with a step back. 10.95

1:29 pm. Lopez MEX clear hit, toe on, stalder, toe shoot,  full, basically does a press handstand manages to stay on but loses her swing, double back stuck. She’s having a rough event finals, but she got the bronze in the AA yesterday. Still pretty good for an international debut. 10.125

1:27 pm. Moreno MEX blind change, piked jaeger, Pak legs apart, Maloney, Tkatchev,  full lega apart, sits her double pike. 11.9

1:25 pm.  Reid CRC, toe on, blind change, jaeger, bail, toe shoot, loosed her swing, full, peels off after overarching a handstand, double back to her knees. Disappointing; it started off so well. 9.2

1:19 pm. Arevalo COL stalder shoot, blind change, stalder, full, layout w/a half twist to dismount. 10.95

1:15 pm. Matthewson NZL clear hip, clear hip transition, full, blind change, double pike with a step back. 10.6

1:13 pm. Rodriguez COL off on clear hip, toe on, toe shoot, full, blind change, double back with a step forward. Messy legs throughout. 9.275.

1:10 pm. Hanashima JPN, in bar, stalder, jaeger, bail, toe shoot, full, DLO small hop. 13.850.

1:05 pm. Kuwajima, Ching, and Ashcroft finish 1-2-3 on V.

1:03 pm. PH results 1. Wakasa (JPN) 13.075, 2. Shiao (TPE) 13.525, 3. Martinez (COL) 13.3, 4. Doi (JPN) 13.275, 5. Dick (NZL) 13.075, 6. Fang (TPE) 12.125, 7. Tawfik (CAN) 10.175, 8. Perez (CHI) 4.625

1:02 pm. Lopez Mex, tripped on her run and hit the spring board and horse so she can’t get a redo. 0.0

12:59 pm. Kuwajima JPN, DTY w/a small step. 14.9

12:56 pm. Barquero CRC, YLayout. More piked that Matthewson with a step. CRC leo’s are blue with a white bodice with a red accent stripe on the bodice. 13.075

12:54 pm. Matthewson NLZ, YLayout stuck. A little piked. 13.300

12:48 pm. Ashcroft NLZ, FHS front tuck half, hop in place. 13.850

12:46 pm. Oguchi JPN, FHS front pike half with a step to the side. 13.325

12:44 pm.  Chan HKG, FHS front tuck, overrotated with a larger step forward. Hong Kong and Costa Rica have a pretty great leotard game. Hong Kong is in a sparkly darker blue with black and white details on the shoulders and sleeves today. 12.775

12:40 pm. Ju TPE, FTY, piked down on the landing more than Ching. 13.750

12:39 pm. Ching TPE, FTY a little piked with a small hop. 14.050

12:35 pm. Rotation 2 is underway. It looks like the men and women will compete simultaneously in this rotation! The women will be on V and the men will be on PH.

12:31 pm. Men’s floor final results: 1. Yulo (PHI) 14.8, 2. Doi (JPN) 14.15, 3. Toro (COL) 13.525, 4. Dick (NZL) 13.375, 5. Vargas (COL) 13.2, 6. Wakasa (JPN) 12.925, 7. Shiao (TPE) 12.775, Vergara (PHI) 12.3.

12:16 pm. Doi from Japan continues the twisting trend.

12:10 pm. Yulo from the Philippines is quite the twister. Kenzo Shirai in training?

12:07 pm. It looks like there will be one event going at a time. Men’s floor will be first.

12:01 pm. I will be providing quick hits for the women and will let you know about anything particularly notable that happens for the men.

11:59 am. The biggest news of the day is that Simone Biles and Laurie Hernandez are scratching event finals. I would assume that this is because they have proven themselves and were largely fantastic last night. I might have considered keeping Biles in on vault after her Amanar was pretty poorly landed by her standards. They will be replaced by Aly Raisman and Ragan Smith on beam and Brenna Dowell will replace Biles on floor. I think those three gymnasts have more to prove on those events than Biles and Hernandez do.

11:57 am. The competition is about to get underway. Stay tuned.

Article by Trisha Wolf


3 thoughts on “2016 Pac Rim Junior Event Finals Live Blog

  1. I would agree with your assessment of Biles and Hernandez. Raisman is on the fence for Rio, in my opinion. However, I hope she makes the team! The competition among the US women is truly unbelievable!!!


  2. Bummer that Simone and Laurie scratched – but I think it has more to do with injuries than proving themselves. Aly definitely proved herself on floor, but she didn’t scratch. She also came in above Laurie, even if by only .1, in the all-around. I find it hard to believe that Laurie has proved herself with 2 senior meets. I love Laurie though and hope she makes the team. But after seeing Simone limp a bit and Maggie Haney ask Laurie if “she was ok” after beam, I’m gonna go with they want to prevent injuries.


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