European Championships Junior Team Master List


With the 2016 European Championships now less than a month away, the FIG has released the nominative registration and we’re going to be getting confirmed team news left and right. In an effort to keep everyone up-to-date, we’ll be maintaining this list of all nominative, provisional, and official teams. If you have any news or additions, please let us know in the comments! We will also track all changes here, i.e. if an athlete is injured or no longer able to compete.

The juniors competing at Bern 2016 are listed below. For a list of senior teams, click here.


Confirmed as of May 30.


  • Maellyse Brassart
  • Manon Muller
  • Myrthe Potoms
  • Rinke Santy
  • Alysha Senders
  • Imke Wolthuizen

Confirmed by the Belgian Federation on May 2. Alternates are Manon Muller, Chloe Leblicq, and Britt Vanneste. As of May 26, Muller has replaced Wolthuizen.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 15.


Confirmed as of May 27.


  • Isabella Ahlblad
  • Emilia Kemppi
  • Enni Kettunen
  • Tira Kuitunen
  • Wilma Malin
  • Iida-Maria Vänni

Confirmed as of May 23. Vänni has replaced Ahlblad, who was on the nominative roster.


Confirmed as of May 9.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 24. Plattenhardt was replaced by Iltner and is now the alternate.


Confirmed as of May 16.


  • Georgia Ananiadou
  • Paraskevi Arvanitaki
  • Elpida Giemenitzoglou
  • Sevasti Gietou
  • Evelina Maja
  • Marina Markopoulou

Confirmed as of May 4. As of May 30, Markopoulou will no longer compete. She has been replaced by Arvanitaki, and Gietou was also added to the roster.


Feher, Jakab, and Szujo are confirmed as of May 9. The federation will decide in the days leading up to the competition whether Katona and/or Szabo will compete. As of May 20, Katona and Szabo are confirmed to compete.


Confirmed as of May 12.


  • Aisling Fuller
  • Rebecca Geddis
  • LiLing Martin
  • Meg Ryan

Confirmed as of April 25. Both Geddis and Martin were on the nominative list but not on the Gymnastics Ireland announcement, which features only Ryan and Fuller. As of May 20, Fuller will no longer compete.


Confirmed as of May 27.


Confirmed as of May 27.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 11.


Confirmed as of May 30.


  • Wanda Drelicharz
  • Patrycja Dronina
  • Oliwia Luka

Confirmed as of May 30. Luka has replaced Drelicharz, originally on the nominative roster.


Confirmed as of May 16.


Confirmed as of May 27.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 30. Kuklovska has replaced Valastiakova, originally on the nominative roster.


Confirmed as of May 23.


Confirmed as of May 20.


Confirmed as of May 2. Alternates are Fabienne Strub and Anny Wu.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 30.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

11 thoughts on “European Championships Junior Team Master List

    • I think they’re great…no big shots yet, but for juniors they’re all at a very solid level. However, they’re at a level similar to last quad’s 2012 juniors who turned senior in 2013-2014, aka they have promise, but if it’s mismanaged, they could get stuck where they are…at a good level for juniors but way behind senior potential. Hopefully the federation makes sure they keep progressing!


      • They could start by not bring back Belu ever again. I think they were great under the old scoring system but seem not to understand or care how to make the most of the new system. For example, the USA and some up and coming European teams and found a way to make the new scoring system work for their strengths. Romaina just flounders, except for Larissa. Maybe her personal coach should be the new head coach.


  1. wow Russia sent all the gymnasts I was hoping to see out of the juniors. I’ve never had all my favorites from any country get to compete at the same competition. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Elena Eremina manage to claw her way towards the all around title, and I think she has a great chance of being a world medalist next year and/or in the coming years toward Tokyo barring injury of course. The bars title is really Ilyankovas to lose. Zubova is consistent and solid, so she’ll probably take home something on beam, it’ll depend on how the Romanians do. Simakova and Perebinsova will both be able to bring in steady scores, and can potentially win medals in finals assuming they push past their teammates and get in.


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