European Championships Senior Team Master List

With the 2016 European Championships now less than a month away, the FIG has released the nominative registration and we’re going to be getting confirmed team news left and right. In an effort to keep everyone up-to-date, we’ll be maintaining this list of all nominative, provisional, and official teams. If you have any news or additions, please let us know in the comments! We will also track all changes here, i.e. if an athlete is injured or no longer able to compete.

The seniors competing at Bern 2016 are listed below. For a list of junior teams, click here.


  • Chloe Baltenneck

Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 10. Erja Metzler was originally on the roster, but was replaced by Puffer due to injury. As of May 30, Stadelmann has replaced Beatrice Stritzl.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 30. Alaina Kwan was originally on the nominative roster, but she was replaced by Baranava.


Confirmed as of May 27. Senna Deriks was originally on the roster, but will not compete.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 16. Romana Majerechova was originally on the nominative roster, but she was replaced by Nevrklova.


Confirmed as of May 27.


Confirmed as of May 23.


Confirmed as of May 3. As of May 26, Lepin is replacing Louise Vanhille, who was originally named to the team but has withdrawn due to back pain.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 24. Enderle and Föllinger replaced Antonia Alicke and Michelle Timm, who were originally on the nominative roster. Carina Kröll is the alternate.


Confirmed as of May 16. As of May 26, Jupp has replaced Rebecca Tunney, who was originally on the nominative roster.


Confirmed as of May 4.


Confirmed as of May 10. As of May 27, Csanyi has replaced Boglarka Devai, who has withdrawn from the team due to injury.


Confirmed as of May 17.


Confirmed as of April 25. As of May 20, Nicole Mawhinney has withdrawn from the competition.


Confirmed as of May 27.


Confirmed as of May 27. Erika Fasana, who was originally on the nominative roster, has opted to not compete, with Busato named in her place.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 10.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 16. Leonor Feijo, who was on the nominative roster, was not named to the final team.


Confirmed as of May 27. As of May 15, Diana Bulimar and Dora Vulcan have withdrawn due to injury, and were replaced by Zarzu and Butuc.


Confirmed as of April 29. As of May 20, Maria Paseka has withdrawn and was replaced by Tutkhalyan.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 23.


Confirmed as of May 20. Laura Bechdeju, who was originally on the nominative roster, was replaced by Rodriguez.


Confirmed as of May 20. Emma Larsson, who was originally on the nominative roster, has opted not to compete in order to focus on her preparation for the Olympic Games.


Confirmed as of May 23. Nicole Hitz is the alternate.


Confirmed as of May 30.


Confirmed as of May 30.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

36 thoughts on “European Championships Senior Team Master List

  1. I never noticed how many non-European countries competed at the European Championships. I guess it’s a loose term.


      • I think Vi is referring to countries like Russia, Georgia, Turkey… that are not a member of the European Union, but are still participating in the ‘European’ Championships.
        It would be very difficult for most of these countries to get some decent competition opportunities if they weren’t allowed at Euros!


        • Yeah, European Championships is supposed to be continental, and all three of these are borderline European/Asian but geopolitically tend to fit in with Europe. Israel is the only one that’s an Asian country technically but again, it’s more geopolitically aligned with Europe.


      • Think Vi might mean Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel and Turkey. But three of four are border countries anyway. Azerbaijan and Georgia were part of the USSR so just continued to compete at Europeans afterwards I’d guess, Turkey wants to join the EU and Israel competes in Europe – they were kicked out of some Asian sports federations I think and it’s easier politically and in terms of safety and boycotts etc I’d think. All four compete in Europe in all sports so it doesn’t seem odd to me! Think they’re all in UEFA for example.


      • Europe and European Union is two different things thou….

        And also, still no V.Ferrari, is she back in training?


  2. Interesting make up of the Belarus team…. I wonder what the team chemistry will look like. I like to be optimistic and hope they will somehow make the best of it even if it seems like an arkward situation…

    As for Russian team, their only challenger is GB but they do have the edge. I expect RU to win baring another Glasgow meltdown. Then again Vika is not on this team, and neither is seda or karenkova which all had falls in Glasgow. This could sorta be their rio Olympic team running a test…


    • I know, I find the inclusion of Spiridonova to be really interesting… who will do floor and beam? I guess Mustafina/Melnikova for beam and Afanasyeva/Melnikova for floor, but where do Dasha and Maria fit into that picture? I’d have taken Tutkhalyan or Kapitonova instead.


      • Melka might have to do all 4. I actually want her to do all 4 anyway as an international test for AA. Maybe afan will bust out the amanar again like last yr eu? Rewritingrussian has a chart showing dasha possibly doing fx but I think that’s probably more of a placeholder I think.

        VT: paseka, afan, aliya, melka
        UB dasha, aliya, paseka, melka
        BB: dasha, afan, melka, aliya
        FX: paseka, aliya, melka, afan

        No particular order of course. Anyway, hope I am not too off on this..


      • Yeah between Dasha and Maria idk who has the stronger floor. And I fully support the idea of Angelina doing all four events. I also read somewhere that Aliya isn’t expected to have enough stamina for floor yet? To me the bigger hole in the lineup is on beam. Dasha/Maria could hit low difficulty sets on floor and it wouldn’t be a huge deal for a routine to score in the 13.5-14 range. But even though none of the 2015 worlds team final beam performers are set to compete at euros, just thinking about using Dasha or Maria on beam stresses me out. If Ksenia is healthy and ready she’d be the best option to go up first in three up three count with this lineup, but we just don’t know. Why not take Seda and let Ksenia rest? Why not bring a more balanced athlete than Dasha?
        But then again, this is Russia and the lineup could change four times before the actual competition. They sure know how to throw us for a loop

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hungary is intersting.

    If Dorina, makra and zsofia hit everything they could have a nice position. Even Team finals.
    Dorina in particular have great individual skills ( super clean and beautifull to watch IMO) but never really could put them all together in routines….
    Same with Makra, as a fan I just love Dorina a bit more!

    Swiss hopefully will impress after sucessfull competition in rio test event! 4th on test event ( considering euro teams only) + russia, GB, italy and NED, team finals are also very likely for them.

    Russia: Rodionenkos MUST LEAVE NOW!


    • It seems very good to see Bui back in action but at the same time this is Germany’s low B borderline C team. I don’t think they’ll make team finals. Disappointed to see Spiridonova and Afanasyeva on the roster. im sorry but they should have ditched Spiridonova for Rio plans, with the exception of bars she can’t help them. Afanasyeva needs to rest, she has had so many injuries just in the past year alone, Tutkhalyan would be a smarter option, especially considering that Aliya won’t be on floor yet, and Skrypnik should go in place of Spiridonova since she’s actually pretty solid on the other three apparatus as long as she’s consistent. I didn’t expect Iordache to be on the roster since she literally just got back to training, but I can see her being put in at the end, even if she’ll probably only be ready on two events if she goes, likely beam and vault. I’m surprised Great Britain is sending Tunney. She medaled in the AA at nationals but her Olympic chances are so much lower than they were in London, I actually think Harrold who has made it onto worlds and euros team by the smallest margins has a stronger chance of olympics than her. My questions are A) what happened to Claire Martin? And B) Is Belgium resting Axelle or can she not compete for whatever reason?


      • Zyxcba, Claire Martin is still recovering from an injury. She presented only beam at the French test for the European Championships, but had a fall. I think the selection committee decided it is too early to bring her back into the team. Moreover, according to the French Federation, all the other girls have the potential to get into the event finals.


      • Looks like a lot if teams are resting people. Except GB and RU?!

        Tunney must do amazingly well in training to get rostered so much, even just provisionally. That’s an interesting balance beam situation GB has got going in there!


    • The whole German A team – Seitz, Schäfer, Scheder, Alt, Griesser, Tratz – and even many on the B team – Enderle, Harder, Kröll – is out to focus on the Olympics. Iordache only came back from injury last week, Ferrari isn’t going to compete probably until Rio because they’re trying to save her due to injury, and Tutkhalyan was considered too much of a risk, though I think she makes more sense than a couple of their options.


  4. I really wanted Vika to come back but now… I don’t want that anymore. She is constantly ill or injured and I doubt that she can get anywhere close to where she was. I would prefer new seniors over her.


  5. Good to rest Komova. She is still the best AA hope for Russia. A little back pain is nothing. She will get to Rio if she has to take cortisone shots.


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