The 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials Day One Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of competition at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials! We’re here in San Jose at the SAP Center and will be posting all updates as they happen during today’s competition. Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes and the most recent updates will appear on the top. Have a question? Tweet us @thegymterdotnet!

8:06 pm. Running off to do interviews really quickly and then will be back to post today’s totals!

8:04 pm. Schild FX- Hit first pass and double arabian second pass. 1.5 through to 2.5. Good job.

8:01 pm. Douglas BB- Punch front pike with a little hop. Solid bhs loso. Great standing full. Punch front with her leg up. Fell on her L turn. Front aerial to jumps. Hit dismount.

7:59 pm. Nichols FX- Great double double, chest down on the landing but her feet are solid. Tucked full-in is good. Piked full-in also good. Double tuck. YAY. Awesome first floor routine back since her surgery.

7:58 pm. Gowey BB- Hit the beginning, then front aerial to jumps, full L turn to full pirouette though the connection there is a tad slow. Punch front, 2.5 with a hop. Good girl.

7:55 pm. Smith FX- Hit double layout opening pass, 1.5 through to triple with a small step. Double arabian into a kind of stag. Hey, she went for it. The crowd is trying to clap along to this but they’re so confused hahaha. Bless mass clapping.

7:53 pm. Hundley BB- Bhs loso loso right to the edge of the beam. Hit everything after that, including full Y turn, very nice. Great double pike. MEEEEEELS!!!!!

7:48 pm. Biles FX- HERE WE GOOOOO. Full-twisting double layout with a big bounce back. Kills it on the Biles. Double double with a big bounce. Tucked full-in is also a YAS. Guess what? Simone is fabulous. Were you confused about that?

7:46 pm. Dowell FX- Nails double front to stag, then lands the Dowell right in the corner. YAS BRENNA. 1.5 + front full with a tiny bounce at the end. Hit last pass. YAY.

I’m not sure what Aly didn’t get credited for on beam to only get a 6.0 D score. They’re being tough on her overall today. I was too far to notice every missed connection but I’m assuming the layout got devalued as always (and as it – and most – should).

7:43 pm. Aly gets a 59.95 after a 14.8 on beam and Laurie gets a 60.85 with a 15.3 on floor. Aly’s scores are super realistic tonight. Laurie’s scores are…not. At all. Which is confusing because she deserves to be on the team with or without crazy scoring?! Her bars got a 14.9 with a HUGE mistake, and she had probably the second weakest DTY here and the best DTY score. Just…not going to happen in Rio. It sets them up for major disappointment (ahem Jordyn Wieber in 2012, Aly last year) so I’ll never understand the reasoning.

Kocian BB- Nails standing arabian, front aerial + sheep jump, something between those two that I missed. Side aerial.

7:41 pm. Hernandez FX- SHOWTIME. Double layout with a hop back. Love the choreo bit right after and the crowd is cheering along. Sky high double arabian to stag. Front layout + front double full + punch front tuck, good job. Nice control. Double tuck with a bounce. Maggie looks happy. When I say Maggie I mean her coach, not Nichols, otherwise it’s going to come off like Maggie Nichols has a bizarre obsession with Laurie. I hope she does. I do.

Skinner’s beam got bumped up and her AA is now 59.25!!!!!

7:38 pm. Raisman BB- Punch front + wolf jump. “I’m up all night to get lucky” is playing in the arena so Party Raisman can LIVE. Hits bhs layout, switch to back tuck, good on both. Pike jump, did she do something before or after that? Feels very random on its own but I might have missed it. Side aerial, switch half, punch front, I hate being this far away because I can see literally nothing but I love being close to bars. Nails Patterson. BABY GIRL.

7:37 pm. Desiderio FX- Hit first pass, then 1.5 to double tuck with a hop. This music LOL. Oh Christina. Double layout a little short with a hop. Hit the rest. Good job to her, also a very good day!! Must feel so good to come into a major meet like this and own it.

Skinner gets a 59.05 AA!!!!!!! I’m literally BAWLING. SKINNER. ❤ BLESS YOU.

7:35 pm. Skinner BB- Hit the beginning well from what I saw, people were asking me questions. I think that included her tuck full combo. Switch + switch half + back tuck, great. Full L turn + full pirouette. Split + wolf jump. Hit full-in dismount. What a freaking FANTASTIC DAY FOR HER. I’m crying again.

7:30 pm. After Rotation Three

1. Simone Biles 46.15
2. Laurie Hernandez 45.55
3. Aly Raisman 45.15
4. Gabby Douglas 44.85
5. MyKayla Skinner 44.6
6. Ragan Smith 44.2
7. Madison Kocian 43.9
— Amelia Hundley 43.9
9. Brenna Dowell 43.35
— Maggie Nichols 43.35
11. Rachel Gowey 42.2
— Christina Desiderio 42.2
13. Emily Schild 41.6
14. Ashton Locklear 29.95

7:28 pm. Nichols BB- 2.5 wolf turn, double wolf turn, Maggie GETTIN DAT D, you smooth criminal. Front aerial + sissone + split jump, side somi, punch front, side aerial, falls. UGH MAGGIEEEEE WHY. Hits double pike.

7:25 pm. Smith BB- Hits double wolf turn, lovely bhs layout, standing full with a little bobble, hit double pike dismount, aww. I miss the Patterson but I guess it’s better here to play it safe. At least she tried.

7:24 pm. Gowey UB- Weiler half to toe full to Maloney to giant full, Ricna to pak, just slight leg separation. Van Leeuwen with some form issues, big double layout with a tiny bounce.

7:21 pm. Locklear BB- Double wolf turn. Fell on flight series. Punch front to sissone. Full turn. Double tuck with a step. Good recovery.

Just noticed Madison and Ashton got the exact same bars scores ONCE AGAIN. Ashton with the slightly better form, Madison with the slightly bigger D.

7:19 pm. Hundley UB- Weiler half to Maloney, Ricna to pak, good. I want everything good in the world for Amelia. Van Leeuwen, toe on to giant full, stuck full-in. AMELIAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! I think MLT wiped away a tear. Or I’m imagining that because I’m wiping away a tear. #Projection

7:18 pm. Biles BB- Wolf turn issues. She’s not going to be thrilled. Hits jumps and barani. Nails bhs loso loso. Amelia’s blocking me. Switch + switch half + back pike. Great full-in dismount. Not thrilled but not yelling at herself either.

7:17 pm. GOOD Amelia is back on the podium and chalking up. PHEW. I almost set myself on fire.

7:16 pm. Kocian UB- Inbar full to Komova II to pak to Chow half, lovely. Great handstand before inbar half to Jaeger, feet looked less flexed from this angle. Stalder full to full-in stuck COLD. OMG MADISON.

7:15 pm. Amelia just came off the bars podium looking to be in a little pain…elbow maybe? PLEASE GYM GODS DO NOT DO THIS TO ME.

7:11 pm. Dowell BB- Her punch front pike mount gets applause and ooohs. Full-twisting back handspring also gets oohs. Bhs loso is solid. A little short on switch half. Double pike with her chest slightly down and a hop back.

7:8 pm. Hernandez BB- Front aerial + sissone + split jump, bhs loso loso looked way off but she pulled it together. Sheep jump. Great punch front + wolf jump, nails double pike. Great work aside from that teeny tiny series blooper.

7:06 pm. Raisman UB- Omg her abs. YAS. Toe full with some leg form break to Maloney to Tkachev, great for her. Jaeger looks a little crooked, toe on to bail to toe full to Ray, toe half with some ankle sep to double front with a tiny hop.

7:04 pm. Desiderio BB- Hit flight series. Now Aly’s bun is blocking me. Switch half. Double pike a bit low but hit.

703 pm. Skinner UB- Weiler half to Maloney to pak (leg sep), Van Leeuwen (leg sep), toe full to Tkachev (huge), Ray with great toe point, full-in with barely a hop. Great work for her and she looks thrilled. Her little fan section is behind me and she fist pumps to them with a big smile.

7:02 pm. Schild BB- Fell early on, I didn’t see on what because one of MyKayla’s coaches is in front of me. Switch to switch half, way short on split. Front aerial + pike jump, good double pike.

7:00 pm. Douglas UB- Nice slow first handstand before inbar full to huge piked Tkachev to pak, smooth. Inbar half to Endo half to Chow half, good. A little archy but made it through. Double layout with a step.

6:58 pm. After Rotation Two

1. Simone Biles 30.95
2. Aly Raisman 30.7
3. MyKayla Skinner 30.3
4. Laurie Hernandez 30.05
5. Gabby Douglas 29.75
— Brenna Dowell 29.75
7. Maggie Nichols 29.65
8. Ragan Smith 29.3
9. Amelia Hundley 29.2
10. Emily Schild 28.85
11. Madison Kocian 28.15
12. Christina Desiderio 27.8
13. Rachel Gowey 27.3
14. Ashton Locklear 15.75

6:54 pm. Smith UB- Inbar half to Tkachev, Chris liked it. Stalder to Ricna, good inbar full to pak, toe shoot, stalder full to full-in. Four beads for you, Ragan Smith. You go Ragan Smith.

6:52 pm. Locklear UB- Inbar full to Komova II to pak to Maloney to bail to Ray. It’s gonna be brutal if this likely gets left at home. Inbar half to huge Jaeger, stuck full-in. Ugh she is TOO good.

6:50 pm. Hundley VT- Good DTY, small hop back.

6:49 pm. Biles UB- Someone just yelled “GO SEA-MONEY!” Weiler half with some leg break, to Maloney, good. Toe full to Tkachev, Church to pak, toe shoot, toe on to full-in stuck! YAY.

6:48 pm. Kocian VT- Big clean FTY. I guess she did decide to vault even though Martha was like “nah.”

6:46 pm. Raisman VT- Amanar, GREAT. ALYYYY. Slight step back. Great rotation from what I could see. Same leg stuff.

Dowell UB- Toe full to Maloney to big Tkachev, GET IT. Hop change to Jaeger, nice. Church to pak with some leg sep. Van Leeuwen caught a little awkwardly from my angle. Nails full-twisting double layout. SHE IS SO HAPPY!!! So is Armine.

6:43 pm. Kate Foster, the girl who lost her leg to leukemia is here to do a demo. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

6:41 pm. Hernandez UB- Stalder full to Chow to huge Tkachev with the craziest hip rotation ever. Huge Downie, huge Ricna to pak, YES. She fell on a relase in training. UGH arches over on her Endo half and has to extra swing a million times. Maggie is having 17 heart attacks on the side. Sticks full-in. Maggie gestures to her “it’s okay.” At least she didn’t come off.

6:39 pm. Desiderio UB- Weiler half, Maloney is a bit messy, toe full to Tkachev, I think I’m her spot because we keep meeting eyes when she spots hahaha. Bail to toe shoot, full-in. YAY Christina!!! She looks SO happy about that and Mr Strauss is so proud.

6:39 pm. Skinner VT- Just goes to the DTY for the second vault and it’s a good one. After the trouble she had with her amanar today that was a wise decision.

6:38 pm. Skinner VT- Cheng, very low block as usual but lands it about as well as she usually does. The crowd actually gasped on her block hahaha.

6:36 pm. Schild UB- Inbar full, gets a little archy on the handstand before her Komova II to pak, Maloney to bail to toe shoot with just tiny form issues, leg form breaks on inbar half into her Jaeger, straight and clean double layout with a big step forward.

6:35 pm. Douglas VT- DTY, hop back, same as it’s been all summer.

6:34 pm. Nichols UB- Toe full to Maloney to pak caught close to van Leeuwen which was a mess but she caught. Toe on to toe half to Jaeger (flexed feet), double layout basically stuck. I can’t see handstand angles at all from my point of view but that aside this was like…kinda meh form-wise but still hit.

6:31 pm. Gowey VT- DTY landed in a fully piked position basically.

6:29 pm. After Rotation One

1. Simone Biles 16.0
2. Aly Raisman 15.45
3. Laurie Hernandez 15.15
4. Maggie Nichols 15.1
5. Emily Schild 14.95
6. Brenna Dowell 14.85
7. MyKayla Skinner 14.8
8. Ragan Smith 14.7
9. Gabby Douglas 14.65
10. Christina Desiderio 14.3
11. Madison Kocian 14.25
— Amelia Hundley 14.25
13. Rachel Gowey 12.9
14. Ashton Locklear 0.0

6:25 pm. Kocian FX- Double arabian to stag, connection probably a little slow because there was a tiny skid. 1.5 to front full with a large step forward. Double tuck with a little bounce. Double pike with a step.

6:24 pm. Biles VT- Second vault is the Cheng, which is actually a little low and she has to hop. But she’d still easily win Olympic gold for that combo. No worries there.

6:22 pm. Biles VT- Crowd goes wild when she walks up onto the podium. Amanar, great in the air as usual, just a step forward. Better landing in warm-ups. PLEASE stick it for me on Sunday and get dat 10.

6:20 pm. Raisman FX- Oh my god I’m crying BEFORE the routine this time. DON’T EVEN WORRY ABOUT IT. 1.5 through to double arabian to front layout which she FLOATS THROUGH!!!!! Like she barely looks like she’s trying. SKY high Dos Santos to stag. Double layout is fabulous. Kills the double pike. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

6:19 pm. Dowell VT- DTY, GREAT, just a hop back.

6:17 pm. Skinner FX- Double double layout is PERFECTION. Seriously one of the best she’s ever done, SO stretched!!! Double double with a great landing and her chest slightly down. Tucked full-in with a little step. 1.5 through to 2.5 with a little step. YAS MYKAYLA!!!!!!

6:16 pm. Hernandez VT- Came really early onto the table for her DTY but from my angle it looks okay in the air…not a good deal of height/distance really at all but decent landing all things considered.

6:13 pm. Desiderio VT- DTY, meh, better than training I think? Steps OOB.

6:10 pm. Douglas FX- Hit double arabian with a step, and hit second pass which I couldn’t see because sometimes people like to stand in front of me. Tucked full-in probably? Couldn’t see if she did the back tuck out of it though. Double pike with a hop. Double tuck is good.

6:09 pm. Schild VT- DTY, clean and with a little bounce in place. 

6:08 pm. Nichols VT- DTY, a little form issue-y in the air but an awesome landing.

Gowey FX- Triple full with some iffy leg form and a little underrotated. Hit double pike second pass. Tripped after a leap or something?! And fell forward and had to roll out of it. Oof. Double tuck with a super low landing.

6:03 pm. Hundley FX- Nails double layout. I saw MLT backstage before they did the walk-out and she was sitting calmly in a chair like “sometimes this is the best way to deal with everything” and I was like get it MLT. Great piked full-in as well. Little shimmy before her third pass is golden. 1.5 through to double tuck is excellent. I’m crying about Amelia being here SO HARD. Little skid on her double pike but she’s all smiles and MLT is like WOOOOOO I LOVE YOU.

6:02 pm. Smith VT- DTY, a little wild in the legs at first but hit landing well.

6:00 pm. Kyla is doing an interview with Sam Peszek as an in-house commentator which is kind of awesome. Kyla is super stressed about everyone competing.

5:58 pm. Warm-ups for the first rotation are getting underway now.

5:53 pm. Athletes are coming in one by one running through smoke with the lights all awesome, reminiscent of NCAA gym intros. Love it.

5:52 pm. Walk-in is about to start!

5:38 pm. Two updates for you…they just played the video of Aly at Olympic Trials in 2008 which makes me sob like a baby so naturally I cried for that. And I missed dinner because I was watching warmups, the only food left was a basket of rolls, so I grabbed two and then naturally walked past Shannon Miller holding a gigantic plate of carbs.

5:26 pm. Okay, that’s going to wrap things up for now! I think they get started in a half hour so I don’t know what the next thirty minutes will entail here…obviously the walk-in and the whole pre-show madness and everything. And probably Macready. Always Macready. Check back in 10 or 15 minutes and I’ll let you know what’s happening!

5:24 pm. One last timer from Christina onto a big mat, and Brenna does another DTY, which she sticks but a little messy.

5:20 pm. Christina Desiderio’s DTYs are a little scary tbh but they always are? She must be doing her plyos because she never gets hurt. Laurie up on vault now…DTY, looks much better than nationals. Decent one from Brenna…I think the girls on floor are done.

5:17 pm. Good tumbling from Aly on floor. Nearly stuck Amanar from Simone gets huge applause, just a tiny step back. I am all for Simone getting a 10 on this vault if she sticks this weekend. It won’t matter – she’s making the team, she’s gonna win – might as well just let her have it. She’s made history everywhere else, why not give her the first “perfect” 10 in execution here?! I’M HERE FOR IT.

5:13 pm. Sorry, had an internet issue for a second…in the fourth rotation warmup! Timers right now on vault and floor.

5:03 pm. So everything I saw from beam looked good. No major disasters. I literally can’t even tell who is on right now…a human in pink with hair. Maybe Gowey? Hit a 2.5 dismount. Gabby’s up now…nails punch front, solid bhs loso, hit dismount with chest down and a small hop.

4:58 pm. Lovely 1.5 though to triple from Ragan on floor. Laurie nails front double full to punch front after running out of it a few minutes earlier. Someone asked if Skinner looks shakier than usual on beam but she hasn’t really done any full sets yet…just nailed her full-in dismount, though.

4:54 pm. Shifted rotations again…slowly getting into floor with some timers.  Skinner on beam for a dismount timer. Aly’s simple split leap mount was just pretty freaking gorgeous. Looks good on her layout. Double back from Laurie.

4:47 pm. I can barely tell anyone apart on beam because of hot pink nation but Ashton just sat her dismount. She and Ragan are the only ones really over there right now and I can only tell them apat because of the height difference. I think there’s a foot difference between them. Ragan bends her knees on her layout landing, tiny stumble on the standing full (which I literally can’t tell if it’s piked or tucked), good aerial to jump connection.

KO just asked if the official term is “reserve athletes.” For the Olympics, USA Gym typically refers to the alternates as “reserves” and I remember in 2012 when someone in the media said alternates, it was a no-no. I think “reserve” is more all-encompassing, like…they’re being held in a reserves pool with no one at a greater standing than the other. Not sure what the semantic difference is but that’s what I remember from 2012.

4:42 pm. Miss Laurie Hernandez just nailed her bhs loso loso series. Aly’s doing werk on bars, sticks double front. Rachel’s Weiler half is good. MyKayla just fully stared right into my eyes as I was watching Rachel so I stared right back and shot a thousand laser beams of positive energy into her. Hit routine just now but with messy form, not shocking.

4:41 pm. Gabby on bars…inbar full to huge pkecd Tkachev to pak, good. Labored handstand before inbar half to endo half to Chow half, which looks a little off. Clean super stuck double layout though. The crowd is just starting to come in and she got some WOOs for that. MyKayla off on her Weiler half and makes a not impressed face.

4:38 pm. Madison Kocian back up…great inbar full to Komova II to pak to Chow half, only slight ankle sep on the pak. Inbar half to HUGE Jaeger. Pirouettes right on the bar and sticks the full-in. MMMM YES.

To answer another question, whenever I say “omg I’m literally crying” I usually actually do have tears welling in my eyes. NO JOKE. Aly brings them out in me. I can’t wait until we ugly cry together on Sunday. By “together” I mean Aly on the podium celebrating her second Olympic team and me on the floor nearby pretending Aly and I are BFFs.

4:35 pm. Back to basics. I don’t have a good view of beam at all but I’ll try to keep my eyes open for falls or anything fishy. Madison Kocian is owning it right now on bars…she’s exempt from vault today to save her fragile bird bones from potential disaster.

4:32 pm. Shifting rotations now. Gabby Douglas is only here with coach Christian. I’m not sure what happened to Kittia, but I heard from other members of the press that she was here on Thursday. One of my media pals said she will ask about it at interviews later so hopefully we’ll get some answers about that tonight.

4:30 pm. To answer a question that just came in, YES, they’re naming all five on Sunday, plus three reserve athletes.

4:28 pm. Simone up on bars…leg break on the high bar, I think on a pirouette. No biggie for her to get it back quickly. Ashton time…just the dismount, full-in with a small step. I think they’re getting ready to change rotations because Aly’s hanging out by bars now. Ragan “I LOVE BEADS” Smith with a big Jaeger and even bigger Ricna, loses herself on her inbar full though.

4:27 pm. A couple of crashes in a row from Skinner…it’s almost like she’s trying to get more power than she needs? And is stopping herself by flying forward/sideways to her hands. Brenna just killed the Church to pak combo, a better DTY from Gabby, and Brenna sticks her dismount again.

4:24 pm. Lovely DTY from Amelia. Maggie was just so clean on bars just now, I literally thought she was Ashton. WOW. DTY from Gabby with a big bounce back. GORGEOUS Amanar from Aly, seriously her FORM gahhhh please do it like that in competition. Just a small step forward. Oh my goodness I’m literally already starting to cry a little.

4:22 pm. Brenna looks very strong on bars at the moment. HUGE Church but knees are a little bent in the pak. Aimee on the side saying “come on Bren.” Sticks full twisting double layout. Yay Brenna! DTY timer from Skinner who gets so much height she more than rotates it around with room to spare on an 8 inch mat!

4:17 pm. Mostly basics at this point. Ashton’s looking gorgeous. TOE POINT. Vault is just timers at the moment. Now Laurie’s on bars stalder queening it up. Beautiful form on everything. Endo half a little muscly but she is good at getting it back. Basically whipped out a full routine.

4:13 pm. General stretch is just about to end with the athletes getting ready to train with one group on vault and the other on bars. We’ll be back shortly with event training updates!

Article by Lauren Hopkins


184 thoughts on “The 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials Day One Live Blog

  1. Yooooooo…..what. is. going. on. with. Gabby???????

    Skinner is suddenly looking really good to make the team at this rate.


      • That’s not gonna matter if she can’t contribute. Skinner can get a mid-15 on vault…if Gabby’s only putting up 15.1ish work on bars, we can leave her, put Simone up on bars, and then make up the difference +some on vault with Skinner. We’ll still do well in the AA plus we’ll have two athletes in the vault final.


  2. Everybody succumbing to some nerves tonight… Except maybe Madison? Oh, and Skinner! Not really surprising, so much pressure at trials. Even for Simone. She’s obvi a lock but the amount of attention and fandom has got to have an effect. Let’s hope they all shake it off for Sunday!


  3. Btw: Standings for anyone who wants them:
    1. Simone Biles – 61.850
    2. Lauren Hernandez – 60.850
    3. Aly Raisman -59.950
    4. Mykayla Skinner – 59.950
    5. Ragan Smith – 58.7
    6. Madison Kocian – 58.6
    7. Gabby Douglas – 58.550
    8. Maggie Nichols -58.150
    9. Amelia Hundley – 58.0
    10. Brenna Dowell – 57.9
    11. Christina Desiderio – 56.650
    12. Rachel Gowey – 56.4
    13. Emily Schild – 55.4
    14. Ashton Locklear – 28.950


  4. After tonight the team I would select is Biles, Hernandez, Raisman, Skinner and Kocian, with Locklear, Smith and either Douglas or Nichols as the alternates. Even though that means Simone would have to do bars in the team final.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, will have to see if skinner can keep up the momentum. and how gabby does.. but another night like this on sun and I find it hard that USAG could pick douglas over skinner without looking like they are playing favoritism…


      • This is the only meet where skinner has proved team worthiness, I wouldn’t automatically say she’s in, although she’s a Martha favorite so she could get in by favoritism.


    • My thoughts exactly. I love both Gabby Douglas and Maggie Nichols, but going off the 3 out of the 4 days of competition, Biles/Raisman/Hernandez/Kocian/Skinner is the best team. I haven’t been one of the people that are harsh on Gabby Douglas. I was very impressed with her comeback. Until the championships and tonight.

      I wonder how much Douglas’ name and fame is going to cushion her. If Skinner performs Sunday like she did today, it would seem stupid to leave her off the team. Same with Kocian who I haven’t been a huge fan of but really impressed me today by being good on the all around, not just bars.

      No matter what happens Sunday, the team selection went from looking predictable a few weeks ago to controversial. Sorry for the tl;dr!


      • I think the smartest decision, if Sunday goes the way it did night 1, would be to pick the three locks (Simone, Aly and Laurie), Kocian and Skinner (unfortunately). The three locks and Kocian cover everything, except they would have to use Simone on bars. Marta has always wanted Simone to rest at least one event, and the Olympic timing is so crucial that one bars dismount could make the dismount, especially when Simone’s legs gave out a little at the end of a second night at at P&Gs, doing three all arounds wouldn’t be ideal, but it would have to happen with Skinner. However, I would pick Nichols, Hundley and Locklear as the three alternates. I know that omitting Gabby is a huge question mark, but her position on the team was based on consistency on all four events, which she lost as of P&Gs and Hundley has proved that she can step up anywhere in a pinch, whereas with Gabby you have to hold your breath and hope for the best.’Then, based on whether or not Nichols recovers her amanar, or if she decides that Locklear is actually a better option than Kocian, would make swaps from there if needed.


      • Don’t think locklear will be picked over kocian unless kocian is injured during camp. and even then they might decide to play it safe and just pick another AA backup… There is one month left so not saying Maggie cant bring back her amanar…. but it would still be high risk thing that night not ever happen….

        The reason why Gabby probably still would get selected even if she drops down to 6th is that as long as her bars is top 3, they will use it to rest simone in TF. Douglas then just become an ub specialist with an AA program (Kocian style). that is the reason why she is still up there. if her bars ever shows any liability then she will be replaced..

        That’ the reason why marta says her team still not changed. But I don’t think she means that her AA hasn’t changed by any means even with her comments of douglas peaking late…


      • WP, I agree with you about using Gabby on bars in TF to rest Simone. It’s not about maximizing score, it’s about giving Simone a break. Gabby’s other events are only relevant to making the team to the extent that they speak to her mental state. She is fighting for her spot I the aa.


  5. Wow, I am impressed with Skinner. I still think that she did get some gifts tonite. No as much as laurie but still some gift. But even without the gift, this is probably skinner’s best night ever.

    If skinner can repeat this performance sunday and if gabby don’t bring a 60+, I think it will be real hard for the committee to completely ignore skinner b/c that would make them looks like they just picking gabby just for past reputation

    Lots of nerves tonight… even simone wasn’t immune. I am so sad to see ashton crying (was about to cry myself) . She probably put a lot of pressure on herself just to be perfect trying to even out Maddie advantages…. Her ub is always pretty. I hope she will stick around next quad, upgrade some and get that ub medal that she deserves. Kocian I think has pretty much seal the deal though.

    As for Maggie, I don’t think there is much she can do at this point…. alt is where is will be probably…


    • Yes, also very impressed with MyKayla Skinner. This is what Lauren and others, but mostly Lauren, has said about her. She has worked her BUTT off. Hard working broad. Not giving up, especially on improving form, and that has shown itself tonight. I LOVE when athletes keep improving even when the spotlight isn’t on them. If Marta doesn’t play media politics and acts on her credo to take the best athletes in the moment (a la not Gabby), then Ms. Skinner may just have a giant surprise on Sunday night.


    • Come on now Laurie wasn’t given that many breaks. Yes she was overscored on ub but let’s say it should have been a 14.6 or so she still was the second best tonight now let’s not forget the name ones had mistakes too and weren’t hit that hard Simone had issues on that second vault and really wasn’t hit and a huge mistake on bb with a major wobble and could have been hit harder so let’s keep it in prospective Laurie has been nailing her ub all year yes it was a big mistake but her floor got what it justly disserved she shows what gymnastics is was about before the open ended scoring dance artistry and flexibility with lines she a first year senior nerves can hit she fixed it and wasn’t given huge benefit like your claiming compare to what the others got it was fair but her ub was overscored but she can hit around 15.3 let’s keep it real she has been underscored in past on floor so others have gotten benefits too I’ve seen lordache in the past wobble all over the place on bb and still get a 15.6 to 15.7 because who she is


      • Larisa might have wobbled all over ,and got a 15+ but that was never at a level 1 FIG meet so that should be taken with a grain of salt just like a lot of the other domestic scoring sometimes. I think laurie fx got gifted by about 0.2 on her fx relative to aly. it was a 15+ fx routine but not 15.3 relative to aly fx….. simone bb would be sub 15 at worlds/rio with that routine. Aly was definitely more realistically scored and laurie not as much. They are about even as AA…


      • She was very overscored – her fault gets no distance and should be a 14.9-15.0 max. Bars should have been closer to 14.5-14.6. Her beam never gets hit for her low chest landing. I think 15.3 would be fair. And floor – she will probably score a 14.9-15.0 internationally. She actually isn’t that clean in her tumbling and landings – just her dance is so great they seem to overlook that. Take all that into account and she and Aly are basically tied again. Everyone had mistakes – but some girls (Aly and Ragan) were judged very critically.


      • I agree with J, Laurie was on equal ground with Aly but was so overscored. That said, Aly and Ragan got very realistic scores for their performances, and Ragan even a little under on floor.


      • yep Leah. I think Aly’s floor was the only place where I was like ??? The rest was fair – she knows she didn’t do her best on vault or beam. She has room to improve tomorrow. Can’t wait 🙂


      • Agreed with everyone here. Laurie’s landings were not as clean as Aly’s on floor, particularly on her double layout. I do think if the scoring is addressed for night two and Aly can stay in bounds on her vault, hit her connections on beam and that third leap after her double layout on floor she can outscore Laurie. In the end, though, it really doesn’t matter much as they will both be on the team and it is pretty clear that Simone, Aly and Laurie should all do the AA in qualifications and see how the cards fall.


  6. I wonder what the chances are of them actually replacing Gabby if she has another lackluster night. She seems to be mentally exhausted.


    • I agree. She has so much potential and a year or two of experience will certainly help her grow tremendously. I think she should definitely score an alternate spot here even with the weird scoring she got tonight, completely low balled on both beam and floor compared to others


  7. At trials in San Jose. Right in front of beam. It was a nervy night for everyone. Except Skinner. She KILLED it. Question for Lauren: is it remotely possible that Marta will leave Gabby off the team? I still think it highly unlikely. She’s reigning Oly AA champ. She’s good on UB. Too many upsides to ignore. Oh and she’s one of the most marketable gymnasts ever.


    • Even marta said she was disappointed that gabby didn’t show her amanar. I think gabby straw is getting shorter and shorter…..If anything she is not improving from nationals like she is supposed to… She has kind of really dig herself a big hole tonight. So now she has to really fight to make it back to being top 5 and will probably have to count on others to make mistakes….

      I think if you have secret, nationals, and trials and she still not moving in the right direction, it’s hard for us to imagine how she could really be one of AA. then again marta a lot of time goes by routines at camp so wouldn’t be surprised if she somehow ending up doing AA…


    • Her bars have not been where they need to be to contribute to the team. That’s what is most concerning but also she has missed 3/4 beam routines. A fall undermines the whole consistency and mental toughness argument. Meanwhile Skinner has been hitting her vault and floor.



    So marta said her team has not changed. I guess gabby is fairly safe right now even given how crappy it has been for her so far….. I think douglas will make the team. but her AA status is still not completely locked down even if marta is saying gabby peaks late. you can only peak so late. last time she peaked right now so I am not convinced of her “I will peak in rio”. The reason why gabby will make the team is not so much of her AA status (since her AA score is now actually beaten by kocian with a FTY!) but b/c she is a top 3 bar worker with an AA program (ala Kocian)…

    Kocian is pretty much a lock for the team from what marta said… But you gotta give credit to locklear for trying her heart out. If anything I actually hope that locklear will beat kocian by a small margin sunday (something entirely possible) so at least she can get some deserving peace….

    Skinner has pretty much locked up a reserve position..

    Maggie without a strong floor or amanar will actually now have to fight to get a reserve position.

    Smith is still in the race….


    • That’s neither fair nor smart. Why not select the team in February like the Russians? Why put girls through all this if Gabby can screw up over and over and still make the team?


      • Agree. Simone, Aly, and Laurie have earned their AA spots. And honestly Gabby hasn’t earned anything through the process of the 3 main meets. Of course Martha would say that – what else would she say? She won’t say anything that will unnerve the girls before Sunday.


    • Here’s the thing, why bring Gabby just for bars, when you can bring Locklear for just bars! Kocian even beat Gabby in the all around and during some parts of nationals she was ahead with a FTY. Gabby gets too much slack for being all around champion. Nastia didn’t make the team because of her status and neither should Gabby. If Gabby came to trials and killed it with a 60+ all around, I’d be fine with her making the team, but now, I hope she doesn’t make it on status.


      • Because Locklear doesn’t do all 4 events, and Martha doesn’t bring gymnasts who don’t do all 4 on 5 person teams just in case


  9. Hi Lauren, I’m wondering if there is serious talk about Gabby’s mental state following the firing of Kittia becoming a liability in performance and in endorsement. I know her star power and endorsements would usually be what kept her on the team, but given this new information is there a fear she could become a public “loose cannon” and create unwanted distractions?


  10. My head may spontaneously combust if Gabby Douglas makes this 5 person team. To me, the constant suggestion that “she’ll peak at the Olympics” and/or that she’s !!Gabby!! is irrelevant in the face of an obviously compromised mental game. Wasn’t this the bottom line for Karolyi gymnasts since the ’70s ? The mental prep/toughness has been so obviously subpar for Douglas and in many ways it seems selection and media willfully ignore it, i.e. Marta’s interviews basically naming the team. A deserving gymnast will be bumped tomorrow if/when Gabby is named. Guessing she will “hit”, i.e. not FALL and get a 15.25 on bars and the sponsors, USAG AND media and Natalie Hawkins can party over their inflated bank accounts. This is not Gabby hate, just a hate of unfairness in sport selection and media manipulation of outcome. Maybe this is a good Real Sports with Bryant Gumble episode. But maybe fairness and doing absolutely right for athletes and team will win out. I can dream.


    • Yes I agree. Martha always says it’s about what you do now….not what you did 4 years ago. Not what you did last year. I understand you need to “know” your athletes and if they come along a little slower, ok fine. But people seem to forget that Gabby won trials 4 years ago – it’s not like she was 7th then and then just won the Olympics. By this time last year, she was peaking and improving each meet. That hasn’t happened this go-around. If it’s truly about what you can now, then Gabby doesn’t make the team. I won’t even comment on the coaching stuff.


  11. Certainly, Simone, Aly, and Laurie are the core of the team. So, from there, how many holes are there to fill? presuming Aly and Laurie both hit 4 for 4 on Day 2, they will both do aa in quals. (Or, deserve to, at least). So the team needs one girl for each event for quals, and 1 or 2 for bars in TF. Laurie will be used for bars, Aly won’t. And I believe Madison will be on the team to fill that gap. Team USA would be fine using Simone for bars, my question is – is it a priority in Martha’s eyes to give her a break and not put her up??? If it is, Skinner can’t be on the team, because more thananything, they need one more bars specialist. And Gabby makes the most sense, as she can also be used for vault and floor, even if her beam is out of the picture. If Martha is willing to make Simone contribute on bars in TF, Skinner is still in the equation, as she can be used on vault to increase the team score up to 0.5, and hope to make EF. But even hitting beam and floor at her BEST, a 14.8 (domestic!!) is below what the US is hoping for.


    • Simone and Aly will do vault beam and floor. Laurie will do bars beam and floor. Madison is doing bars. With that team, the question is do you want to replace Laurie’s vault or Simone’s bars. I would estimate Laurie’s vault at around 14.8 in Rio. Simone’s bars have usually gotten about 15 internationally. McKayla’s vaulting should add .7 to the team. Gabby’s bars might add .3. To me, I think it makes sense to take Skinner. If Gabby were still getting 15.2 or 15.3 on vault, she would make sense to take, but her vault has gotten worse not better as have her bars.


      • I don’t see why Simone can’t do the AA in team finals. Didn’t Gabby do it in 2012? Or did she sit out beam? I can’t remember. It’s not ideal, but it’s very doable. Team first, right? haha.


      • J I think Simone could do AA but doesn’t have to. Laurie could do AA but doesn’t have to either. That’s why ultimately whoever goes to Rio beyond Laurie Aly and Simone will only do one event in team finals. Aly can’t do bars in the final so Madison is a lock to cover that spot. From there it’s a question of whether you want to use Laurie’s vault or Simone’s bars. I would rather use Simone’s bars personally.


      • @J Gabby did AA in team finals, but I think Martha would want to leave Simone off bars in team finals because after Nationals, Trials, and camp, she would (barring disaster) be doing AA in qualifications, AA finals, vault finals, beam finals, and floor finals. Add team finals AA to that and it’s a lot– Gabby only made one event final in 2012. Plus, as consistent as Simone is, she sometimes gets a little nervy on bars in major competitions. But if she had to go up, I’m sure she would do a great job… it’s just weighing risk vs. reward


      • Oh yeah I forgot about all the event finals and that Gabby only qualified to bars and beam. Would make sense to take Laurie off vault, Simone off bars, and Aly off bars. Which is why if Gabby goes she is basically a bars specialist. SMH. I would rather see Maddie’s floor than Gabby. Should just take Simone, Aly, Laurie, and Madison and call it a day 🙂


      • @J haha I forgot that Gabby qualified to bars finals!! Yeah I’m kind of torn because I would much rather have team with Simone, Aly, Laurie, Maddie and 2015 Maggie… and if 2015 Maggie isn’t coming back then I think Skinner is the next best bet. Maggie with an amanar would be perfect because she could let Simone rest on bars 😦 I feel so bad for her because she was looking like a sure thing for so long, and I feel bad having Simone do AA in team finals


    • That is actually the most important question is if they should let simone rest bars or not in TF. gabby not usable in TF in fx or bb. she might add a 0.2-0.3 over simone ub. With Skinner doing vt she will definitely likely add more than that amount on vt over a gabbie vt in addition to a more realistic chance of EF medal than gabby chance at ub medal. At least if gabby shows a workable amanar then that factor would have been negated but she hasn’t and I don’t think we can count on it showing up on day 2 or at anytime from now til rio.

      Yes, skinner did get some gift for her beam and it’s not exactly consistent. but douglas is also only slightly better than skinner at this point in term of consistency and neither beam would be used in TF anyway.

      With another night like this, they should really consider the possibility of having simone on ub TF… I mean why bring douglas if she can’t contend for AA medal and only do bars in TF? Marta was rightly upset that gabby couldn’t do the amanar…. because even without that bb fall, gabby would still only be 4th. the amanar would have helped her A LOT.


    • Or if 2015 Maggie isn’t back the Gabby with consistent bars and an amanar would be great, but it doesn’t look like either of those things are going to happen :/


  12. J you completely wrong and wp lordache got that score two years ago at European championships so get your facts right. And j she wasn’t overscored everywhere and she has done well internationally so I’m not sure what meets your watching. She has scored pretty much right were she has been scoring and j saying Laurie isn’t artistic is a complete stupid remark out side of Ashton’s lines on ub Laurie is our most artistic gymnist in the USA I’m not sure what your watching but everyone got some gifts but at the end of the day the rankings were right and in no way Simone had a perfect night her vault and bb weren’t hit like they should have been and she could have gotten lower.


    • I never said Laurie wasn’t artistic – she’s very artistic. I love her dance and expression. But she has not and will not score 15.15 on vault internationally. The height and distance isn’t there and she pikes the landing. Brenna Dowell vaults better and scores lower. Laurie has done excellent beam before and usually gets 15.3 internationally. Her only senior international meets were Jesolo and Pac Rims. Her bars were not great and she took 2 extra swings in addition to the big form break. Not a 14.9. And floor… was not within .15 of Aly’s. Yes Simone gets gifted. A lot of people do. But on this night of trials, Aly and Laurie should have been closer in scoring. It doesn’t really matter though. Doesn’t change the team.


      • I agree with u on laurie, I like lauie and I’m all for her making this team. she had the worst dty and scored the highest over dowell and meals dty. we know what aly average on the international stage but laurie 2 international senior competition she wouldn’t score like that at Olympics.


    • Just FYI unless it was in qualifications, Iordache was scoring high14/low 15 at Euro’s in 2014. Then she didn’t compete in 2015. I do remember, however, that she did score around 15.5 in a World’s qualification in either 2014 or 2013 and it was STUNNING.


      • We can agree to disagree I do remember about 2 or so years ago lordache had a bb routine were she was wobbling and breaking connections with a huge step back and got a 15.7 I believe. And not to mention us or international gymnist who’s name has help them get grossly overscored in the past. And Laurie has been pretty consistent scored same as international she’s well precieved by the international judges. If she hits she’s been in the 59s so dragon collector I dif disagree with you. Let’s say Laurie was overscored .5 thenths or .6 which is reasonable she’s still I believe was second to Simone and Laurie floor vt and bb we’re just scored you can be picky a tenth here and their but everyone was given gifts at the end of the day the rankings were right last note a lot of favorites have been overscored to this day I believe China was overscored on bb in Beijing


  13. I hope no one boos the announcement on Sunday. It will be controversial no matter who makes the final team. Simone, Aly, and Laurie are locks. Probably Madison K, too. There is no “correct” answer for the fifth spot.

    By the way, it was sad to watch Ashton and her coaches react to her fall off beam. They were devastated. That tells me more than anything that they know it’s probably over for her. Ashton’s bars are a thing of beauty. She floats.


    • Yeah, I actually was about to cry myself too. Locklear really just had too much to have to overcome. I mean even if she didn’t fall on her beam, she would still not be able to overcome maddie’s advantages. She actually have to count on maddie losing it on ub. … The fall just makes it twice as bad for her feeling… Just hoping she can kill it with a perfect day tomorrow and maybe win the ub contest even if it’s just by 0.1.

      I think ashton made the right decision to not doing college next year. She should keep doing elite at least a few more years. Aside from Maddie there’s really no one in US that can rival her bars right now. With some minor upgrade and with that executions and all the post Olympic downturn, I think she has a bright chance at an ub worlds medal in 2017 and she absolutely deserves one!


    • They really should have done what Maddie’s coaches did and put together a basic floor and a FTY. I know she had a back injury years ago but Martha has made it clear all year she isn’t taking someone who first train all four events.


    • Sadly there are many, many people now who are questioning the process if Gabby makes the team based on all she has shown from training camp to classics to championships to now. And I agree – it’s unfair to base it on past performances. There is no guarantee she will improve or peak later. Aly certainly isn’t being given that free pass.


  14. Why is everyone saying that Kocian will definetly get the spot over Locklear. First of all,although ashton fell day one, it’s not like Maddie hasn’t had a fall on beam in the past month and a half; am I the only one who remembers secret clasic. Plus, there is no senario where either Kociam or Locklear, whoever gets the spot, would ever do beam even in qual, let alone TF. And so then you look at the bars scores, and Madison hasn’t outscored Ashton in a year. And as far as Madison’s AA program, a FTY will be of 0 use and her floor routine would neverrrr be used. So if you look at the facts, Locklear should get the spot.


    • I agree with you that hopefully any of their other routines will have to be used. Marta is extremely worried about injuries so that other people would have to fill in on those events. So let’s say Simone and Aly both get injured and can only do bars and beam, which the chance of this happening is none, but anyways, then they have to find someone on the team to fill in for team final. If Ashton was there, the US would be done cuz she doesn’t have either routine. If Madison was there, she would already get some points to help the team. In my opinion Marta is being slightly paranoid like the chance of that happening is incredibly small but not my decision.


      • Joseph you can’t use alternates once the competition actually starts though. If someone gets injured on the floor you have to put someone else already on the floor in their place.


      • You can ask the Russian Mens Team (Worlds 2007) about how unlikely it is that two people get injured during a competition. They hat to really fight hard for that Olympic qualification spot and a just injured guy had to do routines,so they wouldn’t have to count a 0.


  15. Pingback: Summer in Jonesville | Jonesville: population 6

  16. Nice quick-hits. Did you happen to see any gymn-celebs in the audience? Any Mag 7 besides Shannon? Maroney and Wieber?


    • Thanks! I saw a bunch backstage…McKayla wasn’t there but I saw all of the Mag 7, all of the Fierce Five, all of the 2008 girls except Alicia…lots!


  17. One more negative in terms of Gabby. What we all choose to remember from London is that she had a great team final and all around final. She had some trouble in qualifications and botched both of her event finals (finishing 7th and 8th of 8). That’s not impressive. She basically had 2 good days of 5.

    Now we’d consider taking her so she can do one bar routine in team finals and serve as a backup on the other events? And bring down the spirit of the team with her lousy attitude and arrogance? Remember in London when she arrogantly reported in an interview with the whole team that she was the ONLY one doing all four events – right in front of Jordyn, etc. Shameful.

    Send her back to reality TV. They’ll need time to film and edit the episode where she fires Kittia because she was a good coach.


    • Let’s not bash Gabby. She’s a wonderful gymnast. She is not a lock to make the team, but she is far from terrible. I want to see her recover from Friday’s performance. I hope she shows up on Sunday in fighting form.


      • I don’t think making honest comments is “bashing”. It’s been widely commented on that she is not a positive force with other team members and that is an important consideration. Not to mention her inconsistency in the previous olympics.


    • NBC only shows highlights of qualifications and then the team and all around, so only real gym fans remember the disaster that was her qualifications and event finals. People always want to be negative about Aly, but she actually qualified in first place for the US. And brought home 3 medals and missed out on a 4th because of a stupid tiebreak rule. So the international judges clearly appreciate her. I can’t speak for her attitude around her teammates, but she said some weird stuff in her interviews on Friday – like when asked about how it was competing with the girls she was uncomfortable and mentioned them being new and not like when she was competing with Jordyn, etc. That’s so odd because she has been going to camps with these girls since 2014. I just find the whole trials process to be a show at this point because Martha picked her team 6 months ago – the only wrench might have been Madison vs. Maggie. And Maggie got hurt so made the choice easy. Martha keeps saying how good Gabby was in 2012 and then in late 2015 – but the field in Glasgow wasn’t that strong. You have to consider what is happening now. I mean, if we are gonna pick based on last year, then Maggie should be on the team. And maybe Kyla too! haha. I won’t belittle any gymnast because they are all amazing and work so hard. But I don’t think Gabby can afford to keep going at this rate. Will she make the team? Yes. Will she do all around? I hope not as that wouldn’t be fair based on her performances. Gabby’s skills may not be worse than last year, but the difference is Aly and Laurie have improved. And other girls at trials are hitting and surpassing her.


      • by highlights I mean they can leave out the less than stellar performances. When they recapped the beam final I just remember them basically not mentioning Gabby hardly at all and focusing on Aly. It’s easy to get the public to see what you want them to.


      • I wouldnt judge Aly on those comments. She has a right to say so – she was competing with Jordyn for a long time and she is the “team mom” so of course that her point of view is different. I think she has good leadership roles and treats other girls well…


  18. I think people are forgetting some things in their arguments.

    For one, Gabby may not have had the best qualifications or finals in London but she definitely hit when it counted. For Team USA, she was second on vault in the TF, first on bars and beam, and second on floor. Then in the AA she was clutch again. She hit all 4 of her routines and Komova lost because she gave up on her vault landing. Same thing with Aly. I think Aly was underscored on her floor but Mustafina opened the door with a fall on beam and Aly didn’t capitalize. And in EF, Gabby’s chances of medaling were slim even if she had hit her routines. We were lucky that she qualified at all to the bars final and she would’ve gotten bronze at best behind the Chinese on beam. Everyone on Team USA except Aly had issues on FX in qualifications, which is why Aly qualified second to the AA final. None of those girls had a perfect Olympics, so to single out Gabby doesn’t even make sense.

    That being said, a team with Aly, Laurie, and Simone has a good core but we have to consider how all of them will score internationally and fill in the gaps from there. The only person on Team USA who’s domestic scores haven’t been too far off from her international scores is Simone. We’re assuming that everyone else’s scores will translate the same internationally and that hasn’t been the case. Last year, Gabby didn’t peak until Worlds and had she not fallen on beam in qualifications, she actually would’ve done 3 out of the 4 events and she would’ve been second on beam behind Simone. I think Martha is taking all that into consideration, and rightly so, because if we don’t bring Gabby, Maddie is going to have to do beam and we lose whatever Gabby could potentially bring on that event plus bars. If she peaks properly, she’s better than Laurie on bars and potentially better than Aly on beam. I also think that her DTY is better than Laurie’s when she’s not training the Amanar and if we don’t take Skinner, we’ll have to put up a DTY. I’m sure Martha is trying to account for the various possibilities that could arise and that’s why Gabby is still in the conversation. Based on domestic numbers, the best team right now would be Simone, Aly, Laurie, Maddie, and MyKayla. Last year, the best team would’ve been Simone, Aly, Gabby, Maddie, Maggie, and MyKayla, but Brenna was given the nod over MyKayla and Aly basically imploded. Gabby went from 5th place to being pretty much a rock. She had one major miss in qualifications but was solid everywhere else. And she had been solid all this year, too, until P&G’s…whereas Aly hadn’t put 4 clean routines together with no major mistakes UNTIL P&G’s. Consistency DOES matter and Martha is considering more than just 2012 and 2015. She has to consider the possibility that Aly and Laurie won’t score as high internationally and she has to consider the ramifications of potentially needing to put Skinner up on more than vault and floor. Skinner had basically her best night ever on night one…is she gonna maintain that through to Rio? Maybe, maybe not. It’s gonna be close and I think the team will be fine either way. Personally, I agree that Skinner is a better choice right now, but to say Gabby hasn’t earned her spot if she gets it is a reach.


  19. Forget about the UB. Beam EF in Rio will be certainly be very interesting. Medal contenders with high D values, a 2-time World Champ who is robotically consistent but not unflappable (Biles in Oly trials day 1), an Oly medalist & frequent hitter (Raisman), Ponor, 2 Chinese (Shang, Wang Yan), 3 Russian dark horses (Musty, Tut, Melnikova) and then Sanne Weavers (perfect blance of acro, pirouettes, & leaps).
    Pauline Schaefer likely may not make EF (her 2015 Worlds bronze was dumb luck from such a weak field). My prediction:
    G: Biles
    S: Weavers
    B: Hernandez or Raisman


  20. Oh my God, this is the first time I’m reading this. I was actually in San Jose watching this competition live and I was the one who yelled “GO SEAMONEY” when Simone went on bars.


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