2016 German Olympic Trials Results

The 2016 German Olympic Trials were held on July 9 in Frankfurt, Germany.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Club VT UB BB FX AA
1 Sophie Scheder Chemnitz-Altendorf 14.200 15.333 14.700 13.833 58.066
2 Elisabeth Seitz Stuttgart 13.933 15.466 14.366 13.733 57.498
3 Kim Bui Stuttgart 14.000 15.033 14.100 14.133 57.266
4 Pauline Schäfer Chemnitz-Altendorf 14.566 13.900 14.500 14.133 57.099
5 Tabea Alt Ludwigsburg 14.666 14.433 15.200 12.766 57.065
6 Sarah Voss Köln 13.100 13.366 13.733 13.600 53.799
7 Leah Griesser Neureut 13.266 13.933 12.966 13.633 53.798
8 Michelle Timm Sportclub Berlin 14.200 13.333 12.166 13.600 53.299
9 Pauline Tratz Rintheim 14.000 12.800 12.133 13.933 52.866
10 Maike Enderle Weingarten 13.766 14.333 11.833 12.866 52.798
11 Carina Kröll Berkheim 13.800 13.366 11.700 13.600 52.466
12 Amelie Föllinger Hassloch 13.833 12.433 11.900 13.666 51.832
13 Nadja Schulze Halle 13.266 13.633 11.733 12.966 51.598

6 thoughts on “2016 German Olympic Trials Results

  1. I’m really excited about Germany’s team this year! I hope that NBC bothers to show some of the other qualifying rounds and other teams.


      • NBC’s coverage of gymnastics is really weird and messed up. In other sports they will show other athletes in their qualifying rounds because they will be competing against the US in finals, but for some reason in gymnastics they barely show anyone but the US, especially once the team became super competitive and then dominate. In 2004 they did show the Romanians and in 2008 they did show the Chinese in the finals because that was who the US was paired with, but aside from that hardly anyone got air time which is sad. It doesn’t make any sense that they will show three or more races per event in the various qualifying rounds in track and field and swimming (prelims and semis) but we can’t even get the routines of medal contenders in gymnastics unless they are Americans. Sigh.


    • Haha! I hope that the Olympic YouTube channel puts up full coverage again. Although I’m assuming that will happen after the fact.

      What I don’t get is why NBC doesn’t offer additional coverage on demand. I get that they’re covering multiple sports on prime time, but does it really not occur to them that fans of specific sports might want more?


  2. I just read an article on Sports Illustrated about how the opening ceremony is going to be shown on a one hour delay and ran across this tidbit “With Rio just one hour ahead of the United States’ Eastern time zone, the network will televise most competition live, with the notable exception of gymnastics.” I’m guessing we are getting packaged BS for gymnastics. Fortunately they will be streaming every event live. (also from the same article.)


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