The NCAA Week 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first week of competition in the 2017 NCAA women’s gymnastics season! Refresh every few minutes, and the most recent updates will appear on the top. Have any questions? Ask in the comments or on Twitter and I’m happy to respond here!


3:49 pm. Just jumping in to share full scores from the CMU meet! CMU won with 192.075 followed by Eau Claire with 188.700 and Hamline with 183.875. Denelle Pedrick (CMU) won the all-around with 38.850 while Tori Erickson (Eau Claire) was second with 37.525.

3:47 pm. SCORES

All-Around — Baker 39.5, Boren 39.475, Hundley 39.375, Knight 39.35, P Phillips 39.15

Florida BB — Baker 9.85, McLaughlin 9.725, Hundley 9.875, Boren 9.925, Gowey 9.875, McMurtry 9.875, total 49.4

NC State FX — Tamburro 9.675, A Phillips 9.775, C Fillard 9.575, Grantham 9.15, Knight 9.85, P Phillips 9.85, total 48.725

3:43 pm. Florida wins 197.1 to NC State’s 194.925. Florida’s score comes like a tenth away from their best season opener, and they had so many things they can clean up and fix as the season goes on. Sometimes that’s preferable to coming in on fire like a team like LSU did…you don’t want to give it all away instantaneously. We’ll see how they do in more evenly-matched meets coming up but overall it was a solid day.

3:40 pm. P. Phillips, NC State, FX- Double arabian with a step forward. Hit her middle pass. Good Rudi to finish.

3:38 pm. McMurtry, Florida, BB- Stumble on her flight series, switch to Shushunova clear hip, stuck double full. Not her best but good fight back from a mistake!

3:36 pm. Knight, NC State, FX- Roundoff right into the double pike, great landing! 1.5 to front layout with a hop. Finishes well. Excellent routine, and I think she anchored literally everything, right? Except floor obvs. Great day for her!

3:35 pm. Gowey, Florida, BB- Switch to split, bhs loso loso is lovely, cat leap to front aerial, full turn, gainer full off the side…great comeback from bars!

3:32 pm. Grantham, NC State, FX- Music issue. No big deal when you’re a freshman who just fell on beam. Why not have your music go wrong? Tucked full-in, messy legs in the air. 1.5 to front pike with a hop. Double tuck is kind of open and she doesn’t have the power coming out of that to do a big open double tuck…crashes it on her face basically. Bummer.

3:30 pm. Boren, Florida, BB- Front toss right in place, no little run forward, bhs loso is a little loose but good enough, good jump series, cat leap to standing back loso, full turn, gainer full, jumps her heels together.

3:28 pm. C. Fillard, NC State, FX- Tucked full-in, stepped back out-of-bounds. 1.5 to punch front pike. Double tuck, another step back out-of-bounds.

3:27 pm. Hundley, Florida, BB- Front aerial to sissone, solid bhs loso, cat leap to switch side, full turn, side aerial to layout full, just slides her heels slightly together for the college stick! Excellent day for her!

3:25 pm. A. Phillips, NC State, FX- Back from her injury and apparently dry heaving on her beam exhibition fall! Double arabian with a slightly low but still good landing. 1.5 to front layout is short and I don’t know how she got it upright because she landed it at literally a 45 degree angle?! Like her entire body was leaning back. #CORE Rudi to finish.

3:24 pm. McLaughlin, Florida, BB- Front aerial to bhs, TOO SLOW. THAT’S why I don’t like that connection series. Beat jump to stag jump, balance check. Full turn, side aerial with a significant wobble and two steps back, stuck gainer full with feet a couple of inches apart.

3:22 pm. Tamburro, NC State, FX- Big double tuck over-rotated and stepped back like three or four times, including out-of-bounds. 1.5 to front half to straddle jump is nice. Solid double pike.

3:21 pm. Baker, Florida, BB- Wolf turn, front aerial to bhs, great connection but I guess I spoke to soon about this being gone forever hahaha. At least she does it well! Big straddle jump to split half. Side aerial to layout full with only a slight slide back.

3:19 pm. Florida’s beam lineup is Baker, McLaughlin, Hundley, Boren, Gowey, and McMurtry.

3:16 pm. SCORES

Florida — McLaughlin 9.8, Boyce 9.55, Hundley 9.85, Chant 9.7, Boren 9.85, Baker 9.925, total of 49.125

NC State — Beucler 9.0, P. Phillips 9.8, c. Fillard 9.8, A. Fillard 9.75, Grantham 9.325, Knight 9.9, total of 48.575

3:11 pm. Slocum, Florida, FX- Exhibition. She’s like la la la here I am again not in the lineup although I should be. 1.5 to punch front good. Great Rudi.

3:10 pm. A. Phillips, NC State, BB- Exhibition routine. Bhs loso with a little bobble. Switch to split side. Good front toss. Switch side. 1.5 falls forward off the mat onto the gym floor. Well, until that point it was great! She looks like she’s in pain from how she caught herself on the floor.

3:08 pm. Baker, Florida, FX- Oh wait, THIS is what I’m most excited for today. THIS. THIS. THIS. Oh she’s SELLING IT. Dos Santos, basically in a layout AS ALWAYS. Big double tuck with an excellent landing. 1.5 to front layout half to giant straddle jump. Amazing. This will slay in Gainesville.

3:07 pm. Knight, NC State, BB- Front aerial, solid bhs loso, switch to straddle 1/4, full turn in attitude is very nice, beat jump to stag jump, side aerial, roundoff gainer full to finish, excellent routine!

3:05 pm. Boren, Florida, FX- Big tucked full-in. 1.5 to front layout with a controlled step forward. DAB. SIGHHHH. I’m gonna stop counting after today because we’re already at five this season and I’m depressed. Double tuck a tiny bit under but she covers it up well and finishes strong.

3:04 pm. Grantham, NC State, BB- Front toss, bhs loso a little off to the side and she comes off, so they’ll count a fall. Full turn with a check, switch to side aerial with a check, hit leap series, sailed down into the landing on her 1.5 dismount, stuck.

3:02 pm. Chant, Florida, FX- Big whippy double layout to start. Lots of amplitude on her jump series. Great choreo bit before her middle pass. Front tuck through to double tuck, excellent. She’s killing it?! Double pike gets a little too much juice and she takes her heel out of bounds. That aside, it was great.

3:00 pm. A. Fillard, NC State, BB- Switch to straddle 1/4, bhs bhs loso with a solid landing, full turn, tiny check, front toss is a little low but she stands it up. Gainer full with her feet apart and a tiny step.

Random thought but I guess we’re finally done with the front aerial to bhs nonsense, amirite?! I didn’t look at code changes between the two years but either everyone realized how trash those series were or the code was like “bye forever.”

2:58 pm. Hundley, Florida, FX- What I’m most excited about today. Whip to double tuck, solid! Maybe a tiny bit short but she covers it up super well. Good front layout to front full. Glad her music isn’t like, the usual SEC AT DA CLUB nonsense. Good double pike landed right into the lunge instead of jumping out into one.

2:57 pm. C. Fillard, NC State, BB- Bhs loso, solid. Cat leap to front toss, a little low with a step. Stuck gainer full with feet apart. That seemed really short?! I must have missed her leap series.

2:55 pm. Boyce, Florida, FX- I can’t believe she’s their only senior?! Why do I feel like they had more in her freshman class? Stumbles on her opening pass, either a 2.5 or front double full, I didn’t see the entry, nowhere near rotated, and goes OOB. 1.5 to punch front pike isn’t bad. Rudi into a big lunge.

Florida’s vault just got bumped up to a 49.45, by the way. Jenny chasing those half tenths.

2:54 pm. P. Phillips, NC State, BB- Bhs loso, front toss to beat jump, full turn with a little loss of control, gainer full with some leg form in the air, but a good landing.

2:52 pm. McLaughlin, Florida, FX- Front layout to front full, the full looked like an open tuck because of her knee form. Rudi. 1.5 to front pike with a step forward. Good for a lead-off routine.

2:51 pm. 192.075 for CMU today.

Beucler, NC State, BB- POOOOOOOF!!!! Off on bhs bhs loso. Cartwheel, with a wobble. Not sure what that was supposed to be, maybe an aerial. Hit the gainer side dismount.

2:50 pm. SCORES

Dagen 9.85, Chant 9.825, Hundley 9.8, Baker 9.9, Boren 9.95, McMurtry 9.875…and yeah, the exhibition vault from Slocum got a 9.925! Total of 49.4.

NC State has Wild 9.675, P. Phillips 9.775, Tamburro 9.675, Brooker 9.15, A. Fillard 9.75, Knight 9.8 for a 48.675 total on bars.

2:49 pm. Just got to watch vault again sped up and Dagen did an FTY but Chant did a tsuk. THERE WE HAVE IT. #MysterySolved

2:46 pm. Clements, CMU, FX- Double tuck, and also hit middle pass (I just wrote ‘middle class’ hahaha). Finishes with a double pike, good landing.

2:45 pm. Apparently both Chant and Dagen did tsuk fulls so I guess I missed the entries for both! It’s so easy to just assume everything is an FTY. I’ve been brainwashed!

2:43 pm. Skyler Memmel hit floor for CMU, by the way.

Pedrick, CMU, FX- Triple full, 1.5 to front tuck, both great. Finishes with a double pike into a controlled lunge.

2:41 pm. Slocum, Florida, VT- Exhibition but it was better than 99% of what we saw in the actual rotation, and a handspring pike half so out of a 10. JENNY!!!! WHY???

2:39 pm. McMurtry, Florida, VT- Huuuuge FTY, gorgeous form as always, but it’s a little short, bounce on the landing.

Knight, NC State, UB- Huuuge Tkachev. Double layout with a hop.

2:37 pm. Boren, Florida, VT- Great big clean Yurchenko 1.5. Florida’s best landing so far. Still a bounce but more controlled.

A. Fillard, NC State, UB- Nice Gienger. Whippy double layout with a step.

CMU, FX- Front double full, steps over a little to control the landing. 1.5 to front layout. Rudi with a low chest. DAB ALERT. UGH. Four dabs in three days.

2:35 pm. Baker, Florida, VT- Huge Yurchenko 1.5 with a big bounce forward.

Brooker, NC State, UB- Toe-on to Maloney to bail (ankle sep) to stalder, arches over on handstand and hops off. Great elite-esque connection series though! Would’ve continued into a toe shoot too. Double layout a little piked with a hop.

Kaplan, CMU, FX- Double pike with an uncontrolled landing. 1.5 to front tuck.

2:33 pm. Hundley, Florida, VT- Big FTY, clean in the air, but another bouncy landing. It’s all of these DTY girls like “I’m only supposed to do a full now?! HOW DO I DO SOMETHING SO EASY?” They’ll get landings under control soon enough.

Tamburro, NC State, UB- Blind change to straddle Jaeger, legs looked bent. Bail is short with leg separation. Hip angle is weird on last handstand. Full-twisting double layout landed in a bit of a squat but she hit.

2:31 pm. Chant, Florida, VT- Clean FTY in the air, bounces back and leg comes up a little.

P. Phillips, NC State, UB- Nice lines! Lovely layout Gienger, slight leg sep. Good bail to toe shoot. Stuck full-in with feet apart.

Campbell, CMU, FX- Music issues. Punch Rudi, a little messy. I think she was a last-minute sub? 1.5 to front tuck, good. 2.5 to finish, just a little messy.

2:30 pm. Dagen, Florida, VT- Huge FTY! Landed it right on her toes it looked like.

Wild, NC State, UB- Good from what I’ve seen so far, legs on her bail are a little wild, toe shoot, giant full to double tuck, jerks it back a little but lands it well.

2:29 pm. Florida’s scores — Boren 9.75, Chant 9.8, Gowey 9.2, Baker 9.825, Hundley 9.85, McMurtry 9.9 for a total of 49.125.

NC State has a 48.95 including Tamburro 9.8, C. Fillard 9.775, A. Fillard 9.775, A. Phillips 9.8, P. Phillips 9.725, and Knight 9.8.

NC State on bars — Wild, P. Phillips, Tamburo, Brooker, A. Fillard, Knight.

Florida on vault — Dagen, Chant, Hundley, Baker, Boren, McMurtry.

2:28 pm. No live results for this meet that I can find but if they post results on the broadcast I’ll share!

2:20 pm. Knight, NC State, VT- Another FTY with another bounced landing.

McMurtry, Florida, UB- Beautiful handstand before her big Ray, her swing looks weird, super clean bail to toe shoot, there’s something jerky about her skills today? Huge clean stuck full-in though.

2:19 pm. P. Phillips, NC State, VT- FTY, looked a little short, stepped on it.

Hundley, Florida, UB- MEEEEELS. I’ve been waiting for this moment for I think seven years since I first saw her as a junior. She was like the slowest-aging elite in history for me. GOOD because I love her. Maloney to pak, both very clean. Toe-on to van Leeuwen, only slight ankle sep. A little short on the last handstand, and just a tiny step on her full-in dismount. Great start!

2:17 pm. A. Phillips, NC State, VT- FTY with a big drag of a step back.

Baker, Florida, UB- Good handstand before Ray, nice! Clean bail to toe shoot, almost perfect last handstand, blind change to double front with the tiniest little bounce. HOORAY.

2:15 pm. A. Fillard, NC State, VT- FTY, not a good deal of height or distance, looked mostly clean, step off to the side.

Gowey, Florida, UB- Good first handstand, big Ray, Slight arch on handstand before toe on to clean pak, muscles up a handstand and tries to fight it but falls off the low bar onto her back. Ouch. Pings off a little early for double layout and flips it close to the high bar which is a little scary but her form is nice and she only bounces the landing.

Skyler Memmel is exhibitioning on beam for CMU! YAY!

2:13 pm. C. Fillard, NC State, VT- Huge FTY, nice and floaty in the air, big step back.

Chant, Florida, UB- Tkachev, clear hip to bail, full-in with a step back.

Segal, CMU, BB- Bhs loso, good. Aerial down to her knee, fell on a standing loso I believe, and finished with a gainer full.

2:11 pm. Clements, CMU, BB- Bhs bhs loso, solid! Front aerial to scale! Gainer full, stuck. Great.

Tamburro, NC State, VT- Decent FTY. Nothing bad or amazing.

Boren, Florida, UB- Low Tkachev, short handstand before clear hip to bail (archy), double layout with a big hop back.

2:09 pm. Fitzpatrick, CMU, BB- Wolf turn, front aerial with gorgeous extension to beat jump, super clean bhs loso, cat leap to switch half, beautiful dismount. 9.9!

NC State’s vault lineup is Tamburro, C. Fillard, A. Fillard, A. Phillips, P. Phillips, Knight.

Florida’s bars lineup is Boren, Chant, Gowey, Baker, Hundley, McMurtry.

2:06 pm. Plaksa, CMU, BB- Stag leap mount, full turn, beat jump to split 3/4, bhs bhs loso is crooked and she drops right off. Cartwheel with a balance check why?! Almost falls. Gainer pike off the end.

2:03 pm. Pedrick, CMU, BB- Solid bhs loso. Switch to switch half floatier than most elites. Front aerial with a little bobble. Double full with a step back. Great!

Amelia Hundley’s doing the AA by the way!

2:02 pm. The first half of Florida’s vault lineup is newbies — Dagen, Chant, and Hundley! Dagen missed last season due to injury. Baker, Boren, and McMurtry will wrap up the second half.

2:01 pm. Porter, CMU, BB- Off on her first skill, the bhs loso. Switch to tuck 3/4, cat leap to side aerial to sissone, a little slow on the latter half. Tiny shuffle on her gainer pike.

Waiting for the Florida meet to start, by the way! Probably 20 minutes of intros.

1:51 pm. Erickson, Eau Claire, BB- Awesome tour jeté half!

1:46 pm. Kaplan, CMU, UB- Tkachev, giant full nicely on the bar to giant half to straddle back, double layout super straight in the air, good landing aside from the little bounce.

1:44 pm. Plaksa, CMU, UB- Lovely first handstand, bling change to straddle Jaeger, bail is slightly short, short last handstand, double front with her hands down so the Chippewas will count a fall on bars.

1:39 pm. Fitzpatrick, CMU, UB- Hop change to front giant WHAT HEALY!??!?!?! WHAT?!?!?!?! TO STRADDLEBACK. WHAT. Giant full to double tuck stuck. WELL DAMN.

Kressler, Hamline, FX- Whip half to front layout, nice landing.

1:37 pm. Miller, CMU, UB- Good handstand, blind change to straddle Jaeger, clean bail, a little short on the last handstand, and she was supposed to finish with a new dismount, I think a double layout, but she pinged off way too early and flipped around once to her face. LAWD. She’s okay, thankfully.

1:36 pm. Eau Claire, BB- Bhs loso, hits it, and then is just like “bye” lol why!? That was so weird. So that’s a fall.

Cooper, Hamline, FX- WHO RUN THE WORLD?! GIRLS. Get it! Double pike bounced back and sat out-of-bounds.

1:34 pm. #1, Hamline, FX- Finished with a 1.5 to punch front tuck, seemed like a good routine overall.

Pedrick, CMU, UB- Short handstand, giant full is late into pak (slight leg sep), good last handstand, good toe-front half dismount with a step back.

1:33 pm. Campbell, CMU, UB- Giant full to Gienger, overshoot, a little short on the last handstand, giant full to double tuck, looked college stuck.

1:21 pm. Webb, Hamline, BB- Full turn, hit bhs loso, switch to split, gainer pike off the end with a step. Good work.

Looks like CMU just had lots of low-ish 9 range scores. I remember them as a stronger vault team so probably just an off day.

1:20 pm. Woah, 47.725 for CMU on vault?! Did they count multiple falls? That seems super low for them.

1:19 pm. Ingram, Hamline, BB- Front aerial into a jump, bhs loso, falls. Switch + split half, about 100 degree split. Nice bhs to gainer full.

1:17 pm. Eau Claire, UB- Hit a Jaeger! Fell later on though. Double tuck with her chest low and a step.

1:13 pm. So, no idea who’s who on the Eau Claire and Hamline teams because these blabbermouths are ignoring them. I’ll add names in when I see scores.

Slater, Hamline, BB- Wolf turn, switch leap, missed connection to tuck full which wasn’t anywhere near tucked because of her mistake before. Wobble on the full turn. Gainer half dismount.

1:11 pm. Just now tuning into Central Michigan halfway through the first rotation…the stream didn’t start so I was like meh, must be walk-in or something…but NOPE. When it started, vault was literally over.


8:53 pm. Utah wins 196.625 to Michigan’s 195.525, and Skinner wins the all-around with a 39.55! Skinner also won every event but beam. Yes, that’s right, she’s a bars champion. #NBD

8:49 pm. UCLA’s score is 195.700 to Arkansas’ 195.350. I love that a team chock full of Olympians and other big elites barely beats a team with level 10s. #NCAA

Skinner, Utah, FX- Double double, lunges back, YAS MYKYALA. 1.5 through double full, excellent. Excellent full-in. MYKAYLAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

8:48 pm. Chiarelli, Michigan, BB- Bhs loso looks way low but shockingly she pulls it around with nothing more than a small stumble. Beat jump to straddle half, clean side aerial, double tuck, nice landing, feet apart but stuck. Throws her hands up like she just won beam gold hahaha YAS.

8:46 pm. Schwab, Utah, FX- Love her opening choreo SO SO SO much. OMG. Double pike to open, hits the landing well. Middle pass was hit. 2.5 stumbled forward and out-of-bounds. Great up until that point!

8:44 pm. Mossett, UCLA, FX- Whip to stuck double tuck! No lunges for this bish. Beyonceeeee. Amanda’s SO EXCITED hahahaha. YAS. Double pike, looked like she missed her footing on her roundoff and it’s pretty under-rotated but she holds onto it, escapes with just her chest down.

8:41 pm. Burton, Arkansas, BB- Front aerial, bhs loso with a balance check but she fights and holds it. Wobble after her sheep jump and falls. Cat leap + switch side, wobble. 1.5 with a big step forward.

Lewis, Utah, FX- Caught it from the front layout to front full. Double tuck way under-rotated and she puts her hands down.

Karas, Michigan, BB- Punch front to beat jump, great. Bhs loso with only the tiniest check. Punch 1.5…nice!!!

8:39 pm. Brown, Michigan, FX- I can’t get over HOW TINY SHE IS. Great front to back flight series. Cat leap to side somi is good. Great dismount.

Hano, UCLA, FX- Big double layout, landed a little short but she steps forward and is fine. 1.5 to front half to straddle jump to punch front tuck, great! Little stumble on leaps. Ugh, no, crashes double pike! They’re gonna count a fall then.

8:37 pm. Merrell, Utah, FX- Good start with a great piked full-in and she’s having fun with this. 2.5 to punch front tuck, great awareness on landing.

Nelson, Arkansas, BB- Bhs loso, good fight, hits jumps, punch front, 1.5 to finish, NICE.

8:34 pm. Kocian, UCLA, FX- Front double full, great!! Omg this is like TOO sassy for her lmaoooo YAS. Great middle pass, 1.5 to Rudi!!! Omg she twirls her hair HAHAHAHA. Maddie noooo. Please tell me she went through some Black Swan kind of thing where they’re like NINA, YOU NEED TO BE MORE LIKE LILY. Double pike, excellent! And her ankles are still whole. Omg Madison HAHAHAHA this was hilarious, I need more Sassy Madison in my life.

Marinez, Michigan, BB- Great routine! I saw it but wasn’t hyper focused.

8:32 pm. McGlone, Arkansas, BB- Full L turn. Big prep for bhs loso, hit solidly. Stuck double full!! Excellent work.

Roberts, Utah, FX- Double pike, controlled lunge. A little choreo bit that looks like a piece of Lieke Wevers’ choreo, love it. Hit second pass.

8:31 pm. Preston, UCLA, FX- Front tuck through to double tuck, great landing. Finishes with strong double pike. Lots of fun choreo bits in there.

Funk, Michigan, BB- Cat leap to side aerial, fights to stay on but ends up falling.

8:30 pm. Rowe, Utah, FX- Double pike, slight skid into a lunge. 2.5 is a little wild on the landing. 1.5 to front layout, a little short on the latter but she uses abs of steel and pulls it up.

8:28 pm. Wellick, Arkansas, BB- Switch to switch side, front aerial, bobble but fights and holds it. Good bhs loso. Side somi. Nice double full with a hop.

Zaziski, Michigan, BB- Hit routine capped off with a solid gainer full dismount.

8:26 pm. Hall, UCLA, FX- 1.5 through to double tuck, good body position on the landing! I missed the rest because my roommate just got home from Boston but it seemed like she had a mistake based on what they’re talking about?

8:24 pm. Gardner, Arkansas, BB- Side aerial loso, good! Just a step back and she corrects her balance slightly. Cat leap to side aerial to layout full, slightly loose legs and she has a little wobble on the landing, but otherwise nice.

8:22 pm. Meraz, UCLA, FX- Good double tuck into a controlled lunge. Front layout to front layout full with a step forward. She’s pulling off some sassy choreo. Double pike, under-rotated and she has to take a step forward with her chest down.

8:21 pm. Yamzon, Arkansas, BB- Cat leap to switch side, bhs loso loso, nice! Slight check on full turn, front toss with a slight balance check, gainer full stuck.

8:18 pm. I have a break to breathe for literally one second!!! Utah looks fab you guys. Nothing too big and flashy yet but they just look so good. They’re at 147.6 to Michigan’s 146.350.

8:15 pm. Artz, Michigan, FX- Piked full-in with a little shuffle into her lunge. Lovely front layout to front full. Solid double pike to finish.

UCLA leads 147.225 to 146.450 by the way.

8:13 pm. Rowe, Utah, BB- Bhs bhs loso, solid! Full turn to opposite direction full turn (I take ballet like four times a week and I’ll still never recognize en dehors and en dedans), hit dismount, great work.

8:11 pm. Chiarelli, Michigan, FX- Tucked full-in, chest a tad low but otherwise good. Double pike. It looked like she did the U with her hands at the end hahahaha.

8:09 pm. Wellick, Arkansas, FX- Ooh, this is a fun creepy routine. Excellent double pike. Front full front lay. Great finish with a double tuck.

Lee, Utah, BB- I missed the beginning of this but saw that she hit her flight series. Switch to straddle side. Beautiful double full dismount!

8:07 pm. Karas, Utah, FX- Double arabian, practically sticks it before going into the lunge! Good double pike.

Ohashi, UCLA, BB- I just love that Katelyn, Madison, and Kyla are all on this team. So many juniors in 2010 feels. Triple series including a layout full!!! Which she goofs with one foot coming off completely, but she fights to stay on. Either way, awesome to see. Bhs loso layout full, excellent dismount. Lmao Simone Biles running out to hug her.

8:05 pm. Stover, Utah, BB- I missed most of this but saw it out of the corner of my eye and all looked good, including the aerial to gainer full. She looks thrilled!

McGlone, Arkansas, FX- Big double layout RIGHT into the corner but didn’t go out! Her 2.5 is huge and she lands almost the whole thing out of bounds. Good front full to front layout.

Ohio State 194.125 to Pittsburgh’s 192.750.

8:03 pm. McLean, Michigan, FX- Double pike, lunged back. Hit second pass as well. Front layout to front full with a little weird leg form.

Lee, UCLA, BB- Flares to start. That mount just got upgraded in elite! HINT HINT, RETURN, PENG. Switch to split jump. Bhs layout, big wobble but she fights for it and stays on. Still probably worth almost as much as a fall but awesome save. Double spin to beat jump, CASUAL. Stuck front full dismount.

8:02 pm. Elswick, Arkansas, FX- Good double pike. 1.5 to front layout to finish. Good routine! She missed all of last year due to injury according to our pals Jim and Amanda.

8:00 pm. Skinner, Utah, BB- Solid bhs loso. Side aerial to split jump or sissone, the angle was weird. Good jumps. Full L turn. She’s killing it so far. Straddle jump + back tuck, perfect. Double tuck to finish, small hop back. So good though.

7:57 pm. Yamzon, Arkansas, FX- Hit routine.

Kocian, UCLA, BB- Front aerial to sheep jump, good but slow connection. Bhs loso, perfect. Lovely full turn. Switch to split jump. Double full with two small steps.

Osman, Michigan, FX- Double tuck, hit the rest.

Wow, they were REALLY tight on Kyla…guessing it was a start value issue? Because she made no major mistakes…

Pearson, Pittsburgh, FX- Hit double back to open. Rest is good. Just a low double pike.

7:55 pm. Mattern, Ohio State, BB- Great bhs loso. Cat leap + punch front + beat jump. Good gainer full.

Ross, UCLA, BB- Bhs loso, excellent. Front aerial to sheep jump. Full turn. Switch ring!!! Split + beat jump. I’m basically crying. Side aerial to layout full stuck with her chest down. KYLAAAAA.

Schwab, Utah, BB- Beautiful beautiful mount. Front aerial to split jump. Hit the rest very well.

7:54 pm. Arkansas, FX- Rudi to loso, nice. Good 1.5 to front layout.

Zaziski, Michigan, FX- I turned in just in time to see a moonwalk and I promptly jumped out the window. #ItsBeen30Years Saw no tumbling. Only that.

I missed the Pittsburgh routine almost entirely except for the sat 2.5 to finish.

7:51 pm. Merrell, Utah, BB- Bhs bhs loso, good job! Double full, hit nicely.

Meraz, UCLA, BB- Bhs bhs loso, great. I have three beam routines on right now. Switch half. Switch leap, broke connection. Does a beat jump to straddle jump to make up for it. Ooh, excellent dismount! Stuck.

Hofland, Ohio State, BB- Bhs loso. Hit the rest.

7:47 pm. I missed the second up routines for Pittsburgh and Ohio State! Stone on beam, I think, and Hall on floor.

Gerber, UCLA, BB- Wolf turn to start, nice bhs loso, nice leaps into a beat jump, bhs gainer full, chest down but a good landing.

Harrison, Ohio State, BB- Bhs loso, front toss, hit gainer full dismount.

Nelson, Arkansas, FX- Double pike bounced into a lunge. Good double tuck to finish.

Reichert, Pittsburgh, FX- Double pike with literally straddled legs and a bounced back landing. Good 1.5 to front layout. Hit last pass and is thrilled.

7:43 pm. Funches, Ohio State, BB- Bhs loso, good. Cat leap to side aerial, wobble and fall.

Spivey, Pittsburgh, FX- Any relation to Hope?! Did a front tuck through to 2.5 I think, I missed most of it but it looked good. Double tuck with a lunge back.

7:41 pm. Rowe, Utah, UB- Lovely slow giant full to Tkachev, clean bail, double layout with a small hop back.

Skinner got a 9.9 on bars, SUCK IT HATERS!!!

UCLA leads 98.5 to Arkansas’ 97.7. Utah leads 98.375 to Michigan’s 97.425.

7:40 pm. Karas, Michigan, VT- FTY, quickly twisted, step back.

Ohio State has a 1.5 point lead going into the final rotation, defeating host team Pittsburgh, which had a meltdown on beam.

7:39 pm. Schwab, Utah, UB- I didn’t see who this was…Ray to high, good handstand, blind change to big straddle Jaeger, clean bail, great last handstand, only a double tuck dismount?

7:38 pm. McLean, Michigan, VT- FTY, big and clean, small hop back. Very nice!

Anderson, Arkansas, VT- Oh, maybe they’re scratching her? Whatevz.

Kocian, UCLA, UB- Reigning world champ and Olympic silver medalist, no big deal. Chow to pak (leg sep), short handstand before van Leeuwen (leg sep), stalder to full-in with a hop back. Not bad!

7:37 pm. Lee, UCLA, UB- Hit her release a little close, lovely Bhardwaj, van Leeuwen is lovely, double layout with a small hop.

Lewis, Utah, UB- Big Tkachev, bail, short handstand, double layout stuck!

7:36 pm. MacPoyle, Arkansas, VT- FTY, not bad. A little piked in the air and short on the landing.

Zaziski, Michigan, VT- FTY, great landing, just a tiny little shuffle. A little piked close to the landing.

7:35 pm. Ross, UCLA, UB- Maloney to clean bail to toe shoot, lovely double layout with a small hop.

Skinner, Utah, UB- Maloney to bail (clean), stuck full-in with feet apart.

MY TWO EXTREME OPPOSITE FAVES AT THE SAME TIME. I’ve always said my gym faves are completely extreme and that Ross and Skinner highlight that perfectly, so this was kismet.

7:34 pm. Wellick, Arkansas, VT- Big gorgeous FTY!! Yeahhh boy, that was great.

Chiarelli, Michigan, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, bent knees in the latter half of the twist, but a decent landing.

7:33 pm. Savvidou, UCLA, UB- Piked Jaeger, giant full to double tuck, good landing.

Merrell, Utah, UB- A little short on bail, but the rest looked good…someone’s holding up a 10.0 sign lmaoooo stop. To be fair, it’s a child and children don’t know anything. Nice handstands in slo-mo! Hit dismount.

7:31 pm. Burak, Pittsburgh, BB- Bhs loso, nice. Switch to split 3/4,

Merkle, Ohio State, FX- Rudi to loso, a little short. The rest was good.

McGlone, Arkansas, VT- Huge FTY!

Michigan, VT- I didn’t see who this was, but looked like a decent FTY. I could only see blonde hair.

7:29 pm. Speed, Arkansas, VT- FTY with messy knees and a hop side on the landing.

Osman, Michigan, VT- FTY slightly under-rotated, step forward.

Meraz, UCLA, UB- Big Tkachev, bail, double layout stuck with her chest down.

Tessen, Utah, UB- Hit release and bail, full-in with a little bounce on the landing.

7:27 pm. Honest, UCLA, UB- Great handstand, fall on Tkachev. Huge release but yeah, nowhere near close to catching. Giant half to straddle back, stuck full-in but with messy knees in the air.

Mattern, Ohio State, FX- Opens with big double layout. Front layout front full, step forward. Double pike with a little skid back.

7:26 pm. West, Pittsburgh, BB- Switch half + straddle jump. Bhs + loso, good. Steady. Aggressive. Went for a switch…full? Made it like 3/4 of the way around and then fell. 1.5 with a hop.

Yamzon, Arkansas, VT- Good FTY to start them off.

7:25 pm. Aepli, Ohio State, FX- 1.5 + punch front, double pike a little bit under rotated.

7:23 pm. Brett, Pittsburgh, BB- Nice flight series. Falls on her tour jete. Illusion turn, wobble. LOVE her skills. 1.5 with a step forward.

7:21 pm. Malone, Ohio State, FX- My feed crapped out but she hit I think.

Laymon, Pittsburgh, BB- Two falls in this routine.

Stone, Ohio State, FX- Hit double pike to start. 2.5 + punch front, fought to keep it inside. Hit her final pass.

Utah leads 49.1 to Michigan’s 48.3. Skinner got a 9.9 for her DTY! The rest of Utah’s vault lineup was sketchy. Not the scores we’re used to from them.

UCLA leads 49.25 to Arkansas’ 48.825.

7:20 pm. Zaziski, Michigan, UB- I was just gonna say damn, Arkansas is missing her right now, but then she fell, so…awkward. So Michigan will count a fall in what was already going to be a challenging first meet for them.

7:17 pm. Wellick, Arkansas, UB- Hit bail, short handstand before Tkachev, great dismount.

Brown, Michigan, UB- I saw the end, a double layout with a small hop. SHE STILL IS JUNIOR-SIZED. She is so tiny.

Jones, Pittsburgh, BB- Fell on dismount.

Hano, UCLA, VT- FTY, chest down, bounce in place, but the form in the air is solid.

Skinner, Utah, VT- DTY, SOLIDDDDD. YAS MyKayla. Looked great in the air. Small bounce back. So good.

Anderson, Arkansas, UB- Jaeger, short on handstands.

7:15 pm. Merrell, Utah, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, looked nice in the air, takes a step out to the side.

McLelland, Ohio State, FX- Good front lay front full, double tuck last pass, stumbled down.

Speed, Arkansas, UB- Lovely Jaeger. Hit dismount.

Artz, Michigan, UB- Big piked Jaeger to overshoot, nice double layout.

Preston, UCLA, VT- AWESOME stuck FTY. So good.

7:13 pm. Shchennikova, Michigan, UB- Maloney to pak (leg sep), arches over handstand, tries again, and jumps off. UGH POLINAAAAA NO. Giant full to double tuck with a hop forward.

Yamzon, Arkansas, UB- What I saw was good. Another freshman, by the way. Just some short handstands. Finished with a full-twisting double layout, slightly piked.

Ross, UCLA, UB- MY BABYYYYYY. Suuuuuper clean FTY, tiny bounce on the landing. Guess she’s holding off on her 10.0 vault but yeah, that was lovely.

Pearson, Pittsburgh, BB- Good bhs loso. 1.5 dismount with a hop.

7:12 pm. Kocian, UCLA, VT- Huuuge applause for her. Decent FTY, tons of distance, big bounce. Her chest is down on the landing as well.

Missed the first two Utah vaults, 9.7 range for Lee and Schwab.

Lewis, Utah, VT- Good FTY. Clean in the air and a flare out.

7:10 pm. Ohio State has about a four tenth lead over Pittsburgh, by the way.

Garner, Arkansas, UB- Another freshman. Giant full right on the bar to a Gienger to overshoot, nice! Short handstand, big full-in with a step.

Marinez, Michigan, UB- Good so far, toe-on to bail (ankle sep) to toe shoot, way short last handstand, double layout a bit piked with a stumble back.

7:09 pm. Kramer, UCLA, VT- FTY, short, bobble on the landing and has to fight for it.

7:08 pm. Burton, Arkansas, UB- Falls on a handstand right at the start. Arches over another handstand later on. She just keeps losing her flow. Toe-on to giant full to double tuck with a small hop to finish.

7:07 pm. Meraz, UCLA, VT- Big FTY, great landing!

7:02 pm. Starting the UCLA feed now. JIM WATSONNNN!!!!!!!

Mattern, Ohio State, VT- Handspring front pike half, great. Hop back.

Laymon, Pittsburgh, Ub- Piked Jaeger, short handstand before giant full (late) to bail, not bad) to toe shoot, nice connections. blind change to front giant half to double tuck, good landing.

7:01 pm. Aepli, Ohio State, VT- FTY, feet apart.

Brett, Pittsburgh, UB- Huuuuge layout Gienger! Clean bail, short last handstand, lovely double layout with a step back.

6:59 pm. Stone, Ohio State, VT- Yurchenko half, lovely body line, stuck landing.

Tripp, Pittsburgh, UB- Messed up her swing on a giant and she hopped off like byeee I’m done, enough bars for me today. Starts again, huge Jaeger, piked hips before bail, which is also a little piked. A little overon he rlast handstand, giant full with slightly bent elbows to double tuck, stuck.

6:57 pm. Funches, Ohio State, VT- FTY, late twist, like she does the first half flip rotation first before twisting, and then she’s a little short on the landing.

Dugan, Pittsburgh, UB- Slightly short handstand into her Gienger, slight leg sep, clear hip short handstand to bail which has a decent handstand, short last handstand, lovely double layout STUCK!!! DAMN that was a nice ending. Beautiful extension on her layouts.

6:56 pm. Merkle, Ohio State, VT- FTY with bent knees and piked hips, hop back on the landing.

Hall, Pittsburgh, UB- Gienger with leg separation, clear hip short handstand to lovely pak, perfect last handstand, giant full with leg separation to double tuck with a small step.

6:54 pm. Van Putten, Ohio State, VT- FTY, great!! Small step back. Super small. Great work. Super tight form.

Pearson, Pittsburgh, UB- Short handstand, Gienger is wild with big leg separation, giant half to front giant half, overshoot, good last handstand but hip angle is still off, giant full late pirouette to double tuck with a step.

6:51 pm. Dead tie right now between Pittsburgh and Ohio State! Aww Lindsay Offutt is being interviewed. I think she’s a volunteer coach. She’s in law school now.

6:43 pm. Pearson, Pittsburgh, VT- Big and solid FTY. Mostly piked throughout and with a small hop back but pretty sweet.

Hofland, Ohio State, UB- Great handstand, blind change to straddle Jaeger, clean handstand before bail which is caught awfully, her hand totally slipped. Basically bent in half. Double front rotated a little more than she would’ve liked, step back to control it.

6:42 pm. Oscar, Pittsburgh, VT- Bent arms and bent knees on her FTY. Big step back.

Mattern, Ohio State, UB- Her floor last year KILLED IT. Great handstand, blind change to straddle Jaeger to overshoot, another perfect handstand, full-out, stuck with her feet apart, college stick because she kind of walks out of it to salute.

6:41 pm. My Fresh Direct got here during the fourth routines for each teams. At least it wasn’t during the UCLA meet? I would have RIOTED. Good timing, Fresh Direct. I think Aepli or someone fell on bars? On a shaposh? I was kind of listening.

6:38 pm. Collins, Pittsburgh, VT- Lovely clean FTY! Great block. Just a small hop back.

Funches, Ohio State, UB- Great handstand, blind change to piked Jaeger to overshoot, perfect last handstand, giant full to double tuck with a small hop, feet apart. Overall, a superb routine.

6:37 pm. Merkle, Ohio State, UB- Arched handstand into her Jaeger, bail a little over, to toe shoot, short handstand before giant full to double pike with a step forward.

6:36 pm. Reichert, Pittsburgh, VT- Yurchenko half, completely bent knees throughout the entire thing. Big step forward.

6:34 pm. West, Pittsburgh, VT- FTY, not bad. Piked on the landing and a big step back but otherwise not bad.

Van Putten, Ohio State, UB- Shaposh, clear hip to clean bail, nice! Short on handstand before giant full to double tuck, chest down and a hop.

6:32 pm. Pittsburgh and Ohio State stream starting now! Superb quality ESPN broadcast. I think you can get it for free if you have ESPN in your cable package.

6:26 pm. Just a little score update, Gustavus actually BEAT OSHKOSH today!! They finished with 175.550 to Oshkosh’s 174.725. I think usually we see Oshkosh somewhere up in the 180s, so definitely surprising, especially at home. Looks like beam was a wreck and they only put up five routines for vault and floor?!

6:05 pm. I’ll be back soon with some of Pittsburgh and Ohio State, and then it’s time for KYLA ROSS.


5:59 pm. Temple finishes up with a 191.925, which was basically one of their top scores last year, so they’re off to an awesome start!! BGSU not so lucky and counted a couple of falls but they have a great foundation this year, finished with 190.725.

Top AAer at the meet was Briannah Tsang of Penn State with 39.350, followed by BYU’s Shannon Hortman with 38.975 and Daisy Todd of Temple with 38.725.

5:56 pm. After BYU’s awesome bars, this ended up being a super close meet, with Penn State just edging them out 194.625 to 194.475.

5:54 pm. Oliveri, Temple, BB- They keep showing the Temple girls getting ready to mount and then they immediately cut away lol. Okay, we get to see it! Hooray, I love Reagan. Full turn, slight check. Solid bhs loso. Cat leap + side aerial, so far so good. Beat jump + split 3/4, front full dismount, I think supposed to be laid-out but it was a little loose? A great routine to wrap things up and to save Temple from counting a 9.1!

5:52 pm. Schuller, Penn State, FX- Front double full, she’s competing on a sprained ankle and you can see it’s roughly eight times the size of her other ankle, DAMN GIRL. Hit middle pass. Last pass is a whip half to Rudi, love it!

BYU just straight up KILLED IT on bars. 9.9s for their final two routines.

5:49 pm. Todd, Temple, BB- Tuck jump to beat jump, front toss to back tuck, yas! A little wobble but she saved it.

Tsang, Penn State, FX- Double arabian, great! Looked like she whipped into it actually. 1.5 + front layout half into a lunge, little hop in place. Finished with a double pike. Great work.

5:47 pm. Garcia, Penn State, FX- Double tuck, incredible, into a lovely lunge. Double pike, lunged but also took a little step. Beyonce medley. 1.5 + front layout, a little short but she whips it around.

5:45 pm. Hosek, Penn State, FX- Triple full! Excellent! 2.5 + punch front. She’s a great twister. That second one was a tiny bit short but a great level of difficulty. Ugh, but then crashes double pike to her knees to finish, just didn’t have the gas to get it around.

5:42 pm. From what I saw, a good beam from Kerra Masella of Temple.

Politz, Penn State, FX- Double pike, lunged back. Double tuck landed in a bit of a squat, step back. 1.5 + front layout, a good finish there.

A good routine from BYU on bars just now, I think from Mackenzie Douglas.

5:39 pm. Final rotation about to go!

Jones, Penn State, FX- Double pike into a nice lunge. Double tuck with a step forward. Front layout + front layout full, good work.

5:36 pm. That was a FABULOUS bars rotation for Temple, btw. Had to be one of their strongest! Good for them…BGSU had to count a fall on floor, and BYU had a solid vault rotation, overcoming a fall early in the lineup. Penn State got a couple of 9.8s and a 9.825 on beam to give them a 48.7 overall.

5:33 pm. Penn State, BYU, Temple, and Bowling Green is still the order after three rotations and isn’t likely to change unless Penn State counts a fall or something on floor!

5:28 pm. Rose, BGSU, FX- Double pike, good lunge back. Loooovely switch ring! 1.5 + front layout. Double tuck with a little bounce into a lunge.

5:23 pm. Medvitz, Penn State, BB- Hoping she recovers from her bars fall! I looooove her beam. One-armed bhs + loso, lovely. Wobble on illusion, switch + sissone, beautiful scale, cat leap + front aerial + gainer full with a couple of small steps back.

5:22 pm. Philipp, Temple, UB- Great routine from her including a tucked toe-front half dismount, my favorite!

5:19 pm. McPeak, BGSU, FX- Front tuck through to 1.5, YAS!

Jones, Penn State, BB- Bhs + loso, saved that really well. Punch front tuck + beat jump, cat leap + switch side, hit dismount series well.

5:18 pm. Tsang, Penn State, BB- Standing loso + loso, excellent. Cat leap + switch side. Good side somi. Full-twisting back handspring into her layout full, love it!

5:14 pm. A good FTY from BYU, excellent landing.

Politz, Penn State, BB- Front aerial + beat jump, great bhs + layout, great full pirouette with literally NO prep, cat leap + switch side, gorgeous. Stuck gainer layout. Excellent!!!

5:11 pm. Garcia, Penn State, BB- Front aerial, bhs + loso, off her angle and falls. Beat jump into her jump series, which includes a sheep jump. Cat lea + gainer full, nice job aside from the fall. Too bad.

5:08 pm. Hosek, Penn State, BB- Solid bhs + loso, stag jump to gainer loso, lovely! Cat leap to gainer full, stuck.

5:07 pm. Penn State leads 97.1 to BYU’s 96.65, Temple’s 95.575, and no final score for BGSU in yet.

4:59 pm. Temple has a 48.300 on vault with Sahara Gipson’s 9.725 their highest. Penn State has a 48.450 on bars, counting a 9.25 but they also got a 9.95 for Garcia’s routine!

Mitchell, BGSU, BB- Big bhs + loso, lots of airtime on both skills. I love that they have two international athletes going in a row! Good side somi. Double full, small hop. Great!

Hortman, BYU, FX- Beach Boys music. Well, BYU certainly has their music variety, I’ll give them that! Omg she’s like getting attacked by a shark?! THIS IS KIND OF AWESOME. It starts out with “Surfin’ USA” and then she gets attacked by a shark or something, that was fun. Double back to finish strong, great routine.

4:56 pm. McPeak, BGSU, BB- So excited to get to see her regularly now that she’s at Bowling Green! Bhs + loso, great. Then they cut away. But happy for that little glimpse.

Tess McCracken, a WOGA girl, doing a bars exhibition…not bad, would’ve been much better than the first actual routines in the lineup.

Douglas, BYU, FX- Hit double back, the cat noises in this routine are about 7 million decibels higher than her music and I’m like, jumping and screaming. Nice 1.5 + front layout.

4:54 pm. East, BGSU, BB- Solid bhs loso, and then they cut to a replay of bars, grrrrr.

Van Mierlo, BYU, FX- She has the Sports Center intro music lmao WHY.

Garcia, Penn State, UB- Piked Jaeger, toe-on to bail (good!), HUUUUUGE STUCK double layout!! YAAAAS!!

4:52 pm. Johnston, BGSU, BB- A few saves, no fall, but gonna be a low score from near-misses.

Trejo, BYU, FX- “Let It Go” lmaooooo YAS. I didn’t see any of her skills but the music was A+++++ always

Tsang, Penn State, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, caught a little close on the latter. Decent last handstand, double layout a little close to the bar, but stuck!

4:49 pm. Another good FTY from Temple but I didn’t catch the name, everything is too fast for me!

Politz, Penn State, UB- Nice Tkachev to overshoot, decent last handstand before double front dismount, with a step forward.

4:47 pm. LaGuardia, Penn State, UB- Giant full + low Tkachev, great handstands so far, overshoot, short last handstand, giant full to double tuck, big step forward but she didn’t crash it.

I hear Phantom of the Opera in the background rom Kyleigh Greenlief! And think I just caught a solid FTY from Daisy Todd.

4:46 pm. Jones, Penn State, UB- Arches over giant full handstand and has to take an extra swing, Tkachev to overshoot caught a little close on the latter, good last handstand into the giant full to double tuck, ALSO crashed to her knees?!?! Damn. Two routines in and they’re counting a fall.

4:45 pm. Pearson, BYU, FX- Double pike, nice! I love her music. Some good ole big band, always my favorite floor music, I’M SECRETLY IN MY LATE SEVENTIES.

Worthington, BGSU, BB- Only saw the side aerial to layout full dismount, nice.

4:44 pm. Medvitz, Penn State, UB- Tkachev, giant full to double tuck, crashed. Ugh! That’s rough. Does she usually do bars? I feel like I know her most from her awesome beam work.

4:40 pm. All scores are in finally, and it’s Penn State with 48.650, BYU with 48.375, Temple with 47.275, and Bowling Green with 46.225.

Thank you to Amanda for sending me the full rosters for today so I can get the names better!

4:37 pm. Someone from temple just exhibitioned a “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” routine which is making my life.

4:30 pm. BGSU had to count two bars scores in the 8s. Only a 46.225 for them, but good comeback routines from Laura Mitchell and Rachel Reis.

4:29 pm. Odom, Temple, FX- Punch front double full!! Whip half + front layout half.

4:27 pm. Van Mierlo, BYU, BB- Switch + split 1/4, hitch kick + side aerial, stuck gainer full.

4:22 pm. Zhong, BYU, BB- Y turn, front aerial + beat jump, side aerial, 1.5 dismount. Good work. I *think* this was Zhong.

Anderson, Temple, FX- Front full to double full!! Front Rudi.

Hortman, BYU, BB- Hit bhs + loso flight series, full turn, front toss + wolf jump.

Feely, BGSU, UB- Clear hip (arched) + Gienger (fall)

Phillip, Temple, FX- Rudi with a wobble and her leg up, 1.5 to punch front tuck with NO punch out, almost a scary fall onto her head, damn.

Sorry they’re not saying ANY NAMES, I’ll add them back when scores come in.

4:21 pm. Tsang, Penn State, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, very nice in the air and a good landing as well.

4:19 pm. Everett, Temple, FX- Double pike, step back. Punch Rudi to finish. Just some issues with her leaps.

Sibson, Penn State, VT- Handspring front pike half, stuck but with her chest down and a little balance issue on the landing. I remember when she was a junior elite for a hot sec and when she committed to Penn State, HOW IS SHE A SENIOR?! I’ll say this about 900 seniors this year.

4:18 pm. Miller, BGSU, UB- Double tuck dismount with a step to the side.

Hosek, Penn State, VT- FTY, got a little wild there, step back.

4:17 pm. Garcia, Penn State, VT- Another clean FTY, not as big as the last one, but nice landing.

4:14 pm. LaGuardia, Penn State, VT- Clean FTY in the air, good distance, a little bounce back.

4:12 pm. Jones, Penn State, VT- FTY, late twist, off to the side, small step. Not bad.

4:05 pm. Amber Autry sang the national anthem! Fun.

4:00 pm. Guess what?! Penn State has a stream! Tuning in now, and will probably be back in 15 minutes or so when the competition begins.

3:10 pm. The next meet is Oshkosh starting right now but no stats or stream for either…and no stream for Penn State at 4 pm! GRR. I guess I’ll be back for the 6:30 ET meet at Pittsburgh, and then the big PAC 12 meets are at 7!

3:08 pm. Towson defeats SCSU, 193.900 to 187.600. SCSU really fell apart on beam but they had a lot of good little bits and pieces, and I was also pleasantly surprised with Towson…if they clean up a little, they could be a solid top 25 team.

3:03 pm. So turns out that New Hampshire DID have a sixth bars routine and the live scores were just behind the times, so they do not have to count a 7.65 hahaha. And they ended up winning the meet! UNH 193.425 to Rutgers 192.875, Bridgeport 191.225, and William & Mary 188.350.

2:57 pm. I missed the last SCSU beam routine…

Arduino, Towson, FX- Double tuck into a good lunge. Steps out of her second pass. 1.5 to front layout, hit well.

2:52 pm. Temkov, Towson, FX- Low chest on her double pike opening pass, hit middle pass and double tuck to finish.

2:50 pm. SCSU, BB- Switch leap half, bhs + bhs, full turn in attitude, switch leap + split jump, stuck gainer pike, I liked that routine!

2:47 pm. McKellar, Towson, FX- 1.5 + front layout, double tuck with a lunge back, 1.5 + front layout full, great finish.

2:46 pm. Avendano, SCSU, BB- bhs, falls, gets back on for bhs + layout and falls on the layout this time. One series in, two falls. Lawd. Switch leap, misses connection. Cat leap + switch side to get that leap connection. Full turn, check. Bhs + back tuck, probably meant to do something more difficult but she’s like yeah no I’m over this.

2:44 pm. Fobes, Towson, FX- Double tuck, big bounce back. Front layout + front layout full, good. Punch front Rudi, great landing.

2:42 pm. Dawkins, SCSU, BB- Solid bhs + loso, split jump + I don’t even know what that second jump was, it had a full rotation but idk man, it was at maybe 10% extension. Let’s just call it a straight jump full. Side aerial, wobble, gainer pike off the end.

2:40 pm. Harada, Towson, FX- Front full, should’ve been a front double full, she’s gonna lose some difficulty there for sure. Whip to double full. Rudi to finish. Didn’t ever make up for that loss of difficulty.

2:39 pm. Elliot, SCSU, BB- bhs + back tuck, jumps aren’t very extended, gainer full. Hit routine.

2:37 pm. Baker, Towson, FX- Lovely pointed feet on her leaps. Front tuck through to double tuck. Double pike into a slightly controlled lunge to finish. Great routine for her, and also #BEYONCE

2:35 pm. Coleman, SCSU, BB- Wobble on full turn. Hits bhs + loso but then just gives up on the landing and falls. Beat jump + straddle half, stuck gainer pike off the end.

2:25 pm. After three rotations, Towson leads 145.225 to SCSU’s 141.125.

2:22 pm. Avendano, SCSU, FX- Great double pike into a controlled lunge. 1.5 + front layout, nice. Double tuck is underrotated and she takes a couple of steps forward.

Over at Rutgers, the host team leads after three rotations with 144.875 to Bridgeport with 143.550, UNH with 142.800, and William & Mary with 142.300. Higlights include a 9.775 for Claire Jones on beam, a 9.775 for Kimberly Stewart on vault, Meghan Pflieger with a 9.775 on floor, and Caroline Caponi with a 9.725 on bars.

2:21 pm. Wesoly, Towson, BB- bhs + loso, knees aren’t stretched but she hit. Switch + split 3/4, messy and low on the latter. Side aerial + stuck tuck full, again with the leg stuff. If she cleans up her leg extension this would be great.

2:19 pm. Bensley, SCSU, FX- Front double full, great. Jump series had three in it and was fab. Stuck front layout + front layout. 1.5 + front tuck, squatted the landing but stood it up.

2:18 pm. Yarussi, Towson, BB- Sheep jump, not horrible, hit flight series well, front aerial, roundoff to stuck 1.5, nice.

2:15 pm. Temkov, Towson, BB- bhs + layout with bent knees and a stumble but she stays on. Switch half + split jump, sideways full turn which is cool, I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Front full, good.

Aberger, SCSU, FX- Opened with a 2.5, nice! Front layout layout second pass. Fouette! Layout half + front tuck full.

2:13 pm. Lesperance, SCSU, FX- Double tuck, stumbled back out of bounds. Front layout + front layout, good landing. 1.5 + front tuck. Great job!!

2:11 pm. Harada, Towson, BB- bhs + loso, a bit slow and tentative but lands it well. Switch + switch side, side aerial, fall. Full turn, bhs + loso + layout full, chest down but she holds the landing.

2:09 pm. Coleman, SCSU, FX- Double pike, bounced back a little. She’s having fun with this which is nice to see. Front pike + front layout half, good. Crashed double tuck.

2:07 pm. McKellar, Towson, UB- bhs + side somi, nice!!! I like that. Cat leap to full turn, also lovely. Split leap + split 3/4, not quite at 180 on the second on. Stuck gainer layout full off the side.

2:05 pm. Kilmurray, SCSU, FX- Double tuck, low chest and two steps forward. Front lay + front tuck, got no height out of the layout and sat the tuck. Front full, hands down. Bummer.

2:04 pm. Arduino, Towson, BB- Full turn, excellent bhs + loso, switch leap + weak split 3/4, nowhere near 180 on that jump. Hitch kick + side aerial + layout full, good landing.

1:59 pm. Wow, so UNH only put up five bar routines and one was a 7.65 which they HAVE TO COUNT. Damn, no wonder why they’re last at the halfway. Rutgers leads with 96.925, followed by Bridgeport 953, William & Mary 94.975, and then UNH 94.45.

1:55 pm. Ranti, Towson, UB- Toe-on to bail (good) to toe shoot, short handstand before giant full to double tuck, squatted and hopped forward.

1:53 pm. McKellar, Towson, UB- Huge piked Jeager, pak, aggressive swing, toe shoot, double front with a hop back. That was good!

Elliot, SCSU, VT- Tsuk tuck full, step back.

1:50 pm. Dawkins, SCSU, VT- Yurchenko layout, piked and with some rough form.

Baker, Towson, UB- Ankle sep on the low bar in a handstand, Maloney to overshoot, toe-on to double tuck, stuck! Fun watching her compete here while her sister April is simultaneously competing at Rutgers.

Avendano, SCSU, VT- Handspring front tuck with a hop forward.

Checking in with Rutgers…Claire Jones of Rutgers currently tops vault with a 9.775, Danielle Mulligan of UNH tops bars with a 9.825, Casey Lauter of UNH tops beam with a 9.875, and Brianna Comport of Bridgeport tops floor with a 9.825.

1:45 pm. Lesperance, SCSU, VT- Yurchenko tuck full with some leg sep in the air and a small step back, not bad!

Wesoly, Towson, UB- Big wait because of judging differences. Great handstands, big Jaeger, bail (messy), messed up her sole circle twice and had to hop off after the second time. Good last handstand, giant full to double tuck with a hop back.

1:44 pm. Coleman, SCSU, VT- Handspring front tuck, didn’t get any height, stumbled forward to her hands.

Temkov, Towson, UB- Toe-on to Maloney to overshoot, slightly short last handstand then arches over on the one after that, double tuck with a hop forward.

1:41 pm. Kilmurray, SCSU, VT- Yurchenko layout, super short with her chest down and a step.

Harada, Towson, UB- Blind change to front giant to Jaeger to overshoot, short handstand before blind change to front giant half to double tuck, good landing.

1:32 pm. I missed the last SCSU bar routine but it was another hit routine with the same skills as the previous routines, including a double tuck dismount.

1:27 pm. Yarussi, Towson, VT- FTY, short, has to hop forward the landing.

Porat, SCSU, UB- Pak (leg sep), double tuck with a step back.

Arduino, Towson, VT- Yurchenko tuck full, not bad.

1:24 pm. Fobes, Towson, VT- Handspring front tuck, VERY nice form! Hop forward but that was a lovely vault.

SCSU, UB- Short bail to toe shoot, short handstand before giant full (leg sep) to double tuck (tuck).

1:21 pm. Temkov, Towson, VT- FTY, a little slow-ish in rotation.

Lesperance, SCSU, UB- Clear hip to pak (slight leg sep), clear hip to toe shoot, short on last handstand, double tuck with a step.

1:20 pm. Kutcher, Towson, UB- Front giant, bail is short, giant full (ankle sep) to double tuck, cowboyed with a tiny step back. Is this girl’s name Ashton Kutcher? I’m pretty sure that’s what I heard. Oh, it’s Jackie. 😦

1:18 pm. Baker, Towson, VT- Yurchenko layout with a hop. Very clean and nicely extended in the air though!

1:17 pm. Bensley, SCSU, UB- Bail to toe shoot, toe front tuck dismount with a big step forward.

1:15 pm. Woo, it’s starting any second!

Tucker, Towson, VT: FTY with a hop back.

1:04 pm. Intros right now so it’ll be about 15 more minutes until it actually starts.

12:58 pm. Good morning! Technically afternoon but I just woke up, it’s snowing like crazy outside, and I don’t plan on leaving my apartment all day. Watching Towson vs SCSU starting in two minutes!


11:48 pm. Harris, Missouri, FX- Big, clean, textbook double pike. Front layout + front full + stag. Finishes off her day and the rotation with a sky high double tuck sailing right down in to the landing. Excellent. What a meet for this team! Problems here and there but they really showed that they can be a national contender here.

11:43 pm. Missouri, FX, Great double pike, solid landing. Front layout + front full, a little short on the punch out but not bad. Ooh, 2.5! Steps to the side, but for the most part it’s gorgeous.

Schugel, Missouri, FX- Triple full, fabulous!! Great double tuck, controlled landing. Double full + punch front tuck, YAS. What a great routine.

11:38 pm. Lewis, Missouri, FX- Front pike through to double tuck, bounces out of bounds. Crashes short double pike. Finishes with a solid Rudi.

11:33 pm. Bower, Missouri, FX- Strong double pike. 1.5 to punch layout, great. Double tuck, a little low, but she stands it up.

Tucker, Missouri, FX- Double tuck, super solid landing. Rudi. Double pike, a little short but she corrects it quickly and finishes strong. So so so good in her freshman AA debut.

11:22 pm. Ward, Missouri, BB- Another perfect triple series, bhs + bhs + loso. Switch + pike jump, cat leap + side aerial, wobble, fight, and fall. Too bad! 1.5 to finish. Good that they had an otherwise excellent rotation.

11:19 pm. Schugel, Missouri, BB- Nails her bhs + bhs + loso, GOSH DARN this team. Full turn. Nice leap series. Hit the dismount nicely. One more to go!

11:16 pm. Heimsath, Missouri, BB- Bhs + bhs + layout, solid and clean! Full turn with a slight check, front full dismount, stuck.

11:15 pm. Allbritten, Missouri, BB- Front aerial + bhs, switch leap + split jump + sissone, gainer full dismount, small step. Damn, this team is killing it tonight?!

11:09 pm. Tucker, Missouri, BB- Awesome bhs layout! This girl is gonna be a star for this team. Double full dismount! Fantastic.

11:06 pm. Bower, Missouri, BB- Bhs + loso, wobble on full turn, switch leap + straddle half, front toss + beat jump, gainer full dismount.

10:59 pm. Buchanan, Illinois, BB- I think this is who went on bars earlier. Standing loso, great! Finishes up strong with a stuck 1.5.

10:57 pm. Leduc, Illinois, BB- This is ACTUALLY Lizzy. Nice bhs + loso. Onodi with her leg up and a wobble. Switch + sheep jump, nice. 1.5 dismount, good landing.

10:52 pm. This has been a FABULOUS bars rotation for Missouri. I’m so impressed.

Schugel, Missouri, BB- Big piked Jaeger to overshoot, double tuck with a small hop. Another great routine!

10:51 pm. Huber, Missouri, UB- Great handstand, blind + straddle Jaeger + overshoot, great flow. Good handstand before giants into the double layout dismount, stuck cold! Just some leg separation on the second flip but damn that was gorgeous.

10:49 pm. Hodan, Illinois, BB- Side aerial + bhs, side somi, illusion turn with a tiny wobble.

Miller, Missouri, UB- Piked Jaeger, good handstand before the finish, double layout stuck with bent knees.

10:47 pm. Allbritten, Missouri, UB- Jaeger, bail, toe shoot, giant full to double tuck, with a small step forward.

10:45 pm. Bowers, Missouri, UB- Short handstand, Jaeger, another short handstand, short and wonky bail, better handstand before her double layout dismount, stuck!

10:44 pm. Tucker, Missouri, UB- Piked Jaeger, nice. Giant full to stuck double tuck!

10:32 pm. Benoit, Ball State, BB- Bhs + one-armed bhs + loso, nice! Big double tuck to her hands…lots of difficulty in that set, unexpected for Ball State, too bad about the fall.

10:31 pm. Illinois, UB- Tkachev, pak, great handstands, and a near-stuck double layout, just a small step forward. I don’t know who this is. They kept calling her Lizzy Leduc but she is literally the whitest blonde girl I have ever seen sooooo I know that’s inaccurate lol.

10:29 pm. Balthazar, Illinois, UB- First time on bars in her career, HUUUGE Tkachev, just with flexed feet. Giant full to double tuck, stuck! That was FABULOUS.

10:26 pm. Ward, Missouri, VT- Yurchenko half-on front pike, nice! Her block was fab. In slo-mo you can see how fantastic her pike form is. Just a hop on the landing.

10:25 pm. Harris, Missouri, VT- Huge FTY.

10:24 pm. Tucker, Missouri, VT- Lovely FTY in the air, just hops back the landing. But her form in the air was fantastic.

10:22 pm. Kern, Missouri, VT- So yeah, we’ll prob only get Missouri on this feed. A few Illinois routines I’d like to see, but otherwise I’m fine with it. Yurchenko layout half, with the twist at the end, so a 9.95 SV instead of the 10 like the arabian has.

10:19 pm. Miller, Missouri, VT- FTY, could have better extension, good landing though.

Huber, Missouri, VT- I think I spy Casey Jo Magee in the background! Clean FTY, fantastic landing!

10:15 pm. Going back to watch the Missouri meet even though we already know what happened. Why not? The Ambien’s flooding my bloodstream and I have nothing better to do.

9:49 pm. Oregon State beats Auburn 195.575 to 195.275. Mostly a good meet for most teams.

Over at Iowa State, the hoste team won with 193.85 defeating Arizona State with 191.8. At the tri-meet in Missouri, the host team won with 196.225 to Illinois’ 194.2 and Ball State’s 193.575.

And Oklahoma beat Alabama by a full point, 197.75 to 196.7. Maggie Nichols won the freaking all-around with a 39.725 in her freshman debut which has to be a record. DAMN. Brenna Dowell won vault (9.95), Nichols won bars (9.975), Kiana Winston of Bama won beam (9.95), and Nichols won floor (9.95). Looks like Maddie Desch had a solid debut aside from a mistake on floor.

9:40 pm. Gardiner, OSU, BB- Full wolf turn, front aerial, bhs + loso, solid. Excellent.

Rott, Auburn, FX- Big double layout with a little bounce back into a lunge. Good middle pass with lots of simple but energetic skills. A kind of jeté en menage in the middle, love. Double pike with a low landing to finish.

9:38 pm. Hlawek, Auburn, FX- Sat double arabian. Weird but fun lil dance section in the middle. Hit the rest.

9:34 pm. Milliet, Auburn, FX- Huuuge double tuck! Hit final pass.

McMillan, OSU, BB- One-armed front toss to her knees, always love that skill. Switch leap. Meant to go to split jump so she does split jump to straddle 3/4. Lovely dismount. They’re killing it!!

9:32 pm. S. Colussi-Pelaez, OSU, BB- Lovely jumps, bhs + loso, full turn, aerial to layout full, another excellent beam for OSU!

9:30 pm. Scaglione, Auburn, FX- Front handspring + front double full + punch front, great! Front layout + front full, fun hop L turn, hit last pass, a double back.

9:28 pm. Dessaints, OSU, BB- Full turn, hit flight series, switch + stag, front toss + beat jump, nailed dismount.

9:25 pm. Day, Auburn, FX- Tucked full, a little low, 1.5 + front layout, double tuck, good! Lunge but controlled.

9:23 pm. Hit floor for Auburn but I missed almost all of it. I think it was Cerio.

Lowery, OSU, BB- Good bhs loso. Stag + straddle. Side aerial. Stuck punch front full! YAAAAAAS THIS IS ALL I’VE WANTED.

9:21 pm. SO, LSU with a 197.825 in their FIRST FREAKING MEET. That has to be a record. HAS to. They look incredible. Georgia with a 193.6 which is…shocking. Like, they’ve got issues, we know that, but that is way low even for them. How sad. I really hope they get it together.

9:19 pm. Gnat, LSU, FX- The biggest double layout EVER, basically. 2.5 with tucked legs to punch front. Excellent double pike.

Jimenez, OSU, BB- Ooh, super cool mount. Clean bhs + loso. Gainer pike off the end. Great start!

9:17 pm. Schick, Georgia, BB- Falls on the bhs loso, ugh. My theme song from last year “Why, Georgia, Why” is back. #JohnMayer Side aerial, roundoff to gainer full with a hop.

9:15 pm. Kelley, LSU, FX- Big double layout but lands with her chest down. Tucked full-in with her ARMS FLARED, super open tucks, Kytra Hunter style. Front tuck through to double tuck with a step forward.

9:13 pm. Babalis, Georgia, BB- The lyric in this Ed Sheerhan (is that how you spell it) beam music was just about “sweeping off of your feet” which is a bad omen. Good jump series. Front toss to back tuck. Double tuck, stumbles it at least four steps back but at least she didn’t sit it I guess!

9:12 pm. Hambrick, LSU, FX- Lovely double layout. Finishes with a great double pike.

9:10 pm. Broussard, Georgia, BB- Off on flight series. #JustGeorgiaThings Side aerial. Finishes well. I can’t wait until Georgia figures out their lives because the potential is there. It’s just…nerves? Not believing in yourself? Fear? “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

9:07 pm. Priessman, LSU, FX- Did she do floor last year? I feel like I haven’t seen her on floor since 2013. LITERALLY. I think it’s been four years. Tucked full-in into a controlled lunge, great. Middle pass is good. Lord, does a double pike basically to her head. LEXIE I SWEAR TO GOD.

9:06 pm. McMillan, OSU, FX- Hit first pass. 1.5 + front layout is good. SUUUUPER fun spin sections, going from a spin on her feet all the way down to her back and then does a back spin, love love love. Rudi to finish.

Snead, Georgia, BB- Triple series, excellent. Switch + back tuck, solid! Full turn, great dismount. PHEW. A beacon of light.

9:04 pm. Milliet, Auburn, BB- Solid bhs + loso. The rest is excellent, including a stuck gainer full.

Zamardi, LSU, FX- Double arabian, a little low with a large step forward. Superb double tuck. Lovely finish.

9:02 pm. Dickson, Georgia, BB- Fall, but I missed the skill. Double full steps off the mat.

Hit routine from whoever just competed on floor for OSU, I didn’t see most of it but saw the passes were good. Gardiner maybe? I only caught a glimpse of her face.

9:00 pm. Ewing, LSU, FX- Step forward on opening pass, a front double full. 1.5 + front layout. Hit the final pass, good routine.

Slappey, Auburn, BB- Full turn. Bhs + loso, a little off kilter but she holds onto it. Wasn’t she elite at one point? I remember her name. Like she never did nationals but she tried to go elite? Cat leap + side aerial + layout full, good.

8:58 pm. Gill, OSU, FX- I keep wanting to type “Gill, Canada” but no. 2.5 to stag. 1.5 + front layout. Double tuck cowboyed with a step. Not bad!

Vega, Georgia, BB- Bhs + loso with a bent knee, fights and stays on. It’s funny that she’s going at the same time as Gill because they remind me of each other for some reason. Oh, I just realized it’s because their names are Sabrina. AND because they both came to college super late, they’re both freshmen at like 20-21 which is awesome, I was a freshman at 24. Anyway, the rest of the routine is lovely, Side aerial to layout full with a big hop to finish.

8:57 pm. Krippner, Auburn, BB- Cat leap + front aerial + beat jump, bhs + loso is clean and solid, 1.5 with a super landing.

LSU is leading 148.350 to Georgia’s 146.375 byyyyy the way.

The SEC Network keeps showing the most AMAZING Reese’s commercial btw. WANT.

8:53 pm. Engler, Auburn, BB- Big knee brace on this kid. Bhs + loso, good. Solid leap series. Side aerial with a wobble and she’s off.

Lowery, OSU, FX- OMG SO EXCITED FOR THIS YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. Double pike into a nice controlled lunge. Front layout + Rudi. Fun routine. Finishes with a front layout to front full. Excellent debut floor for her!

8:51 pm. Just realized I’ve missed a lot of OSU and Auburn this rotation. Someone from OSU just messed up a Rudi loso just like Snead, but ended up doing a weird Rudi to a weird back tuck.

8:50 pm. Snead, Georgia, FX- Full-in (tucked), Rudi came in a little weird so she couldn’t do it into the loso and instead did it into a bhs then a loso. I’m pretty sure it’s only supposed to be a loso but who knows. Hit the final pass.

Btw Kathy Johnson said “I call it a Finn-again-again-again” about Sarah Finnegan’s wolf turn and I’m SCREAMING, that’s the best thing I’ve ever heard.

8:48 pm. Gnat, LSU, BB- Front aerial + beat jump, switch + switch side, excellent flight series, double full, almost stuck. That routine is like the gymnastics version of Ativan. I’m like, so calm and happy right now.

8:46 pm. Marino, Georgia, FX- Hit double pike pass. 1.5 to front layout. Good double tuck. She wasn’t originally in the lineup so good for her.

Kentucky defeated Michigan 195.075 to 192.050.

8:44 pm. Finnegan, LSU, BB- Triple wolf turn, hit flight series and leap series. Side somi, chest slightly down. Side aerial to stuck layout full dismount.

8:42 pm. Vega, Georgia, FX- MY HEARTTTT. Tucked full-in, a little low but hit. She’s having a blast and I love her. This isn’t the kind of routine I like for her, but she’s selling the crap out of it. Hit middle pass perfectly.

8:40 pm. Ewing, LSU, BB- Bhs + layout, “Hallelujah” music done by her brother on The Voice, lovely routine, stuck 1.5 dismount.

McEachern, EMU, FX- Punch front full + punch front, cowboyed double tuck with a little stumble.

8:39 pm. Babalis, Georgia, FX- Hit routine.

Maggie Nichols gets a 9.975 for her debut bars, including the most gorgeous pak ever, she looks amazing. Van Leeuwen!! She’s like no jumping to high bar for me, I’m the most amazing person alive. Stuck double layout. Bamf.

8:34 pm. Hambrick, LSU, BB- Bhs loso, holds a lovely scale for a hot sec, double full dismount with a good landing.

Dukes, Kentucky, BB- Wobbled when walking I’m pretty sure lol. Bhs loso is solid though. Typical. Front aerial, slight check. Switch + switch side, sheep jump, almost there. 1.5 with a step.

Roberts, Georgia, FX- Double pike with a step back. Front lay + front full. Some flexed feet on her dance elements. Double tuck, hop back. She’s happy with that after her fall on vault.

EMU, FX- Double pike slightly short. Front lay + front full.

Li, LSU, BB- Wait, is she the one who got kicked out of Penn State for shoplifting or something? And her punishment was to escape abusive coaches and compete for one of the best programs in the country? #GOALS Debut routine because she was injured last year, right? Good job.

Hyland, Kentucky, BB- So solid on everything I’ve seen so far! Excellent routine.

8:31 pm. Reynolds, Georgia, FX- Music issues. God, music issues AND e.coli?! She’s been through enough. How much will we hear about e.coli this year? Let’s keep a count. 1.5 to front layout. Finishes well.

Korth, Kentucky, BB- One-armed bhs + loso, a little off but she fights to keep it on and wins. Cat leap to switch leap to back tuck, love that series. Hit dismount.

Gendron, EMU, FX- Rudi loso. 1.5 + front pike. Sits punch front layout in last pass.

OSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, good.

Milliet, Auburn, UB- Toe on + Ray, huge floaty pak, she is right on the bar for everything. I still want her to go to 2013 worlds. Remember when that was my obsession? Giant full to double tuck, step forward.

8:28 pm. Waltz, Kentucky, BB- Bhs + bhs + loso, right to the end of the beam with a little hesitation. Cat leap + leap + back tuck, love. Hit dismount.

Gill, OSU, VT- FTY, not bad.

Macadaeg, LSU, BB- Kathy is treating this like a religious experience. It kind of is. Bhs + loso with a smile DURING the loso somehow. Stuck gainer full.

Audet, EMU, FX- Double tuck to her hands. Hit the last pass.

McMillan, OSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with a big hop.

8:26 pm. Gardiner, OSU, VT- Clean and big FTY.

Marino, EMU, FX- Hit double back to start. Straddle jump out of her second pass like a boss. Nailed final pass. Good work.

Krippner, Auburn, UB- Toe-on + bail (a tad short), Tkachev, excellent dismount, great routine.

The LSU feed must have some crazy HD that is set up to highlight forehead wrinkles. I don’t think half of these people even have forehead wrinkles?! It’s so weird?!

8:24 pm. Jacobsen, OSU, VT- tsuk full! Nice!

Stuart, Kentucky, BB- Solid bhs + bhs + loso, full turn, great control. Front one-armed handspring! Switch + stag! THIS IS THE ROUTINE OF THE NIGHT SO FAR. At least of the ones I’m seeing. Hit the dismount. THAT WAS FABULOUS.

Kopec, Auburn, UB- Hit routine with a stuck double layout, nice.

8:22 pm. Rechenmacher, Kentucky, BB- Beat jump + sheep jump, actually a lovely jump. Front aerial, L turn, bhs + loso, switch + split jump, gainer pike off the end. Excellent work!

Brooks, EMU, FX- Double pike, 1.5 to front layout, hit the rest.

Aufiero, OSU, VT- FTY, low, big step forward.

Cerio, Auburn, UB- Hit release, nice bail, giant full to double tuck, low with a small hop.

8:21 pm. OSU and Auburn are tied at 48.9 apiece.

8:20 pm. Danna Durante is like “guys please manage your emotions.” She thinks the team is bailing instead of finishing strong, and I absolutely agree.

Priessman, LSU, UB- Does her release into a pak, messy on the low bar, short handstand, stuck double layout. The middle was weird but I’m just glad she’s not in 17 simultaneous casts.

8:18 pm. Over at Oklahoma, Maggie Nichols did a Yurchenko 1.5 with a step forward for a 9.9 and Brenna Dowell got a career-high 9.95 for her vault. #FeelTheBren

Snead, Georgia, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, not bad. Small step. Another blonde whose face I need to learn better. Do I have face blindness? It’s totally possible.

8:16 pm. I can’t tell any of the blonde Georgia girls apart. Someone just did an FTY with a low chest and a hop back. I think it was Rachel Dickson because the other blonde girls who confuse me already went.

Finnegan, LSU, UB- Big Ray, toe-on + bail is great, toe shoot, a teeny tiny bit short on the last handstand, double layout with a step back. Tiny things to clean up but that’s a good set from Sarah.

8:13 pm. Gill, OSU, UB- Ricna, falls. UGH SABRINAAAAA. WHY. Repeats the Ricna into a pak this time, and it’s lovely. Stalder half, loses herself in the middle of it and off again. I’m like, mad at the world right now. She’s either on and GORGEOUS, or off and a mess. There is no in between. Finishes with a stuck double layout. Once that routine is hit and her nerves are gone, that will be a killer routine. #StalderNation

Edne, LSU, UB- Hindorff, clear hip to bail, short handstand before double layout, nearly stuck, just a step to control it.

8:12 pm. Johnson, Georgia, VT- FTY, lots of distance but almost no height and as I was typing that, Kathy was saying the exact words, bless! Low landing with a hop back.

It was Beth Roberts who crashed her vault, btw. Only an 8.425. Damn.

Khamedoost of OSU hit bars. Auburn has had some good vaults in the mix, including a 1.5 and then a nice powerful full from I think MJ Rott. Another fall for EMU on beam right now.

8:10 pm. Korth, Kentucky, FX- Piked full-in! Where’d this kid come from?! Kentucky is killing it with these out of nowhere freshmen. Rudi + loso. Finishes with good double pike into a controlled lunge. Good for her.

By the way, if I miss names, I’ll go back the lineups later and add the names in.

8:07 pm. Jacobsen, OSU, UB- Hit bars, including double layout dismount with a hop.

Dukes, Kentucky, FX- Sassy girl. Double pike with a step back. Illusion turn! YAS. I love her, she’s like a ray of sunshine in my life. Double tuck, a tiny bit low, step.

Milliet, Auburn, VT- Ooh, Yurchenko half-on front pike off.

OSU, UB- Hop to Jaeger, get it!

EMU, BB- Bhs + bhs + loso, lands the loso on the beam ON HER STOMACH OWWWWW DAYUM. She walks away like, yeah that hurt yo. Takes a minute but gets back on. Off again a few seconds later.

Gnat, LSU, UB- Some leg sep in her giant full but her legs are always messy I think. Hit routine though.

8:03 pm. Hambrick, LSU, UB- Lovely handstand, lovely Ray, giant full to lovely bail, lovely toe shoot, short handstand before lovely tucked full-in dismount with just a small step back. LOVELY.

Becker, Auburn, VT- FTY, chest a little low, slight hop in place.

OSU, UB- Tkachev to overshoot, double front with her chest folding all the way down but holds the landing well.

Gervais, EMU, BB- Bhs + loso, fall. They’ll count a fall.

Krippner, Auburn, VT- FTY, clean in the air, big step back. Using elite rules she’d probably only get 0.1 for that because of the new ‘one meter’ rule. LOVE IT. Aka it’s horrible.

Whoever just vaulted for Georgia just sat her vault.

8:02 pm. Adding Auburn vs Oregon State into the mix!

Black, Auburn, VT- FTY, good landing.

Hyland, Kentucky, FX- Hit her first pass. 1.5 to front layout, good finish.

Reynolds, Georgia, VT- Suuuuper low FTY.

7:59 pm. Rubin, EMU, BB- Off on bhs + bhs + loso. Aerial to gainer full.

Zamardi, LSU, UB- I missed a lot because my feed was freaking OUT but it was a hit routine, arabian double front dismount with a good landing.

7:57 pm. Stuart, Kentucky, FX- Double pike, 1.5 to weird front layout which ends up being way short and she sits it…kind of? She like, put a hand down to hold herself up a bit but really, it was sat. Rudi to finish is about a quarter twist short. Shakes her head when she walks away.

Broussard, Georgia, VT- FTY, a little low and off to the side, with a step back.

7:56 pm. Conrad, BB- Bhs + loso, split jump + sheep jump, nowhere even 8% close to what a sheep jump is, full turn + sissone, LOVE that. Hitch kick to side aerial to layout full, bless! That was great, sheep jump aside.

7:55 pm. Rechenmacher, Kentucky, FX- Front tuck through to double tuck, a step out of bounds. Double pike is squatted.

So far I’ve seen two people dab (ONE WAS DD BREAUX NATURALLY) and we’re only 55 minutes into the 2017 season. It’s gonna be a long year.

7:52 pm. Carlisle, Kentucky, FX- She finished with a whip to 1.5 to punch front which was pretty sweet!

Gresham, EMU, BB- Big prep for a loso + loso, nice! Beat jump + straddle 3/4, front toss + beat jump, we were doing beat jumps in ballet the other day and my feet kept getting stuck on each other, punch front full dismount. Nice!

7:49 pm. Snead, Georgia, UB- Slow and steady Tkachev, bail, good handstands, floaty double layout, stuck. This was NIGHT AND DAY compared to the rest of this rotation.

Hultgren, EMU, BB- Bhs loso with a slight hesitation, crashed her dismount.

LSU leads 49.525 to Georgia’s 48.7. Good for Georgia for coming back from a lead-off fall, but most of those routines need a LOT of work if they want to be competitive at all this season. They’re really hurting without Brandie Jay and Brittney Rogers.

7:48 pm. Gnat, LSU, VT- Big DTY, leg separation on the pre-flight and a hop back.

7:46 pm. Watching these SEC Network graphics with a bittersweet flutter in my heart. Memories of writing every single graphic for the Daily Dismount this summer…and quadruple checking them because I was so afraid everything was gonna have mistakes. One did once. I almost jumped into a river. But NO ONE NOTICED.

7:45 pm. Kentucky’s beating Eastern Michigan right now by about two tenths, by the way. Gonna be a fun rest of the meet for them.

EMU’s beam lineup is Hultgren, Gresham, Conrad, Rubin, Gervais, Valentin. Remember this for when I’m like “IDK” for every single routine.

7:44 pm. Schick, Georgia, UB- Short handstand, high piked Jaeger, bail, another short handstand, double layout with only a small hop.

7:43 pm. Hambrick, LSU, VT- Stuck her FTY cold. I’m a little mad that LSU has so many FTYs but I’m not AS mad because they’re murdering these landings tonight. If you’re gonna do an FTY, do it like LSU. 9.925, so she got a ‘perfect 9.95’ from one judge.

7:41 pm. Dickson, Georgia, UB- Caught Ray, good bail, way short handstand before dismount, straight double layout but then she bends her knees because she’s a little low and she hops back.

7:39 pm. Sabrina Vega looks SO FREAKING HAPPY.

Kentucky has a 97.5 including a 9.825 for Dukes on vault and two matching scores for Hyland and Korth on bars.

Edney, LSU, VT- DAMNNNN, gorgeous Yurchenko 1.5, stuck the landing and then hops her feet together. Leg form was a little crunchy if we’re gonna get super picky but this is her first college ‘routine’ (is vault a routine) and she killed it. “That was so good!!! FIRE BREATHING DRAGON!!! YOU’RE A MONSTER!!!” – DD Breaux is NOT on meth I promise.

7:37 pm. Johnson, Georgia, UB- Super short handstand before clear hip to layout Gienger, which was good. Bail, short handstand, low double layout and she hops forward.

7:36 pm. Ewing, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, a little low, lands with a step back.

Valentin, EMU, UB- Hit routine including full-in with a hop.

7:34 pm. EMU, UB- Ooh, huge piked Jaeger, and she like, floated in the air for a split second before unfolding her body and catching, it was weird but kinda pretty? Double layout. Why aren’t they showing anyone’s names anymore?

Kentucky, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with a big hop forward.

7:32 pm. EMU, UB- Huge straddle Jaeger, hit routine overall.

Reynolds, Georgia, UB- Let’s talk about her e.coli some more, I’m sure she loves that! Jaeger, nice pak, way short last handstand, double layout, landing isn’t great but eh, she hit.

Kentucky, VT- FTY with a messy-ish landing.

7:30 pm. Kentucky, VT- FTY with a big step back. I didn’t see the name.

Gervais, EMU, UB- Maloney to pak, not bad! Giant full to stuck double tuck, good routine.

Don’t worry, the LSU judge Kathy Kuhn is running around still making the LSU meet hilarious.

Dukes, Kentucky, VT- Stuck! Couldn’t see if it was a half or 1.5 but what a great landing.

Finnegan, LSU, VT- FTY, stuck, and DAYUM not only stuck but like, landed PERFECTLY, her whole body, DAYUMMMM Sarah. Chest maybe a little low but YAS.

7:29 pm. EMU, UB- Hit routine but form issues including cowboyed tucks in her double back dismount.

7:28 pm. Sanders, Georgia, UB- Toe-on to giant half to piked Jaeger, arched over handstand before bail and then missed a hand on the bail, lawd. Short handstand before stalder to double tuck, low landing with a step.

7:26 pm. Cannamela, LSU, VT- Clean FTY, piked landing with a tiny bounce.

Schwartz, EMU, UB- Some short handstands, otherwise a hit routine.

Kwan, Kentucky, VT- Our favorite Belarusian!! FTY, a little short, wild landing.

7:24 pm. Oh, LSU only has one judge because the other one was on a delayed plane hahaha. One judge will have to judge both bars and vault and will run around to both, which is hilarious, I’m excited for this.

Rosa VT- FTY, clean, step back.

7:22 pm. Will the LSU meet ever actually start?! STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT! I don’t have scores for EMU/Kentucky yet but if I see any on the stream I’ll post them. Actually, they’re tweeting, so check their twitter, I don’t think their live stats are working.

7:19 pm. Coca UB- Straddle Jaeger, slightly short handstand before bail, stuck full dismount! Great work for them to finish strong.

7:16 pm. Valentin VT- Hit but I missed almost all of it, I don’t have sound on for this feed and am just like, catching the end of every single vault.

Korth UB- Our first time seeing the freshman! Lots of pressure for her to finish strong otherwise they count a fall. Piked Jaeger, slight adjustment on a handstand, decent bail, full-twisting double layout, hit! What a start for her.

7:15 pm. Stuart UB- Super weird release on her Tkachev, goes way too far back and falls. Finished up well, just short handstands, full-twisting double layout with a step.

7:13 pm. Hyland UB- a little over on first handstand, Gienger, bail a little wild, short last handstand, weird ping off for full-in landed low.

Gresham VT- FTY, big!! Not bad.

7:10 pm. Schwartz VT- Stuck her vault but I missed part of it.

Dukes UB- Good handstand, short giant half straight to a good Tkachev, pak caught way too close and with leg sep, she fumbles the catch but gets right back into it, double layout is piked in the first flip but stuck.

7:08 pm. Rechenmacher UB- I was so distracted by Don Pardo over at LSU that I missed the beginning, but she hit and finished with a good double tuck.

7:06 pm. Here comes that LSU intro video everyone was like “YOU CAN’T MISS!!!!!” and it was just like, a video of them screaming. Oh here’s the legit video coming now, and damn it’s gonna be good I feel. There’s even a real live tiger growling!! Lots of drama and fluff. Nothing will be OU’s intro video from last year, sorry. Why does LSU’s announcer sound exactly like Don Pardo? RIP.

Carlisle UB- Short handstand before full-in dismount, but that was a hit routine and STUCK dismount.

McEachern VT- FTY, a tiny bit wild in the form and landed a little off to the side.

7:05 pm. Teams are marching out at LSU! SABRINA VEGAAAAAAA!! I’ve never been so overjoyed.

7:04 pm. Even though I can’t watch in an hour, silent prayers go out to my BFF Brenna Dowell who is going to get a 10 on literally everything she does tonight.

7:03 pm. Bart Connor just said “there’s a lot of parity in the SEC” and I thought he said “parody” and I was like is Bart throwing shade?? What does it mean??

7:01 pm. “Is that going over the air?” – someone on the Eastern Michigan broadcast kicking off this season perfectly, just as we like things in NCAA gymnastics.

6:59 pm. Okay, Michigan State is on that stupid BTN+ thing where you have to both subscribe to BTN on cable (I do) and ALSO buy an extra package (nah). So just the two for now.

6:57 pm. Ahhh that annual frustration when none of my streams are logged in yet and I have to verify cable login credentials in 87 different browsers. 🙂

6:52 pm. My priority meet right now will be LSU and Georgia, but I’m also going to be watching Eastern Michigan and Kentucky, and then maaaaaybe Michigan State if I can get the stream up. #strugglebus

6:51 pm. YO, I just got the best massage ever and am feeling AMAZING, so pumped for tonight, and only mildly homicidal about not getting to see Oklahoma vs Alabama. Nine minutes until it all starts! Who are you most excited to see?

Article by Lauren Hopkins


26 thoughts on “The NCAA Week 1 Live Blog

  1. Thanks for this Lauren! I am one of the unfortunate ones that cant watch or afford any of the games. Will you always do this for the games? I know you are very busy just wondering.


    • Sometimes you’ll see routines posted by people who get the stream from more popular teams on youtube. You’ll almost always see Ashleigh Gnat, Alex McMurtry, Elizabeth Price, etc. You can see some Oklahoma routines by Maggie Nichols and Chayse Capps (and a few others) on OU Gymnastic’s instagram.


  2. What happened to Ruby Harrold? Her bars looked awesome in all the videos I’ve seen of her (and better than some of her team mates who did compete UB in the meet). Shame, I was hoping to see her debut!


  3. Thank you! I’m not in the US so I won’t be able to watch but I’ll read your blogs to keep updated. Never really followed NCAA before but I “know” many of the new freshmen from elite so I’ll follow!


  4. Thank you so much for this live blog! I really appreciate it since I can’t watch it live. Is there any way to watch the streams if I don’t have cable? And will the routines at least be available anywhere afterwards? I really wanted to be able to watch UCLA’s meet but it’s only available to cable subscribers…


  5. I think that Boyce is the only senior because she was a redshirt last year. Otherwise she’d have graduated with Sloan and the rest of their seniors last year?


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