The NCAA Week 3 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the third week of competition in the 2017 NCAA women’s gymnastics season! Refresh every few minutes, and the most recent updates will appear on the top. Have any questions? Ask in the comments or on Twitter and I’m happy to respond here!


3:44 pm. Michigan comes up with 197.050 while Illinois finishes with 195.300 in one of the most bizarrely bipolar judging contests I’ve ever seen, so that was entertaining!

3:42 pm. Donovan, Illinois, BB- Exhibition. Bhs loso, switch to split jump and they cut away from her to show the celebrations for……

Artz getting a 10 on floor. Yeah, Artz just got a 10 so the bars judges are definitely the ones who got drunk and then moved to floor. I can’t. I CAN’T. Like that was a good routine and all but…be consistent, judges. DAS ALL.

3:39 pm. Artz, Michigan, FX- Fab piked full-in, front lay front full, and finishes with a double pike. One person in the crowd from this camera angle did her ending choreo!! Hahaha my fave.

3:38 pm. Leduc, Illinois, BB- Cute little front roll mount, floaty bhs loso, full turn, Onodi SO GOOD, her low beam choreo is nice, switch to sheep jump, stuck 1.5! That was fantastic.

3:36 pm. Chiarelli, Michigan, FX- Double tuck, 1.5 to front layout to front tuck, awesome! Nails double pike.

3:35 pm. Horth, Illinois, BB- Full turn, bhs loso is clean, switch to switch side, tuck jump full, side aerial to layout full is good. More great work from her!

3:33 pm. Karas, Michigan, FX- Big double arabian. Hit front lay to front full. Double pike, her knees are a little loose in the air, but overall that was a great end to a great routine.

3:32 pm. Howell, Illinois, BB- Bhs loso is solid. Hit jump series. Sounds like they’re trying to play music for her but it’s just squeaking and failing. Punch front. Cat leap to switch side. Gainer pike with a step.

3:30 pm. McLean, Michigan, FX- Big double pike. Hit the second pass. Double tuck to finish is great. Excellent job.

3:28 pm. Nguyen, Illinois, BB- Full turn, front aerial to bhs, random cat leap, switch to split jump to beat jump, punch front full with her feet apart and a small hop on the landing.

3:27 pm. Osman, Michigan, FX- Tucked full-in, great. Punch front full to front layout. Double pike to finish is solid.

3:25 pm. Roe, Illinois, BB- Bhs loso, switch to straddle side, cat leap to gainer loso, full turn with a slight hip check, 1.5 dismount, maybe a tiny bit loose in the knees if you wanna get picky but a good landing.

3:23 pm. Funk, Michigan, FX- I’m mad that her music isn’t “Uptown Funk.” Big double pike. I love that Michigan tries to get people in the crowd to do pieces of the choreo by doing those videos before each routine like “you’re gonna see me kick, then I want you to shimmy with me and throw your arm up!” But it goes so fast and no one ever does it lol. Maybe by the end of the season the season ticket holders will have it down. Double tuck, solid. Front full to front layout, good finish.

3:22 pm. Hodan, Illinois, BB- Side aerial loso, nice! Hit jump series, switch to split side. Illusion turn! Cartwheel gainer full, stuck.

3:20 pm. Everyone is doing the chicken dance now. How has this been a thing that has transcended time and generations?

3:17 pm. Scoring was a little better that rotation than it was in the second. Like I thought Artz was gonna get a 9.925 or something for her beam because it was fab but the judges really held back and gave it a 9.825 so yeah, they were on the ball again. Maybe the vault judges moved to beam and bars judges moved to floor? So we’ll go back to drunk judging next.

3:14 pm. Balthazor, Illinois, FX- Exhibition. Whenever I type her name it reminds me of like a Pokemon. Big double tuck to start. Front layout to front layout half to straddle jump. 1.5 to front tuck is a little short but she pulls it up.

3:12 pm. Shchennikova, Michigan, BB- Exhibition. I’m here just for her mount. Full Y turn is GORG. #Extra Bhs loso with a wonky leg on the loso. Bobble on a jump after that. Hit the jump series, clean side aerial to sissone, double full with some slight helicopter legs but a good landing.

Michigan leads 147.600 to Illinois with 146.300. Michigan’s high score was Marinez with a 9.875, and Illinois’ best was Leduc’s 9.825.

3:11 pm. Leduc, Illinois, FX- Good double pike. Front full to front layout. Some of her choreo is hilarious…Rudi to finish is good, and she has a nice little turn series before she finishes.

3:09 pm. Chiarelli, Michigan, BB- It’s been years but I’m still obsessed with her using “Fancy” as her beam music. Good bhs loso. Beat jump to straddle half. Cat leap to side aerial with a bobble. Full turn. Double tuck is pretty good, small step back.

3:08 pm. Buchanan, Illinois, FX- Big double pike to start. Good double tuck. 1.5 comes up a little short but she still manages to whip it around enough to throw it into a front layout after, so good cover up.

3:06 pm. Marinez, Michigan, BB- Front aerial to bhs loso, yas! Is this 2010? Remember when that was like the MUST HAVE series in elite? Pretty much also connects that into a split jump. Cat leap to side aerial. Beat jump to double stag. Double full, just jumps her feet together.

3:04 pm. Howell, Illinois, FX- Big double tuck with a great landing. Front layout to front layout half. Full Y turn is a great touch. Double pike a little deep in the knees but otherwise a good landing.

3:03 pm. Artz, Michigan, BB- Pike jump to straddle 3/4, could use some stronger amplitude but another unique series. Front aerial to bhs is clean. Lovely full turn. Front toss to beat jump. Front 1.5 with a hop back. Great work!

3:01 pm. Roe, Illinois, FX- Double pike, stuck double tuck! Nice. Hit front lay front full to finish strong.

3:00 pm. Funk, Michigan, BB- Omg her music is Miley Cyrus “The Climb” lmao. YAS. Get it. Solid bhs loso. AWESOME big switch half to pike jump. Unique combo and done super well. Full turn, cat leap to side aerial, oh too bad about the dismount though. Punch front full, super squatted and she has to take a big step out to the side to stand it up.

2:58 pm. Nguyen, Illinois, FX- Solid double pike to open. Front lay front full. 1.5 to front layout with a step forward to control it. Another good set from the Illini.

2:57 pm. Zaziski, Michigan, BB- Solid bhs loso, hit leap series, full turn is steady, she’s certainly calmed down a crap ton since her first two meets with Michigan. Front toss with a tiny adjustment. Stuck gainer full.

2:55 pm. Hodan, Illinois, FX- Front double full, double illusion turn?!?!?!, solid Rudi loso second pass, and a Rudi to finish. Nice start.

2:54 pm. Karas, Michigan, BB- Ooh, that little like, beat split jump thingy, I always forget about that but I always love it and gasp every time I see it. Bhs loso with a slight check and adjustment but she covers it up well. Hit 1.5 dismount.

2:51 pm. Michigan is legit just playing Frozen right now. Oh, it’s an emcee thing, Elsa just froze the arena. This is the most awkward meet I’ve ever seen in terms of the stuff going on beyond the gymnastics.

2:49 pm. Zaziski somehow got a 10 from one judge…bless whoever that judge is! Guys, I legit just complimented you for doing your jobs and now here you are apparently getting blackout drunk between rotations and ignoring everything!!!


2:46 pm. Michigan already has a point lead over Illinois, 98.475 to 97.425.

Clean exhibition bars set from Osman.

2:44 pm. Zaziski, Michigan, UB- Giant full on top of the bar into a big Tkachev, clean bail, short on last handstand, stuck double layout. Very nice aside from the handstand.

2:43 pm. Artz, Michigan, UB- Piked Jaeger to overshoot, slightly short handstand, big stuck double layout with slight leg sep.

Buchanan, Illinois, VT- Clean FTY in the air, step back to control the landing.

2:42 pm. Shchennikova, Michigan, UB- Maloney (leg sep) to pak (Bross kinda deal with her toes), giant full (ankle sep) to clean double tuck, good landing.

Leduc, Illinois, VT- Big clean FTY with a bounce on the landing.

Okay, the scoring for Michigan on bars is nowhere near as tight as the scoring for Illinois on bars. Marinez and Shchennikova both got 9.9 which isn’t accurate at all…compared to Horth’s routine, they should’ve been 9.8 max.

2:41 pm. Balthazor, Illinois, VT- FTY, gets a great block. Loses control a little on the landing.

2:40 pm. Marinez, Michigan, UB- Aggressive swing. Nice Ray, toe-on to messy bail, good last handstand, double layout a bit piked in the first flip but her extension improves as she gets around, and a good landing.

2:38 pm. McLean, Michigan, UB- Perf handstand before clean giant full to big Tkachev to overshoot, nice! Giant full to double tuck comes up a little short but she holds onto the landing.

Lyons, Illinois, VT- Good FTY with a step.

2:37 pm. Howell, Illinois, VT- FTY, hips a little piked throughout and she has a big step back.

2:36 pm. Horth, Illinois, VT- Nice clean FTY, nothing much to say beyond that. Small hop.

Funk, Michigan, UB- Ankle sep on her giant full right into a big Tkachev, overshoot I think meant to be a bail to handstand or the overshoot connected from the Tkachev, stuck double layout.

2:33 pm. Okay, Michigan scores are in…48.975 for Michigan on vault and 48.775 for Illinois on bars.

2:30 pm. Live scoring isn’t working so no idea what’s going on score-wise. On the screen only two Michigan scores are up (Shchennikova 9.725 and Karas 9.75) and all Illinois scores are up except for Buchanan’s (Lyons 9.8, Dwyer 9.7, Balthazor 9.8, Howell 9.0, and Horth 9.85…

I hate non-SEC scoring sometimes, that Horth routine would’ve gone 9.95 if this meet was happening down south. Like, I appreciate the judges doing their job but at the same time I’m screaming UNFAIR!!! because if Horth competed at LSU or Florida or something this weekend she’d be like a bars goddess.

2:29 pm. Osman, Michigan, VT- Exhibition, FTY, not bad. Looked just about as good as the other FTYs in the bunch.

2:28 pm. Buchanan, Illinois, UB- They’re saying it’s Leduc but this 900% isn’t Lizzy lol. Clear hip to pak (leg sep and flexed feet), toe shoot, slightly short last handstand, double layout stuck.

2:27 pm. Karas, Michigan, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 very clean but she comes up a little short on the landing, knees bent and a step forward to control it.

2:26 pm. Horth, Illinois, UB- Very pretty van Leeuwen! Gienger with slight leg sep into an overshoot, great last handstand, full-out stuck! Beautiful.

2:25 pm. McLean, Michigan, VT- Clean and lovely flared FTY, just a step back. But her extension was great and her form is super tight.

2:24 pm. Howell, Illinois, UB- Big piked Jaeger but she can’t reach the bar. Gets back on for her pak (slight leg sep), giant full with ankle sep into a stuck double tuck.

2:23 pm. Chiarelli, Michigan, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, her legs are pretty loose the whole way through, and her knees completely tuck on the last half twist. But a good landing and she’s happy with it.

2:22 pm. Balthazor, Illinois, UB- Toe-on to big Tkachev to overshoot, giant full to double tuck, the pirouette is a little late but that aside it’s a great routine. Illinois always knows how to bring it on bars.

2:20 pm. Zaziski, Michigan, VT- FTY, mostly clean in the air, but as she comes in for the landing she pikes a bit and has a bounce back.

2:19 pm. Dwyer, Illinois, UB- Beautiful handstand, blind change to piked Jaeger to overshoot like her teammate before her. Her lines are GORG. Giant full to double tuck with a step back.

2:18 pm. Artz, Michigan, VT- I loooooove these leos actually, DAMN. Big clean FTY from her, bounce back on the landing.

2:17 pm. Shchennikova, Michigan, VT- Clean FTY, just her chest down on the landing.

Lyons, Illinois, UB- Blind change to piked Jaeger to overshoot, stuck double layout. Excellent start.

2:11 pm. The Michigan vault lineup features Shchennikova, Artz, Zaziski, Chiarelli, McLean, and Karas while the Illinois bars lineup features Lyons, Dwyer, Balthazor, Howell, Horth, and Leduc. The touch warmup is starting now.

2:10 pm. Michigan vs Illinois is about to start! Happy Sunday!


10:13 pm. That’s it for me and the meets tonight! See you tomorrow pals.

10:11 pm. Won, SJSU, UB- Blind change to straddle Jaeger, another blind change into her straddle back, handstand looked a little wonky going into that. Full-twisting double layout with her chest down and a step but good for her for going for that difficulty. She had a fab day!

Cal finishes with a 196.300, Washington with a 195.325, and San Jose State with a 193.875.

10:10 pm. Goings, UW, VT- Very nice FTY. Super clean and great extension. Small bounce in place.

10:08 pm. Williams, Cal, FX- Her floor should just be the NBC Olympic music and she should yell I’M AN OLYMPIAN the whole time. Huge double layout to start. Middle pass is good. Double pike, stuck.

10:07 pm. Burleson, UW, VT- Huge FTY, step back. Good for her! I remember when vault used to be kind of a problem for her, she’s gotten so good at it!

Heinl, SJSU, UB- Good first handstand, HUUUUGE Tkachev, short handstand before giant half (ankle sep) to straddle back, a little short on the handstand before her dismount, which is a big stuck double layout!! Tiny little issues aside that was brilliant.

10:04 pm. Palomares, Cal, FX- Solid double pike to start. Last pass is a little short and she has to push up out of it but she fights and wins!

10:03 pm. Relova, SJSU, UB- I missed her release but she did it into her overshoot, good. Toe front tuck half with a solid landing, looked stuck with feet apart.

10:02 pm. Yacalis, UW, VT- FTY, small step back.

10:01 pm. Keelen, Cal, FX- Double pike, good. Last pass was a little weird…I kind of missed it, looked like she meant to do something into a front half? But the front half ended up being weirdly tucked.

10:00 pm. Watts, SJSU, UB- I missed the beginning but saw giant full to bail, giant full with leg sep before the double tuck with a small hop.

9:59 pm. Riley, UW, VT- Yurchenko layout half, not bad in the air, small step to the side.

9:57 pm. Robinson, Cal, FX- EXCELLENT double arabian! Stuck cold. 1.5 to front layout, layout looks a little archy, reminds me of Claudia Fragapane’s Yurchenko half vault actually haha. Double pike to finish, a little short but hits.

9:55 pm. Roy, UW, VT- Tsuk layout half

Nadonza, SJSU, UB- Shaposh is very clean, short handstand before blind change to straddle back, another short handstand and then the double layout with bent knees on the landing and a step forward. Not bad though!

9:53 pm. Owens, Cal, FX- She was supposed to go up on beam but they swapped her last minute…glad to see it’s not because of an injury! Maybe just a bad warmup. “Shut up and dance with me” floor music. Front double full is great. 1.5 to front layout. Music change to “Brown Eyed Girl” for a hot second, random. Lovely Rudi to finish.

9:52 pm. Shepard, SJSU, UB- Hit her release to overshoot, giant full to double tuck, fights for the stick but has to take a step forward.

9:51 pm. Hoffa, UW, VT- Good FTY, nice form in the air, chest just slightly down on the landing.

9:50 pm. Dudschus, Cal, FX- Front layout to Rudi, nice. Hit the double tuck. Great front layout front full to finish.

9:41 pm. Cal now has a full point lead over Washington, 147.350 to 146.325. San Jose State remains in third at 144.850.

9:40 pm. Matos, SJSU, VT- A really nice Yurchenko layout half in the air, lands it back on her heels a little bit, oh and it’s super squatted in the replay.

9:38 pm. Burleson, UW, FX- EXCELLENT sky high double pike, landed with her chest up perfectly. 1.5 to front layout landed well and looked good in the air. 2.5 with a big step forward. Great finish for them.

9:36 pm. Richardson, Cal, BB- Hit bhs loso, switch to switch side, full turn, big double tuck to finish, and she saves the team from counting Keelen’s fall! They totally have the win now.

9:35 pm. Won, SJSU, VT- Good FTY, tiny step on the landing and feet are slightly apart…form in the air is mostly good and she even tries to flare out for the landing.

9:34 pm. Yacalis, UW, FX- Short on her tucked full-in and puts her hands down. Washington will unfortunately have to count a fall on floor…too bad after such a great start on bars and beam! Whip to 1.5 to front pike, nice landing. Solid double tuck to finish.

9:32 pm. Keelen, Cal, BB- Great jumps, bhs loso with a wobble and she can’t hold on, falls. Full turn, front aerial to split jump, 1.5 with a hop and her knees are a little loose.

9:31 pm. Chan, SJSU, VT- FTY with a big bounce back. Good form, though. Nice and clean.

9:29 pm. Hoffa, UW, FX- Big double pike into a controlled lunge. Front lay front full, excellent double tuck to finish.

9:27 pm. Draghi, Cal, BB- Front aerial with a wobble, leg comes up. Bhs loso is solid. Switch to sheep, not bad. Shows off flexibility before a stuck gainer full.

9:26 pm. Ray, SJSU, VT- FTY, legs are super apart and she’s piked on the landing, big step back.

9:25 pm. Duranczyk, UW, FX- Front tuck through to double pike, a little short on the landing but pulls it back very well. Solid double tuck.

9:23 pm. Palomares, Cal, BB- Bhs loso, beautiful full turn in attitude, bhs to stuck gainer full, excellent routine!

9:22 pm. Shepard, SJSU, VT- Yurchenko layout half, form is actually pretty nice. Maybe a little off to the side and some leg sep when she whips the half around.

9:19 pm. Janik, UW, FX- Long wait for her because one of the judges didn’t see Schaefer step OOB and they’re having a little conference. Double pike, good landing. Rudi is nice. A little short on her 1.5 when she lands…they buckle a little and she still goes into the punch front, which she sits.

9:18 pm. Ho, Cal, BB- Front aerial to bhs, switch to split jump to stag, full turn, all good so far. Stuck gainer full, slides heels together.

9:16 pm. Heinl, SJSU, VT- FTY, very nice! Whips the rotation around. Amanda has a great explanation of it actually, and what the judges will take off from that.

9:15 pm. Schaefer, UW, FX- Huge double tuck, bounces back and her heel goes out but I don’t think a flag went up. Front full to front layout, double pike a little short to finish.

9:13 pm. Sofie Seilnacht, Cal, BB- Walkover mount into a little pretty pose, lovely. Full turn, bhs loso, beat jump to split full, side aerial layout full with a small hop. Very pretty work from her.

9:08 pm. Washington fighting their lady balls off tonight! Only two tenths behind Cal right now. Cal has 98.225, Washington has 98.025, and San Jose State has 96.325.

9:03 pm. Chan, SJSU, FX- Nice piked full-in! Hit middle pass and double pike to finish.

9:01 pm. Burleson, UW, BB- Front aerial bhs, a little check. HUGE straddle to straddle side. Just insane amplitude. Nailed the dismount and saved the team from counting a fall.

8:59 pm. Won, SJSU, FX- Hit routine.

Ho, Cal, UB- Hit routine (sorry I’m eating a popsicle which is making my life difficult right now)

8:57 pm. Goings, UW, BB- Bhs bhs loso, misses her foot on the landing for the loso and lands it kind of on her knees and falls on the beam. Full turn, gainer loso, side aerial layout full, stuck. Well, good comeback after the fall.

8:55 pm. Williams, Cal, UB- Hindorff, clear hip to bail, full-in basically stuck! Nice work.

8:53 pm. Pascoe-Long, SJSU, FX- Double pike is huge. Front lay to front half to what looked like a split jump, the camera angle was bizarro. Double tuck is a little low but she still lands it well.

8:51 pm. Janik, UW, BB- Front aerial to bhs. Did she do a front aerial and balk before doing the front to back in combo?? I might be remembering her doing that last year lol. My brain hurts. The connection was a little slow, either way. Side aerial with a slight adjustment. Stuck gainer pike. Very nice work though that series always scares me with her.

8:50 pm. Richardson, Cal, UB- Toe-on to big Tkachev to overshoot, great handstand almost arched over but she got it right where she needed to be, double layout with a small bounce.

8:48 pm. Matos, SJSU, FX- Omg her floor music is Justin Bieber’s “Baby” LMAOOOOO WHY. Double pike, knees are a tiny bit soft but the landing is good. Double tuck is short and she skids a bit on the landing, jolting forward. Hit the final pass with a bobble.

8:47 pm. Schaefer, UW, BB- Front aerial, bhs loso, 1.5 to finish. DAYUM she looked good.

8:46 pm. Takara, Cal, UB- Big Gienger, full-in with a step. I love that this meet is going one at a time despite being a tri-meet btw. It makes me happy.

8:44 pm. Andrada, SJSU, FX- Double pike, little tiny stumble and she has to adjust her feet. Hit her Rudi well. 1.5 to front layout comes up a little short but she pulls it forward and holds the landing.

8:43 pm. Washington, UW, BB- I’m glad I typed UW instead of Washington otherwise I’d be typing Washington all day and night. How convenient for her. Nailed the bhs loso. Side aerial, switch side, front full with a step.

8:41 pm. Shu, Cal, UB- Short handstand before toe-on to Ray to bail, a little short in the bail unless it’s supposed to be an overshoot in which case congrats, YOU HIT. Full-in with the tiniest little shuffle.

8:40 pm. Ray, SJSU, FX- Ugh I missed most of this, just saw the 1.5 to front layout but from what I heard it was a good routine.

8:38 pm. Riley, UW, BB- Bhs loso, check. Switch to straddle 1/4. Split jump to standing loso, 1.5 stuck!

8:37 pm. Sofie Seilnacht, Cal, UB- Piked Jaeger, slightly short last handstand, blind change to a front layout 1.5, those dismounts are always so weird to me.

8:30 pm. At Cal, the standings are…Cal 49.125, Washington 48.925, and San Jose State 47.5.

I still can’t get over Maggie. She’s gonna be the first gymnast to get a perfect 40 since Karin Lichey and I’m HERE FOR IT.

8:28 pm. OU wins the meet with a 197.925, a huuuuge score considering the bars judging at this meet was lower than they’re used to (though I guess they can chalk that up to landings too). WVU reached a 195.550 after a great 49.2 on floor.

8:26 pm. Koshinski, WVU, FX- Huge double layout, excellent! 1.5 to front layout is great. Double pike is nailed. 9.95!

Loomis, SJSU, BB- Bhs loso with a big wobble and her leg up but she saves it. Switch to straddle side. Punch front tuck, struggles with a few big wobbles but wins the fight. Big switch side. Hit the gainer pike dismount.

8:23 pm. Chan, SJSU, BB- Slight check on the bhs loso but she controls it. Good side aerial to layout full to finish.

Muhammad, WVU, FX- Double pike a little short. Good front tuck through to double tuck though it’s a little bent on the landing.

Capps, OU, BB- Beauteous press mount into her little walkover and then sissone. Bhs loso to beat jump, perfect. Front aerial to scale. Switch to switch side. Cartwheel to stuck gainer full.

Williams, Cal, VT- Casual Olympian right here. FTY stuck maybe? A little bent.

Duranczyk, UW, UB- Hop change to straddle Jaeger to overshoot, yas. Nailed the double layout, totally stuck. BAMF. Great routine.

MAGGIE gets a 9.975 so her scores tonight were 10, 9.925, 9.975, and 9.975. JEEEEESUS. Total is 39.875. MYLANTA.

8:21 pm. Janik, UW, UB- I feel like I haven’t seen her in 200 years. Fell on her Jaeger. 😦 Jim Watson talking about dowels not latching makes me so proud. Pak, good handstand, hit the dismount.

Nichols, OU, BB- Front aerial, lovely flight series, punch front, stuck double tuck. That’s like, gonna get a 10. WHO CARES RIGHT NOW. Just let her have it.

8:19 pm. Won, SJSU, BB- Hit bhs loso. Side somi, wobbles but holds it. Cartwheel to stuck gainer full.

Goldberg, WVU, FX- Tucked full-in is great. Omg whattttt hahaha she gets very little height on her Rudi and you can tell as she’s going into the loso she’s like nope bad idea and she just kind of tumbles back onto her face. Lawd. Double tuck is like “I’m over this” and she lands super deep.

Richardson, Cal, VT- Big tsuk full! Flared landing but some form issues.

8:18 pm. Burleson, UW, UB- Huge Tkachev! Handstands look good. Bail, giant full to double tuck, great landing.

Brown, OU, BB- Front aerial to bhs loso, beautiful connection. Beat jump to straddle 3/4 is lovely. Switch leap to gainer full, stuck.

8:14 pm. Goings, UW, UB- Big Jaeger, straddle back is clean, full-in, jumps her heels together.

Catour, OU, BB- Bhs loso is excellent. Cat leap to switch side, hitch kick to front aerial. Gainer pike with a step forward.

Relova, SJSU, BB- Standing loso. Bhs loso is off line and she falls. Switch to straddle 1/4, and a punch front full with a step.

Cumber, WVU, FX- Double pike jumped into a lunge. Front lay front full with a hop. Solid double tuck.

Keelen, Cal, VT- FTY, clean, great landing. Great height.

8:11 pm. Lehrmann, OU, BB- Cat leap to switch side. Slight check on bhs loso. 1.5 with a step.

Washington, UW, UB- Big Gienger, lovely form. Full-in with a step.

Andrada, SJSU, BB- Bhs loso, break at the hips. Fell on her side aerial. Check on her turn. 1.5 with a step.

Bernard, WVU, FX- Double pike, good. Double tuck with a little bounce back. Front full front lay with a little skid.

Robinson, Cal, VT- Front handspring onto the board to a front handspring front pike, hop forward.

8:09 pm. Ray, SJSU, BB- Bhs loso, very nice. Side aerial, maybe some loose knees. Good leaps. Bhs 1.5 with a step.

Merwin, WVU, FX- Rudi loso. A little part of her choreo that reminds me of Chayse. 1.5 to front layout. Rudi to finish.

Sylvie Seilnacht, Cal, VT- FTY with a slight hop. Nice lines.

8:08 pm. Jones, OU, BB- Bhs loso, cat leap to front toss, stuck 1.5.

Riley, UW, UB- Toe on to Maloney to bail, more of an overshoot, I think hit her feet on the ground. Double layout is nice. Her lines are great!

8:07 pm. Maggie only needs a 9.9 on beam to go 39.8. Soooo…it’s gonna happen.

8:02 pm. Putting on Cal now! My BFF Jim is commentating with Amanda Borden.

Yep, Maggie gets a 9.975! Beast. OU now leads 148.450 to WVU’s 146.350.

8:00 pm. Nichols, OU, FX- Piked full-in is excellent. 1.5 through to double full, also beautiful. Double pike. Just gorgeous. The Sooners have two 9.95s so far so I could totally see this going 9.975 or even 10 with score building.

7:59 pm. Gillette, WVU, BB- Bhs loso with a bent leg on the loso and a slight check. Cat leap to split leap to gainer loso to split jump, jeepers!!! That’s a lot of stuff and she connected it well. Straddle jump to straddle side, slightly flexed feet and a wobble. 1.5 with a hop to finish.

7:57 pm. Jackson, OU, FX- Good tucked full-in to start. Hit middle pass, very floaty. Stuck double back to finish. Oh, look, more perfection.

7:56 pm. Doggette, WVU, BB- Front toss to bhs, lovely. Quick full turn, excellent. Actually a beautiful sheep jump! One of the best I’ve seen in NCAA. She’s super fluid and gorgeous. Gainer pike with a small hop.

7:54 pm. Capps, OU, FX- Huuuge double pike, practically stands still in the air, it’s so slow and gorgeously rotated. Front full front lay. Rudi. More perfection.

UC Davis goes 194.050 and Arizona State goes 193.225.

7:53 pm. Galpin, WVU, BB- Bhs loso, rest of the routine is hit including a stuck dismount, side aerial to layout full.

7:51 pm. Dowell, OU, FX- PERFECT double front to stag. Pique turns like a boss. 1.5 to front lay. Perfect front lay to front full. EXCELLENT routine.

7:50 pm. Hart, ASU, FX- Big double pike. Front lay to front full with slight leg sep. Double tuck, chest down and a big step forward.

Wright, WVU, BB- Front toss to Korbut, love it. Weird leg form on the Korbut but it could be the angle. Front toss with a wobble. Stuck gainer pike.

7:48 pm. Brown, OU, FX- Hit first pass. Excellent front lay front full. Beautiful floaty loso in the middle of her choreo. Rudi to finish.

Nagaki, UC Davis, BB- Beautiful bhs loso. Side aerial landed a little funky. Hit the dismount.

7:47 pm. Koshinski, WVU, BB- Bhs loso. Hip check on full turn. Cowboyed double tuck doesn’t really get a ton of power, so she stumbles it back a little, two steps.

Christopherson, ASU, FX- Great double pike to start. Double tuck.

7:45 pm. Jones, OU, FX- 2.5 to punch front, 1.5 to front layout, and a double pike to finish. Great start.

Brown, UC Davis, BB- Bhs loso, good. Side aerial, and clean hit dismount.

7:44 pm. Lentz, ASU, FX- Finished with a double tuck, tiny stumble forward.

Goldberg, WVU, BB- Hit routine.

7:41 pm. Belkoff, WVU, FX- Double pike, 1.5 to front layout, hit routine.

Yektaparast, UC Davis, BB- Slight stumble on switch half. Rest is good, including a near-stuck double full.

7:38 pm. Jones, ASU, FX- Big double pike to start. Hit the rest.

OU has 98.8 to WVU’s 97.75.

7:36 pm. Cluchey, WVU, UB- Hit set, step on the dismount.

Kreager, UC Davis, BB- Hit flight series. Some lovely walkover business to show elegance and flexibility. Stuck dismount.

7:32 pm. Jackson, OU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, awesome. Just the tiniest bounce in place. Floats down from the sky and doesn’t even need to bend her knees and sink into the mat, she’s just THERE. 9.95

Goldberg, WVU, UB- Piked Jaeger, bail is a little short, handstands also aren’t 100%, double layout with a small hop forward, almost stuck. Could’ve fought for it but still good.

Presswood, UC Davis, BB- Didn’t see this started until the end but was a hit routine, step on the dismount.

Brook, ASU, FX- Rudi with some leg form. Whip half to front layout. Hit last pass.

Nichols, OU, VT- A pretty perfect Yurchenko 1.5. Tiniest step, so not quite the landing Jackson had, but she’s clean throughout, including on her pre-flight. Legs glued. Still gets a 10 despite the step!

7:31 pm. Dowell, OU, VT- Excellent Yurchenko 1.5 with a small hop forward. Gets a 9.9.

Muhammad, WVU, UB- Tkachev caught way too close and I think she his her heel, catches straddle back like right on her hips and has to regroup. Doesn’t come off though. double layout is also pretty close to the high bar so she’s just not getting the distance away from the bar on any of her skills. Decent landing though.

7:29 pm. Capps, OU, VT- Beautiful huge flawless flared stuck FTY. Only nit-picking is tiny leg sep on the pre-flight but most judges can’t even see that. Would def go 9.95 at home. Goes 9.9 here where scoring has been super tight, so that’s a great score.

Gillette, WVU, UB- Ray to high, short handstand before Gienger (leg sep), clear hip to pak (slight leg sep on the latter), good variety in her routine! Last handstand is good, giant full to double tuck stuck. Great routine.

UC Davis leads Arizona State 145.600 to 144.550 by the way.

7:27 pm. Degouveia, OU, VT- FTY with a step back. Clean in the air. She was a last minute sub for Alex Marks.

Wright, WVU, UB- Maloney to bail (sloppy legs) to toe shoot, lovely stalder to double tuck, also basically stuck, just the tiniest adjustment.

7:26 pm. Jones, OU, VT- Hit with a good landing.

Bernard, WVU, UB- Jaeger, good handstand before her bail, giant full to stuck double tuck.

7:23 pm. Yektaparast, UC Davis, FX- I only saw the last pass, a 2.5 to front tuck. Not bad.

7:20 pm. Szafranski, ASU, BB- Switch to beat jump. The rest is okay…omg illusion turn, YAS. Very pretty lines. Gainer full with some ankle crossing.

49.25 for OU…WVU has a 48.95 on vault.

7:18 pm. Koshinski, WVU, VT- Huuuuge Yurchenko 1.5, hop forward but dayum that was a big vault.

Brown, UC Davis, FX- Good double tuck. Double pike OOB. 1.5 to front layout. Good.

Nichols, OU, UB- Ray, super clean pak, also a nice van Leeuwen, beautiful stuck double layout. Perfection.

Scoring for OU is waaaaay tighter at WVU than it had been at home.

7:16 pm. Wofford, OU, UB- Giant full right on top of the bar, big Jaeger, more perfection with handstands but UGH on her bail she bends her knees when she catches and has to hop off!!! She fell last week too, didn’t she??? After hitting like literally every routine in her collegiate career? So bizarre. Must be a mental block. Stuck full-in.

Callis, ASU, BB- Bhs bhs loso is very nice. Side aerial to layout full with a good landing.

7:14 pm. Cluchey, WVU, VT- FTY, form is a little loose, little step back. Good block though.

Presswood, UC Davis, FX- Double tuck, bent knees on the landing. Double pike, good landing.

Dowell, OU, UB- Maloney, Church, toe-on to bail, double layout with a small step forward.

Muhammad, WVU, VT- Huge FTY.

7:12 pm. Merwin, WVU, VT- Yurchenko half with a big hop forward.

Christopherson, ASU, BB- Hit flight series and 1.5 dismount.

Lehrmann, OU, UB- Big straddle Jaeger, I want to go to the Oklahoma Handstand University, toe-on, stuck full-in.

7:11 pm. Goldberg, WVU, VT- FTY, nice form, not a huge block but not bad either. Step back.

Holder, UC Davis, FX- Double pike with a lunge. Hit middle pass. Double tuck with a bounce on the landing.

Catour, OU, UB- Lovely first handstand, Ray, toe-on to bail, another perfect handstand, she’s gorgeous on this event. Beautiful double layout with a tiny little step.

7:10 pm. Udowitch, ASU, BB- Hit routine.

Capps, OU, UB- Tkachev, full-in with a good landing.

7:08 pm. Jones, UC Davis, FX- Solid double pike. Front full to front lay with some leg form on the latter. Rudi.

Bernard, WVU, VT- Yurchenko half with a big hop forward.

7:06 pm. Belkoff, ASU, BB- Bhs bhs loso, very nice. Switch to straddle side…switch was good but the straddle got about halfway to 180. Front aerial to Korbut, YAS. Love. 1.5 with a great landing. Very very nice work aside from that jump.

7:04 pm. Liddle, UC Davis, FX- 2.5 to start, step forward but keeps it in. High double tuck with a good landing though her chest is a little down. Front lay to front full with a little flick of her leg out to steady it. Good start.

There’s a MAG club team doing vault in the background and it’s very fun to watch.

7:01 pm. Conrad, ASU, BB- Bhs loso, lots of bounce! Switch to back tuck. Side somi, too far forward with her chest and she falls. Cat leap to switch side. Stuck front full. Aside from the fall that was an awesome routine.

6:59 pm. Just turning on West Virginia and Oklahoma…national anthem and intros still going on.

6:54 pm. Bummed I missed the Oregon State meet earlier today! They had a 196.900 and an incredible day on bars and floor! I’ve been sick and ended up accidentally napping for four hours. Northern Illinois had a great floor rotation but counted a fall on bars and beam, and only got a 192.850, while Seattle Pacific got a 189.700.

6:51 pm. UC Davis is at 97.075 while Arizona State is at 96.425 at the halfway point.

6:50 pm. So ASU had to count a fall but that was still one of their better UB rotations…I mean, compared to last year especially. Lots of promise even with the two mistakes.

6:49 pm. Christopherson, ASU, UB- Toe on to Tkachev, bail with a little adjustment to toe shoot, giant full right on the bar into a double tuck, stuck. Fantastic for this team.

6:45 pm. Brown, UC Davis, VT- FTY, step back. Form’s not bad.

Szafranski, ASU, UB- Toe-on to Maloney to pak with slight leg sep on both of those transitions. She’s 5’8!!!! And her lines are understandably gorgeous. Double layout with some leg sep but she comes in a little too deep and can’t stand it up, has to sit it down.

6:44 pm. Nogaki, UC Davis, VT- The cleanest FTY so far, angled slightly forward, small hop.

Rushton, ASU, UB- HUUUUGE Tkachev, DAYUM!!! Clear hip to bail, oh no, over arches a handstand, but brings it back before the double layout, big step back. Too bad about that handstand.

6:42 pm. Jones, UC Davis, VT- FTY, form isn’t bad, small hop.

Hart, ASU, UB- Big Jaeger to overshoot, the latter was a little messy. Good last handstand, lots of power in her swing, double layout with a slight pike down, two small steps.

6:40 pm. Yektaparast, UC Davis, VT- Hit but I didn’t see it.

Michovska, UC Davis, VT- They didn’t show this one because for some reason two vaulters went while ASU was still waiting to go on bars LAME.

Imbus, ASU, VT- Toe on to Maloney to bail (ankle sep), slightly short handstand before her lovely stalder to double tuck with a step.

6:39 pm. Holder, UC Davis, VT- “What a play!!!” LOL these guys are such bros but they’re also so enthusiastic about gymnastics so I’m okay with it. Handspring front pike, slight step.

Wilson, ASU, UB- Giant full to giant half to Jaeger, fell on her knees. Bail, giant full to double tuck with a step.

6:35 pm. UC Davis has a slight lead right now, 48.425 to Arizona State’s 48.350.

6:29 pm. Brown, UC Davis, UB- Great handstand before clean shaposh, bail a little piked, to toe shoot (called an “upper bail” by the commentator LOL), double tuck with a hop back.

6:28 pm. Hart, ASU, VT- Yurchenko layout, pretty piked and landed with her chest down with a hop.

6:27 pm. Ginn, ASU, VT- FTY, her body extension is the best I think…and the landing isn’t bad. Still hops though. “This is the best one so far.” These guys have said that about every single gymnast so far tonight on both events.

Michovska, UC Davis, UB- Good release, clean bail, giant full to double tuck stuck!

6:25 pm. Wilson, ASU, VT- FTY with a hop back, looked like the rest of those FTYs in terms of form. Still like a 900% improvement on their vault from last year?

Holder, UC Davis, UB- Clear hip to shaposh (a little piked going up to the high bar), bail (leg sep), giant half with leg sep to a near-stuck double front.

“That’s the best so far because you gotta have that high start value.” This commentary A+++++++

6:24 pm. Lentz, ASU, VT- FTY, loose form and a big hop back.

Kreager, UC Davis, UB- Giant full to layout gienger to overshoot, just some slight leg sep on the gienger. Beautiful lines on the giant full to double tuck with a little slide of her heels together.

6:22 pm. Helgesen, UC Davis, UB- She’s starting on the “upper bar” according to commentary. BLESS these guys, they’re trying! Straddle Jaeger to overshoot, short handstands, giant full to double tuck almost stuck.

6:21 pm. Belkoff, ASU, VT- FTY, actually pretty good! Chest positioning wasn’t the best but she got great air.

6:19 pm. Rushton, ASU, VT- Yurchenko full, tucked. Not bad.

The camera is angled like, five feet too far away from the bars so you can see the UC Davis gymnast on the low bar but not the high bar. GREAT CAM WORK.

6:15 pm. Beka Conrad has like, been through the ringer with this team, and all on her own, too. What a ride.

6:12 pm. Warmups are starting now…the ASU intro video is “Rise” by Katy Perry so YAY.

6:03 pm. Gonna turn on Arizona State and UC Davis in a bit for anyone who wants to play along!


10:59 pm. Okay, that’s it for me. Alaska vs Stout is coming on now but my head is falling off and I think I developed sciatica so it’s time for me to stand up out of this chair and become a human again.

10:55 pm. Sorry about going a little off the rails but I just can’t get over how incredible Skinner looks. Skinner and Maggie Nichols. They’re both, like, you know, obviously fabulous elites but a little overshadowed and didn’t always get their due on the national team…Maggie got passed over for an AA spot at worlds despite being stronger than Gabby and Aly, MyKayla got passed over for a worlds spot in GENERAL in 2015, as well as an Olympic spot, and here they are looking better than ever and just kind of showing a real love for the sport and passion in their performances…IT MAKES ME SO UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY because you don’t have to kill yourself for not being the #1 elite. There’s more to life!!!! #CriesForever

10:51 pm. Oh, ONLY a 9.975. So ONLY a 39.775 AA. No biggie.

Utah will finish with 197625, by the way. Denver also with a huge 196.875, Boise State with 196.225, and UIC with 193.250.

10:50 pm. Holy crap on a stick, so live stats just died because they were like, “we love MyKayla Skinner so much” but I’m 800% sure bish just got a TEN for that floor routine which should put her at 39.8 AA which NBD is like one of the highest scores ever in the history of the world.

10:46 pm. Skinner, Utah, FX- She gets a 9.9 and she joins Maggie Nichols in the 39.7 club! Let’s see how it goes. Double double, perfect. Casual front tuck into the corner before her 1.5 through to double full, also basically as good as it can get. Full-in, also…literally great. This will go 9.95 probably. Like holy bejeebus for real. She is doing the hardest sets in the country and SHE. IS. KILLING. IT.

I hella ignored Southern Utah in my obsession over Stanford, but they actually beat the Card by TWO POINTS. 196.150 for them, how awesome!

10:43 pm. Merrell, Utah, FX- Piked full-in is pretty short, but she doesn’t put her hands down. 2.5 to front tuck. Rudi to big straddle jump.

Just saw Antonia Alicke hit her beam dismount, a gainer pike off the end. #JustGermanyThings She looked happy with her set, omg 9.75!! That’s kind of amazing for a UIC beam!!! Go Toni.

10:41 pm. Reinstadtler, Utah, FX- Double back to start, good. 1.5 to front layout. Good finish as well.

Stanford finishes with a 48.725 on beam, no falls! Their total is a 194.150, an improvement by a couple of tenths compared to last week…

10:38 pm. Rowe, Utah, FX- Great double pike to start. Lovely Rudi loso. 1.5 to front layout. GET IT.

10:37 pm. McGregor, Boise, UB- Toe on to Maloney to bail, PERFECT! Stuck full-in!!!! YAS COURTNEY. 9.9!!!!!!!!!!

10:35 pm. Tessen, Utah, FX- Double pike, good start. Love this music. 1.5 through to double full, SO SO GOOD. Solid Rudi to finish. Yay.

10:32 pm. Roberts, Utah, FX- I’m reading a book about the women computers who basically are the reason space travel is a thing and this HBIC at JPL in California was named Macie Roberts so I think Macey Roberts the gymnast should do a space-themed floor routine honoring Macie Roberts the computer. Double pike to start, front layout to Rudi, yas. Finishes with 1.5 to front half. She kinda reminds me of Lia Priore in a way?

10:31 pm. Wow for the first time in 3.5 hours I actually had like five minutes to stand up. I feel like I was in a time warp for this entire evening?! Like what even happens to my brain when I watch this sport.

10:26 pm. Okay, it’s Utah 148.225, Denver 147.525, Boise State 147.050, and UIC 144.775.

10:20 pm. Rowe, Utah, BB- Switch to straddle side, bhs bhs loso to beat jump (#EXTRA) with her elbows on the second bhs looking kinda scarily bent like she was gonna sink into the beam so it was nice to see her push out of that like a pro, hit the dismount.

10:19 pm. Lee, Utah, BB- Clean so far, nice side aerial, pretty much stuck double full.

Lord almighty, 47.875 for Stanford on floor…they counted a fall and a 9.5. They won’t go past 195 today, but hopefully they’ll make it through beam and not go down into the 193 range again.

10:16 pm. Karr, Denver, FX- Double pike. And that’s all we get to see, UGH.

Stover, Utah, BB- Full turn. Front aerial to bhs with a slight adjustment. Hits jumps. Nails dismount. Exactly what you’d expect from her.

10:13 pm. Schou, Denver, FX- Front double full, step.

Skinner, Utah, BB- Solid bhs loso. Side aerial to sissone. Switch to split jump. Full L turn. Straddle jump to back tuck. I can’t get over her?? Double tuck, stuck. Like legit she is KILLINGGGGG IT IN HER LIFE RIGHT NOW. I need her to come back for worlds this summer with this insane confidence and just be like “I’m winning it all.”

10:11 pm. Reinstadtler, Utah, BB- Clean and fluid front aerial to bhs. Switch to side. Side somi. Cartwheel gainer full, great landing and great routine.

Ross, Denver, FX- Lovely lines in all of her elements. Game of Thrones music.

10:10 pm. Just checking in with Stanford…good vaults but still some issues and low scores, counted a 9.4 on bars for a 48.525 there but Ebee Price got a 9.9 so hooray!

10:08 pm. Merrell, Utah, BB- Switch to split jump, someone in the background has the tango that’s in the early part of Schindler’s List. Bhs loso and she’s a little off center and falls. Front aerial, 1.5 with a step.

10:05 pm. By the way, even with their bars drama, Lindenwood pulled out the win against SEMO! They had a 191.025 while SEMO scored 190.625 after counting a fall on beam.

10:04 pm. Alabama came back with a killer beam to win the meet with a 197.225 while Missouri finished with a 195.5, and that was with counting a fall on bars AND losing their top performer with an injury on floor. Good comeback and fight from the Tigers, and my lil fave freshman Aspen Tucker won the all-around with a 39.325!

10:01 pm. Harris, Missouri, FX- Big double pike. Hit the rest. Excellent routine.

Oh, I think Amado’s floor may have been an exhibition. Who knows with this stream. Utah leads with 98.8, Denver with 98.4, Boise State with 97.95, and UIC with 96.125.

9:59 pm. Guerrero, Alabama, BB- Great jumps, 1.5 dismount, jumps her heels together.

Amado, Boise, FX- Good so far, 1.5 to front layout is solid. L turn to full turn. Like no one in NCAA does full turns on floor and here’s Amado with a series and McGregor with a Y turn. Prob because they’re gonna stay in elite for FOREVER. Double pike to finish is great.

LSU with a 197.475 to finish. If they’d put Edney the exhibitionist in over Finnegan or Kelley tonight they’d have a 197.525 as if it matters.

9:58 pm. Schugel, Missouri, FX- Double full to punch front tuck, a little wild into the punch but she fights to hold it up and wins.

Gnat, LSU, FX- Huge double layout but she bounces out of a it a little. 2.5 to punch front tuck is messy. Great double pike to finish.

9:56 pm. Winston, Alabama, BB- Well I missed this whole thing because of the feed but saw the superb double tuck!

Great routine from Sandra Collantes of Boise State on floor just now.


Huber, Missouri, FX- She’s stepping in for Morgan. Double pike with a step to the side. Great performance.

Kelley, LSU, FX- Double layout. I hope Mary Lou Retton is putting her non-McKenna child’s life in jeopardy again this week and watching this routine while driving!!! #NO #JUDGMENT!!!! Hit middle pass. Runs out of steam on her double tuck which lands low.

Rowe, Utah, UB- Excellent routine capped off with a beautiful double layout.

9:52 pm. Sims, Alabama, BB- Bhs loso, lovely leaps, and a gainer pike off the end.

Lewis, Utah, UB- Good release, nice extension. Bail, double layout, slight hop with feet apart.

9:50 pm. Lee, Utah, UB- Saw her full-in with a small hop, she flared the full-in! YAS.

Kern, Missouri, FX- Hit first pass. Double tuck, big-ish step back. Good Rudi.

Harrold, LSU, FX- 2.5 is messy af. Double tuck. 1.5 to front lay is better than the rest.

9:49 pm. Desch, Alabama, BB- Killing it tbh. Everything’s great. Good side somi. Bhs bhs 1.5, excellent job. Beam debut for her!

McGregor, Boise, FX- Piked full-in to start, hooray! Middle pass was front full front lay I think. Y TURN! Double back last pass. YAY COURTNEY!!!

9:46 pm. Addison, Denver, BB- Saw a side somi! Woot.

Skinner, Utah, UB- Maloney to bail, both clean from this view. Toe-on to full-in, basically stuck. She’s great and always improving.

Tucker, Missouri, FX- Front tuck through to double tuck, YAS.

Finnegan, LSU, FX- 1.5 through to 2.5, a little messy. Double pike to her knees to finish. Lawd.

9:45 pm. Merrell, Utah, UB- Missed it but she hit her routine.

Childers, Alabama, BB- Hit flight series, 1.5 stuck! Great work.

9:44 pm. Zamardi, LSU, FX- Double arabian a little low with a slight stumble. Double tuck, stuck. 1.5 to front layout.

Bower, Missouri, FX- 1.5 to front layout. Oh, that’s all I saw. LOVE THIS FEED.

9:43 pm. Tessen, Utah, UB- Mostly good, some form things, but yeah, not bad. Full-in with a hop and bent knees.

Oh, maybe someone from Missouri got injured, not Bama. They’re both in the SAME EXACT LEO so who knows.

9:42 pm. McNeer, Alabama, BB- Lovely flight series, the rest is great. She reminds me of Maegan Chant tonight for some reason? Like her face.

9:40 pm. Ewing, LSU, FX- Front full to front lay, body is loose. Rest is good, though! Including a solid double pike.

Omg who got hurt for Bama?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

9:37 pm. Answering some questions from the comments…the wrap around the UIC gymnast’s stomach was like a compression kinda thing. Look up Elite Sportz Bands or whatever they’re called. They basically are like ace bandages for your core.

Second, there are more full-twisting double layouts in NCAA than elite because the routines are shorter so gymnasts have the endurance to bust them out. At the end of an elite bars routine, it can be difficult to have the endurance to do  big dismount, which is why you see mostly full-ins and original recipe double layouts. Mustafinas, full double lays, double doubles…they’re all hella rare because at that point in the routine most gymnasts are like please just let me die. But when you get to NCAA and you have like three or four skills max, you have twice the energy and power at the end and can whip out more difficult dismounts.

9:34 pm. So Utah leads their quad meet with a 49.425, followed by Denver with 49.275, Boise State with 49.050, and UIC with 48.225.

LSU has a 148.125 after three events, with a couple of 9.925s on beam from Gnat and Finnegan. Alabama leads Missouri 147.625 to 146.425…some low scores for Bama on floor. They’re counting a 9.675 and 9.725 on floor which is shocking. They’ll be lucky to break 197…like, they can do it, but they’ll need to actually be 100% solid on beam and idk if they will be based on what I’ve seen tonight.

9:32 pm. Caught some good tumbling from Mikailla Northern of UIC on floor, including a solid double tuck to finish. JUST LOST MISSOURI AGAIN, the second Aja Sims started on floor. I will slice you up ESPN.

9:30 pm. Means, Boise, BB- Front toss, bhs to gainer full, stuck with feet apart in a squat.

Ward, Missouri, BB- Bhs bhs loso, good. Good jump series. Slight hop on her dismount.

9:29 pm. Winston, Alabama, FX- Huge double layout. The rest is good.

Alicke, UIC, FX- 2.5 to front tuck, yay Toni! Guys she legit JUST did an elite meet less than a month ago. Double pike. Double tuck, chest down but almost stuck.

9:25 pm. Gnat, LSU, BB- Front aerial to beat jump, switch side, bhs loso, slightly bent limbs. Good dismount.

Remme, Boise, BB- Solid bhs loso. Switch to switch half. Good dismount.

I’ve completely given up on my Bama feed btw. It’s been gone for 100 years!!! Since the beginning of Maddie Desch’s routine. Jk I just got it back.

9:23 pm. Finnegan, LSU, BB- What I saw was great, and DD was having an embolism so I’m guessing the rest was great!

Amado, Boise, BB- We’re gonna watch her stand by the beam and then they’ll cut away right when she mounts, I GUARANTEE IT. Yup, they already cut away. A+ editing. Oh here she is. Hit triple flight series well. Sissone to switch side, great. Hit the 1.5 dismount. Yay Isabella!

9:21 pm. Desch, Alabama, FX- Double front, a little low but hit.

McGregor, Boise, BB- Hit flight series and dismount, that’s all they showed of her as they jump wildly from person to person.

Porter, Missouri, BB- Hit routine.

Skinner, Utah, VT- DTY, excellent in the air, but her chest is down on the landing, however it’s her best landing of the season so far in terms of not hopping or stepping. 9.975 so one judge was like “I don’t care if your chest is down because I’m only here to do a job and I’m not doing it nbd!”

9:19 pm. Mejia, Boise, BB- Fell on a straight jump full of all things! Otherwise a great routine.

Merrell, Utah, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 lacking in power but pretty form and only a small step to adjust the landing.

9:17 pm. Tessen, Utah, VT- Great Yurchenko 1.5.

Lee, Utah, VT- FTY with a big hop back.

Hambrick, LSU, BB- Front aerial to sissone, solid bhs loso, 1.5 dismount.

9:16 pm. Ewing, LSU, BB- Big wobble on her layout series. Almost falls but dramatically saves it. 1.5, hops her heels together.

Tucker, Missouri, BB- Bhs layout, layout is piked but that’s okay, she’s perfect. Nailed the double full with a hop.

Reinstadtler, Utah, VT- Crashed her FTY.

9:13 pm. Guerra, Alabama, FX- I saw from the double pike,

Rowe, Utah, VT- Flared FTY with a small hop.

The Utah meet is gonna be hard to watch because it’s just kind of jumping from routine to routine…it’s their home feed, not the PAC 12 Network feed.

9:11 pm. Not gonna lie but I keep missing the start of LSU because I’m watching on my phone and I have to use my phone to try to Snapchat pics of Courtney from the Missouri broadcast. That’s literally the reason I’m missing it.

Hambrick, LSU, BB- Everything I saw at the start was lovely. Her scaaaaale!! Double full with a tiny hop.

Allbritten, Missouri, BB- Hit flight series and jumps. Stuck gainer full.

9:08 pm. La Crosse beat Eau Claire 185.600 to 183.550, Minnesota scraped out a win against Michigan State 193.875 to 193.000, and Ball State won the tri-meet with a 194.950 against NC State with 194.850 and W&M with 192.275.

9:05 pm. Okay, LSU leads 98.775 to TWU’s 96.4, and Alabama leads 98.525 to Missouri’s 97.275. I’m throwing Utah into the mix so get ready!!!

9:03 pm. Porter, Missouri, UB- Caught her release, stuck double front!

9:01 pm. Huber, Missouri, UB- Short handstand before blind change to straddle Jaeger, fall. So Missouri will count a fall.

9:02 pm. Bailey, Alabama, VT- Yurchenko half with a little tiny adjustment. Nice flare!

9:00 pm. Guerrero, Alabama, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, stuck!! Excellent. Loose legs though.

I don’t understand how Ruby Harrold got a 9.875????????? At Georgia tonight that would’ve gone 9.7 max. I hate complaining about scoring but sometimes I’m just so angry about it?!?!?!

8:58 pm. Armbrecht, Alabama, VT- FTY, good.

Schugel, Missouri, UB- Fell on her piked Jaeger.

Priessman, LSU, UB- Tkachev to pak, pak has some leg form issues. Double layout with some steps.

8:57 pm. Jones, TWU, VT- Yurchenko half with a stumble back.

Miller, Missouri, UB- Caught release, bail, awesome dismount.

Finnegan, LSU, UB- Big Ray, bail to toe shoot, lovely stuck double layout.

8:56 pm. Edney, LSU, UB- Sorry, I missed a few of these, my ROOMMATE JUST GOT HOME FROM ENGLAND! Hindorff, clear hip to bail, great handstands, hit dismount with a great landing.

Desch, Alabama, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, knees are a little bent in the air and it’s a squatty landing but good direction.

8:54 pm. Tucker, Missouri, VT- Piked Jaeger, short handstand before bail, I missed the rest!

Harrold, LSU, UB- I missed the first routine, btw. Messy van Leeuwen to Zuchold, toe half (leg sep) to Jaeger, muscles the handstand before her double front with a step. Yeah, so, that was probably why she wasn’t in the lineup to start, and she’s gonna have to work hard to be in the lineup in the future.

8:53 pm. McNeer, Alabama, VT- Stuck FTY!!! Her face is like WHAT.

Northrup, TWU, VT- FTY, a little short with a hop.

8:47 pm. Florida defeated UNC 197.325 to 193.525. The Gators took a few little breaks with not using Baker on three events, and they still got a powerhouse score so good for their depth.

8:46 pm. Ward, Missouri, VT- Yurchenko half-on front pike, good.

Brannan, Alabama, UB- Hit release, toe-on to bail, super clean double layout with two small steps.

8:44 pm. Porter, Missouri, VT- FTY, big, huge bounce back.

Bailey, Alabama, UB- Great release, HUGE full-in dismount with a step.

LSU is currently at 49.325, btw…some interesting vault scores (I’m talking Priessman’s and Finnegan’s) but Gnat’s is pretty fair at 9.9…all things considered. Those legs would get, like, a half point off at least in elite, though.

8:42 pm. Harris, Missouri, VT- Huge FTY with a bounce.

Jetter, Alabama, UB- Ray, bail to toe shoot, double front with a good landing.

Kent State beat Western Michigan 195.350 to 192.925.

8:40 pm. Tucker, Missouri, VT- One of my fave wee ones. FTY with a slight hop back.

Gnat, LSU, VT- DTY, legs are wild in the air, more than usual. Like, for the entirety of the twist. Hop back.

Mahoney, Alabama, UB- Maloney, short handstand before bail, full-in stuck on her toes.

Cashmore, TWU, UB- Gienger, bail, a little leg sep on both, double layout with a slight bobble back.

8:39 pm. Sims, Alabama, UB- Toe-on to big Ray, bail (ankle sep) to toe shoot, great handstand before her double layout dismount with a hop.

TWU, UB- Missed who this was. Shaposh, bent legs when she caught, to bail, double layout a little piked but stuck!

Hambrick, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, great in the air, small hop back.

8:37 pm. Edney, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, good in the air, step forward.

McNeer, Alabama, UB- I missed this. My TV always has problems when Alabama is on. #RUDE

Kern, Missouri, VT- Yurchenko half with a big hop.

Northrop, TWU, UB- Gienger. This leo reminds me of something Texas Dreams wore in 2010. Fitting that they’re basically down the street! Double layout dismount.

8:36 pm. Auburn got a 195.800 behind Kentucky, btw.

Ewing, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with big leg separation.

Huber, Missouri, VT- FTY with a slight bounce.

Vincent, TWU, UB- Maloney, bail (leg sep), giant full to double tuck, some leg sep on both.

Eastern Michigan defeated Central 195.925 to 194.650.

8:34 pm. KENTUCKY JUST SET ANOTHER RECORD!!!!!! 197.150!!!!!!!!!!!

Priessman, LSU, VT- FTY, not bad. Korth, Stuart, Dukes, and Hyland, people. Even Hyland with the fall came back and MURDERED it.

8:32 pm. Korth, Kentucky, FX- Piked full-in, tucks her legs a tiny bit. Rudi loso is lovely. Hit double pike to finish.

Finnegan, LSU, VT- FTY, looked a little short…just not a lot of power from her off the table.

Jones, TWU, UB- Giant full to half, some short handstands, giant full to double tuck with a hop.

Aww, Amelia Hundley only got a 9.5 on beam.

8:31 pm. Milliet, Auburn, BB- Hit flight series, front aerial, cat leap to gainer full stuck.

8:27 pm. Slappey, Auburn, BB- Step back out of her flight series. Good switch to switch half. Nearly stuck side aerial to layout full dismount.

Marino, Georgia, FX- Big double layout. Double tuck to finish. Great routine from her!

Dukes, Kentucky, FX- Double pike, yas. Switch ring to split half, illusion turn, BAMF. Front full to front layout. Hit her final pass. Fantastic.

Georgia beats Arkansas 196.225 to 195.000. Good for both teams coming back from a few issues and really getting their shiz together.

8:26 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, FX- Huge double pike. Her jumps are FANTASTIC. Tour jeté half to wolf 1.5. Hits 1.5 to punch layout last pass. Perf.

Rathjen, Arkansas, BB- Switch to switch side, clean bhs bhs loso. Good gainer full with a tiny bounce. Good for her! Debut I think…she’s filling Wellick’s shoes.

8:24 pm. Snead, Georgia, FX- Tucked full-in is a little slow but shockingly gets around, chest down. Rudi supposed to go to loso I think but she also has no steam here and does Rudi to bhs to loso. Double pike was her best pass of her set, shockingly.

Becker, Auburn, BB- Hit fligt series, switch to straddle side with weird amplitude, 1.5 with a step.

8:22 pm. Stuart, Kentucky, FX- Holy crap, stuck double pike COLD. No lunge even a little. Dayum. 1.5 front layout. Rudi is a little wonky to finish…got no punch off the floor so she had to like, twist to the side but hey, she stood it up.

Burton, Arkansas, BB- Front aerial, wobble. Bhs loso, solid. Beat to sheep, big wobble but saves a fall. 1.5 dismount.

8:19 pm. Vega, Georgia, FX- Omg the way she walks out onto the floor!!!!!!!!  She is a dear. Full-in chest down but good landing otherwise. Hit middle pass. Double pike, little teeny tiny stumble, big smile though.

Oh, no Kennedy Baker on floor. They must be resting her which is a shame because her eye makeup is RAINBOW and FIERCE. Anyway, Claire Boyce was in the lineup instead. 9.8.

8:18 pm. Engler, Auburn, BB- Wobbled on something according to Asac. Switch to straddle side. Hit flight series. Gainer pike with a hop.

McGlone, Arkansas, BB- Pike jump to loso, cool! Bhs loso is solid. Stuck double full! THAT WAS HER BEST BEAM EVER.

8:16 pm. Babalis, Georgia, FX- Double tuck to start, then a front layout front full. Hit last pass. Good routine.

Rechenmacher, Kentucky, FX- Front tuck through to awesome double tuck. A little part of her music sounded like Simone’s and I got super excited. Awesome double pike.

Alicia Boren got a 9.95 on floor! Other Florida scores are 9.8 range. I think Kennedy Baker is still to go.

8:14 pm. Nelson, Arkansas, BB- Hit flight series. Front full with a hop.

Cerio, Auburn, BB- Cat jump to switch side, bhs loso looks a little off but I think it’s the angle. Wobbles when she lands it. 1.5 with a hop.

8:13 pm. Carlisle, Kentucky, FX- Big double tuck to start. Lands last pass right in the corner, almost OOB but saves it.

Roberts, Georgia, FX- I look at this girl every single week and can NEVER remember her name. Idk why…double tuck is low and crashed.

8:10 pm. Bargiacchi, Arkansas, BB- Good bhs loso but then she takes a couple of steps back out of it. Big switch side. Punch 1.5 dismount! Nice.

Hlawek, Auburn, BB- Bhs loso. This angle they have on beam makes back skills look SO awkward. 1.5, jumps her heels together.

8:08 pm. I have NC State on but I’ve watched like ten seconds of it and I FEEL BAD.

Reynolds, Georgia, FX- 1.5 to front layout. Rudi. Good job gal.

8:07 pm. Yamzon, Arkansas, BB- Bhs bhs loso, good. Front toss. Stuck gainer full. Looks happy!

Omg the CUTEST interview with Asac and Mollie Korth just now.

8:06 pm. Oh crap, looks like Lindenwood had an implosion on bars. 😦 46.575 for them counting two 8-range scores after Katie Bailey’s 7.45!!! Lawd…I hope no one’s injured? They can usually beat DI SEMO but SEMO might actually get that W tonight.

8:04 pm. So, Kentucky leads Auburn 147.625 to 146.850 after a MONSTER 49.425 on beam. YAS. Kentucky beam IS MY LIFE.

8:00 pm. Even with #GeorgiaBeam they’re somewhat easily beating Arkansas, 146.950 to 146.025. They should go 196+ at least.

Just checked in with Florida which leads UNC 98.625 to 97.3. Highlights for the Gators on vault…McMurtry obvs, Boren, and Slocum. Looks like they didn’t bother putting up Baker this week to keep things slow and easy against a weaker program.

Rott, Auburn, FX- OOB on her double layout. Like half of her foot. Front layout to front half to whip back to split jump, noice.

7:58 pm. Scaglione, Auburn, FX- I missed the first half of this. Double tuck to finish.

Anderson, Arkansas, FX- Double pike with a little bounce. Front lay front lay. Hit the rest.

Hyland, Kentucky, BB- Everything I saw was perf so far. Side aerial to what looked like a tuck full to finish, hop forward.

Georgia gets a 48.725 on beam which…could’ve been worse. They’re just thrilled they didn’t have to count a fall.

7:56 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, BB- Bhs loso is good, front aerial to beat jump, stuck 1.5 dismount right on her toes.

Schick, Georgia, BB- Hit flight series with a smile, front aerial to sissone, front walk over to a weird jump series, really no idea what’s happening. Looked like something was off. Side aerial. Gainer full stuck.

7:54 pm. Day, Auburn, FX- First pass looked OOB according to ASac. Double tuck last pass was huge and went all the way OOB.

McGlone, Arkansas, FX- Double pike to start, instead of her usual double layout. Good to take it easy sometimes. Hit middle pass. Front full front layout.

7:52 pm. Korth, Kentucky, BB- Lovely full turn, lots of control. One armed bhs to loso, solid. Switch to back tuck, tiny check. Double full with a bounce, but a great routine.

Babalis, Georgia, BB- Does she ever keep it together when there’s a fall before her? PRAYING SHE DOES TONIGHT because I LIKE confident Georgia. Don’t ruin this for me. Front aerial to back loso, good! I forgot she has no arms. Slash she has arms but doesn’t use them. Switch to split jump, front toss to beat jump, double tuck looks WAY low coming off the beam and she stumbles it back but STANDS IT UP.

7:50 pm. Slappey, Auburn, FX- Good double pike. Front layout to Rudi, good. Big double tuck. Alicia Sacramone just said “super jazzed” which is def something I say all the time. #BFF

Elswick, Arkansas, FX- Double pike, slight stumble. Hit the rest nicely!

7:48 pm. Poland, Kentucky, BB- Bhs bhs loso, solid. Front handspring, one-arm! YAY. Pretty. Gainer pike off the end. A few little form things but good overall.

Broussard, Georgia, BB- Oh dear lord her flight series is roughly 900% off line. Does the bhs like into the crowd and literally just back tucks off the beam like “bye.” Side aerial. Hit the dismount.

7:46 pm. Hlawek, Auburn, FX- Double arabian, great. Finishes with a double back with a stumble.

Yamzon, Arkansas, FX- Hit beginning but looked like a fall on the last pass. In the replay, yes, double pike with her hands down. No gas.

7:44 pm. Rough bars for Minnesota…they had to count an 8.475!!!

Stuart, Kentucky, BB- Bhs loso, bent legs. Good flexibility stuff. Side aerial to tuck full, stuck.

Snead, Georgia, BB- Ooh they all have black lipstick. Bhs loso to bhs, cool. Rest is good aside from a wobble on a leap.

7:42 pm. Cerio, Auburn, FX- Solid double pike. Front full to front layout to wolf jump, great. Rudi to finish. Great work.

Bargiacchi, Arkansas, FX- Rudi to loso, 1.5 to front layout. Another good routine.

7:40 pm. Rechenmacher, Kentucky, BB- Hit jumps. Front aerial. Bhs loso. Switch to split jump. Stuck gainer pike off the end.

Sanders, Georgia, BB- Bhs loso, back leg looked bent. She has crazy black lipstick and looks super 90s goth, LOVE. Standing back tuck to straddle jump. Punch front to beat jump. Punch front full dismount with a small hop.

Florida had a 49.225 on bars, by the way. Highw as McMurtry’s 9.9.

7:39 pm. Nelson, Arkansas, FX- Double pike, controlled lunge. 1.5 to front layout. Perfect double tuck. Brilliant leadoff.

7:38 pm. Vega, Georgia, BB- I missed everything except the dismount but she looks happier than my chihuahua when we turn the shower on for him and he gets to drink off of the floor (seriously this is a thing) so I’m guessing that was a fully hit routine.

7:34 pm. Kentucky leads Auburn 98.2 to 97.925. Auburn also hit hard on vault landings just as Kentucky was.

7:31 pm. Korth, Kentucky, UB- Trying to save the team from counting a fall…solid piked Jaeger, working those handstands, bail is maybe a little short, great last handstand, full twisting double layout with only the tiniest bounce. She’s a superstar.

Georgia leads Arkansas 98.225 to 97.225. Only a 48.975 for Georgia’s bars. Would’ve probably been like a 49.2 anywhere else in the country lol.

7:28 pm. Day, Auburn, VT- FTY, not bad.

Snead, Georgia, UB- Clear hip to Tkachev, super clean bail,

Hyland, Kentucky, UB- Short handstand before giant full to Gienger, oh no, she didn’t get her dowel over and slipped off onto her back!!! NOOOOO. Gets back on for a bail and a stuck full-in. Shame about that fall.

Rott, Auburn, VT- Gigundo FTY, flared, slight leg sep on the entry and a hop back.

I missed the last Arkansas vault…it was Kirby Rathjen with a 9.575. Lawd they need more depth…it’s gonna be SO hard without Amanda this season. 😦

7:26 pm. The bars judges at Georgia tonight are TOUGH. Routines that would easily go 9.8+ elsewhere are barely passing 9.7.

McGlone, Arkansas, VT- Huge stuck FTY!!! AMAZING.

Krippner, Auburn, VT- FTY, a little misdirection, flared, hop.

Schick, Georgia, UB- Blind change to piked Jaeger, great handstands, double layout with a tiny slide back.

Stuart, Kentucky, UB-Hit release, clear hip to bail, full-twisting double layout with nice form stuck cold, feet apart.

7:25 pm. Dickson, Georgia, UB- Toe-on to Tkachev, bail, stuck double layout cold.

Dukes, Kentucky, UB- Huge pak (leg sep), whippy double layout with some leg separation but a good landing.

7:24 pm. Speed, Arkansas, VT- FTY, a little flared, nice form and landing.

Becker, Auburn, VT- FTY, a little short, bounces in place.

Another fall from W&M on bars, from Marr this time. They’ll count a fall.

7:23 pm. MacMoyle, Arkansas, VT- FTY, not very big, a little piked near the end, but a great landing.

Engler, Auburn, VT- FTY, short, chest leans forward and she steps on the landing. I remember when she got injured last year. Knee’s still in a huge brace.

Johnson, Georgia, UB- Gienger, double layout with a deep knee bend on the landing.

Rechenmacher, Kentucky, UB- Jaeger, nice handstands, bail a tiny bit off, giant full to double tuck with the tiniest little hop back.

7:21 pm. Anderson, Arkansas, VT- FTY, a little piked, hop back.

Black, Auburn, VT- FTY, whippy twists, form isn’t the best but meh, good enough.

Reynolds, Georgia, UB- Hop change to Jaeger, some form issues on the low bar, double Jaeger with her heels hopped together.

Carlisle, Kentucky, UB- Good Jaeger, stuck full-in COLD. Feet slightly apart.

7:20 pm. I missed the first vault for Arkansas, looks like it was Yamzon. Sanders for Georgia just hit her bar routine well from what I saw.

7:19 pm. Over in North Carolina, things look like they’re just getting started!

Fall from Caponi on bars (W&M).

Eastern Michigan got a 49.225 on bars?! Kendall Valentin got a 9.925 and Lacey Rubin got a 9.9!! At an away meet, too. Good for them.

7:14 pm. Just saw Chelsea Knight of NC State hit her FTY with a tiny hop.

Georgia leads Arkansas 49.25 to 48.425…ouch. Lots of 9.6 and 9.7 scores from the Razorbacks. Highest was 9.75 for Speed.

Auburn leads Kentucky 49.125 to 48.975. Kentucky really needs to fix vault landings. They basically started out with their best two and were like okay bye! We’re done.

7:12 pm. Korth, Kentucky, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with a hop forward.

Snead, Georgia, VT- I saw it but I don’t remember what vault she actually did? Just that it was clean lol. Maybe had a bounce? Did I block this out of my memory???

Milliet, Auburn, UB- Toe-on to Ray, awesome! pak with maybe some foot form but will they even deduct that? Quick but solid last handstand, giant full to double tuck with a step.

7:10 pm. Stuart, Kentucky, VT- Good FTY.

Burton, Arkansas, UB- Looked good to me, I only really saw in detail the toe-on to giant full to double tuck, held onto the landing.

Auburn, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, that’s all I saw!

7:08 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, VT- Yurchenko half, super clean and flared but the landing has a couple of hops forward.

MacMoyle, Arkansas, UB- Clear hip (some leg sep), Jaeger, messy and short bail, double layout a little short with a hop back.

Engler, Auburn, UB- Big Jaeger, bail has a little adjustment, short last handstand, big clean double layout, stuck on her toes and she cheats her way out of it.

Marino, Georgia, VT- FTY with some loose form in the air, just not as together as her teammates. Hop back.

7:07 pm. Krippner, Auburn, UB- Some short handstands, Tkachev, full-in with some arm flare before the landing!

Speed, Arkansas, UB- Her toe point on her Jaeger is RIDONKULOUS. Clean but short handstand on the bail, full-in with chest down and a hop.

Johnson, Georgia, VT- Stuck FTY! I only saw it quickly but it looked good to me.

7:06 pm. Kwan, Kentucky, VT- FTY with some misdirection and a big step back. Come on Kwan, you’re BELARUSIAN! Stick those landings.

Dickson, Georgia, VT- Clean FTY, a little short off the table, big hop back.

7:05 pm. Kopec, Auburn, UB- Lovely first handstand but elbows looked a little bent, hit Jaeger to overshoot, clean double layout until the end where she had a little ankle separation.

Yamzon, Arkansas, UB- Good release and bail, double layout full with a slight pike down and a hop.

7:03 pm. Cerio, Auburn, UB- Good routine, no glaring mistakes, just a big step forward on the dismount.

Anderson, Arkansas, UB- Ugh they have so many injuries. Only five in this lineup. Arched last handstand way over but hit the giant full to double tuck.

Hyland, Kentucky, VT- FTY with a hop back, also a very nice one.

Reynolds, Georgia, VT- Lovely FTY, excellent form and landing, not as big as Broussard’s.

7:02 pm. Davis, Kentucky, VT- Huge FTY, almost stuck?!?! OKAY THEN. This is a BRAND NEW TEAM.

Broussard, Georgia, VT- Another huge FTY, with a small bounce back.

6:59 pm. Just realized I used a photo of Florida and am not watching that meet BUT I’ll give updates when I get some!

6:56 pm. Welcome! I’m starting off with Georgia vs Arkansas and Kentucky vs Auburn tonight, with a little bit from the NC State tri-meet as well.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


16 thoughts on “The NCAA Week 3 Live Blog

  1. oooh whoops sorry for double question, I meant to include the two in one and brainfarted. I was wondering whether athletes often learn new big skill upgrades in NCAA or is it more like whatever top skills they were throwing in L10 are carried through university?


  2. Honestly, Skinner seems a bit more mature in her performances even after only a few months in college (not trying to say she was immature before). And much happier.


  3. As much as I love maggie nichols, she should not have gotten a ten on that vault. It wasn’t even homescoring, so I’m a little mad because Kennedi Edney’s stuck 1.5 DIDN’T get a ten and neither did Britney Ward’s stuck and perfect omelianchik.


    • I understand we’re you are coming from Oklahoma lsu and Florida are the judges favorites they’ll keep getting the over scoring I don’t see it changing


  4. Does anyone reading this happen to know A) where is Madison Cindric of Arizona and B) why Arizona only had 5 VT and FX scores last night? (I assume they are related.)


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