The World Championships Master Team List

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We’re still about two months away from this year’s world championships, to be held in Montreal, Canada from October 2-8, but we’re starting to see team announcements pop up every now and then and don’t want to miss out on anything!

A full list of teams set for worlds is below. We’ll add them as announcements continue coming in, and as nominative rosters are updated.


Confirmed in Montreal on October 1.


Confirmed by Gymnastics Australia on September 25. Brown, originally on the nominative roster, was not selected to compete in Montreal.


Confirmed by the Österreichischer Fachverband für Turnen on September 6.


Confirmed in Montreal on October 1. During podium training, Tishkova was forced to withdraw due to a knee injury sustained in training.


Confirmed by GymFed on September 4. 


Confirmed by Confederacão Brasileira de Ginastica on August 31. Prior to podium training, Andrade sustained a knee injury and was no longer able to compete.


Confirmed in Montreal on October 1.


Confirmed by Gymnastics Canada on July 20. Brittany Rogers and Rose-Kaying Woo are the alternates.


Confirmed on Weibo on September 4. Liu Jinru and Shang Chunsong are the alternates.


Confirmed by the Chinese Taipei Gymnastics Association on August 31. 


Confirmed by El Colombiano on September 26.


Confirmed by Ana Derek on Instagram on September 18.


Confirmed by Granma on July 21.


Confirmed via private source on September 2.


Confirmed by Gym Danmark on September 25.


Confirmed in Montreal on September 30.


Confirmed by Suomen Voimistelulitto on September 8. Due to an injury, Urvikko was unable to travel to Montreal to compete.


Confirmed by the Fédération Française Gym on September 1. Juliette Bossu is the alternate.


Confirmed by the Deutscher Turner-Bund on September 9.


Confirmed by British Gymnastics on September 20. Charlie Fellows is the alternate.


Confirmed by the Greek federation on September 5.


Confirmed in Montreal on September 30.


Confirmed by Magyar Torna Szövetség on September 14. 


Confirmed by Fimleikasamband Íslands on September 4. Sigridur Bergthorsdottir is the alternate.


Confirmed by Indian Gymnastics on September 26.


Confirmed in Montreal on September 30.


Mori confirmed by GinnasticaIta on September 3. The remainder of the team was confirmed by the Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia on September 20.


Confirmed in Montreal on September 30. Despite being on the nominative roster, the Williams sisters are not competing in Montreal.


Confirmed by the Japan Gymnastics Association on June 25.


Confirmed via gymnasts on Instagram.


Confirmed in Montreal on September 30.


Confirmed in Montreal on October 1.


Confirmed by the Federación Mexicana de Gimnasia on August 19.


Confirmed by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Gymnastiek Unie on September 10.


Confirmed by Gymnastics New Zealand on August 11. As of October 1, van Beusekom is no longer competing. 


Confirmed by Turn Kvinner on September 22. Due to a concussion sustained while training in Montreal, Nygaard has withdrawn from the competition.


Confirmed in Montreal on October 1.


Confirmed by the Federação de Ginástica de Portugal on September 26.


Confirmed in Montreal on October 1. Though on the nominative roster, Leon isn’t here competing in Montreal.


Larisa Iordache and Catalina Ponor were confirmed by Cuget Liber on July 18. Crisan was confirmed by Radio Craiova on September 16. Due to an Achilles injury sustained in warm-ups prior to qualifications, Iordache was forced to withdraw from the competition.


Confirmed by R-Sport on September 5.


Confirmed by the Slovenská Gymnastická Federácia on September 27.


Confirmed in Montreal on October 1. Due to an injury, Belak was replaced by Hribar prior to traveling to Montreal.


Confirmed by the South African Gymnastics Federation on July 25. Lukisha Schalk is the alternate. Maguire was unable to compete in Montreal.


Confirmed in Montreal on October 1. Despite being on the nominative roster, Yun was not able to compete.


Confirmed by Real Federación Española de Gimnasia on September 21.


Confirmed by Svensk Gymnastik on September 6.


Confirmed by the Schweizerischer Turnverband on September 5. Though she trained with the team in Montreal, Diacci confirmed at podium training that she would not compete.


Confirmed by Türkiye Cimnastik Federasyonu on September 19. On October 1, Üctas Sanli withdrew due to an injury sustained in training.


Confirmed by XSPORT on September 24.


Confirmed by USA Gymnastics on September 20. As of September 13, McCusker, who was on the nominative roster, withdrew from contention due to injury. Jordan Chiles is the alternate.


Confirmed in Montreal on October 1.


Confirmed in Montreal on September 30.


Confirmed in Montreal on September 30.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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29 thoughts on “The World Championships Master Team List

  1. This is why Romanian gymnasts who had tons of potential last quad including Munteanu, Stanila, Iridon, Zarzu, etc.. wanted to give up… this bs where RGF basically tells them that larisa and cata are guaranteed spots months ahead of the competition, while they have to work very hard with no guarantee of a spot until right before the competotion. Even in the states where they had a god who decided to shape shift into biles last quad, they still made everybody including her fight for spots until the very end. Until Romania realizes that they can’t constantly demoralize their second and third tier gymnasts which make up like 50-60% of world/Olympic teams for them this quad, (because everybody knows including the gymnasts themselves that lari and cata are guaranteed to be on every major team) and still expect gcreat results, they will fail. Oh yeah and because bars are an event.

    Liked by 1 person

    • To be fair, just looking at this years European results justifies the spots for Catalina and Larisa. They are the two best gymnasts in Romania right now, no country is not going to send their best gymnasts.
      And, no way was Simone not going to the Olympics, whatever happened at Trials.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I see both of your points and agree with them. There’s literally no one who can contend with those two at the moment so they’re obvious choices…but at the same time it does suck to be an up-and-coming gymnast and constantly have it in your head that those two are going to get all the spots no matter what. At some point it’s a mind game kinda thing…like with the U.S. in 2016, everyone knows Simone is going, everyone knows Aly and Gabby are probably going, and yet girls who had no chance kept competing at a really high level because in their minds, anything could happen. MyKayla Skinner was not going to make that team for several reasons, no matter how well she did, but no one ever told her that, and so she trains and competes like she’s going to win the Olympic all-around. Plenty of U.S. gymnasts have gotten last-minute team spots for worlds and other meets when gymnasts who earn spots or who are likely for spots get injured, so there’s always that thought in mind like, okay, maybe I’m not a #1 choice, but it could still happen! Whereas in Romania, there’s very little hope and it gives many of the girls who COULD one day be really great athletes no motivation to keep training at a high level.

        Liked by 2 people

        • It was also announced that besides these girls (Catalina, Larisa and Ioana), Maria Holbura and Carmen Ghiciuc are fighting for the fourth position in the team, giving the other girls no chance to fight for a spot. 😦


        • Also, while there was basically zero doubt of Simone going to the Olympics, she still had to compete at nationals and trials and at least pretend to fight for her spot. She wasn’t officially named to any teams months in advance of the competition, like Lari and Cata have been multiple times.

          Liked by 2 people

        • Yeah, in the U.S. it’s like, even though Martha clearly knew who she was going to put on that Olympic team like, months in advance, she still makes everyone go through the motions. It PROBABLY doesn’t matter how they end up competing at nationals and trials. They’ll most likely still be put on the team. But even though Martha knows her team, they keep it from the press and from the gymnasts because they don’t want to make everyone else feel like they’re training for nothing. If the U.S. staff said after Jesolo and American Cup and those early season meets “we’re sending Simone, Aly, Gabby, Laurie, and Madison for SURE,” there would be zero reason for anyone else to keep training. It was pretty clear to me that Madison would get the bars spot over Ashton, and yet Ashton was literally at the same level as Madison and they were sooooo close, it could’ve gone either way and if Madison got injured/couldn’t compete, they could’ve replaced her with someone literally just as good. But if they said months earlier that the spot belonged to Madison, it would’ve made Ashton not fight as hard, which decreases the depth and makes it harder to find suitable replacement athletes. So there is definitely that aspect to it where like, it’s pretty obvious Cata and Lari will be the ones going to literally every major meet…but the way the federation talks about them as basically goddesses while everyone else is ignored or crapped on, that definitely hurts. Especially after worlds in 2014 where they were nonstop like “omg this team sucked, we hate everyone, we need Catalina to come back to save us from this garbage fire of a team”…and then they’re like oh why did everyone on that team retire almost immediately? Hahaha.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Romania at least could’ve done what Russia has been doing for years. We all knew that Larisa and Catalina were going regardless of what the other girls did. But even in Russia they say “these are the four that we think are going to go, but it can change depending on how those on the outside perform relative to the ones on the current team”. That basically gives them room to prepare the ones that are most likely going to go while still not sweeping the ones off the team to the side. I’m not saying that Russia’s strategy is perfect (like how they named their entire Olympic team in December of 2015), the way the US does it is way better, but anything is better than being like “alright, you 15 will fight for one spot, since the first 3 have been predetermined, and will not change.” In Rio they literally said that the spot was going to Larisa or Catalina, regardless of how the others performed. It’s one thing to say “yeah so and so are most likely going to go” and a whole other thing to say “yeah, you have no chance those two will go no matter what you do”.

          Liked by 1 person

        • I guess we should thank Valentina for shuffling the teams a ton. This keeps every one in top form, because they could lose their spot after a bad meet.


        • Regarding how RGF was trashing all the other girls but lari in 2014, I’d always heard of that happening and know it did but are there any articles where they say all of that terrible stuff? I would love to read/look at what they said to those poor girls ;( no wonder they all quit. 4th isn’t even that bad! Somebody in the big 4 had to be 4th! Like they improved by 3 places in that final, can’t Romania just be happy with its undeserved overachieving success from that year?! Smh

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Concerning Russia, Valentina revealed the team by phone today, just before the Russian Cup … One million twists can happen. For example : if Melnikova falls 4 times and Kapitonova just once … In the same interview, she says that Spiridonova is still an option (for ub and bb) if she hits at the Universiades.


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  4. Isn’t it Mariana Pitrez de Carvalho from Portugal, I only mention it because you already have a page for her in the gymnast database but it’s not linked


  5. About the Portuguese girls, I can confirm Mariana Marianito and Filipa Martins are definitely going because they’ve confirmed it on their Instagram pages. However, I have yet to see an official post by the Portuguese Federation and have heard nothing from Pitrez


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