FIG Releases Nominative Roster for Worlds

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Each country’s nominative rosters for world championships were due last Monday, and the FIG has released that list today, sharing the names of some gymnasts expected to compete despite not being officially announced by their federations.

We’ve been keeping a master list of teams as they’re announced, but some countries — like the United States and Great Britain — like to wait until worlds get closer before naming, so the nominative roster sheds light into who their national team coordinators are planning on selecting, and with the exception of a gymnast or two, the lists usually end up being pretty accurate.

The U.S. women have another week before they head to the ranch for the selection camp, which is held a month after nationals with the team expected to be announced around September 21-22. But according to the nominative roster, Ragan Smith, Riley McCusker, Jade Carey, and Ashton Locklear are the girls at the top of Valeri Liukin’s list, based both on their performances at nationals as well as on how they’re expected to look in the weeks coming up.

I’d say this is the most obvious team, with Smith and McCusker handling all-around duties while Carey competes vault and floor and Locklear competes bars and beam. It’s the perfect configuration for a team in an individual year with only three allowed up on each event in qualifications, and it’s the team I would’ve picked based on nationals potential.

I do think Jordan Chiles could sneak on in the final hour, replacing either McCusker for her all-around prowess or Carey if she ends up able to show a second vault at camp. I could also see her taking McCusker’s all-around spot with McCusker getting bumped to bars/beam over Locklear depending on how Locklear looks at camp, but otherwise, unless someone is able to come in and majorly impress at the ranch, I can’t see anything different.

The British team is also pretty expected, headlined by the two healthy 2016 Olympians Claudia Fragapane and Amy Tinkler. The Downies, Ellie and Becky, were also hoping to fight for spots this year, but both ended up dealing with injuries and opted to sit out the process so they could recover, focusing instead on 2018. In their place, Georgia-Mae Fenton can step in nicely on bars, while first-year senior Alice Kinsella will take Ellie’s place in the all-around alongside Tinkler, while Fragapane competes beam and floor.

Another not-yet-announced team of note includes Australia’s, which includes Talia Folino, Rianna Mizzen, Georgia Godwin, and Georgia-Rose Brown. I’ve heard several rumors that Australia will not send gymnasts unless they meet very strict internal qualification results, so we’ll see if any of these gymnasts end up attending. Emily Little had a standout first half of the year, but after sustaining a serious neck injury on floor at Australian Championships this summer, she had to take several months out of training to recover, and won’t be part of the selection process.

Additionally, some countries that originally planned on attending have opted out this year. Poland confirmed their decision to withdraw with a notice on their federation website, but based on the nominative roster, we also won’t see WAG teams from Belarus, Bolivia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ireland, Jordan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Peru, Serbia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka.

For a full list of those on the nominative roster, check out our master team list, which will note who is nominative and who has been confirmed by her federation, with a link to the source.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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30 thoughts on “FIG Releases Nominative Roster for Worlds

    • Yes, he will be attending worlds as the head WAG coach, assuming Australia does end up sending a team. His primary responsibility is Australia right now so if he had an elite at Bresytan’s, that gymnast would be with his wife or another coach on their staff.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Don’t you think Brestyan would want to send a worlds team so that he can use it as a more efficient benchmark for where they need to improve in terms of execution, diffciulty, consistency, etc. since those are things that aren’t as apparent in training sessions, or is that out of his control?

        Liked by 1 person

    • Yes I do honestly think Ashton being on the team is a joke. I can’t possibly see her making bars finals with a 5.5 DV. There’s also no chance she’ll make beam finals–even with a perfectly hit set, for rather obvious reasons. But I can’t really think of anyone else I’d rather send, maybe Trinity Thomas. Or Alyona Schennikova just for the chance she’d make bars finals?


      • Riley is now out. This increases Ashton’s chances more I guess. It’ll be super funny if they brought her for bars alone but she’ll not get a medal. This happened in 2014 and may happen again LOL. I hope she proved me wrong. Yeah I vote for Alyonna too. I hope she has a better camp compared to that disaster nationals LOL.


  1. Well, now that McCusker is officially out (poor girl! can’t catch a break), it looks like the team will most likely be Ragan (AA), Jordan (AA), Jade (VT, FX), and Ashton (UB, BB). Can’t really see anyone else sneaking in.


    • Fan Yilin, Nina Derwael, and Elisabeth Seitz are probably the top girls on bars but you could also see Elena Eremina, Angelina Melnikova if she has a good set, Ashton Locklear if she does well, Jonna Adlerteg, and then at a lower level, Rebeca Andrade, Zsofia Kovacs, Luo Huan, Kim Bui, Ragan Smith, Tabea Alt, Larisa Iordache…it’ll still be pretty deep.


      • You’re definitely right, the field is still probably the deepest out of all of the apparatuses even with those two out. Have there been any peeks at Ashton’s potential routine?


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