The World Championships Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of event finals at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada!

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get to them in the blog!

4:14 pm. Petrounias with ANOTHER win! Abliazin gets the silver and Liu takes the bronze. Samir Aït Saïd is like half a tenth away from the podium. 😦

4:08 pm. Liu SR: Beautiful inverse cross before his saltos into an iron cross, planche, double front tuck salto to Maltese, lowers down into iron cross and made the CUTEST FACE EVERYONE LAUGHED. Beautiful handstand before giants into full-twisting double layout with a hop.

4:04 pm. Petrounias SR: Show ’em how it’s done!!!!!! Beautiful planche, lovely Maltese, angle actually seems down though, handstand is SO freaking solid, planche down to iron cross, he’s just so in control, double pike up to handstand with a little bobble, double double with his chest down and a slight hop. Idkkkk, that was fab but not like his absolute best? But he’s also Petrounias and is beautiful. Bows to the crowd then kisses the Greek flag on his singlet. ❤ 15.433 (6.3 D, 9.133 E)

4:01 pm. Tulloch SR: Planche angle is slighty crooked, nice Maltese though, doesn’t seem to hold a handstand long enough, planche down to iron cross, double pike to Maltese, handstand after that is almost horizontal at one point and he swings to get it arched back up, full-twisting double layout low with a step. 14.533

3:58 pm. Aït Saïd SR: I love his hang under the rings pushed up into a planche, it’s so nice. Maltese, handstand gets a little short before his saltos (pike then tuck to Maletese), planche down into iron cross, gets applause, last handstand arches a tiny bit, full-twisting double layout stuck GIVE HIM ALL THE MEDALS ALL OF THEM. 15.258

3:55 pm. Abliazin SR: Maltese, swings through to another of them, handstand after that is good, double front saltos tucked then piked into a planche, angle slightly awkward, iron cross, solid handstand after that, swinging kind of a lot before double double layout dismount with a hop. 15.333 (6.3 D, 9.033 E)

3:53 pm. Zanetti SR: Planche, not really super straight, Maltese, double front pike into a kind of wobbly handstand, planche after that the angle is SO bad, nice iron cross, wobbly and muscled handstand before his full-twisting double layout with a hop. 14.900 (6.2 D, 8.7 E)

3:51 pm. Radivilov SR: I missed the beginning but he had a sizable wobble up into handstand before his double pike, Maltese, planche, all of his handstands are a little wobbly, double double with chest down and a hop. 14.933 (6.3 D, 8.633 E)

3:48 pm. Colak SR: Planche to Maltese, planche is nice and straight before double front tuck to double front pike to Maltese, iron cross, front pike into iron cross, shaky handstand before stuck double front pike dismount, that was mostly beautiful. 15.066

3:36 pm. Fan Yilin defends her world title with Elena Eremina placing second and Nina Derwael becoming Belgium’s first gymnast to win a world medal with her bronze!

3:32 pm. Locklear UB: Toe full, legs come completely apart, Chow to pak to Maloney to bail to Ray, great handstand before toe half, muscles and comes off. Awww she’s sobbing. 😦 I feel so bad for her. She’s gonna do the rest of this routine while crying. Good handstand before toe half, muscles again but fights it, hits Jaeger, full-out with a step. Still sobbing. 12.766

3:27 pm. Seitz UB: Maloney to Ricna, blind change to piked Jaeger, big Downie to pak, nice and clean. Short handstand before van Leeuwen, some ankle separation, toe full a little late to full-in with a hop. 14.766 (6.1 D, 8.666 E)

3:23 pm. Fan UB: Inbar full to Komova II to pak to Chow to Gienger, yas. Lovely handstand before inbar half, bent her elbows and muscled up on her blind change into her Healy to Ling to HER half-in from L grip to double tuck dismount, came off the bar too early for the dismount though and her landing wasn’t great. 15.166 (6.5 D, 8.666 E)

3:21 pm. Luo UB: Lovely handstand before Maloney to pak to van Leeuwen, ankle separation, blind change to Healy to Ling to piked Jaeger, nice. Leg sep on blind change before Healy 1/2, some ankle sep, double layout with a hop forward. So happy she hit, and this bars field is looking fabulous!!! 14.566 (6.2 D, 8.366 E)

3:19 pm. Eremina UB: Nabieva to pak  to Chow half with major leg separation, inbar to inbar half to piked Jaeger, good, way short (0.3) handstand before her toe full to full-out, solid landing. Not her best but got that pak to Chow half even if messy! 15.100 (6.3 D, 8.800 E)

3:15 pm. Iliankova UB: Shang, caught close, Hindorff to pak to Maloney to clear hip half to Ezhova, amazing amazing amazing. Short handstand before clean van Leeuwen, GREAT handstand before toe full to full-out with a step. Beautiful. 14.900 (6.2 D, 8.7 E)

3:12 pm. Derwael UB: I think I’m more nervous than she is…my heart actually hurts. Downie, Ricna half to Ezhova, yas. Chow to Bhardwaj is excellent, maybe ankles crossed. Clean van Leeuwen, toe full a tiny bit late to full-in with a great landing and a big smile, just a slight hop out into her salute. 15.033 (6.3 D, 8.733 E), her BEST SCORE!!!

3:10 pm. Varinska UB: Short handstand before Chow to lovely pak, Maloney to clear hip full (late) to Tkachev half caught in mixed grip to Jaeger, amazing. Short handstand before toe full to full-in with a tiny bounce. She’s fab but those handstands are gonna get her…she’s at least 0.1 short on all of them. 14.583 (6.0 D, 8.583 E)

3:08 pm. Bars gymnasts are walking out now!

3:04 pm. Max Whitlock wins the pommel horse gold with David Belyavskiy taking the silver and Xiao Ruoteng getting the bronze!

3:01 pm. Merdinyan PH: Good routine. 14.700 (6.2 D, 8.5 E)

2:58 pm. Whitlock PH: He’s amazing, but his feet aren’t cute. Still ridiculous though and his flares are to die for. 15.441 (6.9 D, 8.541 E)

2:50 pm. Weng PH: This was beautiful and then he super muscled up the handstand into the dismount. UGH. Suspenseful wait for the score. 14.500 (6.0 D, 8.5 E)

I think people are booing his score? lol he had a big mistake and still got an 8.5, calm down

2:48 pm. Verniaiev PH: Floaty scissoring elements and his spinny handstand is nice. Lines aren’t as clean as Belyavskiy’s and UGH then he falls off after his one-arm swing. What a crappy worlds for him. 13.700 (6.4 D, 7.3 E)

2:45 pm. Xiao PH: Lovely flares but looks like his legs get caught at one moment, also looks like his butt kind of hit the horse in the middle. Close call anyway. 15.066 (6.4 D, 8.666 E)

2:42 pm. Belyavskiy PH: Muscled handstand before scissors, one-armed is nice but not quite as fluid as Naddour’s, GORGEOUS body line though, his quick switching of the hands at one end is cool, god this event looks so freaking weird, lovely routine. 15.100 (6.4 D, 8.7 E)

2:38 pm. Bertoncelj PH: Came off literally instantly. Legs apart on several elements, and his feet are quite flexed with a pike in his hips. Also looked like he hit his leg on the handle at one moment. 12.966 (6.0 D, 6.966 E)

2:35 pm. Naddour PH: Short handstand before his scissorings, loooovely one-arm swing, not only do I suck at pommels but there’s a camera right in front of me so I can’t see the bottom half of him, but so far so good, very clean and confident set. 14.750 (6.3 D, 8.45 E)

2:33 pm. Omg it’s gonna be so awful live blogging pommels but I hope you enjoy the nonsense I’ll spew.

2:12 pm. Maria Paseka defends her world vault title while Jade Carey gets the silver and Olympic bronze medalist Giulia Steingruber gets the bronze!

2:11 pm. Miyakawa VT: Crashed her DTY!!!! Nooooo, just not enough of a block. Gets up and shakes her head like wtf just happened. 13.100 (5.4 D, 7.7 E)

Average 13.800

2:10 pm. Miyakawa VT: Handspring Rudi, a little short on the landing. Really clean in the air actually…but chest down and a step. 14.500 (5.8 D, 8.7 E)

2:09 pm. Paseka’s Cheng. If you think it’s good I worry about your brain.

2:08 pm. Chusovitina VT: Second vault is the tsuk 1.5 with a slight hop, big kisses and a heart for the fans. 14.300 (5.2 D, 9.1 E)

Average 14.366

2:06 pm. Chusovitina VT: Obviously humongous applause. Handspring front layout full, same leg form issues as always, huge V on the pre-flight, loose legs in the air with a hop. 14.433 (5.4 D, 9.033 E)

2:04 pm. Black VT: Second vault is the tsuk 1.5, slightly loose in the knees with a step forward but TONSSSS of power. Damn. 14.266 (5.2 D, 9.066 E)

Average 14.416, won’t move her in front of Steingruber.

2:03 pm. Black VT: Handspring layout full, has a pretty loose layout shape in the air, actually borderline piked at times but not enough to devalue. Good landing. 14.566 (5.4 D, 9.166 E)

2:00 pm. Carey VT: Tsuk double for the second vault, excellent, just a little bounce in place. Huge huge huge. She could come back next year with a TTY and a tsuk 2.5. Only form issue really on this is the pre-flight leg sep. She even flared this. 14.733 (5.6 D, 9.133 E)

Average 14.766

1:59 pm. Carey VT: Love this red leo. Amanar, clean in the air but wild on the landing, huge hop forward (two 0.3 steps tbh) out of it just like in qualifications. Now SHE should be doing a triple. She’d get them around no problem. 14.800 (5.8 D, 9.0 E)

1:57 pm. Wang VT: Second vault is the Rudi, aww, just not enough power, ends up being really short with a step forward/to the side and OOB. 😦 14.2 (5.8 D, 8.5 E)

Average 14.350

1:55 pm. Wang VT: Tsuk double with a step back. Not bad in the air actually…one of her better attempts. 14.5 (5.6 D, 8.9 E)

1:54 pm. Paseka VT: Amanar for the second vault, huge leg sep on the pre-flight again but actually it’s not bad in the air. Crossed ankles, but her landing is solid for her…small hop forward. 15.000 (5.8 D, 9.2 E)

Average 14.850

1:53 pm. Paseka VT: Her Cheng is a disaster as per usual. Shallon’s looks 300,000 times better. Major leg sep on the pre-flight, it’s literally tucked in the air, chest at her knees, and she takes a step to the side nearly OOB. May have been out actually. 14.7 (6.0 D, 8.7 E)

1:50 pm. Olsen VT: Cheng, looks really disappointed before she vaults. Loose form in the air, but a decent landing, still looks like she’s gonna cry though. Poor thing. For her first meet competing a Cheng it looks REALLY good, better than most we see. But that Amanar…shame. 14.933 (6.0 D, 8.933 E)

Average 14.233

1:48 pm. Olsen VT: Amanar, messy, under-rotated, and she crashes it to her hands and knees. 13.533 (5.8, 7.833, -0.1 ND)

1:46 pm. Steingruber VT: Second vault is the DTY, off-center and short with a step back but again, really clean. Average 14.466

1:44 pm. Steingruber VT: Rudi is her first vault. Big leg separation in pre-flight and she’s not quite as powerful as she was in qualifications…a little short with her chest down. Step to the side. Clean in the air though! 14.633 (5.8 D, 8.933 E, -0.1 ND)

1:43 pm. Also a ridiculous ammount of applause for Chuso…who literally just fell over backwards while standing up after she got off the stage. She’s like “I’ve done gymnastics for 400 years, today I’m gonna try it while drinking some wine.”

1:40 pm. Introducing the women for vault! Lots of applause for Shallon Olsen, obvs, but everyone’s getting their fair share. Can’t wait to see Ellie Black’s applause.

Super worried about Maria Paseka around all of this fire in the introductions.

Oh here’s Ellie. She ABSOLUTELY got applause the second she entered before they even said her intro. OF COURSE.

1:34 pm. Kenzo Shirai defends his world championships title on floor 1.1 points ahead of the rest of the competition! Artem Dolgopyat of Israel takes the silver and Yul Moldauer of the United States gets the bronze!!!

1:31 pm. Kim FX: 3.5 to barani, a little messy in the twists. Double front pike half is BEAUTIFUL but low, hops it. 2.5 to front double full with a slight hop. Double double low with a hop. Front 2.5, WOBBLED BEFORE HIS FINAL PASS LOL. Triple full with a stumble forward. 14.100 (6.4 D, 7.7 E)


1:29 pm. Karimi FX: MY SON!!!! MY LITTLE BABY SON. 3.5 to barani with a little bounce back. Front full to front 2.5 with a little bounce. He looks nervous. Double double stuck, has to fight for it a little. 2.5 to front double full with a bobble on the landing. Meh, not as good as day one but he looks so nervous. Good double full side pass. Triple full short with a stumble forward and his hands down NOOOOOO MY POOR SWEET CHILD. Spencer is sitting a row behind me and we both whipped our heads at each other with frowny faces. 😦 13.266 (6.1 D, 7.166 E)

1:27 pm. Whittenburg FX: Kenzo has over a full point lead right now. I think Dondon can def challenge for the podium! Front double full to double front, yikes, gets no punch and almost sits it. Front double pike has a huge hop forward looked OOB. Welp. Hit double double layout, 2.5 side pass, crowd loves when he holds himself in a planche before his next tumbling line, a double double with a hop to the side, double arabian half-out basically stuck. Ugh about those first two passes. 14.166 (6.4 D, 7.766 E)

1:23 pm. Larduet FX: Piked double front, small hop forward. Double layout half-out with a big hop back. #ManBiles Front double full to front layout, double arabian half-out, double front side pass with a huge hop forward. 2.5 to front full. Finishes with a double arabian, just hops his feet together. Spins around on the floor gesturing to the crowd. LOVE. 14.100 (6.0 D, 8.1 E)

1:19 pm. Moldauer FX: Front 2.5 with a slight hop. Stuck double arabian half-out, yas! Front double full to front full, stuck. Flares are incredible as always, just so freaking pretty. 2.5 to barani is stuck. HE WINS ON E FOR SURE. Stuck double full side pass. Triple full with the tiniest hop forward. Crowd loves him. 14.500 (5.8 D, 8.7 E)

1:17 pm. Dolgopyat FX: Double front full-in half-out JFC, front full to front 2.5, quad! With a step. 2.5 to front double full. 1.5 to Rudi side pass. Triple full short with a slight step. 14.533 (6.5 D, 8.033 E)

1:11 pm. Shirai FX: Oh god this is so hard for me. Layout triple double with the tiniest bounce. Triple double tucked, great. 2.5 to front 2.5 jeepers. Front full to front…triple full? That’s the only one I couldn’t see. 3.5 to front full. Quad to finish, just jumps his feet together. JFC. 15.633 (7.2 D, 8.433 E)

1:09 pm. Verhofstad FX: Front full to 2.5 with a good landing but a bit crazy in the air. 2.5 to front double full is good. 3.5 to barani, also solid. Double double, low chest but solid landing. Flared stuck double full, just brings his heels together. The part of floor where they just basically breakdance always makes me laugh in MAG. Stuck his triple to finish it off, messy in the air but he’s so happy. 14.333 (6.1 D, 8.233 E)

1:06 pm. Gonzalez FX: Double front pike half is great, front 2.5, a little short. Hit something into the Rudi before that, I didn’t see. Double double with a step. 2.5 to barani is stuck. Triple full, nicely rotated and nearly stuck. 14.266 (6.0 D, 8.266 E)

1:03 pm. Just got news that Shallon Olsen retroactively submitted a Yurchenko triple full and might compete it today omg omg omg omg omg omg omg tbh I’m terrified but I think the landing will be better than her Amanar so I’m not even worried. I’d be more worried for her Amanar.

1:00 pm. Starting off today’s competition with the men on floor! They brought out fire for the intros which is super exciting but the athletes are coming out before being announced and it’s super awkward. They walk out to zero applause, stand there for a second, and then it’s like REPRESENTING BLAH BLAH…

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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179 thoughts on “The World Championships Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

  1. ik dolgopyat is .7 d ahead of moldauer, but i feel like moldauer deserves to at least tie with him especially seeing them compete right after each other


  2. Paseka’s first vault was way over scored. Second vault was very good but I’m going to be super salty if she wins with an over scored first vault!!!


  3. How is it possible that Pasekas Cheng was only two tenth lower than Olsen? It was so messy in the air and her landing was so low, she almost touched the mat.


  4. LAUren u always have a microscope for the russians and u are blind for americans hhah if the judges decided that paseka is better, thats it, season finale


  5. Makes me sick to watch the Russians sit there and chuckle during vault – Paseka’s cheng is so gross. Horrible form and she about fell over. And she’s the champion?!?! The judges need their eyes checked.


      • Yeah, I really don’t understand why the judges are giving these girls the D value of their *attempted* vaults. I don’t know what Paseka should get credited for, but it sure isn’t close to laid out.
        I agree it was painful to watch she and her coach chuckle during the final. It just feels wrong to see her get that 8.7 E for what is supposed to be a laid out vault.

        I completely agree with Lauren’s plan to increase deductions for vault, but even in the current code, that “Cheng” is nowhere near an 8.7 E.

        And the problem is, when the scoring is so off, it is hard to not feel animosity towards the gymnast whose ranking is higher than it should be.

        On the topic of D scores, there are plenty of vaults that are clearly piked that get credited as laid out and receive decent E scores. Vault judges need to have a little chat with the beam judges about not being afraid to deduct.


    • So you are sick because some Russians are laughing somewhere in the world . You have no idea what they are chuckling about but yeah . I once read an IG article where they complained Russians didn’t even smile . They can’t win can they ? ( except for US elections bwah)


  6. Y’all being so pathetic. Like, her Cheng wasn’t good at all form-wise. I agree. But her Amanar was awesome and the best of the competition actually overall. It’s fine to question the code and how she shouldn’t have beaten Jade with that 1st VT but the way people write and question it here, is just classless. She worked hard and won. 8.7 E was gracious but so was Ellie Blacks BB yesterday. I haven’t seen that big of a shitstorm for that. Why? Because Ellie is a fan-favourite. Y’all need to get your lives together, sorry.
    Congrats to all of the medalists 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • but ellie did get a shitstorm for for bb e score. it doesn’t matter that her amanar was clean. she got the right score for that. No one is complaining about that. But her starfish, tkatchev cheng to fetal position was overscored to the heavens.


        • but her cheng was really uniquely wonky. a fall … almost everybody fell on beam. but her cheng was very specially done. are you defending the damn judges?


        • Whoever you are.
          1st- I’m not defending the judges. If you are able to read, go back to this “It’s fine to question the code and how she shouldn’t have beaten Jade with that 1st VT but the way people write and question it here, is just classless.”
          2nd- #buthercheng should be like Ashton’s inbars #butherinbars. I bet you’re one of those people. If we argue and I say “Well then were are all the GIF’s on twitter where Ellie grabbed the beam? Right, there are non.” And you answer with #buthercheng, which you did, then I guess you have zero arguments. Or where are your arguments, except #buthercheng was so much was than a fall on BB. Jeeeez.


        • The hate of Maria Paseka is tiring. Most of you contest the scores only when US girls don’t win. I’m just happy that Paseka won because most of you are so ironic and mocking : “haha, her cheng is laughable and ridiculous hahaha” … She doesn’t deserve your hate and bashing. I’m happy for her, she is double world champion even if you don’t like it.

          Liked by 1 person

        • No one cares that she beat someone from the US. They care that her E score for her Cheng is ridiculous. Jade took two giant steps, the title was Maria’s to lose. But in no way were the judges correct in their judging, and there were only 0.5 in differences between the worst and best hit vaults which is high key ridiculous. No one had a perfect day but that Cheng is absolutely horrible and the judges must be blind.


        • Jesus Christ. I have NOT said that her E score was fine. All I’m saying is that the amount of literal HATE she get’s is classless. Which it really really is. Questioning a score is fine. But there are classy and objective ways of doing so. That’s why I used the example of Ellie (which I also love). Many of her routines were overscored, but especially BB. There are NO GIF’s on the internet that embarrass her because she grabbed the beam and the judged didn’t care. But everyone is going off on Paseka. That is my point, and it’s totally obvious.


        • Nobody hates Maria as a person. Everyone likes her a lot. We just hate her Cheng. Just like we hated Nistor’s vault, and Nabieva’s. Her Cheng is horrendous and to pretend it’s not would be silly. As for the gifs, it’s kind of like a movie that’s sooo bad, it’s good. It’s wretchedly, astoundingly, entertainingly bad. Ellie’s errors, and others, aren’t as interesting or unique. I think Fan’s E-score on bars was too high but no gif of her muscling a handstand or underrotating a dismount is going to go viral.


    • Actually a lot of people weren’t happy with Ellie’s beam score either and they made that clear on twitter. This isn’t a matter of being a fan favorite, its a matter of the judges deducting properly. Both Ellie’s beam and Maria’s vault were given scores that they shouldn’t have received and both are unacceptable because they affected the results. That’s why everyone is pissed

      Liked by 1 person

        • Sally build a bridge and get over it. people can express it, gif it etc etc anyway they want.. Find a rainbow and sit under it sis, and eat cupcakes and happy feelings!


        • I do not know you, ‘Dnuts’ but it’s also because of people like you, these athletes let nerves get to them. You can hide behind a screen, they can’t. There is a narrow line where cyber bullying starts.


  7. Not happy about Dolgopyat over Yul on floor. Dolgopyat had landing deductions everywhere and showed poor control on top of taking steps. I get that he has more difficulty than Yul, but why was Yul’s execution in Finals (8.7) lower than Qualies (8.9)? If it had been the same as Qualies, Yul would have gotten Silver. Absolutely no doubt who won, though. AMAZING routine from Kenzo!!!!

    I just can’t with Paseka’s Cheng, but Carey blew it with her Amanar landing. Still, if Paseka’s Cheng was more accurately scored, I bet Carey would have been in first.


  8. If you averaged the D score of the 2 vaults and then took the deductions from both vaults from a single E score (which is how I think vault SHOULD be scored!) then Carey would have beaten Paseka by 0.033.

    Honesty wouldn’t be surprised to see the TTY be named the Carey!


      • Definitely! Although I feel like Carey might be the ballsier one of the two – we know she had a vault named for her in JO – whereas Biles likes to take her time and perfect skills before competing them. Of course, with Biles back in action (plus all those fabulous juniors) Carey mightn’t get a shot at a team worlds, so might never have the opportunity to have it named even if she does do the TTY first.


        • Even if Simone comes back next year, if Jade is still this great or improved on vault and floor, I don’t see why not bring her? They’re practically guaranteed two vault medals with those two, and maybe even two on floor? Along with filling in a couple of the team final spots with fab scores.


  9. We already knew that vault judging prioritized landing > air form, so I’m not surprised by Paseka’s cheng scoring, that’s usually how it goes. I’m just glad she can actually land it and doesn’t hurt herself. I am also so impressed by the distance Jade gets on her amanar, sheesh! No wonder she can’t control the landing, in slo-mo you can see how much force she hits the ground with. What a difference from earlier this year.


  10. I think the quick hands move is called a Russian (swing?)and they can do single/double/triple.
    I can name others but not sure what they look like…


  11. Crappy scoring, Iliankova definitely deserved to be in the 15s for that routine… I wouldn’g be surprised if the judges are leaving a little bit of room to let Ashton sneak into the medals….


    • ashton starts with a 15.5, it is literally impossible for her to do that, so i don’t think we have to worry about her on the podium. However, i do agree that iliankova deserved a slightlly higher score.


    • I thought the same thing. Poor girl is having a rough day. Yeah, she’s disappointed, she’s crying, we get it. Leave her some space! I hope someone is going to comfort her instead.


  12. Oh Ashton. I feel bad for her. With Gabby Perea becoming senior, this might have been her last worlds. Not that I thought she was gonna medal, but you always want to have your best performance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • locklear is pretty much done even if she had hit her routine, she would’ve never reached a 15. With juniors rising and simone coming back, there’s no space for her unless she really upgrades


    • I think she was counting on mistakes so she could get on the podium and they didn’t happen. Like she wasn’t watching the routines but she knew from the cheers that everyone hit. She looked super nervous when she started her routines and I think the knowledge that her medal chances were zero kind of unmotivated her in a sense.


      • I think it was optimistic to count on others’mistakes, because her D-score is more than one point lower than Fan Yilin, 0.9 lower than Eremina and Darwael and at least 0.5 lower than the rest of the girls. Her only chance was if at least 5 girls crashed down. But It was so painful to see her tears, she is very courageous.


        • It’s not as if she held back, counting on others’ mistakes. Inbars are just not a possibility for her right now. She could only do what she could do. She could not have done better in prelims and still qualified 6th, so I’m sure she already knew that her chances were slim looking at the qualification scores.


    • she looked so scared before her routine. either she’s covering up a minor injury or if one is to be cynical, maybe she just gave up because she knew she had no chance at all? but still leaning on injury because those mistakes were really strange


  13. Paseka winning was probably fine today, Carey gave it away, but I am more disappointed with the quality of the field that resulted in Paseka deserving the win. I would like to see judges take form deductions more appropriately on vault but that seems like a pipe dream at this point.

    Ashton is not my favourite but I felt awful for her after bars.


  14. Was anyone else’s little annoyed by Nina’s reaction when Ashton fell off bars? Ashton was sobbing and Nina and her coaches were smiling and hugging. Seemed classless, and so unlike Morgan the night before trying to politely hold in excitement about winning until the competition was over.


    • But it’s only gonna take about 1 sec for Lauren to comment about how Nina had no idea Becky injured herself at Euros because she couldn’t see LOL.


    • Nina is not a nice person. People can make all the excuses they like, but she smiled when Becky Downie fell in the Euros (even if she didn’t realise how badly injured she was, it’s still tacky and classless) and today she started celebrating when Ashton fell. I can only hope that she gains some humility and maturity as she gets older, because people are really noticing her crummy attitude.


      • Aly Raisman had exactly the same reaction during Izbaza’s routine in London when Sandra fell on floor. During the routine, Aly hugged and smiled with Mihai.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I don’t have any point in particular, but it seems to be quite a common attitude in the gym world to show you’re happy when one of your competitor falls. I don’t judge but just notice this. Without judging the persons, I find this attitude a bit offensive. Do you think that Morgan smiled when she saw Ragan fell ? Maybe she did it, but I would be surprised and disappointed. On French and belgian blogs, gym lovers are quite upset by Nina’s obvious smiles.


        • Aliya smiled when Gabby screwed up in the London UB final. Giulia celebrated today when Sae Miyakawa fell on vault (and just saying, Sae’s fall was the one that looked more probably concerning, imo). Why does it only matter when it’s Nina?

          This Nina/Ashton nonsense today is making me all “Do you want me to compile a list of gymternet faves behaving similarly?”


        • Umm Sandra fell on literally the last second of her routine, so no Aly didn’t smile during her routine because Sandra practically didn’t fall during the routine. she hugged Mihai and was smiling right after the scores came in.


      • Well it looked to me like Giulia was at least trying not to look delighted, and at least Sae was actually done, and was getting off the podium when Giulia hugged whoever it was. Nina was smiling when Ashton was struggling during her routine. I mean, it was clear she was going to get a crappy score, would it have been so hard to be supportive and cheer her on and save the smiles for the end?


      • I posted a comment about the Downie/Cluj situation. Nina couldn’t know how seriously injured Becky was and didn’t celebrate when BD was lying on the mat. As for today, I guess that the release of tension when you’re sure to medal makes you smile and be happy. Ashton fell but wasn’t in a bad condition. Nina didn’t scream or burst in laughter when she saw Ashton fail. She didn’t say “ha ha damn you loser, I will medal and you won’t, take that, you miserable has been!!” So that moment doesn’t define Nina – who happens to be a nice – and rather reserved girl (that can be interpreted by North Americans as stand-offish).


    • Um, it’s not the same situation. Nina knew for sure she had medaled when Ashton fell. Morgan did not know for sure if she had won until the competition was over. Of course Morgan didn’t celebrate until Mai’s score came up. Mai needed a huge score, but it wasn’t an impossible score and you never know what the judges are going to do and Mai did a beautiful routine. It would have looked pretty stupid if Morgan had started celebrating happily and then a 14.8 for Mai showed up.


  15. Kat, I agree, I’m not a fan of Nina or her coach. That really was bad form esp as Nina recieved a gift from the judges, Illiankova should have been in 3rd.
    Morgan behaved like a pure champion last night, so gracious, friendly & such joy at actually being there, a joy to watch off the podium. Nina appears very harsh as does her coach


  16. Nina’s coach have been fired from France. They trained Emilie Le Pennec (gold medal on UB in Athens) and were fired because of harassment against gymnasts.


  17. Ait Said less than 0.1 away from a medal 😦 so close!

    I think Nina is a hard worker and deserved her bronze, she performs very well and clean, but don’t think her coach should have been congratulating her until the last competitor finished (regardless of who or how they performed).


  18. Lol at all the defense against Paseka. It was not a question, her form was pathetic and she was rewarded. But that is besides the point. The real thing we should be talking about is who is designing the US leotards because they are awesome so far this year.


    • Yes, Morgan’s leo was wonderful yesterday (and i love too the green training leo). A complete change in gym fashion since Martha has retired. That’s probably the best news of these WC.


    • Ashton would be far, far from the first gymnast to get a World/Olympic assignment with a nagging injury.
      Lauren said on tumblr today she has a lot of opinions about giving injured gymnasts assignments and now I’m hoping she’ll do a piece on it!


      • You can blame the judges and the COP, but not the gymnast who wins medals every time with that cheng. Exactly like the other gymnasts, Paseka does the best she can. She is not guilty to win gold. I’m less shocked by her medal than by Maroney who fell in London and won silver. Or by Biles in Rio who touched the beam and won the bronze. Marine Boyer, who hit her routine, was fourth.


        • hey Charlotte… move on. Let it go. Gymnastics, form, etc are allowed to be criticized for their routines. ITS WHAT THE SPORT IS ABOUT. I understand you have a giant poster of Paseka with her splits on her vault in your bedroom, and you think its awesome… but others dont have to carry that same view point. It’s 2017. Not 2012 vault finals, Or 2016 beam finals. Its 2017 vault world finals… and it is what it is.


        • It’s 2017 vault final and Paseka won. Just move on yourself and admit it. I never said that I like Paseka’s vaults, but I dislike hate, mockery and personal offenses. Maybe her E-score was inflated but not more than many other cases which never disturb you. Inflated e-scores are part of the sport.
          She deserves respect as every other gymnast so please, stop sniggering at her.


      • None of this is Maria’s fault and that’s actually kind of insulting to her. Maria’s form is a technique error, its not like she goes up every time she vaults and just goes “hmm I don’t feel like doing the vault perfectly today, so I’m going to bend my knees and separate my legs just cause I feel like it”. She just doesn’t have a good half on technique and she’s reaching the end of her career, by the time Tokyo ends, or before if she doesn’t make it, she’s probably going to call it quits, so it’s too late to fix it now. This is her coaches’ fault. It’s the judges fault for scoring it too high. But Maria carries no fault. If you’re wondering if it’s her fault that she persists on the Cheng, you’re still wrong. She knows she can’t win with a Lopez or a Mustafina, so of course she’ll do the vault she has a highest chance of winning with. She doesn’t give a damn if people don’t like it, as long as the gold medal is around her neck. And that’s not wrong. Literally everyone would do the exact same thing as Maria if they were in her position and you’d probably be lying if you said otherwise.


        • I absolutely don’t blame Maria for doing whatever she does. The poor girl is held together by tape, warming up in a back brace and it looks like it actually hurts her to walk. She can vault however she wants to. I do blame the judges for rewarding such sloppy execution when there are other girls doing vaults with much better form. There’s way too much emphasis on difficulty in the judging.


        • Judges didn’t reward her execution. Her cheng got the worst E score of the final (except girls who fell). You can think they didn’t sanction her enough, but in no way she was rewarded. She just has the benefit of 0.4 more D.score than Carey, whom landing was not perfect (and her forms are much better than Paseka’s cheng but not perfect). Steingruber is one of my favourite gymnast, but, as she told after the final, her vaults were not the best she did, because she just came back from surgery. She didn’t question the scores and affirmed they were fair. Ok, she is so fairplay.


        • You say “literally everyone would do the exact same thing as Maria if they were in her position.” That is not even close to true. Remember how everyone always wanted Sacramone to upgrade her vault? But she didn’t do skills she couldn’t perform well so she stuck with her DTY and Rudi. And it’s not just Sacramone. LOTS of gymnasts choose not to do fugly or dangerous skills just to get a higher D.
          There is valid criticism for Maria’s coaches and the vault code and possibly the judges, but there should be for Maria as well. Not in terms of her character, but blame for doing this vault. She is an adult, not a a little girl, nor a prisoner of war, nor from North Korea. I think it’s insulting NOT to blame Maria and act like she’s a child with no agency of her own.


    • Yeah, Lauren is normally a great reporter but if anyone criticizes her she tends to get quite rude. Which is understandable from a personal standpoint, but not a professional one.


      • It’s not legitimate criticism to say I’m “mean” to Paseka when all I’m saying is that her vault isn’t good. I don’t blame her for her scores, as this person is accusing me of. Sorry for defending myself against someone who has no idea what they’re talking about?


        • I’m sorry, I didn’t express myself well. I love this site, and I check for updates every day. 95% of the time your articles and comments are very thoughtful and objective, but I have noticed on a few seperate occasions that you can be short and borderline rude when people disagree with you. I admire your professionalism, which is why I find those instances jarring. My intent was to provide useful feedback, and I’m sorry if it came off like I was attacking you.

          Liked by 1 person

      • I need to agree that Lauren becomes very offensive even if one just asked questions. We all appreciate what you do Lauren we however ask be a lil more respectful and answer us respectfully because we all are your fans. And the rest of the gymternet people should stop insulting each other and swearing so much.

        Liked by 1 person

      • THANK YOU! I also love your coverage and I think we all are happy you take so much time to do that. But you cannot accept other’s people’s opinons if they are not like yours and get rude.


        • Do keep in mind that if Lauren was really thin-skinned, she could just not let comments she didn’t like through. Or she could just live-blog competitions and not have any comment section at all. Not to mention that Lauren is presently at the competition. She has to travel to and fro, set up, interview, do photo galleries, do a hundred things to bring us news and likely has very little sleep and very little time. She’s not laying on her living room floor perusing the comment section at her leisure, so some of her answers are going to sound short and to the point.
          I do find criticism that she is “mean” about the gymnasts a funny, though because Lauren is probably the last gym-reporter I’d call mean to the gymnasts. I actually always thought she was a bit too nice and generous in her routine descriptions in that she’s positive and complimentary about performances other sites would tear to shreds. Certainly more positive than I would be. I never wanted to complain about that on her own site though. I just figured this is her site, her style, and if I want someone more critical, I’ll go read gymtruthteller or something.
          I’m not saying it well, but there’s just something so condescending to me about saying you want to give her constructive criticism, like a teacher to a student, when she’s the one who worked and built up the resume to get a media position while the rest of us sat at home. I suppose it’s meant well, but it comes off so patronizing.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Thank you, and yes, usually when I’m responding at meets it’s in between routines and I’m not able to be like “hey!! omg how are you?!?!” and ramble on for hours about something. Saying “it’s the mats” is because I know it’s the mats, because that’s what gymnasts have been complaining about. I honestly didn’t even think like “oh people will think this is rude.” Didn’t even occur to me that it would be seen as mean or short or argumentative. It was literally a fact!


  19. However you feel about the end rankings, that was an awesome bars final. All the best made the final and hit their routines. At these championships, it’s great to see such high quality of competition. (The only women’s event where the top contenders actually made it, healthy, to the final).

    (I do feel bad for Ashton, but her only medal hope was if others missed).


  20. I was lucky enough to be within metres of Cheng Fei when she won Worlds 05 . Nobody has ever done the Cheng properly & with beauty like she did , so everyone is scrabbling & just air punching .

    . I’d like them to raise the Khorkina because that one could be a more natural movement , even bri g the piked version back .for a 5.7 , 5.8 & 6.


    • Um Simone Biles has. Thanks. Cheng Fei was awesome… but she never had the finesse or power that Simone did when doing the Cheng vault. Her approach with one hand in front of the other etc… Still awesome


      • NO . Because Cheng’s vault was beautiful . Its what I said . I was not there beside Simone’s but I think it was more the little dynamo being blasted out of a cannon type performance . Both deserved a 10 but imo different – even as you say via hand placement . Perhaps we should have a Cheng , a Biles & a Paseka where one takes off & does multiple aerial spins this way & that & miraculously lands .

        I remember a time when Dtys were worth no more than a fty eg Lysenko in 92 scored less . Vault is rarely fair but basically today its the landing & distance & has been for a few quads .


  21. I hate that difficulty gets rewarded over execution. That’s why Paseka is being criticized. She has won numerous golds with her ostensibly poor form and she isn’t deducted significantly enough. It’s not mean to point these things out, it’s a competition ffs.


    • I agree with you, but it’s not a dominant opinion in the gym world even for the judges. If difficulty was not rewarded over execution, many gymnasts would have never medalled : Black, Downie, Iordache, Tinkler, Paseka, Wieber, Bross, Raisman etc.
      Just a few gymnasts were rewarded for their executions despite lower difficulties : Mustafina, Eremina, Ross… Who else ?


  22. Not only has Lauren stated what she saw re: Nina and Becky which contradicts what some of us “thought” we saw, I think it’s unfair to say that none of us understand why Nina would be relieved that Ashton was no longer a podium contender. I can’t be the only competitive person on here, can I? From what I saw on tv, Ashton’s face wasn’t visible to the other finalists when she first started tearing up and I didn’t see her grab her shoulder until she was walking off the podium. Not to mention these girls are essentially in a dugout so they don’t have the best or close up view all of us watching tv had. If you think of it, most gymnasts medal because someone or multiple people make a mistake. It’s part of competition. Should nobody be excited they won a medal just because the other people didn’t have the best day? As controversial as Ashton is on the gymternet (not this website, the community as a whole), I am sad that she may be seriously injured and she had such an uncharacteristic performance. But spewing hate toward Nina for smiling because she brought home the first WAG medal for her country NOT because Ashton was upset/hurt is petty and unnecessary.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Of course every gymnast wants to win. But if you look at Steingruber’s reaction when Sae fell, she did show genuine concern on her face before hugging/celebrating, and actually it looks like Chuso went to hug her first. She wasn’t just like ‘yay, I medalled!’ as Sae faceplanted, even though she had basically won her first Worlds medal after about eight years of competing at Worlds.. I think Nina bothers people because she comes off as smug/gleeful when other gymnasts mess up.


  23. Please refer to Maria’S interview today at the web site of Russian Gymnastics Federation. She is aware of the bad landing and thought she was not going to win the final.


    • You can’t just subtract one point for the fall and assume that was her only E score issue. She had lots before that because she injured her shoulder on her first skill. She qualified sixth and with the way E scores were going, had a chance at hitting close to a 14.7, which would’ve kept her around sixth if she had a hit routine. And that was with a D score 0.6-0.9 behind the rest of the field.


  24. UB was like a dream final, everyone who had to place, placed! Justice was made for Fan after what happened in Rio.

    I’m just wondering which are Nastyas execution deductions? I’m not that good at catching those in UB and she was behind Eremina both in quals and EF and I was just wondering why.


    • She had a REALLY close catch on her first release in the second day, and then a couple of short handstands, which are super noticeable to the judges from a side angle. Whereas some of the crossed ankles that Elena and Nina had aren’t as visible from the side angle so it’s easier for them to get away with things.


    • I’m speaking of Ilyankova, during the EF. She said that the score was fair because she made a big mistake (touched the bar with her feet on the shang). It’s a 0.5 deduction, isn’t it ?


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