The World Championships Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of event finals at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada!

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get to them in the blog!

4:24 pm. Tin Srbic of Croatia is the high bar champion!!!! Epke “I Just Invented A New Skill” Zonderland gets the silver, and BART DEURLOO GETS THE BRONZE!!!

4:22 pm. Belyavskiy HB: One-arm swing, stoop half, layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev half caught with one arm and he pulls it back around but not QUITE as fluidly as Epke did. Yamawaki, German giants, everyone’s like wtf is happening. I think people think they’re mistakes LOL. Double layout full-out low but stuck. 13.533 (5.4 D, 8.133 E).

4:19 pm. Srbic HB: Stalder 1.5, straddle Tkachev to layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, I can’t even type as fast as he does them, layout Tkachev half, stoop full, Endo full, stuck full-twisting double layout!!!!! TINNNNN!!!!!!! Omg he’s gonna medal, I’m gonna die!!!! YESSSS. 14.433 (6.4 D, 8.033 E).

4:13 pm. Miyachi HB: HERE WE GOOOOOO. This apparently looked insane in training yesterday. I’m here for it. CAUGHT THE LAYOUT BRETSCHNEIDER!!!!!! THEN OFF ON THE BRETSCHNEIDER NOOOOOOOOOO. Well, I guess the layout Bretschneider is at least the Miyachi now? Got the Bretschneider the second time, then Cassina, Kolman, Kovacs, DAMN. Stalder to stalder half, Endo, double layout full-in flared with a solid landing. 13.733 (6.7 D, 7.033 E).

4:12 pm. Leru HB: I knew he was in this final and yet was still shocked to see him because I just assume Manrique is the only Cuban who ever makes finals. Amazing! INTENTIONAL one-arm giant, stoop half, Def, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, AMAZING, layout Tkachev half, stoop, SAT HIS MOTHER FREAKING DOUBLE DOUBLE LAYOUT DISMOUNT I CAN’T I’M DONE. NOOOOOOOOO GOD DAMN. WHY DAMMIT. 13.100 (6.0 D, 7.1 E).

4:08 pm. Hegi HB: Random clear hip into his Yamawaki half, stoop half bends over the wrong way, but doesn’t bother him, Kolman, stoop half to Yamawaki to Endo full, muscled up, he’s righting through this, but it’s not great, hop full, full-twisting double layout low with two big steps forward. 12.733 (5.8 D, 6.933 E).

4:03 pm. Zonderland HB: Endo full, Cassina to Kovacs CAUGHT WITH ONE ARM AND IT DOESN’T EVEN MESS HIM UP HE KEEPS SWINGING AND IMMEDIATELY GOES INTO HIS PLANNED NEXT SKILL THAT SHOULD BE A BONUS LMAO OMGGGGG THAT WAS RIDICULOUS, layout Kovacs, Kolman, Rybalko is a mess, staoop half, hop full, double double layout with a step. I’M SCREAMING. 14.233 (6.5 D, 7.733 E).

4:00 pm. Brägger HB: Cassina, Kolman, so clean compared to Bart, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, stoop half, legs came apart NOOOO!!!!!! Extra swing to get his rhythm back before layout Tkachev half, stoop half, Rybalko, hop full, double double layout deep with a step. 😦 UGH. 13.733 (6.5 D, 7.233 E).

3:57 pm. Deurloo HB: Messy legs on stoop full, stoop half, Kovacs to Cassina, messy but YAS. Kolman also a little messy, Yamawaki to Endo half, stalder, hop full, double-twisting double layout with a step back. 14.200 (6.2 D, 8.0 E).

3:47 pm. Well, a rough and sad ending to an otherwise great final as Vanessa Ferrari is carried off the podium.

That means Mai Murakami wins the gold medal, FINALLY, Jade Carey wins her second medal of the meet in her international debut with the silver, and Claudia Fragapane wins the bronze, the first world medal of her career!

3:46 pm. Ferrari FX: O Fortuna. Double double, a little low in her set, small hop forward. Crashed whip to tuck full-in to her head and she looks injured. Yes, she’s not getting up, and the medical staff is coming over.

3:42 pm. Fidelis FX: 1.5 through to low double arabian, takes a step forward out of it. So happy to see her in an event final though. BEAUTIFUL triple full. Just a bounce on the landing. Switch ring to switch half. Tucked full-in with a hop back. Ring leap into the corner before her final pass, a double pike, slightly short with a hop forward. Really nice job. 13.666 (5.5 D, 8.166 E).

3:38 pm. Black FX: Hit the jump at the start, I missed what it was. 2.5 is actually pretty clean to double tuck with a big step back OOB. Love this dramatic routine for her. Front double full to front tuck with a tiny bobble. Tour jeté half to switch full. Front full through to double pike with a stumble, UGH, well, she went for the big finish (she downgraded to a double full in the all-around) and she did fabulous considering this was a last-minute final yesterday after Ragan Smith had to pull out. 12.900 (5.3 D, 7.9 E, -0.3 ND).

3:34 pm. Fragapane FX: Yay Thoroughly Modern Millie! Her double layout full is so clean but then she lands it kind of on one foot maybe? It was awkward and she had a bizarre stumble. Looked like one of her better tumbles though. But obviously missed the jump out of it. Double layout to stag is better. Wolf hop to tour jeté half. I love when girls do wolf hops on floor as their dance elements. Double arabian is actually really clean in the air, a little seated in the landing but overall really nice. Stuck double pike. So glad she didn’t let that first mistake affect the rest of her routine and hats off to her and her coaches for REALLY improving her tumbling form!! I’m super impressed! 13.933 (5.6 D, 8.333 E).

3:30 pm. Carey FX: As much as I like her tumbling I just don’t want this to win because I don’t find it that artistic or engaging. Her double double is basically OPEN and she sticks it though, so she’s clearly fierce in that area. Also a fantastic double layout full-in. Hop L turn to a tour jeté half. Clean front double full to stag. Switch full. Solid tucked full-in to finish, just a tiny bounce. She was fantastic. The best she’s been all year. If she does win, it’ll be deserved. But Mai was definitely more of a total package. 14.200 (5.7 D, 8.5 E). Puts her in second by 0.033 which was fair I feel.

3:29 pm. Mori FX: Double layout, big kind of stumble on the landing with her leg flying up. Switch ring to switch full, double Y turn to illusion, not great but not really BAD either. 2.5 to front layout with a little bounce forward. Tucked full-in with a hop back. Triple full, SLIGHTLY underrotated, legs crossed in the air, hop on the landing. Not bad! Love seeing her go from alternate last year to one of the country’s best this year. 13.266 (5.4 D, 7.866 E).

3:23 pm. Moors FX: MY GIIIIIIRL!!! Freaking BEAUTIFUL Podkopayeva. Omg. Basically stuck, just a tiny slide I think. Front double full to front full to stag, lovely lovely lovely. Double attitude turn down onto the floor for her choreo. Switch ring to Ferrari. She is magical. Split jump full to stag ring jump. 2.5 (legs a little messy) to front tuck with a step. INCREDIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! REMEMBER WHEN NO ONE WANTED HER ON THE WORLDS TEAM (except me obvs) AND COMPLAINED ABOUT IT FOR MONTHS AND NOW SHE’S THE BIGGEST NEW STAR TO COME OUT OF THIS COMPETITION?????????????? Get a kiss on the cheek from Elvira. So thrilled. I love this kid. ❤ 13.650 (5.2 D, 8.45 E). Don’t think she got connection up into the stag, there was kind of a pause there.

3:19 pm. Murakami FX: Lunged out of her opening turn, missed if it was quad or triple though. Stuck her double double, YAS. GET IT MAI. Double layout with a tiny bounce back. 2.5 to front full, PERF. She’s SO clean. Her little hard rock section in the middle, she’s like YAS I’m the best. Switch ring to tour jeté full, good. Double L turn to full turn. Finishes with a double pike with a hop back. YAAAAAAAAAS. YOU KILLED IT MAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M CRYING. 14.233 (5.9 D, 8.333 E).

3:11 pm. Zou Jingyuan of China holds his lead all rotation long to win the p-bars gold medal with a 15.900! Oleg Verniaiev is close with a 15.833 for silver, while David Belyavskiy gets his second medal of the meet, edging out Manrique Larduet by a tenth to finish with a 15.266 for the bronze.

3:08 pm. Larduet PB: Good single rail transitions, front straddle salto gets an OOH from the crowd, his swing is lovely, the tiniest bit arched after a press handstand, double front half-out with a tiny hop back. 15.166 (6.4 D, 8.766 E).

3:03 pm. Nguyen PB: Messy in his first transition, double back skill is nice, then a double back to his upper arms, some short handstands, another double back skill, full-twisting double back with a step. He’s like…Zou and Verniaiev are the Viktoria Komovas of the world while Nguyen is the Beth Tweddle in terms of skills being done. Does that make sense? 14.700 (6.2 D, 8.5 E).

2:59 pm. Verniaiev PB: Love his transitions onto the single rails, they’re so quick and easy for him. Basket swing up into a straddle press handstand is nice, lots of one-arm skills, double front half-out stuck. YAS FINALLYYYYYYYY!!!!! 15.833 (6.7 D, 9.133 E).

2:57 pm. Arican PB: Ugh my blog deleted this when I went to post, I blame the crappy internet, but anyway this was a super messy routine with several large mistakes…mostly knee bends and one muscled handstand. He was basically like “wtf” at himself when he came off the podium. 14.100 (6.3 D, 7.8 E).

2:53 pm. Brägger PB: Love his slow but controlled press handstands. Front salto caught then pressed up to a handstand is great, double front half with a step. Not the best or most fluid routine but still nice. 14.733 (6.4 D, 8.333 E).

2:49 pm. Belyavskiy PB: Weird arms on one of his basket things and bent elbows on a handstand after that. One-armed half to a transition to the single rail, double front half stuck. 15.266 (6.4 D, 8.866 E).

2:46 pm. Lin PB: Front salto skill up into handstand, double back to his upper arms, also lovely, one handstand gets a bit arched and he muscles up after his one-arm swing, not quite as tidy as his teammate, piked double back stuck. 15.133 (6.4 D, 8.733 E).

2:42 pm. Zou PB: Ugh I’m gonna be trash at p-bars, I’m so far away I literally can’t even see the bars. This was a great position for beam though! He’s seriously gorgeous though. One-arm spin right on the bar and his baskets are lovely, presses effortlessly up into handstand. Double front half-out with a hop. Beautiful. 15.900 (6.8 D, 9.1 E).

2:17 pm. Despite being first up, Pauline Schäfer with her incredible routine (I’m sitting maybe 20 feet away and in person up close it is TO DIE FOR) holds onto the top score for the entire rotation to WIN THE GOLD!!!!! Amazing. Morgan Hurd gets the silver for her aggressive set, and Tabea Alt comes back from her huge disappointment while sick at Euros this year to get the bronze. Beautiful podium. Just wish it wasn’t Mai Murakami in fourth. 😦 Though she wasn’t really expected to make this final, let alone medal, and she got SO CLOSE!

2:16 pm. Alt BB: Excellent layout mount. Side aerial loso is great, full turn with a bobble, switch leap to switch half with a rather large wobble, front aerial to straddle jump, switch ring, back leg isn’t really a ring but no one’s is, split leap to sid somi with a bobble, double tuck with a hop. YAY! We could get two Germans on the beam podium!!! That would be SO amazing considering their biggest problem at world championships leading up to Rio was putting together a team that could hit beam. WHAT A CHANGE. 13.300 (5.7 D, 7.6 E).

2:10 pm. Liu BB: Lovely mount, front handspring to front tuck, switch leap, misses connection to split ring leap (awkawrd shape) to Korbut, full turn, split leap to side aerial with a tiny adjustment, split jump to wolf jump, front aerial, not connected to split ring jump to back handspring, switch ring with a bobble, good triple twist with a step. Missed a few connections there but overall a nice routine. Just wish she wasn’t injured so we could see her at her best. 12.766 (5.5 D, 7.366 E, -0.1 ND).

2:04 pm. Hurd BB: Standing full is perfect, her chest is SO HIGH. I can’t believe it looks like this now. Side aerial with a slight adjustment and then a nervous wobble after. Switch leap to split leap, very nice, bhs loso, just a tiny step back, front aerial, split jump to straddle jump, smart of her to not connect the jumps from the acro, excellent punch front, full turn, slight bobble on the switch ring, did she almost wobble standing at the end? LOL ❤ I love her. Over time. Tucked full-in practically stuck, leg form just gets a little untidy during the twist. Just a couple of mistakes there but overall I think that was her best set? Actually maybe quals was. But this was a more aggressive set for sure. 13.400 (5.7 D, 7.8 E, -0.1 ND).

2:01 pm. Teramoto BB: Wobble then hands down on her double spin. 😦 UGH I wanted revenge for 2014. Bhs bhs loso is solid. Split leap to switch leap, tiny bobble, think she wanted to connect it to the side somi, but she does the somi on its own and it’s good. Switch half is lovely. Onodi, foot slipped and I thought she was a goner but she somehow saved it?!?!?! Didn’t even fight!!! Front aerial is great. Side aerial with a bobble. Triple full, nicely rotated, just a slight step. 12.966 (5.6 D, 7.366 E).

1:58 pm. Murakami BB: Switch leap mount, punch front pike looked solid, slight adjustment after her bhs loso, switch ring is super solid, side aerial with a tiny adjustment, wobble on her double spin but she leans over and pulls it back around, little bobble on front aerial before her jump series, double pike with a step back, WOW. I would high five a million angels if Mai could whip out a surprise medal on beam. 13.066 (5.4 D, 7.666 E).

1:54 pm. Black BB: Okay this NEEDS to be her best beam ever, I NEED IT. Switch leap to switch to swithc half with a wobble, UGH. Double spin to full spin with a slight check. Great combo though. Punch front pike with a little slide back. Bhs layout is great. Punch front tuck, puts her hands down and falls. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I’m depressed. Double pike is great, chest just slightly down. 12.4 (5.7 D, 6.7 E).

1:52 pm. Eremina BB: switch leap mount, full Y turn with a slight adjustment, bhs loso loso, didn’t look like she got a great push out of the first loso but still got the second around no problem. Front aerial with a slight bobble. Solid split leap to side aerial. Switch leap to split jump, a little short on the second. Triple full with messy ankles and a low landing, steps to the side, but not bad and overall it was a great routine for her! She’s getting so confident there. 12.966 (5.4 D, 7.566 E).

1:47 pm. Schäfer BB: Switch leap mount to split leap to full Y turn, little check, bhs loso with a slight adjustment, loooovely switch ring, she has a GNARLY bruise on the inside of her knee. Double spin is gorgeous. The Schäfer with a tiny bounce, looks effortless. Front aerial to split jump to stag ring jump with a small bobble. Killing it. Side aerial. Gainer layout dismount looked stuck (or close to it, I can’t see the landing mat from here) and she’s SO freaking happy. 13.533 (5.5 D, 8.033 E).

1:36 pm. With his two clean efforts, Kim Han Sol knocks Marian Dragulescu out of the final by just half a tenth! Kenzo Shirai picks up his third medal and second gold of the week with a 14.9 average, Igor Radivilov gets the silver just 0.001 behind Shirai, and Kim Han Sol takes the bronze with a 14.766.

1:35 pm. Kim VT: Handspring Randi with a big hop back. Some leg sep in pre-flight, but lovely in the air and his chest is really high on the landing. 14.966 (5.6 D, 9.366 E). Second vault is a kaz 1.5, looked nice in the air with a hop. 14.566 (5.2, D, 9.366 E). Average 14.766.

1:30 pm. Dalaloyan VT: Yurchenko triple full, a little short and seated in the landing,  lands completely OOB, and he has to take a few steps back out of it. He had about five minutes’ notice before learning he was competing so good for him for going for it. 14.200 (5.6 D, 8.9 E, -0.3 ND). Crashed his Dragulescu second vault to his face, it’s not even close. I think he wants to do this one piked but both time I’ve seen it he’s been fully tucked so idk what he’s doing. I think he put up the number for the piked Dragulescu though. Average 13.966.

1:26 pm. Radivilov VT: YAAAAAAAAAS STUCK DRAGULESCU YAAAAAAAAAS I’M CRYING. His chest is SO high. He’s like smiling to himself as he re-chalks the vault for his second one omggggg that was gorgeous. Just cowboyed in the air. 15.033 (5.6 D, 9.433 E). Tsuk double pike with a big step back for his second vault. Well, he’s thrilled. 14.766 (5.6 D, 9.166 E). Average 14.899.


1:24 pm. Hrimeche VT: Dragulescu, pretty cowboyed, and also short, put his hands down and whipped them up super fast before taking a couple of running steps back out of it. 13.566 (5.6 D, 8.166 E, -0.2 ND). Second vault is the tsuk double pike, a little low with a hop. 14.600 (5.6 D, 9.0 E). Average 14.083.

1:19 pm. Dragulescu VT: Dragulescu, big step back to control it and he’s a bit cowboyed in his tucks but who isn’t? I’d rather see him slightly overrotated than coming up short. 14.700 (5.6 D, 9.1 E). Second vault is the Yurchenko half-on front layout double full off, step forward. Looked really nice. 14.733 (5.4 D, 9.333 E). Average 14.716.

1:15 pm. Vega VT: Handspring Rudi with tons of power and a step to the side OOB. Chest slightly down and ankles a bit crosed in the air, but keeps a nice stretched position throughout. 14.700 (5.6 D, 9.2 E, -0.1 ND). Second vault is a kaz 1.5, BEAUTIFUL, just the tiniest step forward. Omg that was fabulous. 14.708 (5.2 D, 9.508 E). Average 14.704.

1:11 pm. Shirai VT: Yurcheno Triple, chest SOOOOO HIGH on the landing and basically sticks!!! Just the tiniest bounce. HOW DOES HE MAKE THIS LOOK EASY?!?!?! LAWD, just an ankle crossing in the air in the later twists but damn he could get a 10 one day on this vault and I’d be fully fine with it. 15.200 (5.6 D, 9.6 E). Second vault is a kaz 1.5, really great block off the vault, beautiful form aside from a slight ankle cross, and a small hop forward. 14.600 (5.2 D, 9.4 E). Average 14.900.

1:06 pm. Asato VT: First vault is the tsuk tucked full-in, much better than prelims I think but still REALLY low into the mat when he lands. Jumps out of it really fast so harder to see just how low he was live but in the replay his knees and arms basically touch. 14.766 (6.0 D, 8.866 E, -0.1 ND). Second vault is the handspring Randi, also super low. Like, his head almost touched the mat. But also jumped up out of it super fast. 13.933 (5.6 D, 8.333 E). Average 14.349.

1:05 pm. Artur Dalaloyan of Russia has replaced Yang Hak Seon in the vault final due to an injury Yang sustained in the training hall just prior to competition. 😦

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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204 thoughts on “The World Championships Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

    • There’s no CV for swinging elements in or out of releases, which is unfortunate, but he basically got credit for doing a one-arm giant out of his Kovacs, so even though it didn’t add any value to his routine, it wasn’t necessarily a real ‘mistake’ though he definitely got deducted for the form on the one-armed giant since his legs got kind of sloppy. But still, just the fact that he held on?!


  1. Srbic had probably the most boring routine, but it was the most cleanly executed one which was what mattered the most. So happy that a Serbian got not just a medal but a GOLD MEDAL!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love how the gold medal pending oaround Mai Murakami’s neck matches perfectly in size and color with the O of NIPPON on her leo. I’m so glad for her.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I second 100% what was said about Jade Carrey. Even though her tumbling is insanely good, it bothered me to think that she might be the floor world champion this year with such a poor choreography… The final result with Mai Murakami a little bit ahead of her seems fair !

    Liked by 1 person

    • In my opinion, the problem is that the total absence of choregraphy of Jade Carey’s routine doesn’t change much her E.score …That shows that choreography and artistry don’t count in the COP. It’s not really fair, comparing with other girls who spend energy and take risk by dancing . It seems as controversial as the bad form on vault which are not really punished. On fx, you can win a medal just with acrobatics …

      Liked by 2 people

      • I would also like really much to see a code that bonified fluidity, grace and artistry, like back in the old days. I miss the traditional routines were every movement slide into the other and were the gymnasts showed their dance and flexibility skills so baaaad. But I guess it is really hard to make an objective code to rate artistry…

        Liked by 1 person

      • what exactly do you mean “spend energy and take risk by dancing”. Nobody is out there doing a hardcore ballet routine. And maybe she did get deducted for lack of artistry. It’s never supposed to be a major deduction.


        • I do agree that she does need to start taking some dance classes or at least get better choreography. Even Raisman was able to improve a lot.


        • It can be about a point off for artistry. Since she only got 1.5 off total, and at least 0.4 of that was landing deductions, plus whatever they took off for dance elements, the artistry deduction likely wasn’t enough considering the complete lack of artistry in her routine. I know of judges who have taken the full 1-1.5 they’re able to take off with some routines but since 1.5 was Jade’s entire deduction, it seems like they weren’t all that concerned about it. But I do hope she fixes it for the future.


      • Jade seems like a quick learner, I’m sure with some more dance technique she would have a lot more polish because it doesn’t come as naturally for her. Honestly teaching her that stuff seems a lot easier than tumbling which she has no problem with! Perhaps she could have a Dom Zito choreographed routine? TBH I wish there was an SJS routine at Worlds, her floor choreography always gets me. Nina and Pauline also had some really artistic and dramatic floor routines I enjoyed getting to watch in QF!


        • But I don’t think Carey got any deduction at all. She seriously should’ve gotten an entire point off. A lot of people throw around the word literally without the full use of its meaning, but Carey in its fullest meaning, has literally no choreography at all. An example of this was that I was watching her routine on mute and then with sound and didn’t even realize the difference.


      • I guess it’s just a matter of preference, with Murakami I just see repetitive movement that gets really boring really quickly. I liked her routines on floor at the beginning of her senior career but this one and her Burlesque one from the the olympics fell very short for me.


    • Totally with you. While men gymnastics , specially high bars, are each day more exciting to see, trying to bring more art, more difficult skills more excirment…, women’s are more boring, more ugly , ” more clean”. Then you have the result of beam with the boring poor routine of Pauline and the floor… sad.



    Is the floor different from other competitions? Is there something wrong? Serious question.


  5. I’m impressed with Jade’s progress this year. She has come a long way since classics, and I foresee her growing in performance quality in the coming years. I think Valeri will put a high priority on it, because she would be phenomenal with dance that matches the beauty of her tumbling.
    And I totally see her upgrading the tumbling. All of her passes today looked easy, with height to spare and room to add twists.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s like Aly Raisman in 2010. Surprised everyone to make the floor final but couldn’t challenge at all due to a lack of artistry/dance elements. Jade is doing the bare minimum for both even though her tumbling is incredible. Aly never became the most artistic gymnast on earth and her dance elements weren’t ever the greatest, but she improved everything so much from 2010, it was incredible how much work they did with her. I think the same can happen for Jade.


  6. In these WC, I disliked the injuries, but liked so much that 15 different gymnasts from 9 different countries won medals.
    In 2013, they were only 8 different gymnasts from 6 different countries. It shows the rising of new countries and more diversification in the sport, and that is refreshing. Nearly all my favorites got medals, except Ilyankova on bars, Thorsdottir who was harshly judged, Jesus Dos Santos and Melnikova who was injured and fought as bravely as she could.
    These WC were a nice breath of suspense before 2018. With Simone’s comeback, Morgan, Ragan and 4 terrific American juniors turning seniors, the USA will probably win 11 medals.

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  7. The high bar final was epic even if the winner had a pretty standard routine compared to the spectacular performances given by the others. Epke’s was crazy and they showed Bart’s face reacting to what his compatriot was doing on the HB: so funny, Bart is really a gem and a funny guy. So happy he medaled.
    A bit sad for the Croatian, he obviously didn’t have much support from the arena (probably not many Croatians in there) but his routine was very clean and he worked the code. I always find it moving when an athlete considered as an outsider and from a “small” country happens to break through and medal.
    Disappointed by the Swiss guys because they’re able to do so much better (they were amazing in Cluj and they’re really nice guys – Pablo’s reaction when he found out he was in 4th position was really funny).


  8. Damn if only Mai Murakami did not fall in AA, she could have 2 gold medals already and the best finish of Japan WAG.

    Jade needs to enroll in dance classes or something, her tumbling is perfect but that choreography is what makes her not so appealing. She is really like Sae but a consistent and better landing Sae Miyakawa LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • Did you see the moment in the aa awards ceremony where Ellie was giving everyone congratulatory hugs, then she got to Mai, who was clearly fighting off tears, and she gave her an extra long hug, that seemed comforting to Mai? I was so touched.
      I’m not a huge fan of Ellie’s gymnastics, but at this worlds, I became a huge fan of her as a person, and for that, I celebrate her success.


    • Yeah, but I don’t think that would’ve affected it. They checked (and checked and checked) that spot before the competition and many others landed in that spot as well and said there were no problems (today I mean). I think with Vanessa it was more her coming in with a tendon injury that wasn’t fully healed and risking it with difficulty she shouldn’t be doing at the moment. I blame Casella for sure.


      • Yeah, maybe. I also blame Casella. Equipment and lighting issues aside, Vanessa wasn’t ready for this Worlds and this was the result. Although I have to say, I thought the same about Steingruber and she pulled it off. But hers wasn’t an Achilles injury.


        • Yeah, and Steingruber was at least ready for vault…even though she hadn’t competed it, she looked good and wasn’t being spotted in training, whereas Vanessa was. Steingruber didn’t bring back her full difficulty, just the difficulty that she could (like vault), and she was healthy by the time she started training it so it was a quick comeback but not a scarily fast one in the way Vanessa’s was.


      • Yup…you could see her ankle in the air, her Achilles is clearly snapped in some photos…it’s disgusting!!! She had no chance of coming close to landing that and was probably best to land it on her face/hands/knees because her feet could’ve been even more damaged.


      • Yes, that’s what I meant when I said ‘after the whip’. The whip looked very high (too high), then she tore her Achilles when she landed it/went up for the somersault. I assume that’s why she didn’t even try to land that tumble.


  9. I couldn’t get over how badly organized this whole Worlds was. Several gymnasts told me the lighting was super disorientating, especially on beam and bars. I’m sure that led to some of the injuries. The floor broke. That stupid introduction with the blast of smoke made a lot of the gymnasts very visibly uncomfortable and nervous (what’s wrong with the simple line-up intro?) The digital flags were pathetic. The seating allocation was ridiculous – it was basically impossible for fans to buy seats in the front section because they were reserved for VIPs and corporate clients. So you had people who had flown in from across the world to see their favorite gymnasts sitting right up at the back, and then a ton of empty seats at the front where people just didn’t bother to show up. I saw people who were obviously friends, team mates and family of athletes or at least huge fans with flags and T shirts getting kicked out of the front seats so that corporate soccer moms and their kids who showed up an hour into the event with hot dogs and drinks could sit there and chat and not watch any gymnastics. What a shit show.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Totally agree. Two times I had those selfish moms, discussing pictures, laudly talking non-stop, moving around all the time.
      The kids were bored and not interested in watching….


      • I couldn’t believe how many things I missed because of people coming in/leaving midway through event finals and the all around. I missed one of Chusovitina’s vaults because of the asshole who just HAD to get to his seat in the middle of the row RIGHT NOW after he left for about 15 minutes to get a Coke, blocking my view, and then proceeded to chat to his wife about some random shit. They really should not let people in after each event has started.


  10. from what i am seeing so far, I think Carey can definitely add some more to her VT and FX. At least from what i see so far, i thought she is a little cleaner than Skinner. i know it does suck for her once simone is back again in the mix. but i guess you never know….

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