The World Championships Women’s All-Around Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s all-around final at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada!

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9:02 pm. MORGAN FREAKING HURD IS THE 2017 WORLD ALL-AROUND CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




8:54 pm. Morgan is literally just chillin. Still has Murakami to go.

Murakami FX: Double double, a little short into the stag, double layout with a slight hop back, 2.5 to front full with a little skid, she could still get on the podium! Needs over a 14.333 Hit her final pass.

Ellie, Morgan and Mai all hug. Coaches all high fiving too.

8:50 pm. Godwin BB: I saw nothing of this it’s too crazy in here.

Crisan FX: Hit what I saw.

8:46 pm. Moors UB: Toe full, a little late, Maloney to bail to Ray, good, just some slight leg form going on, clear hip to blind change to Markelov is nice, great handstand before giants into Moors dismount with a little bounce back. She looks very happy and gives a big wave to the crowd.

8:45 pm. Derwael VT: Hit FTY, nice.

De Jesus Dos Santos FX: Double layout full, low with a step. Front full to stag. Double back with a weird and low stumble back and OOB.

Wang UB: Hit routine, including Ray dismount.

Martins BB: Hit what I saw.

Varinska VT: Hit FTY, not bad.

8:39 pm. Fidelis UB: Muscled a handstand on on the low bar, extra swing on the high bar, then crashed her pak.

Boyer BB: Fell on something. Side aerial to split leap to side somi, fall. Ugh. Second of the routine.

Eremina FX: Full-in with a step. Hit 1.5 to 2.5 (messy) to punch front. Messy triple but good landing.

Melnikova VT: Just an FTY. Smart.

8:35 pm. Hurd FX: I’m dying. And no, if you’re watching the live stream that is not me screaming. Only internally. Double double with a step back. Piked full-in with a bounce back. Front double full with a step forward and OOB. Nice high double pike to finish. OUR GIRL HIT ALL FOUR IN A WORLD ALL-AROUND FINAL NO BIG FREAKING DEAL.

Lee BB: Good save on side somi. Hit the dismount. Hit routine from what I saw.

Alt VT: DTY, a little low with a step

Seitz UB: Maloney to her release, I didn’t see what it was, Jaeger, Downie is great to pak, hit the rest.

8:31 pm. Ellie Black has a two-tenth lead over Morgan Hurd going into the final rotation!!! It’s 41.699 to 41.499. And Elena Eremina is in third with a 41.199, a three-tenth lead over fourth-place Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos! Mai Murakami in fifth with a 40.466 after a fall on beam.

8:30 pm. Crisan BB: Full turn, bhs bhs layout, hit! Wobble on side aerial, side somi, hit the double tuck.

Ellie got a 7 E for a routine with 300 wobbles/mistakes and hands down and a near fall when people are getting 6-range scores for better? I’m on Team Ellie but okay balance beam judges.

8:28 pm. Derwael FX: Double pike, 1.5 to front full with a little skid forward. Memmel to illusion is lovely. Great extension on her leaps, double tuck with a little bounce forward. Love her ending choreo as always. Great work.

8:23 pm. Black BB: This just feels like Ellie’s night. I know she’s gonna destroy this beam right now. Crowd is already crapping themselves. Oh god I’m so nervous!!!! Switch leap mount to switch leap to switch half, slight adjustment. Double spin, break at the hips but saves it. Punch front pike, low with a hop back. Okay, I was wrong about her destroying this beam set but good fights? Layout series with a little bounce when she lands the layout. Weird cat leap into nothing. Chreo? Punch front tuck with a step forward and her hands down and a big wobble, she keeps wobbling multiple times and the crowd basically dies every single time. UGH about the hands down though. Double pike is good.

8:21 pm. Sugihara FX: International Lady of Mystery. No bloody nose tonight! 1.5 through to triple, a tiny bit short, to stag. Hit second pass, front double full to punch front. Hit third pass. Switch ring to split leap. Double tuck stuck cold. Good day from her so far!

Godwin UB: Weiler to Weiler half to Maloney to pak, to toe on to van Leeuwen, good. Caught Jaeger, I’m just so glad we’re finally seeing her at worlds and in a final!!! Double pike, good finish.

8:19 pm. Hermans UB: stalder full to Maloney to pak, short handstand before flexed feet van Leeuwen, piked Jaeger, last handstand right on the bar before toe-on to full-in, looked close to stuck from here and she’s super smiley!

8:16 pm. Martins UB: Maloney to pak, shaposh to bail, caught release and hit the dismount.

Melnikova FX: Opening spins are lovely but then sat double arabian. LAWD. 😦 One of her better double layouts though. Almost stuck piked full-in. Wolf hop into the corner, double pike, hands down. Two falls again.

De Jesus Dos Santos BB: Nailed punch front mount and then punch front after that. Hit jumps, layout series a little piked with her chest down, short switch half to bhs, front aerial, switch ring with a bobble, hit double pike dismount with a step back.

8:15 pm. Those wobbles added up for Morgan in an already tight beam judging. Just 12.666.

Perez VT: UGH, crashed DTY. 😦

8:14 pm. Boyer UB: Hit the beginning but on her Ray, got no amplitude to the high bar and missed it by a mile. Back up for the dismount, hit.

Moors VT: AWW, crashed the handspring front layout full. It’s new for her.

Eremina BB: Hit mount, solid bhs loso loso, switch to split jump to ring jump is nice. Short on messy triple as always.

Steingruber FX: Double layout full with a small hop. Double layout, hop backwards OOB. Front through to double tuck, and double pike to finish is good.

8:08 pm. Seitz VT: Solid FTY.

Hurd BB: Excuse me while I pee my pants I’m so nervous. Standing full, tiny adjustment. EEEEEEEE. Side aerial to switch leap to split leap, wobble on loso, wobble on front aerial, misses connection to jump series, nervous wobble on punch front. She’s being super tentative. Much better switch ring than qualifications though.

Alt FX: Hit first pass, bounced OOB on double tuck after that.

Fidelis VT: Hit FTY. Nothing out of this world.

Lee UB: Hit routine! Really nice actually.

8:05 pm. Tinkler VT: DTY, some leg form in the air, but great landing.

Mori UB: Toe full to Ricna, Ray, bail to toe shoot, stalder half to Endo half, double layout with a hop.

Murakami BB: Hit mount, slight adjustment on bhs loso, leap into side aerial, double turn, put her hands down and FELL GOD DAMMIT WHY MAI WHY GODDAMN. Hit jump series after that. Hit the double pike dismount with a big hop back.

Varinska FX: 1.5 through to triple full, slightly short and twists are very ankles-crossedy. Big bounce back on second pass, short. Front tuck through to double full, messy but hit.

8:01 pm. At the halfway point, Ellie Black and Morgan Hurd are tied in first with a 28.833, and Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos and Mai Murakami are tied in third with a 28.466. THIS IS ALL I’VE EVER WANTED.

Elena Eremina fifth with 28.066, Tabea Alt sixth with 26.9, and Nina Derwael and Marine Boyer tied in seventh with a 26.599.

7:56 pm. Moors FX: Crowd went nuts. Podkopayeva with a bounce back. 2.5 to barani instead of into the the front full to stag, smart. Double attitude turn down to the floor, switch ring to Ferrari I think, I couldn’t see from this angle, split jump full to stag ring jump, 2.5 to punch front, perfect. SHE IS THE BEST EVER THE CROWD IS LOSING THEIR LIFE.

Sugihara BB: LOOOOONG ASS WAIT. Double Y, and she got it!!!! Side aerial, switch ring with a little wobble, ring leap, triple full a little short.

7:53 pm. Black UB: Maloney to Hindorff, legs are a little messy, Shang is much better form-wise, piked Jaeger to pak with messy legs, van Leeuwen, tucked Moors, stuck. Gets crazy applause. Arena is going INSANE.

Wang FX: Double double short with a step. Hit second and third passes but I didn’t see what, aside from the third pass ending in a barani. Double pike with a stumble back to finish.

7:51 pm. De Jesus Dos Santos UB: I always wanna just write DJDS for her because her name is so long but I feel like that’s disrespectful and she deserves all of her letters. Hit what I saw including inbar half to front giant full (arched over and she has to swing around to get back into place, hit full-twisting double layout.

Fidelis FX: Lovely 1.5 to double arabian. Stumbled forward 2.5. Good landing on double pike.

Melnikova BB: I didn’t see her wolf turn but Spencer next to me laughed so I’m guessing it was great. Full L to full pirouette. Switch ring, layout series, punch front, not bad not bad, hit side somi, double pike basically stuck, I love that she can do beam now. (Spencer said she did a single wolf turn and then just stood up for the second one LOL #ChilesStyle almost)

7:47 pm. Steingruber BB: Switch leap mount, punch front tuck with a little bounce, solid bhs loso, wobble on punch front pike, switch to side somi with a little adjustment, switch half, gainer pike dismount.

Seitz FX: Front tuck through to double tuck tuck. Double pike with a bounce. Double full, just crosses ankles at the end. Hit the last pass.

Eremina UB: Layout Takchev to pak, tries to connect it to van Leeuwen but she bends her knees on the toe-on. UGH. Kip casts and does the van Leeuwen on its own, piked Jaeger with flexed feet, short handstand before toe full to full-out with a step.

7:44 pm. Hurd UB: I loooooove this light blue Morgan is in. Meant to say that earlier but it’s VERY pretty. Inbar full to Tkachev, my heart is pounding. Ricna to pak with some leg sep but she catches. Ray to high, toe on to inbar half to front giant half, stalder full to full-in stuck!!!!!!!!! Crowd goes nuts.

7:43 pm. Hermans VT: FTY, some loose knees, but she hits with a small bounce back.

Tinkler FX: Double layout full-in, a little messy and low with a hop forward. 😦 Double double is good though, just a tad low. Front layout to front full with a step. Double pike is low with a step forward. Not her best but she looks happy to get through it!

Alt BB: GORGEOUS layout mount. Perfect side aerial loso. switch to swithc half, wobbled on something after that. Wobble on.a switch ring as well. Double pike looked stuck from here.

7:40 pm. Murakami UB: Toe full, Maloney to Gienger, blind change to piked Jaeger, straddle Jaeger, toe full to bail to toe shoot, handstands are all at least 0.1 short but overall this is really nice. Big full-in with a hop.

Martins VT: FTY, not bad.

7:38 pm. Varinska BB: Step back on bhs bhs layout series, piked in the layout. Switch ring, split the beam and slipped right off. UGH. I’m gonna type UGH a lot tonight, get used to it. So many faves. So many faves not being the best they can be. Hit jump series, front aerial with a bobble, step back out of side aerial, sheep jump, double full with a deep knee bend and small hop on the landing.

Boyer VT: FTY, clean and stuck! NCAA 10.

7:36 pm. Lee VT: FTY, really no block at all but she gets it around, it’s just close to the table. Hop.

7:35 pm. Godwin VT: FTY, legs a little loose, small hop.

Crisan UB: Hop change, muscles up handstand, then rests on the bar before starting her swing again. Maloney, no skill out of it, Tkachev to pak, messy stalder full, hit the dismount.

Derwael BB: Nailed loso mount. Wobble on bhs loso, and then she falls. UGHHH. Lovely wolf turn and choreo into it. Also really nicely controlled double wolf turn after that. Steingruber dismount with a hop.

Perez FX: Whip whip through to tucked full-in with a hop. Hit second pass. Double full third pass. Double pike with a lunge back.

Mori VT: FTY with a bounce in place.

7:31 pm. Right now after the first rotation, Nina Derwael leads with a 14.966 followed by Mai Murakami and then Ellie Black.

7:25 pm. Martins FX: Nice double back to start, lovely Memmel turn. She is ALWAYS GOOD. Front full to stag. 2.5 with a stumble forward OOB. UGH, too bad, she was nailing everything before.

7:24 pm. Wang BB: Off on punch front mount, big wobble on punch front pike, then off again on the layout flight series. 😦 Switch ring, she apparently hurt her ankle the other day on floor but is okay enough to compete I guess. Front aerial, and then she literally just walks forward to get to her final stance before the dismount. Good choreo LOL. Double full with a hop.

7:23 pm. Melnikova UB: Inbar full, Komova II to pak, messy van Leeuwen, piked Jaeger, way short on handstand before toe full and only gets it halfway around, has to adjust before the dismount. Welp.

7:21 pm. Boyer FX: Second time there’s been an issue with the music starting and they had to BEEP twice. And it’s been what, five routines? 2.5 to front full stuck. Memmel to illusion, looks like she came out of the Memmel a tad early. Double tuck with a wild bounce back. Messy stumble out of a turn after that. Double pike low with a step forward. Switch leap to tour jete half.

7:19 pm. Fidelis BB: Off on bhs arabian. Bhs loso loso, big wobble and then another fall. Hit the rest, wobble on her switch ring, step on the double pike dismount.

Steingruber UB: Clear hip to Maloney to big pak, clean van Leeuwen, looked like she maybe hit her foot? giant full to Gienger with leg separation, front giant to double front with a step.

7:18 pm. Lee FX: Omg she hit her opening leap in the corner and then stumbled it back OOB and almost fell LOLLLLL GOD I love her. I missed her first pass but she hit the double pike and then stuck the 2.5. She’s a joy to watch.

7:17 pm. Seitz BB: Hit punch front and bhs “layout” which is a pike as always. Side somi. Front aerial, side aerial, gainer pike with a bounce.

7:15 pm. Alt UB: Toe full, Maloney to pak, good, van Leeuwen to ALT I, aka the Zuchold half, yay! Chow half, stalder half to piked Jaeger, ALT II dismount, aka stalder tuck front half. Good work!

7:14 pm. De Jesus Dos Santos VT: DTY, a tiny bit short, crossed ankles, little bounce on the landing.

7:12 pm. Mori FX: I missed the beginning but she hit from what I could see. Tucked full-in is solid. Short on double full.

7:10 pm. Tinkler BB: Switch leap mount, good flight series, good jump series, so far so good. Hit the dismount.

Eremina VT: Put up the sign for the DTY but just did a Yurchenko 1.5 and it was…literally as perfect as she’s ever done it. Very clean and straight on the landing, looked stuck or close to it.

Varinska UB: Hit first skill to pak to Maloney to cear hip full, HUGE Tkachev half to Jaeger, toe full to full-in great.

7:09 pm. Derwael UB: Downie, Ricna half to Ezhova, lovely. Perfect Chow to Bhardwaj, van Leeuwen, toe full to full-in stuck, effortless and literally incredible.

Hurd VT: Excellent DTY. Little bounce.

7:08 pm. Perez BB: Switch to switch half to back tuck, fall. UGH. Hit bhs loso, side aerial, double pike with a step.

Godwin FX: Big double layout, hit. Hit the second pass too. Good double tuck. Double pike with a step back.

Murakami VT: WOW. WOW WOW WOW. Lovely big DTY. Basically stuck.

7:06 pm. Hermans FX: Solid piked full-in. Lovely 2.5 to punch front. Excellent job!

Crisan VT: FTY, good, just a small bounce back. Announcer goes “that was Ragan Smith!” despite JUSt announcing she was out.

7:04 pm. Moors BB: Hit punch front mount! Switch to switch half. Hit front handspring punch front. Full attitude turn with no problems. Hit something after that then a ring jump with a little hop. Danced out of adjustment on on side somi.  Another good leap series afterwards. Rudi dismount. AMAZING. AMAZING.

Black VT: Handspring front layout full with a small hop.

Sugihara UB: Caught Jaeger, hit full-in dismount. Hit routine!

7:02 pm. Ragan Smith is hobbling out of the training gym on crutches so it doesn’t look super serious, no immediate hospital visit. Still sucks but could always be worse.

7:00 pm. The first news of the meet is that Ragan Smith is OUT. Ragan was reportedly training on vault in the warm-up gym when she fell and injured her ankle. The two top contenders for the title won’t compete. What a terrible year.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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161 thoughts on “The World Championships Women’s All-Around Live Blog

  1. What is sad is that Morgan won’t make the Olympics. And worse the 4th best all around athlete in USA wins world’s. Must suck to be any other country. Damn this was a useless final.


    • Where did you buy your crystal ball? I’ll d like one too. Fact is that you can’t see into the future so stop making pointless statements like that. And so what if she doesn’t make the Olympics? She is a world AA champion. Get. Over. It.


    • Ok so you saying she’s the 4th best is b******* because she WON CAMP! In front of all those people you are saying is better than her in the US. Also don’t say stuff like that because in 3 years, anything can happen. Can’t we just be happy she won?


      • It’s that camp scores are suspect and Morgan still hasn’t beaten anyone in the USA in a real competition. She’s very lucky she was subjectively chosen for the chance to compete. It’s a bit like 2015 and 2016 where almost any USA girl would have taken silver if they’d gotten to compete in the all around.

        Morgan deserved to win over the competition that was present, but an unusually large number of things had to go wrong for other people in order for Morgan to win here. Riley had to get hurt for Morgan to get on the team. Iordache and Smith both had to get hurt. Black, Eremina, and Murakami all had to have major errors, and even with those major errors, Morgan barely squeaked out the win. It was fair, but the competition as a whole was not at a high level yesterday so there’s a reason that people aren’t all that excited unless they were big fans of Morgan to begin with.


        • After everyone slamming Morgan all year for being inconsistent, you are now saying she only won because she hit when it counted while everyone else made mistakes.


        • Morgan should be very proud. She stayed the freak on the apparatus. Mai, Ellie and Elena all had an open door saying “This way to win!” and they slammed it shut on themselves so good for Morgan. It’s just a bit of a downer when the top 2 contenders go down just before competition and when the actual competition becomes a matter of who stays on the apparatus. It was last woman standing last night, rather than any of the medalists hitting brilliantly. Such a contrast to the men’s AA.


        • Your analysis may be on point but this is not gym-NICE-stics. As in, this sport is NOT NICE to anyone’s body. Injuries are not just common but expected, right? It’s super creepy to say, but sometimes the top gymnasts are the ones whose bones and ligaments and tendons hold tight just long enough for the competition to happen. Sure some of the gymnasts that couldn’t perform here have out-scored Morgan, but anyone who has seen Morgiboo’s online presence knows the kid holds back from doing all the skills she can perform. I can’t speak to whether it’s strategy or not, but it does appear like she (and maybe Trin and other elites) are a game we don’t usually see so clearly: play it safe to avoid injuries so they can have a body that can hit a routine when it matters. Just a theory, but if true, that sort of mental game (her “M” = mental score!) is worth just as much as a higher D from riskier skills, and makes her win all the more validated. #goldforgryffindor


        • Thank you square 444 for bringing some sence into the arguments. We just know that Morgan needs to up her game. Or else she will be non existent and not make the Olympics. Hoping next year the quality will be much better.


  2. I’m very happy for Morgan Hurd, she is my favorite American gymnast for ever. Black was overscored everywhere (but not more than Raisman has always been, they are the same type of gymnasts with strong difficulties and horrible forms). Eremina has so much potential on every event : her coach are very smart, they don’t push her like Iordache or Melnikova or Smith are pushed out of their own limits. I would have liked Eremina and Murakami tied. And Mélanie DJ Dos Santos is so clean and expressive. I love her.


  3. Just curious: for each routine, does athelets coach choreography or the athlete hire a specific choreographer? Someone mentioned prize for medalist but what the athletes investigated in the sports is maybe 100 times more than the prize money. How about for Olympic Games? Will each country’s federation pick up st least some of the tab ( for routine choreography)


  4. Shame poor piggies. With Ragan, Simone, Ally, Emma, Maile, Gabby, Riley and even Jordan where will she fit into the picture. Any fool can see this is her last performance. I’m glad for her don’t get me wrong. But world’s this year still SUCKS. P.s even Jade Carey has a much better chance to make it.


    • So mean LOL. It still would not change the fact that Morgan won an all around Worlds. A win is a win. And she’ll be written in the history of Worlds champions. Evryone predicted Larisa and Ragan to win but where are they now? This sport is very unpredictable.


    • you win gold for most ignorant comment of the day. You can like her or not, it really doesn’t change anything to the fact that she hit yesterday. Maybe it was a smart move of her and her coaches not to overwork her like Smith, Iordache and even Melnikova were. Maybe she’s just 16 years olds and will take her time to bloom. Maybe she’ll be healthier and better than Smith, Malabuyo, O’keffe next year. Who knows really. I admit she had some favorables conditions yesterday, but she still handle the pressure and didn’t have many major mistakes. With the splats party that went down yesterday, she stood out. It is like, so EASY to write garbage like that on the internet when you never experience beiing an elite gymnast. Morgan Hurd being american, and so is this site, I remember you that she might want to google herself and see mean comments like yours. I think it is horrible that someone who has work toward a goal her entire life and reached it, be it under favourable conditions or not, find herself to read crappy, mean comments like that. I also think both Smith and Iordache were the favorite and I was disappointed they couldn’t participate, but what happened happened, and hurd won fair and square.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Loved this liveblog! Is there anyway to reverse the feed? I was 20minites behind on the usgym YouTube feed and while I didn’t mind starting from the bottom and scrolling up vs down, I ended up spoiled for a few routines bc I couldn’t look away fast enough!

    Super happy for Morgan and for Canada! You could tell the crowd was SO invested in Black and Moors, I’m sure it’s hard for the judges to not let that effect their scores.


  6. This comment section is a disaster lmao. A lot like these worlds have been. Nonetheless I’m happy for this podium – really not sure about some of Ellie Black’s scores, but Mai Murakami did fall. Anyways I hope this serves as a confidence boost for the top 8 to build off of, especially the younger girls. It is a post-Olympic year after all and I’d expect people will be sharper next year. We were really spoiled by 2013, but that was an outlier as far as post-Oly worlds go.


  7. This has gotten to be one of the craziest AA competition ever. so many unexpected results. The US owes Hurd a HUGE debt for stepping up when it matters and keeping the streak alive. I guess Luikin does know what he was doing after all or maybe he just got lucky lol…

    I mean what would it has been like if ragan and iodarche was in the mix? guess we will never get to know…


    • We’ll never know but Iordache has a history of performing well in Worlds AA and Ragan’s score from qualifications, that included an extra swing on bars and a fall off beam, was still .7 ahead of the score Morgan won with so I think it’s fairly safe to say Ragan would have won, even with mistakes. But it is what it is.


  8. So happy for Morgan, she seems like a lovely grounded kid. She held her nerve brilliantly. Not a fan of Ellie Black, she is a very awkward,clumsy looking gymnast in my opinion & not asthetically pleasing to watch.
    Love Ermina so much & delighted she got a world medal, it will be wonderful for her confidence.
    Yes the podium could be very different with so many big names missing nothing forgetting Ellie Downey also however Morgan won & her name will always be in the history books, she held it together when she needed to & Valerei was absolutely 100% correct in sending her over Jordan

    Liked by 1 person

  9. any updates on lordache and smith? I feel so terrible for them. Hopefully both will come back strong. I need to see Larisa win a gold medal at worlds!


  10. Knowing the crowd favorite was Ellie, I would have loved to hear Morgan’s coach’s final words to Morgan as she was about to take the floor..maybe something like “Go for it! You got this! Go get the gold!” And Morgan with that quiet confidence and huge smile likely nodding with some type of last word “okay!”


  11. Was it a different sort of world comp than we typically see? Yes, certainly. But was it actually exciting to watch because anything could happen?! Yes! I felt like I was 13 years old again watching the Magnificent 7 and having no idea the outcome and holding my breath the whole time because WHO CAN BEATHE WHEN THERE IS SO MUCH FOCUSING TO DO!?!

    So proud of Morgi, Ellie, Elena, Melanie, Mai and all the other outstanding gymnasts. The only thing that would have made the night better is if no one’s ankles had betrayed them (ever) and somehow all top 5 + Ferrera + Iordache + Smith tied for all podium places and only happy tears were shed (and now I sound like Jessica from gymnastic, lol).


  12. So, sure Morgan won, it was a close competition, etc., etc. etc. I get it. We can be happy for everyone and the history books will be unchangeable. However….am I the only one who thought, “These are the best gymnasts in the world?!! So sad….” Even for a post-olympic year, the level was quite low. Just to put it in perspective: the US Olympic alternate was supposed to walk away with the title. Which means any of the Olympic team (even possibly Maddie) could have won this year. The moral to the story? Aly, Aliya, Laurie, Vika, Bulimar, Gabby, etc.—any one of them could have been at half peak and gotten an easy title.


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