German Stars Set to Shine in Cottbus

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The nominative roster for the Cottbus World Cup, first up in the next cycle of the FIG’s apparatus world cup series, is out, and even though many top athletes are taking it slow on a post-worlds hiatus, the host country has a star-studded roster that should take a number of the medals at this competition.

Two members of the 2016 Olympic team, including 2017 world beam champion Pauline Schäfer and bars finalist Elisabeth Seitz, will highlight the women’s team for Germany, which also includes Michelle Timm and Carina Kröll, both of whom have medaled at the world cups with Kröll the reigning Cottbus floor champion.

This group has the potential to take home a medal on each event, with Timm a standout on vault, Seitz on bars, Schäfer on beam, and Kröll on floor. And on the men’s side, we’ll see stars Andreas Bretschneider back on high bar and Marcel Nguyen on p-bars alongside their 2016 Olympic teammate Andreas Toba with Lucas Herrman, Felix Remuta, and Ivan Rittschik also competing.

2016 Olympic beam champion Sanne Wevers is back for more after her disappointing worlds, seven-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina will return to her adopted country to fight for the vault gold after winning two world cup vault titles earlier this year, and Olympian Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska of Poland will hope to challenge on beam in her first international competition since Rio. I’m also excited to see how her teammate, Gabriela Janik, will look. Janik swept Polish Championships this year and has done a fantastic job in several vault finals this year.

Other Rio Olympians who will compete here include Canada’s Rose-Kaying Woo, Iceland’s Irina Sazonova, Slovakia’s Barbora Mokosova, and Ukraine’s Angelina Radivilova. Bars is a standout event for most of these, though I’m hoping Mokosova ends up finally getting a medal after coming close at many meets this year.

The Russians are bringing a B team, but it’s a fabulous beam team. Hooray for depth! Maria Kharenkova, who had an incredible meet at the Russian Cup in August, could medal on beam and floor, Lilia Akhaimova is challenging on vault and floor, Uliana Perebinosova is back and hoping to win the bars title, and I’m thrilled to see Eleonora Afanasyeva — née Goryunova, once a top junior who didn’t quite have things pan out at the senior level until she came back this year — get an international assignment.

China also has a B team, featuring Liu Jinru, Lu Yufei, Lyu Jiaqi, and Wang Cenyu. Liu is coming in with the highest vault difficulty in the world, and could absolutely take the gold on that event here, while Wang and Lyu could make waves on bars, and Lu will hope to impress on beam and floor.

Romania’s team looks like a B team, but with Larisa Iordache currently out with an injury and Catalina Ponor retiring, the three here are actually the country’s current best. Ioana Crisan, who earned the second reserve all-around at worlds and got the chance to compete in the final after Ragan Smith withdrew last-minute, 2015 worlds team member Laura Jurca, and 2016 test event team member Maria Holbura are all on the roster, and while none of them is super strong on any event, they all have a shot at making it into finals.

One of the biggest talents competing here is actually the Ukrainian gymnast Diana Varinska, who finished sixth on bars at world championships. With a hit routine, Varinska could definitely walk away with gold here, and she also has lovely ability on beam and floor when she hits.

Others to watch include the Australians, Georgia-Rose Brown and Emily Whitehead, the British girls Maisie Methuen and Kelly Simm, neither of whom has been out and about much this year so it’ll be interesting to see how they look, and Slovenia’s Tjasa Kysselef, who could medal on vault, and Lucija Hribar, who had a fantastic competition at worlds.

We’ll also get to see Sophie Marois of Canada, Thelma Adalsteinsdottir, Sigridur Bergthorsdottir, and Agnes Suto-Tuuha of Iceland, Kirsten Polderman of the Netherlands, Patrycja Dronia of Poland, Laura Bechdeju and Nora Fernandez of Spain, and Jessica Diacci and Stefanie Siegenthaler of Switzerland.

On the men’s side, Russia, China, and the United States will send B teams made up of the guys who would have been second options for worlds, but Japan is sending a little bit of both, with high bar superstar Hidetaka Miyachi the biggest draw. We’ll also get Bram Verhofstad of the Netherlands fighting for the gold on floor, Christopher Remkes of Australia wanting to take the title on vault, and Ukrainian superstars Oleg Verniaiev and Igor Radivilov, both of whom medaled at worlds.

The competition begins November 23. A full list of competitors is below.

Mitchell Morgans
Christopher Remkes
Michael Tone
Georgia-Rose Brown
Emily Whitehead
Vinzenz Höck
Matthias Schwab
Vasili Mikhalitsyn
Dzianis Sanuvonh
Takumi Onoshima
Samuel Paquin Sophie Marois
Rose-Kaying Woo
Lan Xingyu
Lei Peng
Qu Ruiyang
Tan Di
Wang Junwen
Liu Jinru
Lu Yufei
Lyu Jiaqi
Wang Cenyu
Chen Chih Yu
Tseng Wei Sheng
Yu Chao Wei
Anton Kovacevic
Robert Seligman
Kristjan Vugrinski
Jacob Buus
Kasper Rydberg
Franz Card
Oskar Kirmes
Pavel Titov
Tomi Tuuha
Sakari Vekki
Andreas Bretschneider
Lucas Herrmann
Marcel Nguyen
Felix Remuta
Ivan Rittschik
Andreas Toba
Carina Kröll
Pauline Schäfer
Elisabeth Seitz
Michelle Timm
Maisie Methuen
Kelly Simm
Thelma Adalsteinsdottir
Sigridur Bergthorsdottir
Irina Sazonova
Agnes Suto-Tuuha
Marco Lodadio
Keisuke Asato
Mizuki Hasegawa
Kohei Kameyama
Hidetaka Miyachi
Ryuhei Nashimoto
Rihards Trams
Boudewijn de Vries
Bram Louwije
Bram Verhofstad
Kirsten Polderman
Sanne Wevers
Pietro Giachino
Odin Kalvø
Stian Skjerahaug
Sebastian Gawronski
Patryk Rabstajn
Patrycja Dronia
Gabriela Janik
Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska
Simao Almeida
Ioana Crisan
Maria Holbura
Laura Jurca
Dmitrii Lankin
Andrei Makolov
Vladislav Poliashov
Kirill Prokopev
Nikita Simonov
Maksim Sinichkin
Eleonora Afanasyeva
Lilia Akhaimova
Maria Kharenkova
Uliana Perebinosova
Slavomir Michnak Barbora Mokosova
Saso Bertoncelj
Luka Kisek
Rok Klavora
Luka Terbovsek
Lucija Hribar
Tjasa Kysselef
Nestor Abad
Javier Hinojosa
Ruben Lopez
Hector Torregrosa
Laura Bechdeju
Nora Fernandez
Christian Baumann
Sascha Coradi
Benjamin Gischard
Taha Serhani
Jessica Diacci
Stefanie Siegenthaler
Wissem Harzi
Mohamed Aziz Trabelsi
Petro Pakhniuk
Igor Radivilov
Andrii Sienichkin
Oleg Verniaiev
Angelina Radivilova
Diana Varinska
Allan Bower
Marvin Kimble
Colin Van Wicklen
Oksana Chusovitina

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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15 thoughts on “German Stars Set to Shine in Cottbus

  1. Yay- Laura Jurca is back! (I don’t expect great things, but happy to see her back in competition)

    Was Maisie Metheun injured or something this year? I expected to see her compete at least a couple of times internationally but seems like there’s been nothing.


  2. A shame that USA is not sending anyone – it could have been a good international assignment for one of the girls who just missed Worlds selection – for example one or more of Chiles, Thomas, Shenikova etc


  3. So cute to see a team from Iceland . Im looking forward to seeing the Russia team of course , I think it is going to look like no other Ru team ever .


  4. I appreciate that my reaction to every world cup is to immediately “google *name of city*” so I can figure out where it is. Cottbus is in Germany! You learn new things every day!

    Liked by 1 person

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