NCAA Week 1 Preview and Schedule

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Welcome to the first week of the 2018 NCAA season! This week starts off a little slow, with only about half of the programs competing and most of your favorites not yet in conference match-ups, but there are still a few key meets between preseason poll top ten teams to pay attention to beginning tonight.

We get off to a great start with No. 7 Michigan hosting No. 4 Alabama. I’m most excited to see what Bama freshman Kylie Dickson will bring to the table in her collegiate debut, but both squads have top-notch first-year classes that add great depth, while the senior classes — including Brianna Brown, Lauren Marinez, and Paige Zaziski for the Wolverines and Mack Brannan, Nickie Guerrero, and Kiana Winston for the Tide — are some of the best in the league.

In tonight’s one conference meeting, No. 3 LSU hosts No. 19 Arkansas, which should be a blow-out for the Tigers, even with a number of lineup changes this year with three of last year’s mainstays now retired while McKenna Kelley sits out the season with an Achilles injury. Their depth will keep them afloat, however, and the addition of freshmen like Christina Desiderio and Reagan Campbell will make up for some of those losses.

No. 5 Utah, featuring last year’s star freshman and NCAA national all-around runner-up MyKayla Skinner, will have an easy time hosting BYU, No. 10 Kentucky is back with an axe to grind after narrowly missing out on nationals last season as its stellar junior class now has the experience and drive to make this season the team’s best ever, and No. 2 Florida will travel to West Virginia to ease their way in before a tough schedule ahead of them in 2018.

The team everyone’s excited to see is No. 6 UCLA on Saturday night. The Bruins host No. 22 Ohio State with a massive 24-person roster that includes fan favorites Katelyn Ohashi, Kyla Ross, and Peng Peng Lee alongside a killer freshman class featuring the likely Pac 12 Freshman of the Year Nia Dennis and German Olympic alternate Pauline Tratz, who is hoping to be a standout competitor on vault and floor. 2016 Olympic bars medalist Madison Kocian had shoulder surgery after last season and will miss the majority, if not all, of 2018, but overall UCLA is looking shockingly healthy and ready to finally get back on track with a winning postseason team.

Also on Saturday is No. 8 Denver at Arizona, No. 25 Penn State hosting Eastern Michigan, and No. 14 Auburn competing at the Arizona State quad with No. 20 Iowa and Iowa State. Of these, I’m most excited for the return of 2012 Olympian and 2016 Olympic alternate Anne Kuhm of France, who joins ASU’s program as a junior with routines on bars, beam, and floor that will make her an instant celeb in Tempe.

There’s also a polite smattering of meets spread over Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, with the most anticipated being No. 18 Stanford’s NorCal Classic, also featuring No. 11 Cal, Sacramento State, San Jose State, and UC Davis. With Tabitha Yim taking over for the Cardinal, which has Elizabeth Price back for her senior season leading a stacked freshman class that includes Kyla Bryant, Lauren Navarro, Rachael Flam, and Taylor Lawson, I’m *fingers crossed* that this will be Stanford’s year to reclaim a top 12 spot in the rankings.

The full schedule is below. All times listed are ET, the first team listed is the host team, and we’ll update any links as they are updated on each program’s schedule. Once the meet is finished, we’ll add results. Enjoy!

5:30 pm Michigan 196.200, Alabama 195.675 Results
6:00 pm Bowling Green 194.000, Michigan State 193.350 Results
7:00 pm Kentucky 196.075, Ball State 194.475, George Washington 193.775, S.E. Missouri 189.675 Results
Florida 195.900, West Virginia 194.425 Results
8:00 pm  LSU 197.150, Arkansas 195.350 Results
9:00 pm Utah 197.000, BYU 194.275 Results
2:00 pm Central Michigan 196.375, Illinois State 191.600 Results
4:00 pm Eau Claire 181.275, Gustavus 175.800 Results
Penn State 194.275, Eastern Michigan 192.900 Results
6:00 pm Denver 195.775, Arizona 195.425 Results
Iowa State 195.125, Arizona State 194.675, Auburn 193.950, Iowa 193.000 Results
7:00 pm Oshkosh 183.525, Hamline 183.475 Results
7:30 pm Bridgeport 192.650, Southern Conn. 186.150 Results
Little Boston Invitational (Temple 194.850, New Hampshire 194.175, Maryland 194.100, Towson 193.800) Results
8:00 pm Air Force 193.425, La Crosse 191.350 Results
9:00 pm UCLA 196.250, Ohio State 193.200 Results
2:00 pm NC State 194.025, Illinois-Chicago 193.525, Northern Illinois 192.600 Results
9:00 pm California 195.475, Stanford 194.925, San Jose State 194.475, UC Davis 194.400, Sacramento State 192.875 Results
4:00 pm Brockport 184.450, Cortland 183.800 Results
7:30 pm Winona State 182.350, Stout 180.725 Results

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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19 thoughts on “NCAA Week 1 Preview and Schedule

    • their meets are usually on an ESPN network like SECN…if you have cable, you can most likely watch on the ESPN app with a log in, however, since it’s in WV, not sure if it will be available. But check your ESPN channels! or Lauren has a link above next to the meet!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks! I’m never sure of the channels on television because I don’t have cable or TV, so I don’t know what network it ends up being, but you’d have to check your local listings anyway…every cable company does those ESPN channels differently. It could be ESPN-U or the SEC Network or however it comes up with your specific cable company.


      • But if her grades weren’t great then wouldn’t she have not gotten into UCLA either? If I’m not mistaken UCLA is also an academically hard school to get into. Was her grades otherwise great, and her failed class caused her to fall short of Stanfords high benchmark, or was UCLA just more focused on Kyla’s athletic ability?


        • It’s academically hard but most collegiate programs are forgiving of the occasional bad grade. One F doesn’t mean Kyla’s a bad student. But Stanford refused to give her the benefit of the doubt and UCLA did.


        • It’s crazy how some schools will make exceptions for athletes but others will hold tight. At my school, non-athletes had around a 4.0 GPA to be accepted and athletes had around a 3.4 on average. And we were an ivy league, so no D1 scholarships and none of our sports teams (except fencing lol) were national contenders! I’d imagine schools giving scholarships into top-ten teams will definitely take it easy on academic standards if it means landing a top recruit. Kyla was absolutely a top recruit, and I was actually surprised that Stanford didn’t budge for her.


    • No, you either have to get a VPN and set it to being in the U.S. to watch the links I post, or you have to find the illegal streams, which I can’t post for legal reasons.


      • Hi Lauren, I remember reading some of the “links” last season.. I know you can’t post them for legal reasons but I’m unable to find them anymore.. Is there any facebook group etc. where I could ask people?


        • Hmm, I think they’d be on Twitter if anything? Maybe or their forum? I usually don’t seek them out because I don’t need them/can’t post them but that’s probably the best place to follow.


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