The NCAA Gym Skim | January 6


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A list of links to full results and tomorrow’s schedule is available here.

Central Michigan 196.375, Illinois State 191.600 [Results]

Well, well, well. Beginning with a solid vault rotation, capped off by a 9.875 from Denelle Pedrick, who helped the Canadian team to a silver medal at Universiade this summer. Pedrick had herself a day, also putting up a 9.8 on beam and a 9.875 on floor, where she was joined by two other 9.875s from Katy Clements and Gianna Plaksa as well as Macey Hilliker’s whopping 9.925 to bring the Chippewas to a 49.4 on the event. It was a fantastic day for CMU, with nearly everyone contributing as expected at this point in the season. With a historic opening score that shattered the previous record of 194.975, this was a great start to what will hopefully be a fantastic season for this squad.

Illinois State wasn’t quite where they could be, though had a few promising sets, most notably from Gabrielle Cooke and Savannah Remkus on floor. Unfortunately, the team wasn’t able to fight back from counting multiple bars mistakes early on, and they also let the nerves get to them counting two falls on beam.

AA: Gabrielle Cooke, ISU, 38.675
VT: Denelle Pedrick, CMU, 9.875
UB: Bryttany Kaplan, CMU, 9.850
BB: Katy Clements, CMU, 9.875
FX: Macey Hilliker, CMU, 9.925

UCLA 196.250, Ohio State 193.200 [Results]

It wasn’t a perfect meet for the Bruins, but with Miss Val out sick and a number of lineup shifts and additions, it could’ve been much worse. After getting over a rough vault rotation that saw falls from Gracie Kramer and Pua Hall, the team got back on track with excellent work on bars and floor. Peng Peng Lee was absolutely stunning on bars and beam, Kyla Ross looked her best in years, and the first-year debuts from Pauline Tratz and Nia Dennis were just what the team needed, with Pauline single-handedly saving the vault lineup and killing it on floor while Nia looked a little shaky on some elements but showed that once she puts it all together, she’ll be a star for this team.

Ohio State kicked off the meet with some scary-looking bars falls, counting two of them, but they came back with nice work on vault and floor before then also counting a fall on beam. I loved the debut from freshman Jenna Swartzentruber, who was especially gorgeous on beam with a nearly flawless routine while also showing nice lines on her difficult bars skills, including a Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, and double layout. Olivia Aepli also gets a shoutout for her FTY that she landed like a bullet, and Alexis Mattern continues to be a phenom on floor with her big double layout opening pass.

AA: Kyla Ross, UCLA, 39.500
VT: Pauline Tratz, UCLA, 9.850
UB: Christine Lee, UCLA, 9.975
BB: Christine Lee, UCLA, 9.925
FX: Gracie Kramer, UCLA, Kyla Ross, UCLA, & Alexis Mattern, OSU, 9.900

Denver 195.775, Arizona 195.425 [Results]

This was a super exciting start for the Pioneers. Despite counting a fall on bars after two freshmen fell, the team looked fabulous and in fighting form, especially with standouts Maddie Karr, who nailed her Yurchenko 1½ and was excellent everywhere else, and Lynnzee Brown, who had the most awesome front aerial to front toss to back handspring into a jump series on beam, though vault and floor, where she had a huge double layout, were her standouts. I’m also loving Mia Sundstrom, a freshman who fell on her Ray the first time she tried it on bars, but it was a big and beautiful skill, and she hit it very well the second time, following it up with a double layout dismount.

Madison Cindric led Arizona to a close second with super clean form on all events, and Kennady Schneider was a rockstar with her self-choreographed floor set, performing a double pike, front layout to front full, and double tuck to anchor a great meet for the host team. Overall, I think I enjoyed the team’s bars performance most of all, and I loved Maddi Leydin healthy and contributing on the other three events, with floor her strongest (that punch through to double tuck!).

AA: Maddie Karr, Denver, 39.500
VT: Maddie Karr, Denver, 9.925
UB: Christina Berg, Arizona, 9.875
BB: Maddie Karr, Denver, 9.900
FX: Lynnzee Brown, Denver, 9.900

Iowa State 195.125, Arizona State 194.675, Auburn 193.950, Iowa 193.000 [Results]

After two rotations, this was looking to be a super close battle, but Iowa State managed to be the only squad to make it through unscathed, not counting a single fall and finishing with a fantastic beam rotation to win the title. The debut of 2016 Olympian Ariana Orrego in the all-around was a solid one, bars dismount aside, though the standouts were definitely Sophia Steinmeyer with a solid Yurchenko 1½, and both Haylee Young and Kelsey Paz, heading the team with top routines on all four events, their beam sets especially good.

I loved seeing major improvement from ASU. Although the Sun Devils ended up counting a fall on beam, overall they’re a much tighter, cleaner, more consistent team than they have been in the past few years, with some lovely stylistic elements and unique skills thrown in. The team’s bars rotation was excellent, but with a hit beam rotation and some landings cleaned up on floor, that’s where they’re set to be one of my favorite teams in the country. Justine Callis was fab on both events, sophomore Jessica Ginn stepped up on vault and floor, and I’m obsessed with freshman Cairo Leondard-Baker, whose straddle jump to gainer layout stepout on beam and solid floor set were fab. Anticipated junior transfer Anne Kuhm of France ended up missing her flight series on beam and stepping out-of-bounds on floor, but she’s definitely looking to bring tons of big scores in the future, and her floor tumbling — a whip to double tuck, front full to punch front to stag, and 2½ — is excellent.

Auburn unfortunately looks a bit rough right now, which wasn’t really helped by counting falls on both bars and floor. It mostly looks fixable, though, with Abby Milliet coming back from injury and likely just needing a bit more time out there while everyone else seems to be easing into the season. Freshman Drew Watson was excellent on vault and bars, though, and Samantha Cerio contributed a 9.9 on bars. As for Iowa, the Hawkeyes counted multiple falls across bars and beam, but Clair Kaji was a force of excellence on her three events while Charlotte Sullivan contributed on all four, with her floor choreo and dance elements a highlight.

AA: Haylee Young, Iowa State, 39.200
VT: Meaghan Sievers, Iowa State, & Drew Watson, Auburn, 9.875
UB: Samantha Cerio, Auburn, 9.900
BB: Kelsey Paz, Iowa State, 9.875
FX: Clair Kaji, Iowa, 9.850

Temple 194.850, New Hampshire 194.175, Maryland 194.100, Towson 193.800 [Results]

What a meet for the Owls! Temple managed to outscore three tough programs in this neutral-ground quad meet in Boston, coming in strong to count zero falls all meet long. Sahara Gipson and Jaylene Everett were forces of nature on vault and floor, while Tori Edwards brought in big numbers on bars and floor, Whitney King topped the charts on beam with a 9.8, and Kerry Arone capped off an incredible meet with a 9.8 in the anchor spot on bars.

Both New Hampshire and Maryland had lots of highlights, though New Hampshire struggled with mistakes on floor and Maryland’s kryptonite was bars. For New Hampshire, Danielle Mulligan was brilliant on bars and beam while Casey Lauter was at peak excellence on beam, earning the meet-high 9.925, and for Maryland, freshmen Audrey Barber and Karrie Thomas were beacons of hope for the program, showing skilled performances in their first time out.

As for Towson, the team fielded only five gymnasts on vault, counting a fall within that mix in addition to adding a couple of mistakes on bars and floor, putting them last. Tyra McKellar was stellar, though, while we also saw promise from Cortni Baker on vault, Mary Elle Arduino on beam, and Melissa Temkov on floor.

AA: Tyra McKellar, Maryland, 39.075
VT: Cortni Baker, Towson, 9.850
UB: Audrey Barber, Maryland, & Danielle Mulligan, New Hampshire, 9.875
BB: Casey Lauter, New Hampshire, 9.925
FX: Karrie Thomas, Maryland, 9.850

Penn State 194.275, Eastern Michigan 192.900 [Results]

Senior Briannah Tsang and freshman Lauren Bridgens led the charge for the Nittany Lions, who battled back from mistakes to help new head coach Sarah Brown get the win against her former team. Tsang, who competed for Canada at Universiade this summer, showed that she has a few clean-up areas, but overall she had a strong day, though Bridgens was a surprise highlight with a fab FTY, a fight back from a mistake in her otherwise clean bars, a slight check on beam, and a solid floor set. Scoring was tight overall at this meet, but in addition to these two, Sabrina Garcia showed some lovely work on beam and floor.

Counting a fall on beam and a rhythm mistake on bars, EMU didn’t really have a shot against the host team, but I found Lacey Rubin’s excellent bars and solid beam (including a triple flight series and stuck dismount) fantastic, and Jada Rondeau showed a talent for beam and floor.

AA: Lauren Bridgens & Briannah Tsang, PSU, 39.050
VT: Lauren Bridgens & Briannah Tsang, PSU, 9.825
UB: Lacey Rubin, EMU, 9.850
BB: Briannah Tsang, PSU, 9.825
FX: Emili Dobronics, EMU, & Sabrina Garcia, PSU, 9.800

Air Force 193.425, La Crosse 191.350 [Results]

The host team opened with the highest program score in history as they made it through all four events without counting a fall. Mariana Murphy killed it in the all-around, with her highlight performance coming on beam, where she topped the standings with a 9.775, and we also saw great work from senior captain Jamie Lewis on vault, bars, and floor, while Anna Salamone was a standout with excellent anchor routines on vault and bars, sticking her full-in dismount on the latter.

D3 La Crosse did well in their fight against the D1 host team, showing a weakness on bars, but overall looking incredible with stellar work on vault, beam, and floor. Freshman Sam Weyker had a great outing in her debut, winning the floor title with a 9.8 in addition to putting up a great vault, while Amy Enright showed her strength on bars and floor, and Samantha Wiekamp was solid on vault and beam.

AA: Mariana Murphy, Air Force, 938.675
VT: Tyler Davis, Air Force, 9.750
UB: Jessica Kirkpatrick, Air Force, 9.775
BB: Mariana Murphy, Air Force, 9.775
FX: Sam Weyker, La Crosse, 9.800

Bridgeport 192.650, Southern Conn. 186.150 [Results]

The host team Bridgeport counted a couple of weak routines on beam, but otherwise they got off to a solid start this season, with bars and floor shaping up to be excellent events for the program. Kelsey Campbell contributed good scores on all four events including a meet-high 9.85 on bars, while Nina Whittaker was a standout on vault and floor, and Maya Reimers continues to be top-notch on beam and floor.

Both bars and beam were low-scoring events for Southern Conn., but the other two were promising, with Alexandra Avendano and Alexandra Lesperance both bringing in high numbers on vault and floor.

AA: Kelsey Campbell, Bridgeport, 38.775
VT: Nina Whittaker, Bridgeport, 9.750
UB: Kelsey Campbell, Bridgeport, 9.850
BB: Maya Reimers, Bridgeport, 9.700
FX: Alexandra Avendano, Southern Conn., 9.750

Oshkosh 183.525, Hamline 183.475 [Results]

Oshkosh ended up taking this one in a close match at home, coming back from a rough bars rotation to show some excellent work on beam. Amanda McBrayer is back and looking awesome, contributing 9+ scores on all four events, while Marisa Scholtens and Kasandra Stamopoulos also put up big numbers on beam and Paige Mayhew brought in big scores on vault, beam, and floor.

Bars didn’t really trip Hamline up the way it did Oshkosh, but they had more mistakes spread out over all four and weren’t able to take advantage of Oshkosh’s mishaps. Sydney Tribbet was excellent on her three events, putting up some of the top numbers on vault, beam, and floor, while Lydia Ingram and Meghan Webb also stood out as beam talents and Alexa Vorderbruggen was great on floor.

AA: Amanda McBrayer, Oshkosh, 36.950
VT: Amanda McBrayer, Oshkosh, & Julia Crysz-DeBoer, Hamline, 9.375
UB: Alyssa Huch, Hamline, 9.250
BB: Marisa Scholtens, Oshkosh, 9.600
FX: Alexa Vorderbruggen, Hamline, 9.450

Eau Claire 181.275, Gustavus 175.800 [Results]

This wasn’t pretty for either team, with both able to improve on today’s scores by literally five points (or more!) by the season’s end. Visiting team Eau Claire had a mostly great beam rotation as a highlight, though, with a great routine from Kiya Bjorge, who was also a standout on floor, and while bars was overall a struggle, counting multiple falls and mistakes, Hannah Lewis stood out with an excellent set.

Gustavus struggled across the board pretty much, though Amanda Malo continues to be a super valuable asset for the team with a mostly good day, and Leah Heilig also had a mostly solid performance, while Veronica Vasina put up a great set on bars.

AA: Amanda Malo, Gustavus, 36.075
VT: Tori Erickson, Eau Claire, 9.375
UB: Hannah Lewis, Eau Claire, 9.600
BB: Kiya Bjorge, Eau Claire, 9.575
FX: Kiya Bjorge, Eau Claire, 9.275

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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