Around the Gymternet: It’s alive



“All Hail Spencer! King of all the Gymternet!”

-Gymnerd Maria Layton on Twitter. We have to agree.

What’s happening

MSU under fire: Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is expected to launch an investigation into Michigan State University’s handling of Larry Nassar’s abuse case. The Detroit News editorial board calls this a “welcome development”.

Rising legal fees: MSU’s legal expenses are approaching $5 million and are expected to surpass the cost of Penn State’s abuse scandal. Controversy abounds as to who will foot this bill: Will taxpayers bear the burden? Will this cause a rise in tuition?

Meanwhile, three weeks after MSU moved to establish a $10 million victims’ fund, not much information is available, and survivors are not happy.

Nassar will appeal: Unable to pay the $505 needed to appeal his 60-year child porn sentence, Larry Nassar will still be allowed to appeal as an “indigent,” meaning the fee is waived.

USAG on the hook: McKayla Maroney and her attorneys are prepared to go to trial against USAG, and a California attorney has weighed in, saying she has legal precedent.

Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin has spoken up about USAG, saying that “change is needed” at the org following the sex abuse scandal, and that her father and national team coordinator Valeri Liukin is on board.

Kristle says #MeToo: Trampoline gymnast Kristle Lowell revealed on Twitter that she is a sexual assault survivor. Needless to say, Aly Raisman and the rest of the gymternet army has got her back.

Required reading: Why isn’t this case getting the same amount of attention as Penn State? Champion Women CEO Nancy Hogshead-Makar says gender plays a clear role.

Someday, we’ll have good news in this section. Someday.

NCAA corner

Teams played sports: We’re not here for you or your “I missed everything over the weekend waaa,” but actually we are with our recaps of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday‘s meets.

Gator bummer: Florida freshman Vanasia Bradley has officially retired due to injury and will act as a student coach.

#SpartanStrong: Confusingly named Michigan State gymnast Gabriella Douglas had surgery on her ACL. Get well soon, GD!

Finally, here’s a full NCAA schedule to simply forward along to your boss and loved ones so they don’t call for a welfare check.

Star status

Hail to the King: Kohei Uchimura, aka “gymnastics boy” as Google Translate calls him, will compete at the Doha World Cup in March. Snaps to Papa Liukin, who keeps track of such things.

#Bingewatcher: Currently recovering from surgery, world vault champion Maria Paseka has to live like a normal, for now. She can share our cheese puffs.

What the actual hell: Ukrainian Olympic gold and silver medalist Oleg Verniaiev had leg and shoulder surgery, sharing a photo of himself in his partially mummified state.

Whip it good: World medalist Donnell Whittenburg is doing some hands-free flipping after shoulder surgery.

Like it’s hot: India’s Dipa Karmakar has dropped the Produnova, at least for now. Her coach says she’s switching to the Rudi and hopes to compete at the Commonwealth Games in April.

Biopic time: Simone’s Lifetime original movie “The Simone Biles Story: Courage to Soar” premieres February 3 at 8 PM EST. My future: “Jess, what are you watching?” “[Closes computer way too quickly] Nothing.”

Because you asked…

How much are the Karolyis to blame for the Nassar scandal? Lauren gives her two cents. She also has mild feelings about the two-per-country rule. Just kidding, she’s furious.

Staying social

FYI: We love you too, Laurie.

Shamone: Sure, gold medals are great, but what really gets Simone Biles excited is sticking the landing on this gymnastics toy game thingy.

Aww shucks: Ball-based-sport player Kyrie Irving adorably gave his jersey to Bostonian treasure Aly Raisman after a Celtics game.

Golden girls: Nastia and Laurie Hernandez made appearances at last night’s Golden Globes. They also got all dolled up for the Winter Games send-off party, Gold Meets Golden. Meanwhile, I got chocolate on my pajamas.

Windu’s a fan: Samuel L. Jackson was spotted looking grumpy at the 2018 Atlanta Crown Invitational.

Elegant, supple: LSU gymnast and Brit Olympian Ruby Harrold channeled Velma, losing her glasses and almost certainly groping about blindly for a few hours.

Need to know

Teaching kids about touch and consent needs to start at the very beginning, and lil’ flippers coach Alina Williams is here to share her strategies with us.

Last words

Meanwhile, people got their Fantasy Gym teams and had feelings about them. I, on the other hand, am steering clear of that hurricane water cooler to spend quality time with my loved ones, Harrison and Bruce.


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4 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: It’s alive

    • Same here! Same thing with Shawn Johnson! I used to love her so much but in recent years it has became clear she is not a very good role model. In stead, I like Jordan Weiber, Kyla Ross, and the rest of 2008 Olympic team members much more! On the other topic, Maggie Nichols says L.N groomed her over Facebook. In K-12 Schools teachers, staff and parent coaches are not allowed to contact students directly outside campus environment, that means no outside email exchange, no phone calls, no social media contacts between students and above mentioned adults. How wrong USAG had done even allow these to happen in the first place? ! No mercy on USAG, MSU and US Olympic committee.


      • I agree with everything you just said. Nastia and Shawn used to be my favorite gymnasts but now Nastia is only concerned with being a red carpet model and making her dad happy and Shawn just makes Youtube videos haha. I hope Maroney and the rest of the Gymternet Army (led by Miss Raisman) burn USAG and USOC to the ground.


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